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Instead of doing anything, Uriel smiled and shifted his gaze to her fingertips.

He lifted the hand on his arm and brought his lips closer.

“This is enough.”

This much was more than enough.

“Now I am yours.”

His spirit, his heart, and his soul, which he had preserved under pressure and torture.

With that night’s vows, they now all belonged entirely to one girl.


Chapter 7.

The New Maid

In the rose garden of Leifer.

Petra was lost in thought in front of a cup of chrysanthemum tea.

The hair decorated with only one small sapphire pin was never as messy as it was now.

Her sharp eyes and chiseled features once gave her the title of a ‘beauty’, but not now.

It wasn’t that her appearance changed.

There were just too many other words to describe her.

She was a genius in trade, meticulous with the imperial administration, and cruel when dealing with enemies and unworthy subordinates.

Having been praised for her ‘beautiful amber eyes’, they were now called the ‘golden eyes that see through the times’ and feared by many people.

Petra let it slide because she didn’t hate it.

“At Luwan Trade Company, we’re having trouble securing sapphire gemstones this year.

The mines in the west have reached the bottom…”

Next to her was Lady Carlin, her maid and her closest aide, reporting on her work.

“It’s inevitable,” Petra answered over a sip of tea.

Most of the gem mines in the continent had their owners, and Petra’s resources were slowly running out.

The cost of maintaining the power of the emperor who had no royal blood was beyond imagination.

But that did not concern her.

In any case, the empire’s trade company in Luwan did not have any competitors.

Furthermore, Petra was interested in something other than the jewelry business these days.

Something more precious than jewels.

For example, a rare toy that could only be made with sorcery.

The problem was the lack of talent.

“Then I’ll make deals with other companies to cover it.”

Petra raised her hand in opposition to the idea.

Being dragged around because of inadequate conditions was the job of the powerless.

Wasn’t she in the position to lead the market


We’ll only use half of our resources.

Restrict the production of new products, but make the design more colorful and delicate than ever.

The more limited the goods are, the more the aristocracy wants it.

Make it three times the price.”


Carlin nodded her head.

Her master’s business choice has never been wrong.

“Allow me to move on to the next issue…”

Petra, who was accustomed to multitasking, planned her business and recalled her niece, who just returned from the rough land at the same time.

Of course, there was no hint of affection in her face.

‘It won’t be long before I get rid of Apollonia.’

Pressing fingers against her temple as was her habit, Petra assessed the situation.

Apollonia’s visit to Lishan mostly went on without any troubles.

During the visit, she accidentally found out about the vassal family’s corruption, but she found a replacement because she lacked the ability to handle it herself.

The troublesome niece will soon be married.

In return, she would not only have won the military powerhouse Bjern as an ally, but also the right to sell tea, which had been marketed in Petra’s trade company.

The details of the contract should still be discussed, but the overall framework has been set.

She liked the plan and the way it went.

There was only one thing that bothered her.

“Her Highness the Princess has returned safely after five days of disappearance with her close escort.”

The Imperial Princess, who suddenly went to Lishan, disappeared for five days with Sid Bian next to her.

And then she came back unscathed.

The messenger said Lishan’s security was incredibly poor.

It was difficult to get back on track once you got lost because the road was confusing, and yet the five days…

‘Isn’t it as if she’s coming back after taking care of something’

But then she recalled the failed assasination attempt.

Apollonia almost lost her life but was only worried about her marriage, unable to explain the situation properly.

Plus the wound that was clearly left on her arm.

Petra shook her head slowly.

The frightened look was consistent with her usual appearance when Petra threatened her.

There was no way she could afford to think about anything else.


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