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‘Wouldnt it have been better if she was just a little more cautious

Apollonia felt somewhat bitter.

At first glance, Biancas words sounded like a reference to her family tradition, but in fact, they were a jab at her, who had not learned swordsmanship.

Knowing this, Apollonia replied with a smile.

“Amazing! Count Keaton often visits here as well.

Im afraid that youll be bored working as my maid.”

Bianca looked a little taken aback when Apollonia didnt even catch her provocation.

“Thats fine.

He taught me everything about embroidery, housekeeping, and the virtues of a woman besides swordsmanship.”

Apollonia smirked.

It was obvious what the family wanted to gain from becoming the princess maid.

Count Keaton went out of his way to find a great marriage partner for his beloved daughter during her bridal lessons.

Bianca, apparently, was also trying to take cues from her father.

“The virtue of a woman… then what do you think is the virtue of a man” Apollonia asked with a curious look.

“Obviously, the power to protect his woman”

Bianca was arrogant, but at the same time very straightforward.

This maid would diligently try to find her husband before Apollonias wedding.

A man from a good family and good at martial arts.

Apollonia suddenly remembered the imperials unofficial history that she had read as a child.

The story of the empress maid who dared to seduce the emperor and become a concubine, as well as one of a woman who tried to elevate her status by turning the heart of her masters partner to herself.

Thats why imperial women used to choose slightly less attractive maids than themselves to prevent such incidents.

‘What if I do the opposite

Apollonia was convinced.

And in that moment of conviction, a certain thought flashed through her head.

“Bianca, would you raise your head”

Bianca obeyed her with an indifferent expression.

Her healthy-looking dark blonde hair, intelligent and sharp eyes, solid physique, and martial arts skills…

[A person is beautiful when they train their body regardless of gender]

The phrase she read in the princes letter came to mind.

Indeed, the woman who trained her body was beautiful.

Not in the same way as Amoreta, whom she met in Lishan, or Adrian and her cuteness, but she was certainly unique and charming.

Even her arrogance resembled Prince Bjerns character displayed in the letter.

Maybe, just maybe….

Apollonia smiled brightly and held Biancas hand even tighter.

“You dont have to do the housework.

Can you do me a favor instead”

“Please… tell me.” Bianca replied as if Apollonia, who was asking her a favor, was being ridiculous.

“Please learn about him.”


Apollonia blushed, starry-eyed.

“The Crown Prince of Bjern.

Count Keatons estate is close to Bjern, so you can easily receive news, right Find out what kind of woman he likes, his favorite food, whether he has any other woman or not, and other things like that!”


Bianca seemed mortified by the princess naivety and finally nodded.

“Then you can go to your room and rest until I finish taking a bath.

The maids will guide you outside.”

When Bianca went out of the room, Adrian looked at her anxiously.

“Your Highness, what are you thinking Are you sure you want to keep her as your maid”

Apollonia laughed.

It wasnt a naive laugh she showed in front of Bianca, but a more cynical one.

“Shes useful.”


“If we have the manpower, shouldnt we use it well”

Obtaining necessary and important information.

Something that she could do with confidence even if it reached Petras ears.

Apollonia decided to assign the work to Bianca.


Wasnt it normal for a girl to have her maid investigate her fiances preferences Of course, if two people started to develop feelings for each other in the process, she could not be blamed for it.

The thought made Apollonia grin.

Meanwhile, Adrian tilted her head, unable to guess her masters intentions.


Before and after the Crown Prince arrives, you should learn about his preferences separately.

No matter how much money it costs, dont miss a single thing.

You can bribe his servants or his acquaintances.” Apollonia lowered her voice.

“…But detailed information requires more money.” Adrian cautiously expressed her concern about Apollonias situation.

The financial situation of the neglected princess was obviously not ideal.


Adrian pondered her masters intentions for a moment.

Perhaps she didnt understand because she wasnt quick-witted enough.

The princess was probably telling her to take care of the costs herself.

She had already sworn to serve Apollonia for the rest of her life, after all.


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