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Ever since we took the magic stone, more than a day has passed.

At this rate, it seems doubtful if we can really reach somewhere with people.

The simple fact that we’re making slow progress is a part of it, but I don’t think that we’ll reach it before the day is over.

The reason for our slow progress is that, first of all, Ciel isn’t used to walking in a forest.

In addition, she isn’t used to traveling while wearing a cloak and a pouch, so it seeps her stamina all the more.

The fact that she has built up some stamina thanks to dancing regularly really helped.

If not for that, perhaps we wouldn’t have managed to cover half as much ground that we did today.

Another reason is that Ciel’s focus was all over the place.

After all, after 10 years, we’re finally in someplace other than that mansion, so it’s only natural for a 10-year-old girl to be curious about everything.

Rather, it’s my first time walking in this kind of path, so even my curiosity is stirred.

Still, this is the road that leads to that mansion, so I have my detection at maximum output to make sure that we can immediately hide if ever someone approaches us.

Anyways, Ciel was adorable yesterday.

Since I wanted to distance us from the place where the caravan was as soon as possible, I urged Ciel to leave immediately; but as soon as I told her that we were far enough, she called for me「Ain, Ain!」with a lively tone.

And the words following that were「The sky really is blue!」and「Look, look! The leaves are so green!」and such, making me think back on how much hardships in our life up until now were.

As she was in such high spirits in the middle of this unfamiliar forest yesterday, Ciel ended up falling asleep before sunset.

We couldn’t set up a camp and all, but for Ciel who had been sleeping on a stone bed and floor, the soft soil was rather very comfortable to sleep on and she was soon fast asleep.

Truth to be told, a small wolf-like creature came while she was asleep, but since there were no signs of my barrier breaking, I watched it give up and go home without waking Ciel up.

To be exact, I did try waking Ciel up but she didn’t even budge.

She has been constantly on guard up until now, so I have no problem with her falling in deep sleep now that she’s free from that.

But for us to live on from now on, I’d like her to be able to awaken in times when I wake her up.

Still, that’s all because I’m not capable of fighting.

Nonetheless, my detection isn’t reacting to anything right now and we’re basically just having a walk through this sunlit forest, so it’s probably fine for me to loosen up a bit.

Still, though I say loosen up, all I can do is just sing.

Well, I do like singing and will be listening as well, so it’s fine.

As I sing a song that fits my mood, the pace of Ciel’s steps change to suit my song.

Walking forth as though she was skipping, Ciel stops walking just as I ended the song.

『Is there anything wrong』

「Hey, Ain.

You’re singing a song, right」

『That’s right, is there anything strange about it』

「There’s nothing strange…… or perhaps there is A song is when you say words matching the rhythm of music, right」

I gaze as Ciel slowly talks while finding the right words to explain and roughly understood what she wants to say.

In short, she’s probably curious about the fact that the lyrics of the song I sung was in Japanese.

『It’s in the language of the country I lived in while I was alive, so it might have sounded unfamiliar to you, Ciel.

     It does actually mean something.

The song right now had lyrics roughly say “I’m walking on a forest path!” and such.』

「I see, so even things like that can become a song.

So in that case, perhaps anything can become a song.」

『That might be true.

All I do is sing, but I’ve never made a song, after all.

     Come to think of it, you can sing a little bit of my country’s song, right』

「You always sing to me every day, you know.

When you hear something again and again, it’s natural to remember it.

     But I don’t actually know what the words mean, so I’m just following the sounds.」

Certainly, I don’t even remember how many songs I’ve sung to Ciel.

I’m sure that I’ve sung about 2,000 to 3,000 songs, but the frequency of repeating songs are also different for songs that I know well and songs that I don’t.

At any rate, I have a shallow but wide knowledge of songs.

Since singing is what I enjoy doing the most when I was still alive, I’m pretty confident on just the number of songs I can sing.

I never imagined that it would be useful when I’m in another world.

Still, rather than being useful, it was just the only way I could kill time.

「Speaking of words, is “Cielmer” perhaps a name used in Ain’s country as well」

『You name is, based on words from another country different than that of where I lived in.』

「So, Ain knows words from different countries.

That’s amazing.」

『Not really.

Except for the language of my country, I only know about a few words, you see.』

「You didn’t know about this country’s language, after all.

Does Cielmer, have some meaning to it」

I think that that’s just how Japanese people are.

Including me, even though most people have a hard time even speaking English, we’re weirdly informed about specific French or German terms.

I’m hesitant on talking to Ciel about Earth, but it might be alright to share a bit about it if I just nuance it like I’m talking about another continent on this world.

After all, as the one who thought up her name, I’m happy that she’s interested in what it means.

『Ciel means「Sky」while Mer means「Ocean」。I thought that your blue eyes and white hair resembled them.』

「I still haven’t seen the ocean, but the sky, is it

     Now that you’ve said it, it really is blue.

It’s a blue that I’ve never seen before.

And it looks like it continues on forever; almost as though it’s sucking me in.

     But, are my eyes really that blue」

『Yes, definitely.』

「In that case, I’m just a bit jealous of you, Ain.

After all, you see this blue every day.」

『It’s a side benefit.』

「Well, I can listen to Ain’s song too, so we’re even.」

Saying so, Ciel flashes me a broad smile.

Even though I was the one who started it, her ticklish words almost made me writhe in embarrassment.

In my past life, at the very least, there was no one that frankly praised me like this and I haven’t even praise anyone like so.

However, Ciel seems to be delighted, and most of all, it’s not like I’m unhappy about being praised; so I guess I’ll just bear the embarrassment.

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「So if my eyes are the blue of the sky, then this means that my white hair are the clouds, right When I first saw the sky, I wondered what those floating white things are, you know.

But because of our situation, I kept quiet, see.」

『That really helped a lot.

Since I really had my hands full with just escaping yesterday.』

「I just didn’t want to disturb you, Ain.」

And even as she humbly said so, for some reason Ciel delightedly snort out a chuckle.

It’s adorable how she sometimes displays this kind of age appropriate reactions, so even I become delighted as well.

This whimsical conversation of ours continued until evening.

We stopped walking as the sun began to set and ignited the fallen leaves we gathered here and there with sorcery.

Ciel’s body remains clean thanks to the usual piece of cloth, but I want to take a bath once we reach some village or town.

Is casually thinking that a proof that I’m too used to Ciel’s body Or do I am just not conscious of Ceil’s body because she’s still a child

Leaving these nonsense thoughts aside, as we finished eating the food rations we brought from the wagon and it seemed to be about the time to sleep, Ciel called out to me.

「Ain will always be on the lookout from now on, right」

『I’m fine even without sleep after all.

I can use the barrier and detection as well, so I’m suited for it.』

「Can I perhaps stay up with you I think that it’s not good to always burden Ain with this.」

I hesitate upon hearing Ciel’s words.

To be honest, considering our future safety, I’d like Ciel to sleep on times that she can.

After all, the lack of sleep might cloud her judgment and moreover there is a possibility of her dozing off while travelling tomorrow.

However, speaking of our security, the only thing that might be able to break through my barrier as of now is the one-eyed giant that attacked the caravan.

Since the attack, I haven’t felt another one of them and even if Ciel falls asleep somewhere tomorrow, I could probably protect her plenty.

「I can do it.

Is it perhaps bad that I want to do so」

『In that case, well……』

Frankly, I should deny her here.

If we’re practicing for the future night-watch, then we should do it in a much safer place.

Still, it’s difficult to turn down Ciel’s feelings of wanting to do something for me.

Seeing how I end up giving in at times like these, well, really reminds me how Japanese I am.

As we pass time talking like so, the heavens are blanketed by a starry sky.

And then I noticed.

The moon, which there was only one on Earth, is a twin here.

One of them is golden and the other silver.

It somewhat reminded me of Ciel’s hair and at the same time it deeply moved me as I’m reminded that I’m now in another world.

Last night I didn’t have the calm to look around like this, but Ciel being awake might have relaxed me a bit.

「So night are actually this bright.

Yesterday I fell asleep before night came, so I didn’t know.」

『It was totally dark when the lights are out in the cell after all.

I couldn’t even see my own hand.』

There was generally a lit torch-like thing in the cell.

But in the 5 years we were confined there, there were times that it went out.

As the cell was probably underground, if the lights went out, you can see absolutely nothing at all.

It’s likely that it’s not a problem of your eyes being unused to it.

「So because of that, I thought that nights were always that dark.

     See, even the books just state that it’s dark at night and not much else.」

『Well it is darker compared to daytime.

Besides, though it is bright, it’s not enough for reading and it becomes hard to recognize the roads and paths.』

「In that case, it becomes hard to work, right But if it’s Ain, then can you perhaps recognize the road」

『Rather than the road itself, I can grasp the area we’re walking in.』

「So, what were you thinking about while watching the sky, Ain」

『Why do you think so』

Well, I certainly was thinking about the differences between this world and Earth a while ago.

Did I do something that made Ciel notice Rather, my current form shouldn’t even be recognizable as a human silhouette.

Ciel stares at me and lets out a giggle.

「There are times that Ain suddenly goes silent when we talk, after all.

     On those times, I thought that Ain might be thinking of something, but am I wrong」

『That’s, I’m sorry.

Certainly it’s rude to do while we were talking.』

「Not really, I don’t mind it.

I’m sure that it’s something you needed, right Ain」

Now that Ciel mentioned it, it’s just as she said; it does seem like I tend to drown in my thoughts every time I experience a disparity from Earth.

I don’t really think that I have an attachment with my previous world, but it looks like the common sense in me being destroyed is actually that much of a shock to me.

Even now, we were in the middle of talking about night watch if I remember correctly.

I’m lucky that Ciel saw it in a positive light but it might be best to be more careful in the future.

「As I thought.

You want to go back to your country, right Ain」

Hearing her ask me in a small voice, I reply『Not at all.』and deny so.

I don’t know how she arrived in that question, but there might be a scene in a book she read about a character reminiscing about their hometown while looking at the sky.

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『Normally, life ends when people die after all.

     I practically have no regrets on the things I left behind in my old country and right now, I’m just someone that exists together with Ciel.』

「Then, what were you thinking about while looking at the sky」

『About how being in a different place also changes what you see in the night sky, and such.』

「 The night sky is the night sky, it doesn’t change, right」

『The fact that you can see the moons and the stars doesn’t change, but the positions of the stars and so does change.

     I’m not knowledgeable about it, so I can’t exactly explain how it’s different.

     Also, it’s quite bright.』

「Is that perhaps compared to the sky that Ain has seen」

『That’s right.I don’t know if it’s different here, but it’s bright even in the evening where I lived at, so the light of the stars were drowned out.

     Because of that, even among the stars I see right now, the only ones I could see are those that are particularly bright.』

Perhaps since I pretended to myself that I was talking about some country in a different continent, I was no longer reluctant on talking about my life in Japan.

Still, I can’t really talk about technology or the absence of sorcery and stuff.

Well, I feel like I might mess up sooner or later if I just keep to myself, so I want to believe talking about it a bit is a needed compromise.

After that, I did notice Ciel drowsily nodding off a few times but we spent our time talking until dawn arrived.


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