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「As you say, this is a mistake on our part.

We’ll have him demoted and compensate you for the trouble.

The disclosure of your Job might be disadvantageous but since you’re strong enough to defeat Valbar at your age, you would have been discovered either way.

With that said, could you let this incident pass」

The guild master likely wouldn’t lower his head to some random little girl like me in most situations.

Perhaps this is why doing so would serve as an apology.

However, that doesn’t work in this situation.

This man intends to end this issue with merely a small sum of money.

After this, the guild master would likely promote Tolt using some excuse and use Tolt for his own ambitions.

I can easily imagine this even with my poor deduction skills.

After all, the guild master’s Disappointing Job remedial plan would gain greater results with Tolt’s help.

As they naturally keep their Jobs a secret, people with Disappointing Jobs are difficult even for the guild track down.

However, it’ll also be difficult for the guild to assist people without knowing their Jobs.

I might be biased since I have a Disappointing Job myself, but it’s not like all Disappointing Jobs are unsuited for working as a hunter.

A person good at drawing might become a valuable asset for mapmaking.

They might also have a better grasp of a monster’s characteristics, making them capable of carrying back proper detailed information.

And even in the case of clowns, if they can attract the attention of monsters, it’ll be a huge advantage in battle and he’ll only need to focus on defending himself.

The most important thing is how one uses their Jobs.

Though in our case, it’s less of how to use them and more of how to minimize the difficulty of using them.

The guild master, with how he shines a light on Disappointing Jobs, must have been an outstanding person and an exemplary Hunter Guild staff.

I’ll admit, there’s a great chance that, if even one of us had a Combat Job, we’ll become well-known for said Job.

However, he doesn’t have any idea what our Job is.

He doesn’t even know, yet how can he even say that to me

I plan on protecting Ciel no matter what happens, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t feel anything when something is done against her.

While it’s objectively better to be exposed as a Song Princess than a Dance Princess, just the thought that this happening could cause Ciel to be exposed to insensitive remarks makes it hard for me to keep my calm.

As I suppress my emotions, I instead curl my lips into a smile.

And it seems like I’m not the only one here displeased with the guild master, as Chasse-san sitting next to me let out a deep sigh.

「I’m disappointed, guild master.

I treated you with respect because Cielmer is here, but I don’t feel like showing any respect for you anymore.

I’m tired, this is just plain stupid.」

「Chasse, weren’t you and I both sick of the Job caste

Have you forgotten those days when we used to talk about how we should make a change」

「No, I still remember.」

「Then, why are you siding with them」

Saying so, the guild master turns his gaze to me, someone he sees as having a favoured Job.

Chasse-san lets out a deep sigh once again and shakes his head in reply.

「As you said, we both held the same goal.

That’s why we both worked ourselves to death, with me now leading a B-rank party, and you now in the position of guild master.

We were distant in age, but I considered you a great companion.」

「Then why-」

「That’s exactly why I can’t help but be disappointed.

Reevaluating those with Disappointing Jobs shouldn’t be done by putting down the Jobs that are already successful.

It’s not about having people with favoured Jobs tolerate things because they’re favoured, no matter what the Job is, a guild personnel should not be allowed to publicize one’s Job without proper permission.

And in the event that this happens, it’s absolutely necessary to severely punish and discharge the culprit, as well as to give a proper compensation befitting the damage said hunter was subjected to.

In this case, there’s no denying this.

On top of a guild personnel intervening; and worse, taking a side; in a dispute between two hunters, he even went as far as disclosing a hunter’s Job.

If this gets out, you’re sure to lose trust from hunters, and investigations from the other guild masters and the grand master will be inevitable.

In a situation like this, the natural course of action would have been to heavily penalize the corresponding staff member, but instead you wanted to leave it at a simple demotion.

It’s almost like you’re admitting just how valuable Tolt is to you.」

Hearing Chasse-san’s thoroughly detailed explanation, the guild master’s face warps into a grimace.

I feel like nearly everything I’ve wanted to say was just said for me.

Though, I don’t really have any idea of what I actually wanted to say myself.


I’ll fire Tolt, is that enough」

The guild master then proposed so with bitter reluctance, but there’s no way that this would be enough.

Chasse-san glanced at me as if to ask if I agree with this, so I shook my head and replied.

「With my Job already exposed, Tolt-san being fired or not is none of my concern.

After all, this is simply a necessary measure for the sake of the other hunters, isn’t it

On top of this being a mere prerequisite, weren’t we supposed to be talking about what compensation I should receive

While I’m not really hurting for money, considering the damage, I’d like to have something that’s worth enough to build a castle.」

「Damn low-ranker, overpricing yourself……」

The guild master muttered so as he glared at me with resentment.

Judging from Chasse-san’s strained smile, I might have asked for too much.

Still, from my perspective, we practically had our right to stay in the capital stolen from us, so I don’t think money can compensate for this.

And if this spreads throughout the kingdom, we’d lose our place in this country.

Though, we don’t really have any place here to begin with either way.

「First of all, guild master.

So far, we’ve only touched on topics that don’t involve Cielmer’s Job and rank.

Cielmer here is a full-fledged C-ranker, in other words, a high-ranked hunter.

Even if you’re a guild master, wouldn’t it be bad to disrespect a high-ranked hunter for no justifiable reason」

As Chasse-san said so, I took out my card, and handed it to the guild master.

The guild master was dubious of the card at first, but his face gradually turned grim, and eventually 「Wha……」 he fell speechless.

His shoulders visibly trembled.


Except for certain cases, reaching C-rank would take at least 10 years.」

「We can check with the Headquarters if you want to be sure, but don’t tell me you haven’t heard the rumors of the white-haired girl」

「…… And you’re saying that it’s this little girl」

「Her features match.

She even completed the long untouched herb gathering request here in the capital’s guild, so her capabilities are guaranteed.

You’re free to have your doubts, but you better realize that opening your mouth without confirming the facts is only going to endanger your position.

After all, you having nearly disparaged a high-ranked hunter on top of treating her as someone of a lower rank is now cemented as a fact.」

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And even after Chasse-san said this much, the guild master continues to stare at me with disbelief.

It feels like I’m going to lose something, so please stop staring at me.

Anyway, even if you stare that much, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m C-rank.

「And now, about Cielmer’s Job……」

Stopping there, Chasse-san looks at my direction.

This relates to my Job after all, so he probably wants my permission for this.

In this case, it might be better for me to say it myself.

With that in mind, I decided to directly inform the guild master.

「My Job is Song Princess.

Guild master, you can’t tell me that you don’t understand what being known would mean for me, can you

No matter how much you impose a gag order, information that has been leaked even once is unlikely to be controlled.

If, by some chance, this gets spread throughout the capital, I might become persecuted and I might never be allowed to step inside the royal capital ever again.

Now with this in consideration, was my previous demand really me overpricing myself」

Even as I finished speaking, the guild master continued to stay silent, and the conversation was brought to a halt.

Staying quiet when you’re disadvantaged is a good way to buy time.

Still, I have no idea how buying time could be effective in this situation.

「By enough to buy a castle, you want a magic bag, right」


As compensation, I’d like the largest magic bag available in the capital’s guild.

Also, please levy the money needed to buy a new magic bag from the people related to today’s incident.

Those are my demands at least, but Chasse-san, you’re important enough to have the final say in this」

「Rather than me being important myself, I’m just in a position where I can verify with those important people.

I can contact them immediately but, if you ask me, getting the largest magic bag would be a pretty tough demand.」

It’s said to be capable of fitting a whole mountain after all, so I already thought that it’s probably impossible.

In the worst case, it might be so rare that no one alive can recreate it now.

While bigger would definitely be better, I’d be satisfied as long as I can get a magic bag that has a larger capacity than the one we currently own.

Though with that said, I still intend to do my best to get the largest possible.

But before that, I’ll have to secure a promise with Chasse-san to do the bare minimum.

「Concerning the magic bag, there’s still something I’d like you to hear about, so why don’t we start with things that could be done immediately before going there.」

「Did the guild master… cause some other problem」

「Who knows It’s not something I can make judgements on by myself, so I’d be happy if you can take the information I’ll provide in consideration for the arbitration.」


So, what about the things that could be done immediately 」

「I want Tolt-san to publicize his own Job and what he’s done to me.

After all, he’s the type of person to have no qualms about divulging another person’s Job, so he shouldn’t have any complaints when his Job is made public as well.

Considering Tolt-san’s Job, if what happened today isn’t made public, more victims like me could appear in the future, so please be thorough about this.

Other than that, I’d like my safety within the royal capital to be assured, as well as a gag order to be imposed as much as possible.」

「If it’s only that, I think it’ll be approved.」

This ended up being a one-on-one discussion between me and Chasse-san, but I wonder if Tolt and the guild master are still breathing

Well, as long as they don’t butt in, who cares

「About said information, it’s about the forest I gathered herbs in.」

「That forest should be under periodic investigation though.」

Chasse-san glanced at the guild master inquisitively, and he just clearly averted his eyes.

This act certainly speaks for itself, and Chasse-san simply let out a deep, deep sigh.

I wonder how many times he sighed today

I’m worried about the future of his hair.

「When I went there, it seemed as if it was neglected for quite some time.

Also, while there weren’t enough monsters to call it a stampede, there were still quite a lot of them.

Just while I was gathering herbs, I didn’t even want to count how many I defeated on the way.

The monsters that appeared were mostly of D-class and, occasionally, C-class, I think.」


「As you’d expect, I found it pretty unusual, so I tried investigating it myself and it seems like the capital has been relying on external sources to maintain their supply of the specified herb in the request for as long as 2 to 3 years ago.

Furthermore, I also learned that the chances of a stampede occurring emerges when a place where monsters live are ignored for more than 5 years, so I expect a stampede possibly happening within as early as a few years.」

「That’s bull!」

The guild master, who was silent up until now, suddenly raised his voice.

「I’m simply stating my opinion.

Please research it yourselves later.」

「If what you’re saying is true, then you might be able to get a hold of a magic bag, the second largest one at least.

With that said, we can’t really ignore the words of somebody that resolved a stampede alone, and as of now, I personally think that you’re right.」

Chasse-san, very exhaustedly, nods in agreement.

Honestly, good job.

I honestly don’t want to be in the same position as Chasse-san right now.

「That’s the end of my story, but will there be anything else」

「Well, in the meantime, we’d like it if you leave things to us, I guess

Are you going to leave the capital soon」

「I have to pick up a sword I ordered the day after tomorrow, so it’ll be after that.

I have no intention of showing up in the guild anymore, though.」

「In that case, can we ask for some time in the afternoon two days from now」


Then I’ll tell you where I’m staying at after this.」

「That’ll help a lot, but that’s not something you should say so easily, alright」

「Honestly, even if I’m attacked by a B-rank party like Chasse-san and the others, I can handle it.」

Being B-rank as a party, I suspect that everyone of them are about C-rank individually.

Only that much firepower isn’t enough to break through my barrier.

Nonetheless, that was pretty thoughtless of me.

It’s only natural for Chasse-san to be offended when a fellow hunter tells him that they’re no match.

「I don’t think we’re that weak, you know」

「I’m sorry.

However, the first monster I defeated… was a cyclops.

With that in mind, even if I can’t win, I can still run away with ease.」

「Okay, okay.

Tell me about it later then.

For now, let’s end things here.

I’m already exhausted.

Let me escort you outside.」

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After shaking his head in resignation, Chasse-san stood up and led me to the door.

We’re leaving the two guild staff behind, but Chasse-san didn’t seem to have the energy to care about them, so we left the room without giving them as much as a glance.

After walking a few steps away from the guild building, Chasse-san continued our conversation.

「So, where are you staying at」

「There’s a pretty white inn in the area where a lot of inns are built, right」

「That place where rich people stay then.」

「I use their best room.」

「…… Right, seems like you really aren’t hurting for money.」

「Leaving that aside, I’m staying under the name Blan, so please use that when asking for me at the reception desk.

They’ll probably either guide you to my room or call for me, I think.」

「Got it.

I won’t ask about the details.」

Exhausted, aren’t you I feel that.

Now that I think about it, we’ve only been in the capital for a few days, but it feels like we’ve only gone from trouble to trouble.

「Well then, let’s meet again in two days.」

「Take care.」

After a short goodbye, I went back to our inn.

It’s almost sundown now.

For some reason, today was a pretty eventful day.



Heya~! Whelp, the guild master really dug his grave practically as deep as he could in the short time they had.

And Tolt, well, have fun being jobless and in debt.

The only ones that are most likely to have any money for paying a magic bag is the guild master and, questionably, Tolt after all, so yeah.

Anyway, lol, good job squeezing the guild master for all he’s worth Ain.

Congratulations for having a new magic bag coming~! Still, the guild master automatically judging that our princess had a favoured Job and telling her to forget this incident Sound like he’s doing the opposite of what the guild policy says, don’t you think

Also, good work Chasse.

I really pity the messenger/middle-men in this kind of scenario, lol.

But yeah, that’s the nature of the job.

Also, he really did well leading the guild master to show his true colours.


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