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Fiiyanamia-sama slowly approached the priest (temp) and stared at him.

「I do have knowledge of why this situation came to be, however.

You lot were planning to publicize the Hunter Guild’s errors to strengthen your influential power, correct

And, if possible, perhaps obtain the magic bag Cielmer-chan has as well.」

I’m sure that she would know.

After all, Fiiyanamia-sama should be able to overhear any conversation inside this city easily and she should know who and where a person is.

If anyone even tries to have a slightly shady meeting, then the details would likely be immediately known.

In my opinion, if hers is the same as mine, then with just how much information there is, grasping all the information that can be obtained would be impossible to do unless you’re a god.

The priest (temp) averts his eyes from Fiiyanamia-sama.

While I’ll praise him for saying something like 「H-how did you-……」 and digging his own grave, isn’t that reaction practically him giving an affirmation

However, Fiiyanamia-sama didn’t pressure him any more than that, and just returned to where I am.

「If you ask me, I wouldn’t mind evicting everyone concerned here for causing discomfort for my official guest……」

「W-what are you even saying! The one that will suffer for that will be Central itself!」

「I wouldn’t suffer at all.

Rather, Ciemler-chan leaving would bring in greater losses.

However, in regards to this situation, a person not present here is the cause, correct The clear cause.

Yes, yes.

And so you should know what to do, correct I’m angry right now.」


He will be summoned from Estoque and atone for it.」

「Yes, make it so.

It’s unbearable for me to have a shameless organization within my garden, you know」

With Fiiyanamia-sama’s smile, the conversation ended.

Yup, this is the type of smile that you shouldn’t argue with.

With this, the responsibility for these series of issues is now for Estoque’s acting guildmaster to take.

In my opinion, this in itself just serves him right.

After all, he was the one who started the attack and he did disparage us.

「Now are we done No objections, alright」

Fiiyanamia-sama asked for the final confirmation and everyone nodded.

After that, Fiiyanamia-sama pointed at all the humans, excluding those related to the Hunter Guild, and 「Will you all leave」 prompted them to leave.

「Wha-……」 Those who were prompted were in shock but in the end, they left with frustrated expressions.

I really hope they’re not the head of their organizations.

Still, there’s probably some other people above them.

With everyone ordered to leave the room, only Yunmica-san, Bajo-san, Wangwan-san, the Hunter Guild’s Mr.

Skinhead, and the henchman-like person were left.

Which means to say that Mr.

Henchman is a Hunter Guild personnel

「Now, now.

With this, the discussions will make progress again.」

「Thank you very much.」

「This is for my guest’s sake.

I’ll say this but I only permitted this because it seems problematic from an international perspective otherwise.

Originally I would have already invited her into my mansion at this point, you know」


Skinhead talking politely to the young-looking Fiiyanamia-sama looks really unbalanced and comical.

Or rather, why is she going to bring me (or have me go) to her mansion

At the very least, this should be our first time meeting Fiiyanamia-sama and we’re not really acquainted enough to stay at her house.

Naturally, Ciel isn’t particularly in any position and status to be welcomed by the head of a country.

Looking down as I was wondering this, I see that the forest spirit is still on my lap.

Seeing a beauty smile amiably really warms the heart.

「Understood Understood.

The topic to be asked of Cielmer-chan today is about the Artificial Divine Messenger, correct」

Before I knew it, Fiiyanamia-sama was hosting the discussion.

Based on her position, there shouldn’t be any issues with her hosting though.

As Fiiyanamia-sama asked Mr.

Skinhead, he answered with a nod.

「Before that, let me introduce myself.

I wasn’t able to earlier after all.

My name is Dourthe.

I’m part of the Hunter Guild executive staff.

Forgive me for what happened earlier.

No, for the many inconveniences Estoque’s Hunter Guild has caused you on your way here.」


Skinhead—Dourthe-san—lowered his head.

「As long as appropriate reparations and preventive measures are made, then I don’t mind.」

「Yes, of course.」

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Hearing his tired tone, I’m convinced that Dourthe-san has the same position as that of Chasse-san from Fool’s Gathering.

The type that would be given the troublesome work, the type of person that has been through a lot.

I know it’s tough, but please do your best.

「Are you done now I’m sorry but can we return to the main topic」

Fiiyanamia-sama steered the conversation back to the original discussion.

Yeah, having someone that would force the discussion back to the main thread is really important.

If Fiiyanamia-sama was there earlier, then maybe the discussion would have even gone smoothly.

Rather, it’s all thanks to Fiiyanamia-sama that it ended where it did.

「Even if you ask me about the Artificial Divine Messenger, there isn’t really much that I know of them.

All I know is that, since it’s artificial, then Duke Rispelgia could be the one that made it.」

「That’s the point.

Why is it that you suspect Duke Rispelgia here」

「Being a Duke, he must have a considerable amount of assets, so shouldn’t he be a strong suspect instead」

I avoided the question, but it is true that trying to make a monster should require suitable facilities and cost considerable amounts of money.

That’s why it shouldn’t be unnatural for the name of a duke, who definitely has money, to come up here.

If it can be done cheaply, then artificial monsters would have already been an issue.

Dourthe-san scratched his head before breathing a heavy sigh.

「Duke Rispelgia of Estoque is famous for his good reputation even among hunters.

Even from a national standpoint, he should be a highly acknowledged noble.

He’s by no means someone that could be just investigated at random.」

「Which means that a clear reason for an investigation is necessary then.

But haven’t I given the location to the hidden mansion Duke Rispelgia has for that exact reason」

「We’ve been busy due to the ongoing stampede at Estoque, you see.

We can’t do a proper investigation.

We did send a hunter to be sure, but nothing was there.」

「That’s because it’s concealed by a barrier.」

「A barrier…… Then a sorcerer with considerate skill will be necessary.」

Dourthe-san began thinking with a serious expression.

Seeing that, they appear to consider this case with high importance.

If a monster that overpowered not only low-ranked hunters but even C-ranked hunters was made with human hands, I guess any sparing effort isn’t an option.

「To begin with, why do you know about this barrier, Cielmer-dono」

I suppose the reason that he referred to us with –dono is because we’re Fiiyanamia-sama’s guests.

I’m not used to being called that way, so it feels weird.

『How much should I say』

『Shouldn’t it be fine to talk about most of it

This place is out of Rispelgia’s reach, right Then in that case, wouldn’t it be better to inform them in advance

After all, the larger the damage becomes, the more trouble there might be.』

『The way of conveying and my existence』

『I’ll leave that to you, Ain.』

Not wanting to decide by myself, I asked Ciel’s opinion and I was answered with an unexpectedly lax reply.

What Ciel said was true and, regarding Fiiyanamia-sama in particular, it might be best to explain to earn her trust.

「The proof of why it could have been Rispelgia’s doing is right before you.」

「…… Is it you yourself, Cielmer-dono」


I was raised at the mansion inside that forest, a failed work of Rispelgia.」

「How can you verify that」

「I can’t tell it here.

As a hunter, I can’t expose just my own abilities after all.

While I am a failure, it’s still enough to give me an advantage.」

The simultaneous use of Song Princess and Dance Princess is an advantage only we can utilize.

The combined strength of two picky princess Jobs is enough to bring down A-rank monsters with rain.

While there are cases where the superiority of a Job can be overturned by hard work, this does make me realize just how amazing the power of Jobs really is.

That aside, since just saying 「I’m the proof」 is understandably hard to believe, I’ll give additional information.

「I will be relaying conclusive evidence to Fiiyanamia-sama, so please make your judgement after that.

However, the discussion might not make any progress with only that, so here are a few materials for judgment.

From my birth until I reached 10, I lived at the mansion.

On the day of my tenth birthday, since my Job was also deemed useless in addition to me being a failure, I was sold to another noble.

However, the carriage we were on was attacked by a cyclops on the way.

The noble and his escorts died, and I defeated the cyclops and became a hunter at a town.」

「That is your proof」

「Do you know of anyone that can defeat a cyclops at 10 years old

If not a cyclops, then is there anyone of my age range who can handle a stampede, regardless of how small, on their own

What about 10 wyverns

If there is none, then you should be able to understand that there’s something to me, right」

While it absolutely doesn’t answer the question, our track record, which is honestly insane in hindsight, should be enough to convince them that there’s something different about us.


Can we leave the final judgment to you, Fiiyanamia-sama」

「Yes, yes.

It’s alright.」

「In that case, assuming that your words are true, what does Duke Rispelgia want to do」

「Honestly, what does he want to do」

Regarding this, I honestly don’t know.

After all, even turning Ciel into a god was just a checkpoint for his goal.

Specifically, a god’s virgin blood.

As for what it could be used for, I guess for making medicine or some sort of philosopher’s stone

Well, I have no idea.

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As I gave my honest answer, Mr.

Henchman next to Dourthe-san clicked his tongue.

As if saying, you couldn’t even discover that

Currently, he’s the only other human here but if those that left earlier were present right now, then someone probably would have interrupted at this point.

「It’s not as if I was there to investigate.

I was only there as an imprisoned test subject.」

「To begin with, to begin with! Aren’t you expecting too much from a child that hasn’t even reached adulthood

Altro, was it If I’m not mistaken, you have a 13-year-old daughter in your family, no

Immediately sell that child to the empire at south and have her investigate from the inside, alright」

「H-how can you say that! That sort of thing, it’s obviously impossible, isn’t it!」

The henchman—Altro—responded to Fiiyanamia-sama’s statement in a fluster.

Fiiyanamia-sama, being how she is, is currently smiling but is one of enjoyment or one of anger

「Right now, you clicked your tongue because Cielmer-chan didn’t have much information, didn’t you

In other words, you think it’s natural for a girl not even 10 years of age to investigate the goals of an organization imprisoning her, yes

Your daughter is 13 year old.

She’s much older compared to Cielmer-chan at her time.

In that case, she can then investigate perfectly, don’t you agree」


「You are freeloaders, Cielmer-chan is a guest.

You wouldn’t tell me that you don’t realize the difference, would you Well if you don’t, then I’ll simply have you leave.」

With Fiiyanamia-sama’s words, Altro fell silent.

Somehow, I feel left behind despite being the concerned party here, but since Fiiyanamia-sama said what I wanted to say, I honestly felt refreshed.

「Can I ask something」

Yunmica-san who was only listening up until now spoke up.

「It’s fine if you only answer with what you can say and know, but this duke’s goal isn’t the Spirits, is it」

I see, since I, a human Song Princess, am strangely fawned on by a spirit, she was worried about that.


If one can have spirits do their bidding, then they could practically do anything with the world.

「While I don’t know that Duke Rispelgia’s end goal is, he seems to be fixated on gods and not spirits.

I was originally a failure that resulted from an attempt to create a god, you see.

However, I have no idea what he plans to do after creating a god.」

「…… I see, understood.

Thank you.」

Despite informing her that spirits aren’t involved, for some reason Yunmica-san showed a negative reaction.

In my opinion, she should be overjoyed that spirits aren’t involved here.

Actually, no, being overjoyed probably would be an exaggeration.

Hearing this exchange, this time it was Dourthe-san who reacted.

「Create a god, you say」

「That’s why I suspect that the Artificial Divine Messenger was created by Duke Rispelgia.」

「…… In that case, we’ll have to wait for Fiiyanamia-sama’s judgment, huh.」

「Alright, alright.

So this is the end of this discussion, yes If so, I’ll be guiding Cielmer-chan to my mansion then.」

With that, we were abducted by Fiiyanamia-sama.

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Hiya~! With Fiiyanamia’s entrance, the discussion ended swiftly and without much interjections! Also, it appears that we’ll be seeing Fiiyanamia’s mansion next chapter, lol.

First of all, whew, all the annoying people were immediately kicked out, lol.

The fact that Fiiyanamia can potentially sense anything and hear everything within her own territory is really unfair, lol.

However, it doesn’t seem like the people know about that, so they probably can’t detect her magic power all over the place too.

Also, as revealed before, our princesses are treated as “guests” for some reason and even treated better than the “freeloaders”, which is natural, but it begs the question, why Which is also something that Ain wonders regarding how they’re to be invited to Fiiyanamia’s mansion.

After that, continuing the trend of Ain savagely rebuking hypocrisy from last chapter, geez Fiiyanamia is absolutely savage, lol.

The part with Altro’s daughter is my personal favourite.

“Oh, you expect a child to do perfect spywork Good thing you also have a child, now have her do spywork.” Also, the Hunter Guild is now confirmed to be a potential force against the duke.

Also, Ain’s self reflection on how crazy their track record has been so far, lol.


Hiya~! New chapter, new characters~! And most importantly, the first proper introduction to Fiiyanamia~!

First, a few trivias about the names of the new characters, for their last names in particular.

Yunmica’s Messi seems to be taken from the Greek μέση which means waist, middle, or midpoint.

Bajo’s Sentro similarly seems to be taken from centro/sentro, both meaning, you guess it, center.

And, lastly, Wangwan’s Liev might have been based on the Russian word for lion, лев, which certainly would fit him considering how Ain just instantly saw him as a lion, lol.

While these might just be coincidences, it’s still quite interesting.

Oh, and for those interested about it, Bajo is read as Baho.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

(Say no to content thief!)

Moving on, Ain’s quite snappy this chapter, which is quite a treat.

*Are you telling me to die* Lol.

This whole chapter is basically Ain finally saying what she’s been wanting to say: the chapter.

From how it seems, only the non-human race representatives and the hunter guild representative seem to be on the neutral/ally position, with the hunter guild representative openly recognising our protagonist’s efforts despite being an interrogator of sorts and even stopped the merchant guild representative who can’t even take ridicule from a child.

Every interruption presented moral dilemmas, which might even be understandable if not for the hypocrisy of them berating a child for not doing a soldier’s duty as well as them selectively ignoring all context of why this child went here in the first place.

So far, only 1 person seems to be at least neutral on the human side, with the merchant guild representative and church representative being openly hostile (possibly for political reasons The church representative can still be speaking from belief and moralistic reasons, but the merchant guild is still iffy) and the other unknown 3 being generally silent and only described based on looks.

And then we got the three non-humans who sided with Ciel.

The three of them seems to have noticed Ciel and Ain switching for some reason, or maybe they just noticed the spirits The elf and dwarf definitely noticed the spirits behaving weird, since they stared at the forest spirit.

Meanwhile, the beastman might just have enhanced beastly senses or something.

And finally, Fiiyanamia~! First of all, she definitely has a lot of magic power, not only because Ain said so, but because of her white hair.

Up until now, white hair has been treated as a measure for excellent sorcerers and in truth, it also means that the individual’s magic circuits have extended out to their hair, draining it of colour.

Second, gold eyes.

Now, where have we seem this colour before


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