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However, young people like Ji Feng and Qu Ling still had fantasies.

Although Ji Mengzhu said that there was only a small chance to develop quasi-divine skills only at the totem level, it didnt stop them from imagining it.

If a monarch-level pet mastered a quasi-divine skill, how strong would it be

The description would be Mythical race, monarch level.

Could it fight weaker totems two levels higher

If not, what about Mythical race, overlord level

There shouldnt be a problem, right After all, the Tyrannical Sea Legends Giant Leviathan wasnt a Mythical race yet.

It could already fight a totem level twice.

Quasi-divine skill, Mythical Race!

In an instant, Ji Fengs expectations were extremely high.

However, he also understood that he could only think about it.

After all, it was said that none of even Lin Fengs pets had reached the Mythical race.

At the side, Shi Yu fell into deep thought…

“Of course, Lord Emperor Wu told my father about this.

Then, my father told me.

I dont know the accuracy of this information either.

After all, no one has really experienced the Mythical Domain…” Ji Mengzhu said.

“Then is there anything special about quasi-divine skills compared to super skills” Qu Ling asked.

“Of course.”

“The strongest thing aboutdivine skills, according to Lord Emperor Wu, is that they have already masteredlaws and origin power.

Among them, quasi-divine skills are the stage where they first come into contact with laws.

For example, Yun Ans quasi-divine skills are known asincurable injuries because they have reached this level.

If one doesnt master corresponding abilities of the same level, they cant resist.”

“Actually, my father has seen the battle between Emperor Wu and Yun An.

He said that thats not a battle that other low-level life forms can interfere in at all.

In the battle, Yun An, who has mastered a quasi-divine skill, forms a world of its own with phenomena around him.

Any power around it is completely suppressed, including the power of nature and the power of space.

This is a higher-level method than borrowing the power of nature.”

“It can be said that once a quasi-divine skill is released, it can suppress all the surrounding powers that are not of the same level.

All life forms who see a quasi-divine skill will have their bloodline tremble if they dont master the same power.

Its like… like a transcendent-level Iron-eating Beast facing the deterrence of a monarch-level royal Iron-eating Beast.

It will feel like its bloodline is being suppressed.”

“This is the difference between a myth and a non-myth.

Its an insurmountable difference.

Therefore, its really impressive that Lord Emperor Wu could suppress Yun An and even kill it,” Ji Mengzhu said.

Everyone quietly listened to Ji Mengzhu, who had personally experienced the totem battle, explain.

They understood the power of a demigod again and the power of a legendary Beast Tamer.

Even if it was such a Yun An, Emperor Wu could suppress it.

Unfortunately, Emperor Wu didnt have the ability to remove the other partys Law Power.

Otherwise, the historical direction might be new.

At the same time, Ji Feng, Qu Ling, and the other Dong Huang geniuses were also curious.

The current Dragon God, who had always been on good terms with Dong Huang, was also at the demigod level.

They wondered how its strength was compared to Yun An and what kind of power it had.

According to Emperor Wu, a half-god like the Dragon God and a half-god like Yun An could be considered a Mythical race

Shi Yu thought that they were at most experts who had evolved to the extreme of the “quasi Mythical race”.

“Well, why do I feel that Ji Mengzhus father isnt very reliable I should ask the Dragon God another day,” Shi Yu muttered in his heart.

Ah, right, but the Dragon God seemed to have also said that the World Tree could be considered a Mythical race, but it wasnt at the Mythical level.

It was only the strongest demigod.

In that case, it was really possible that demigods could be considered Mythical races

However, when they thought about it, the demigods didnt care about this racial title anymore.

They were probably more concerned about when their growth level could break through to the Mythical stage, and not what the racial level represented their potential.

After a long time…

The gem cat said, “Were at Dong Huang.”


After arriving at Dong Huang, no one relaxed.

Next, they still had to continue working on this mission.

Everyone first went to the headquarters of the tenth bureau.

As it concerned a demigod-level life form that threatened Dong Huang, Shi Yu also ran around with them.

He didnt find it troublesome, but with the cat car, it really wasnt much trouble.

Fortunately, President Lin and the others also returned that day to preside over the overall situation.

The Black Goat Totem was undoubtedlycaptured alive.

Of course, in the current state of the Black Goat, to put it nicely, it wascaptured alive.

To put it bluntly, it wasnot dead.

As for the Black Goat Totem, it naturally couldnt be imprisoned in Dong Huang.

It was directly transported to the deep sea prison of Dragon Palace City by the Sea Dragon King and the others.

Only here could the totem be suppressed.

The Poison Dragon Totem was also locked here.

Dong Huang didnt have to make payment for using the underwater prison of Dragon Palace City.

As long as the Immortal Dragon King didnt die after purification, the goat legs and lamb chop were for the dragon kings to eat as they pleased.

In any case, the key was the information about the Yun race in the goat brain.

In fact, President Lin still had a lot to say to Shi Yu and Ji Mengzhu, about the Black Meteorite Yak.

He wanted to ask Shi Yu how he dared to blow up a top-notch totem, even if it was weak.

However, at this moment, because he still had many more important things to deal with, he didnt have the time to care about Shi Yu.

After chatting for a while, Shi Yu was completely liberated.

He brought Senior Ji Mengzhu to Wu Ling City, where the ruins of the Iron-eating Beast Corps were.

“Arent you going to deal with Yun An” Seeing Shi Yu slip away from the headquarters of the Dong Huang Association without any reluctance, Senior Ji Mengzhu, who was in the ruins, said.

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