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Chapter 153: Relaxed revenge

Suddenly about a hundred close range players went forward and quickly surrounded the Iron Armour Raptor King.  But it was a pity that the Iron Armour Raptor King was a level 80 Dark Gold Boss and ignored the small ants of the Fated Guild, just raising an iron claw.


With a heavy impact sound, the two swordsmen who took the brunt of it were shattered.  Before the clerics could heal them, they were torn to pieces by the Raptor King’s second attack!

Fated Madman saw this and quickly said, “Shield knights, forward!  The swordsmen without shields retreat and immediately build a second defensive line!  Magicians and archers start firing and bring the boss’ HP down as quickly as possible!”

The shield knights quickly went forward and raised their heavy shields before slamming it down at the feet of the boss.  Everything went as Fated Madman planned.

But no one would have thought that the Iron Armour Raptor King would be very intelligent.  It became annoyed when it couldn’t kill the knight with two slashes of its claws, so it raised its back limbs and jumped over the shield knight.  It opened its large mouth and spat out a scalding hot dragon breath, instantly killing all Fated players within ten meters.  That included swordsmen that had full HP!

I was secretly surprised.  Although this Iron Armour Raptor King had high physical attack, its true killing move was its dragon breath!

The Iron Armour Raptor King created a slaughter in their group as it took the life of a Fated player every time it raised its claw.  Fated Badman was so angry that he couldn’t even breathe properly, “What do I feed you idiots for!  Knights, quickly protect the magicians and clerics!  Archers, use ice arrows to decrease its speed!  Idiots, don’t use fire arrows!”

Actually, the boss already had a slowing effect, but the Iron Armour Raptor King’s level was just too high.  It easily resisted these slowing effects and the 50% slow turned to around a 10% slow, so it was no different from not being slowed at all.

Fated Madman indignantly said, “A bunch of idiots!  If I had known earlier, I would have had Delicate Rice Fragrance come, humph!”

Fated Bloodthirster said, “Why didn’t Rice Fragrance come”

“Who knows!”  Fated Madman revealed a trace of anger and said, “That little girl said that she wasn’t feeling good today and didn’t log on.  Humph, who knows if it’s because she knew that I had this quest today!  Bloodthirster, go and find her in a few days and don’t let her play any tricks!”

Fated Bloodthirster said with a smile, “Big brother, relax.  She’s a person that can’t move and you’re afraid that she’ll run away.  I will let the people take care of her.  But boss, after you become a Frost Warrior, Rice Fragrance as a Soul Magician will forever be the number two Hidden Job in our Fated Guild!”

Fated Madman’s face turned cold, “In short, don’t be careless!  Also, tell Bloodthirsty World to bring all his people over.  What are those idiots stalling for  We already gave them the money, do they want to take the money and do nothing”

Fated Bloodthirster nodded, “The Bloodthirsty Guild has around a thousand people outside the forest and they are heading in, but Bloodthirsty World sent me a message.  They said that they met a monster called the Iron Armour Raptor along the way that delayed them a bit.  This monster has quite a bit of attack power, but the Bloodthirsty people should be here soon!”

Fated Madman didn’t have any patience, “Have them come quicker!”


My heart sank.  No, if Bloodthirsty World’s thousand people could come over, I won’t have a chance to do anything.  I had to stop Bloodthirsty World’s group outside!

Looking up at the HP bar of the Iron Armour Raptor King which was still quite long, it would take at least half an hour for them to kill it.

So I made up my mind and quietly moved through the forest.  A few minutes later, I heard the sounds of voices in the distance which was Bloodthirsty’s group making their way through the forest.  They were surrounded by several Iron Armour Raptors.  The Bloodthirsty players weren’t bad, they had good skills and good coordination, but the Iron Armour Raptors had a very high level and with their sharp teeth, they kept killing the people from Bloodthirsty.

Bloodthirsty’s boss, Bloodthirsty World raised his sword and shouted, “Brothers, don’t panic!  These raptors aren’t anything!  Fight the raptors in groups of one hundred and help the brothers that can’t hold on.  We will advance step by step.  All of you listen to me, no one should provoke the raptors, they are very hard to handle!”

I couldn’t help revealing a faint smile as I suddenly had a bold thought!

Since it was like this, the Bloodthirsty Guild weren’t good, so I should rock the boat and use a borrowed blade to kill them.  Although it was a bit dangerous, reward came with risks and I would play with the people from Fated and Bloodthirsty today!

Thinking of this, I immediately went into the forest holding the Roaring Flame Spear.  Looking over at the Iron Armour Raptors resting in the forest, when I came close, they were immediately alarmed.  They quickly came over and rustled the leaves in the forest.  Very soon, there were a bunch of Iron Armour Raptors that were ‘stampeding’ at me!

Although I had at least thirty raptors behind me, only one or two attacks hit me at a time which was still acceptable to me!

Outside, Bloodthirsty World piqued his ears and asked in a confused voice, “Yi  What is that sound  It’s rustling and screeching, as if something is calling out!”

A thin assassin said, “Boss!  It’s the sound of the raptors!  We are surrounded!”

“Hua la!”

The leaves opened and I jumped out.  At the same time, I used the intermediate Bloodthirst Skill of the Scarlet Cape.  My attack speed and move speed increased by 20% as I started flying off!

Bloodthirsty World was surprised before reacting, “Damn!  It’s Easily Angered Bookworm!  Take care of him for me!”

As soon as his voice fell, the leaves opened and soon there were a bunch of Iron Armour Raptors that ran out!

I didn’t look back at all.  Although there were archers and magicians that started attacking me, I still ran right into the Bloodthirsty group.  The main thing now was to disperse the aggro from the Iron Armour Raptors behind me and as long as I ran far enough, the aggro would all go to the Bloodthirsty Guild players!

“Pa, pa, pa!”

The spells and arrows kept hitting me, but there was no doubt that the archers of the Bloodthirsty Guild couldn’t break my defenses, as they did around 10 to 20 damage.  The magicians also couldn’t pose any threat like before, as my 450 magic defense negated more than half the magic damage.  Even the highest level magician in the Bloodthirsty Guild could only deal around 250 damage to me with a fireball!

But even ants could bite elephants to death and in less than ten seconds, my 4320 HP had dropped by two thirds.  It was a good thing that the Bloodthirst Skill made me very fast and I quickly ran through the Bloodthirsty Guild’s group.  The commander who was shocked gave a very stupid order, “Magicians, use ice arrows to slow down the raptors!”

The raptors were stuck in the Bloodthirsty camp.  Bloodthirsty World gritted his teeth angrily, but he couldn’t do anything.  I swallowed pots as I ran back into the forest feeling very satisfied.  I laughed as I turned back to say, “Bloodthirsty World, stay here and level for me!”

I immediately changed directions!  I should take care of Fated Madman!

There were several white lights that appeared behind me.  The Bloodthirsty Guild was caught off guard and suffered heavy losses, as several clerics and magicians were attacked by the raptors and killed!

There was no doubt that the Bloodthirsty Guild’s group would be destroyed here since the Iron Armour Raptors were level 75 Enhanced Monsters.  The Bloodthirsty Guild didn’t even have level 50 players.  Even if they weren’t destroyed, there wouldn't be much left, so it really wasn’t wrong for them to die here!

When I arrived at where Fated was, I saw a pleasantly surprising scene.  On the long forest path, the Iron Armour Raptor King only had a sliver of HP left, but it had also changed and were attacking the defenseless Fated players.  Out of the five hundred people, there were only a hundred left from Fated!

Without saying a word, I charged forward with the Roaring Flame Spear.  I had filled up on HP along the way and could disregard the players of Fated who weren’t even level 50!

I raised my voice and said with a smile, “Fated Madman, it must be hard killing this boss.  Do you want my help”

Fated Madman was about to finish it off, but his heart skipped a beat when he heard my voice.  He quickly ordered, “The back row, all of you charge for me!  Take care of him!”

So Fated Bloodthirster immediately led a group to charge at me!

I didn’t dodge it and let the archers attack me.  After the ice arrow, the slowing effect was greatly weakened by my Frozen Heart and with my strong defense, I could basically ignore it.  This series of attacks caused the names of these archers to turn gray!

They would be killed with gray names!

I swept out and used a Whirlwind Slash to kill the archer that I charged!  The two archers beside it also suffered large damage.  I swung the spear back and a normal attack killed another archer with only a sliver of HP!

At this time, I felt a pain behind me as Fated Bloodthirster stabbed me from behind!

It was a pity that his attack power wasn’t high and he only dealt a pitiful 234 damage.

I didn’t even turn back as I swept out with the Roaring Flame Spear.  The Shield Break Slash was very sharp and with a grunt, the spear pierced right into Fated Bloodthirsters’s chest.  His eyes opened wide as if he couldn’t believe that he was instantly killed.

The other assassins had red eyes as they cursed, “Damn!  He killed out second brother!  This b*stard, cut him up!”

I laughed as I didn’t hold back.  The Roaring Flame Spear swept out and knocked them away, as all the Fated players with red names were killed.  In the end, with me and the boss eating away at them from two sides, it didn’t take long before only a few out of the hundred Fated players were left!

Fated Madman was filled with rage as he chopped at the boss with his sword, but the Iron Armour Raptor King had a very high defense and he only dealt 800 damage.  With a sweep of its claws, it almost instantly killed Fated Madman!

Fated Madman who only had a fourth of his HP left had a pale look on his face.  He quickly moved back and a cleric healed him, but this cleric attracted the aggro and the Iron Armour Raptor King crushed this loyal cleric to death.

Fated Madman was in despair.  Out of the three Fated players, one was killed with a Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers, one was killed with a normal attack, and the other was bitten to death by the Iron Armour Raptor King.

In the end, the funniest thing was that it was only me and Fated Madman left.  The Iron Armour Raptor King headed towards Fated Madman step by step.

Fated Madman’s expression was very funny.  He wanted to laugh and he wanted to cry.

“Do you know  How much effort father spent to get this Hidden Job  It was ruined by you like this!”  Fated Madman angrily pointed at the Raptor King as he roared out.

I raised the Roaring Flame Spear in my hand as I said, “What does this count for  Did you forget how you treated me when I was getting my Hidden Job  You were happy when you killed me and the girls of Xue Yue, now I am feeling the same!”

Fated Madman gritted his teeth and said, “Easily Angered Bookworm, you just wait.  Father will kill you sooner or later……”

Before he could finish, I had already stabbed out with the Roaring Flame Spear!


The sharp spear pierced through Fated Madman’s neck, sending blood spraying out as Fated Madman’s less than half HP emptied.  In front of his unwilling look, I raised my right hand and said with a smile, “Leave this boss to me!  Roaring Flame Soaring Dragon!”


The flame dragon appeared and pierced right through the Iron Armour Raptor King’s body.

This Iron Armour Raptor King that only had a sliver of HP couldn’t take this powerful hit.  With a wail, it fell dead as it dropped a mountain of gold coins and several pieces of equipment.  What filled me with more joy was that my experience bar jumped up and with a golden light that fell, I reached level 57!

I couldn’t help laughing as all the anger in my heart had been vented!  It could be said that I had taken revenge for being sent back to level 0!  Not mentioning the Bloodthirsty Guild being destroyed by the Iron Armour Raptors and the Fated Guild being destroyed here, the Hidden Job that Fated Madman dreamed of had been ruined!  He must even be feeling like he wanted to die!

I went forward to pick up the spoils of the battle.  There were many gold coins, over 1500 of them!

Moreover, the three items dropped by the boss all looked good.  There was a cold glowing axe, a golden glowing pair of leg armour, and a purple skill book!

I first looked at the axe.  The axe was very cold in my hand, it clearly wasn’t a normal item.

[Frost Axe]  (Gold Equipment)

Attack: 240-320

Strength: 18

Vitality: 10

Additional: There’s a chance to shoot out ice arrows to deal 200 points of ice damage and greatly decrease the target’s move speed.

Required Level: 55



The strong stats filled with my wild joy.  This axe definitely could be sold for money and it was finally time for me to be rich!

I looked at the golden glowing leg armour.  This piece of equipment might be something that I could use.

[Dragon Scale Leg Armour]  (Dark Gold Equipment - Armour)

Defense: 120

Strength: 20

Vitality: 18

Agility: 12

Additional: Increases the user’s physical attack by 10%.

Required Level: 55




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