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“The way you count the time,” Yan Luqing complained too much in his heart, and sneered like a conditioned reflex, “it’s like we usually see each other when we are sleeping too.”


As soon as these words came out, the two fell silent.

The driver in the front row also froze for a moment.

The atmosphere was extremely tense and awkward.

The driver seemed to want to reduce his sense of existence, and he lowered the partition very carefully, cutting off the line of sight between the front and rear seats——

But in this way, Yan Luqing feels that the concentration of embarrassment around her became even higher, until a chuckle came to her ear, and the concentration reached its peak.

“Owner, the words you said…”

Gu Ci speaks first.

He said slowly and with a smile: “It seems that you are very dissatisfied with this matter.”


What is she dissatisfied with

About not seeing each other during sleep

Did he mean she wanted to meet him while she was sleeping too !

Just as the car pulled into the college and began to slow down, Yan Luqing also saw the familiar gate of her college from the window.

When the car stopped, she glared at Gu Ci viciously: “Even if you are a straight A student, you can’t mess up the reading comprehension, right”

Then she opened the door and got out of the car, slammed the door shut with a loud bang, then turned around and seemed to leave gracefully.

On the way to the classroom, Yan Luqing gradually calmed down and couldn’t help but feel a little emotional.

It seems that she often faces this kind of situation where she talks with Gu Ci in the car until her face is red and her ears are hot, and it doesn’t return to normal until she gets out of the car and blows the cold air.

Just as she finished thinking like this, the mobile phone in her hand vibrated.

It is a message from Gu Ci.

[Fleeing Princess]: Owner, no matter how expensive the car door is, it will break too if it is frequently slammed.


He even feels distressed about this!

Calling her Owner, and still worried about things that he shouldn’t.

Did he ever think because of whom this door was slammed every time

Yan Luqing became agitated again for a while.

She was criticizing in her heart and typing at the same time.

As long as you don’t annoy me, it will be safe!

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After waiting for a while, Gu Ci replied again.

[Fleeing Princess]: You really won’t be annoyed by me within 30 hours.

I wish the Owner a good time then.

Yan Luqing was always in a daze when she was in class a few days ago, and every time anyone sent her a message, her eyes became dull and she became more depressed after reading it.

From the inside to the outside, she is the complete opposite of the once happy sand sculpture.

Little Twisted Braids also disappeared for several days.

She didn’t dare mention the Great Beauty in front of Yan Luqing, and she didn’t dare to ask if the Great Beauty had really left too, because after all, she didn’t know the other party that much.

She can only go back to the dormitory every day and check the CP building before going to bed, make phone calls with her boyfriend, and barely maintain her life like this.

This morning, when she got out of bed, she was thinking about how sad Yan Luqing will be today because the Great Beauty moved away yesterday.

However, when she arrived at the classroom, she found that Yan Luqing, who was in a low mood before, had changed and the corners of her eyes and eyebrows had recovered their previous aura.

Although Yan Luqing just sat there looking at her mobile phone, the whole person was obviously completely different from the previous days.

Little Twisted Braids is overjoyed, then she ran to Yan Luqing and said probingly: “Babe, what makes you so happy”

“Ah Do I look so happy” Yan Luqing was stunned, touched her face, and asked in confusion, “Where did I look happy”

“Just…” Little Twisted Braids couldn’t tell, “Although you didn’t smile, I could see it at a glance anyway.”


Before Yan Luqing could say anything, Little Twisted Braids cautiously probed: “Could it be the Great Beauty…”

“Well, he didn’t leave.” Yan Luqing said.

After a pause, she changed her words and said, “It’s not that he didn’t leave.

To be exact, he didn’t plan to leave at all, but a bunch of coincidences came together, which made me misunderstand.”


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