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Chapter 3314: Yagyu Clan

When they left, the members of the Fierce Tiger Gang didnt dare to cross Huang Xiaolong as they made a huge round around him.

When they finally left, Uncle Bai spat out a mouthful of blood and it was clear that his injuries were severe.

He was barely holding out in front of Chen Shaozuo and the others.

“Uncle Bai!” Lu Anan cried in anguish.

Strolling over, Huang Xiaolong retrieved a stalk of Holy Radiant Blood Ginseng and handed it over.

“Refine it.”

“Holy Radiant Blood Ginseng!” Chen Longbiao exclaimed in shock.

“This… This seems to have grown for a thousand years!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly.

In the few days that he was back, he managed to hasten the growth of everything in the Blue Dragon Orchard.

All of them were in the thousand year old category.

As herbs like the Holy Radiant Blood Ginseng were great for healing injuries, Huang Xiaolong didnt allow Huang Shengan to sell them on a whim.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had confirmed his guess, Uncle Bai forced himself to his feet as he bowed respectfully, “Little brother, we are extremely grateful that you saved us all.

This Holy Radiant Blood Ginseng is too precious, and we cannot accept it.

We have other pills to help us recover.” After he spoke, he took out a spiritual pill.

As cultivators, they would bring such pills with them everywhere they went.

However, Huang Xiaolong shook his head and explained when he saw that the man was about to consume his pill.

“Your injuries are too serious.

The pill in your hand will not allow you to fully recover.

You will definitely leave behind hidden injuries if you use that pill.

Dont worry about it.

I have tons of these herbs.

Just refine it.”

Lu Anan took the stalk of Holy Radiant Blood Ginseng from Huang Xiaolong and thanked him profusely, “We thank you for your care.

When we get back to the manor later, we will definitely repay you.” She handed the herb over to Uncle Bai after speaking.

A stalk of Holy Radiant Blood Ginseng at the thousand year old level worked extremely well on cultivators at the lower levels.

Uncle Bais injuries healed in an instant, and the other disciples who suffered less serious injuries recovered by taking their spiritual pills.

After they were done, Chen Longbiao and the others started chatting with Huang Xiaolong.

He found out that Uncle Bai was called Jiang Yibai, and they also learned that Huang Xiaolong was looking for Lu Dingming.

Lu Anan and the others were shocked by the discovery.

“Are you looking for my grandfather”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in affirmation, and he wasnt surprised to find out that Lu Anan was the mans granddaughter.

After all, there were only so many people with his surname in the Japanese Alliance.

Moreover, they were all from the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

“You are…” Chen Longbiao asked.

“My father is called Huang Jiyuan, and hes Uncle Dingmings friend.” Huang Xiaolong didnt plan to hide such basic information from them.

When Huang Xiaolong visited Tokyo in the past with his father, that was how he addressed Lu Dingming.

“Huang Jiyuan” Lu Anan and the others frowned.

It was clear they hadnt heard of him before.

“Brother Huang, I think we should leave this place as soon as possible.” Chen Longbiao continued, “If the Chairman knows that a friend from the Huaxia Alliance is here, he will definitely be excited.”

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong left with all of them.

Along the way, Lu Anan and Chen Longbiao spoke about the grudges between the Fierce Tiger Gang and the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

The Chief of the Fierce Tiger Gang, Chen Kerui, was once the vice chairman of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

He was unwilling to be the second in command his whole life, and he left the chamber of commerce several years ago.

He created the Fierce Tiger Gang in order to challenge the position of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

The speed at which the Fierce Tiger Gang developed was terrifying, and they seemed to have already surpassed the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce in some aspects.

Chen Keruis ambitions grew by the day, and they set their sights on the underworld of the Japanese Alliance.

They also wanted to control all the chambers of commerce in the Japanese Alliance, and that naturally resulted in them setting their sights on the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

As such, the rift between the two factions grew wider and wider.

Initially, the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce was abl;e to suppress the Fierce Tiger Gang, but they soon obtained the support of the Iga Clan.

Once that happened, the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce no longer gained the upper hand and their power was dropping by the day.

Several days ago, the businesses under the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce received a serious blow by the Iga Clan and they suffered serious losses.

Since no one wanted to offend the Iga Clan, not a single soul reached out to help the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

If that kept up, the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce would fall to the Fierce Tiger Gang.

“Brother Huang, the person you injured was an elder of the Yagyu Clan.

He is called Yagyu Tyrant.” Chen Longbiao introduced.

“The Yagyu Clan might not be involved in the running of the country, but they produce extremely strong warriors.

The old ancestor of the Yagyu Clan is one of the five strongest experts of the Japanese Alliance!”

“Aside from the Ice Palace, the number of Enlightenment Realm experts and Nascent Soul Realm experts in the Yagyu Clan surpasses all the other great families!”

Chen Longbiao sighed.

Yagyu Tyrants position in his family wasnt low at all.

His father was one of the doyens in the Yagyu Clan, and he was in the Enlightenment Realm! Now that Yagyu Tyrant was injured, they werent going to let things go.


Since Im here, Ill see things through to the end.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“Uncle Huang, you might not understand the true power of the Yagyu Clan since youre from the Huaxia Alliance.” Lu Anan shook her head.

“The strength of the Yagyu Clan isnt as simple as you think it is.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

No matter how strong they were, they were nothing but specks of dust in his eyes.

Several moments later, they arrived back at the headquarters of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

It was located on the busiest street in Tokyo, and the building they were in had more than a hundred stories! The size of the building alone was a testament of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerces strength.

By the time they returned, the members of the chamber of commerce had been notified.

There were rows of experts waiting for them at the entrance.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Lu Dingming who was standing among them, but he saw that he was assisted by another expert.

His face was filled with wrinkles, and his hands were trembling.

He held his walking stick as he tried to straighten his back.This chapterr upload daily at N0vel(Bin).nEt

Lu Dingming was a cultivator at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Foundation Building Realm, and he didnt have much longer to live.

When Lu Anan saw her grandfather, she gasped in shock.

She knew the condition of his body, and he hadnt been out for a long time.

When Lu Dingming saw Huang Xiaolong walking towards him, a trace of happiness flashed across his eyes.

However, a trace of doubt remained within.

“You… Are you really Xiaolong!” Lu Dingming stared at Huang Xiaolong and asked.

After all, one hundred years had passed.

However, Huang Xiaolong looked like he hadnt aged a day!

Holding Lu Dingmings hand, complicated emotions filled Huang Xiaolongs heart.

“Uncle Dingming, of course its me!”

Lu Dingming smiled and he chuckled in joy, “Great! Great! Is your father doing alright”

“Yes he is.” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

“My father talked about you several days ago!”

“Thats good… I wont be able to live for long, but Im happy to meet you for the last time…”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Uncle Dingming, you dont have to worry.

You will still be able to live for a long, long time.”

“Little brat! Youre the same as before!” Lu Dingming laughed merrily when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

It was clear he took what Huang Xiaolong said as a joke.

They invited Huang Xiaolong into the main hall of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce amidst merry laughter.

While that was playing out, a completely different scene happened in the main hall of the Yagyu Clan.

Yagyu Motoichi stared at the heavily injured Yagyu Tyrant with a heavy expression.

He could tell that his sons arms were completely crippled, and even if he used all the wealth he had, he would never be able to bring his son back to his peak state!

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