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“Let’s go, Roel!”

I ran through the samurai.

After I passed through, the Samurais kept their swords at the ready as well.

Just as I thought I had Roel on my back, they suddenly disappeared.

The samurai must have frozen for just a moment.

And right after that, they realized I was gone.

Then came the commotion.

No matter what I did or looked around, I was no longer there.

By the time those people finally realized what had happened, I was already running through Kaito toward the exit.

At least I’m not working out in such a way that they can catch me.

From the looks of it, I’m about as strong as the soldiers of Avangard.

I wanted to see them because they seemed to have an unusual fighting style from that stance, but I didn’t have time for that.

“Ryua-chan, are you going to continue to Mountain of the Great Gods”

Yes, it is Mt.

Daigami over there that we should be aiming for now.

I understand how invaluable the existence of Daigami-sama is to the people of this country.

But we cannot stop.

I, or rather, we, must move forward.

Dear Mr.

Daigami, Sennenso.

No matter what the circumstances, we can’t turn back now.

I’m sorry to the people of this country and to Mr.

Daigami, but I won’t let them get in my way.

“It leads to the mountain from there, doesn’t it”

“Dear Daigami, please give me a thousand-year weed!”

Muttering an impossible request, I jumped into the thick forest of trees.

-Azuma Kaito Tarafuku-tei-

“It’s gone! They’re gone!

“Shut up, shopkeeper!”

Yes, sir.

I was fooling around with the idea that they were children.

Some kind of sorcery, the girls vanished from the scene instantly.

No, perhaps we just couldn’t catch them.

We are fierce warriors who have won many battles.

We have always taken pride in our ability to keep up with all comers.

But now, we have been played by a child from a foreign country.

This is a blunder, no matter who sees it.

I am prepared to accept any punishment.

But first, I want to be satisfied.

Who are those girls Are they from the country of Avangard, which we visited a few years ago If so, their target is millennium grass.

We can’t just leave them out in the open like that.

We must protect that millennium grass, which we had finally been able to hide from many eyes.

Not only that, but Mt.

Daigami has even more secrets.

If those men are still alive, it would be very troublesome if they come in contact with our daughters.

No, no, no.

You let them escape.

The presence is so transparent that it is as if the air has begun to speak.

You can only notice it when you hear the voice of the demon.

Is it one demon or two It’s the same as that time.

Just as they had buried the foreigner in the darkness a few years ago, the demons have come to carry it out this time.


“The Samurais have a heavy burden to bear.

If they had fought, their heads would surely have been blown off.”

“They are monsters.

Even demons have a hard time dealing with them.

The masks of demons and purple and black attire.

No one has ever seen the true faces of the three demons wearing red, blue, and yellow masks.

In battle, even the slightest change in facial expression can be fatal.

They would never do anything that would put them disadvantaged in a fight.

Therefore, although I have heard that they have the masks of demons, they are nothing but genuine demons in my opinion.

Legends of demons have been handed down since ancient times.

An evil demon that eats people.

Perhaps it is the human beings with both ferocity and ugliness that have become folklore and remain in the present.

Yes, just like them.

“Red devil, did you see it”

“That thing is fast.

But it’s not a problem.”

“Huh…I’m counting on you.”

“Let’s go after them, Souki Souki.”

They, too, disappeared from the scene.

All that was left was the shopkeeper, who was bowled over by us dumb samurai with our dumb faces down.

If that girl is the son of a demon, the only one who can take her on is the demon.

-Shin’s Report-

Shinrepo! Fukkatsu!

Azuma! It’s Azuma!

Sorry for the “chonmage” guys slipping up and cutting off!

Sushi! Tempura! Domburi! Mikamansai! I don’t want to eat anymore!

The beef dumplings looked delicious.

I was going to snatch it, but I didn’t want to get caught and have it torn off, so I decided not to.

Enmusubi Pilgrimage at the Shrine

I knew there was something fishy about those two before, but I knew it.

What a mess!

And then Ryua’s stunt made me a pinch all at once!

She’s a fool, she’s a fool, she’s a fool!

The mountain is where you’ll end up when you’re attacked by a bunch of crazy guys with the devil’s mask on their heads

But I don’t care much for those big boys

Where is there a way to make you happy when you can’t make me happy, when I can’t make you happy

Anyway, it’s a joke!

you idiot!

I’m sure Maou will praise me for this!


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