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Luo Lingsheng used his eyes to indicate to his assistant to leave first, then he came close to his lover to bite his ear: “Dr.

Bence instructed me not to use my legs excessively at the beginning, and I plan to continue to use a wheelchair during the daytime working hours.”

Having said that, what else does Shi Yunnan not understand

He only felt the heat emerge on his face and hurriedly urged, “All right, each of us is busy during the day.

You, you go quickly; dont let Qin Jian and the others wait for too long.”

“You havent answered me yet.



Shi Yunnan, on the surface, refused as a matter of course, but his mood was already fluttering.

Luo Lingsheng laughed without saying a word.

He supported the table with his hands and got up slowly, saying, “Then Ill go first”

Shi Yunan nodded.

Luo Lingsheng, who got the answer from his lover, just took two steps when he heard a voice telling him to stop.

Shi Yunnan got up from the chair and approached Luo Lingsheng.

In fact, the difference between the heights of the two was only six or seven centimeters, but the contrast in their figures was a bit too much.

Shi Yunnan, who was already unable to grow taller, sighed and demanded, “Luo Lingsheng, you bow your head.”

“Hm” the curvature of Luo Lingshengs lips rose as he lowered his posture in response to his lovers intention.

Their lips gently pressed against each other, and the two exchanged a sweet kiss.

Only then did Shi Yunnan show the anticipation hidden in his eyes, provoking and vaguely expressing his thoughts, “…Husband, lets try a new pose tonight”

Luo Lingsheng couldnt help laughing and pinching his earlobe, “Okay.”

After Luo Lingsheng left, Shi Yunnan quickly packed up and drove to the studio by himself.

The car stopped at the red light, and just in time, Wen Yibeis phone call came in.

Shi Yunnan connected the Bluetooth earphone and quickly answered, “Hello, brother.”

“Yunnan, are you free now”

Wen Yibeis voice through the earphones sounded a bit complicated and heavy for some reason.

Shi Yunnans eyes changed slightly, “I was planning to go to the design studio, brother, what happened”

“Im fine, but Im at Lingan Funeral Home now.” Wen Yibei replied softly.

Shi Yunnan was stunned and, for a moment, was a bit overwhelmed by the response, “What Funeral home”

“Grandpa he…”

Wen Yibei on the other end of the phone paused for a moment and finally changed his words to, “Old Man Shi died in the hospital three days ago.”

“If youre willing to come, Ill tell you the specific location.

If you dont, I wont bother you with these things.”

Wen Yibei was aware of his younger brothers “hatred” towards the Shi family, so he didnt force it, but he was obliged to inform him no matter what.

Shi Yunnan was silent for a few seconds and finally responded before the red light ended, “Okay.”

Half an hour later at Lingan Funeral Home

According to the address sent by Wen Yibei, Shi Yunnan arrived at the entrance of the funeral home, where he met his brother.

The two brothers exchanged a glance and walked in without saying a word.

The independent funeral hall was empty, with only two wreaths placed.

Old Man Shi, who was quite an influential figure before his death, passed away without a single person coming to pay respect.

The portrait of Old Man Shi was placed on the center table in front of the hall, looking as strong, cold, and ruthless as he did in life.

Shi Yunnan asked in a low voice, “Why so suddenly Wheres Shi Sheng”

“Its not really sudden.”

Wen Yibei took Shi Yunnan to a seat on the side and told him exactly what he knew.

“I heard from the nurses that the old man was barely hanging on during his hospitalization period.

When he heard that Xie Keyue was not of his own blood, half of his life was almost gone.”

“Xie Keyues smuggling incident naturally involved Shi Logistics.

Relevant personnel, including Shi Sheng, were taken away for investigation and havent been released yet.”

Even though Shi Sheng tried his best to clarify that this incident was done by Xie Keyue alone, Xie Keyue went mad and “identified” Shi Sheng as the one who instigated him!

Shi Sheng and Xie Keyue had a real father-son relationship, and the latter did rely on Shis freight transport to conduct illegal acts, so for a while Shi Sheng still had to be monitored and investigated by the authorities.

Shi Yunnan remained unmoved, “Interesting.

After twenty years, he ended up raising a white-eyed wolf.

This father and son are the most outrageous joke in the universe.”

Wen Yibei felt the same way and continued, “Shi Companys reputation accumulated over the years will definitely crumble due to this kind of legal disturbance.”

“I know.” Shi Yunan replied.

Because Yu Shou had been secretly adding fuel to the fire, Shi Logistics, which was in the midst of a “smuggling scandal,” was without a leader and couldnt face this incident at all.

Shi Company just had a financial problem a year ago and managed to stabilize, but now it is completely stretched tight.

Since Old Man Shi was hospitalized, Shi Sheng hired a nurse, but he still visited him every now and then.

This time, he didnt show up for a whole week, and the old man who was paralyzed on the hospital bed became suspicious.

“The nurse who took care of him didnt know the relationship between the old man and the Shi family, so he helped him search the Internet when he asked…”

The foundation of a lifetime of hard work was destroyed.

Old man Shi, who learned of this, was completely furious and passed away after an ineffective resuscitation.

Both the hospital and the nurses had Shi Shengs phone number, but they couldnt reach him, so after inquiring, they found Wen Yibei.

“I originally wanted to ignore it, but ultimately I couldnt be this ruthless.”

Wen Yibei was soft-hearted by nature.

After hesitating again and again, he chose to contact the funeral home.

“I have asked someone to tell Shi Sheng that after cremation, the ashes will be temporarily stored in the funeral home, and he will deal with the troubles himself in the future.”

After a lifetime of trying to outdo others, Old Man Shis final destination was the hospital mortuary, with no one to take care of his funeral.

It caused people to feel a bit sad for him.

Shi Yunnan looked at the portrait of the deceased and said nothing.

“I thought you wouldnt come.” Wen Yibei patted Shi Yunnan on the shoulder and said, “Sorry, as a brother, I should be able to hide things better.”

“Brother, its okay.”

When Old Man Shi was still alive, he had a cold attitude toward the Shi family, which he now has even more of.

The two brothers pulled away from the topic and chatted slowly.

When Wen Yibei called to inform Shi Yunnan, Old Man Shis body had already been sent for cremation, but it still took a certain amount of waiting time.

The two chatted for a while before a man in a black suit arrived in a hurry and said, “Mr.


The man in a suit shouted, then turned, somewhat surprised by Shi Yunnans appearance, “…Mr.


Wen Yibei got up.

He wasnt familiar with this stranger, “May I ask who you are”

“Hello, my name is Zhou Qimin from Dongfeng Law Firm.

I have been in charge of the legal business needs of the Shi family for the past two years.

I received a call from Mr.

Shi Sheng this morning, asking me to come and help with the aftermath of the late Mr.

Shi Houde.”

During this period of time, Shi Sheng had already come to his senses.

He felt ashamed for the two brothers, Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan.

Right now, he dared not let any of the twin brothers be troubled by the old mans funeral affair.

Wen Yibei responded, “Hello, lawyer Zhou.”

Shi Yunnan glanced tacitly at his elder brother and said without fondness, “Since lawyer Zhou is here, well leave first.”

“Please wait a moment; its rare that Mr.

Shi is also here.

I happen to have something to hand over to you.”

Zhou Qimin first prevented them from leaving, then unzipped his briefcase and took out the well-kept will inside.

“You two, this is the will that Mr.

Shi Houde revised and made half a month ago.


Shi Sheng also knows about this.”

Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan looked at each other and were a little surprised by the “will” that suddenly appeared in front of them.

Zhou Qimin handed over the will and said, “Why dont you two take a look”

Shi Yunnan didnt really care but handed over the choice to Wen Yibei.

The latter hesitated for a while, but still took it over with the intention of reading it.

“According to Mr.

Shi Houdes request during his lifetime, he still has some personal assets, which he wants to distribute equally between you two brothers…”

The will also involved Shi Logistics, which was passed on to Shi Sheng to inherit, but Shi Company was involved in a big storm recently, so Zhou Qimin didnt mention it.

However, regarding the old mans private property, it can still be effectively distributed.

Wen Yibei looked at Shi Yunnan with deep surprise and said, “The old mans private property was left for us”

Shi Yunnan answered, “Hes old and confused and made a mistake, right”

“How could it be wrong This was mentioned by Mr.

Shi Houde himself.” Zhou Qimin confirmed again and again, “Both he and Mr.

Shi Sheng felt ashamed for you two brothers, thats why …..”

Shi Yunnan calmly interrupted, “Give it to whoever you like; we dont need it.”

Zhou Qimin got stuck and said, “Mr.


“His repentance is his repentance.

The fact that I dont want to accept it is my business.”

If Shi Yunnan took this will, wouldnt it become another form of association with the Shi family He cannot and will not forgive someone simply because they have died.

Wen Yibei fully understood his brothers thoughts and shoved the will in his hand back into Zhou Qimins hand, saying, “Lawyer Zhou, we choose to give up the inheritance, so please.”

Silence spread for a while until a staff member came out behind him and delivered a square urn wrapped in white cloth, asking, “Is Shi Houdes family here”

Wen Yibei calmly stated, “Since Shi Sheng told you to deal with the aftermath, then we will leave first.”

After speaking, he signaled for Shi Yunnan and him to leave together.

Zhou Qimin looked at the handsome and straight backs of the two brothers and slowly sighed.

As a lawyer, he was well aware of Old Master Shis attitude before his death.

Old Master Shi was muddleheaded for so many years.

He only felt repentance and suffering when he was paralyzed on the hospital bed.

He wanted to compensate his two grandsons, but obviously he had lost his last chance.

Zhou Qimin looked at the urn placed alone on the mourning table, shook his head, and muttered, “Old man, do you regret it”

Would you have done all of that if you had known there was today

People have to bear the consequences of their actions, but repentance before death is the least valuable.

The author has something to say:

Little Fox: (On the surface) Bye-bye, I cant forgive you! (On the inside) unlock new poses tonight.


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