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Shi Yunnan took out the business plan at the bottom of the box and handed it to Ning Dean, saying, “This is the answer given by me and my investment partner.”

“I have a way to solve the problem of transportation costs and try to get the lowest price.”

“As for customer sources, creating a brands official website to gather customers requires initial marketing and publicity.

The sales of affordable small items are only superficial.

The key to profit is mass unified customization and private advanced customization…”

Shi Yunnan spoke slowly, without any impatience.

Designing was his main focus, while this temporary overseas ceramic market was only a way to assist profit.

If Ning Dean was willing to join, then their studio would have one more channel to make money.

If Ning Dean refused, either they would find another overseas businessman to try again, or they would simply give up and stop wasting extra energy.


Shi, please give me a little more time to think about it.”

Ning Dean was vaguely persuaded.

After he took over the family business, he held a lot of assets in his hands, and he could also establish the “market system” that Shi Yunnan described by relying on his connections.

In fact, Ning Dean always remembered his grandfathers wish before he passed away.

As a Chinese person, the old man has always adhered to his love for his homeland.

He wanted more people to drink tea produced in China, use porcelain made in China, and understand this magnificent Chinese civilization.

It may be difficult to complete big wishes, but for one of the small wishes, Ning Dean was willing to realize and complete as much as possible when he had money and energy.

“Of course, Mr.

Ning can give me an answer anytime.” Shi Yunnan readily agreed.

Once this level of cooperation is reached, Ning Dean is the “big boss” who needs to pay a large amount of money.

Their studio is at most a “middleman” in this partnership; thats why the other party naturally needs to consider it carefully.

The two chatted for a while, and when it was around noon, Shi Yunnan, as the host, invited Ning Dean to have a meal.

After lunch, Ning Dean returned to the hotel with the plan and the white porcelain.

After the business was over, Shi Yunnan loosened his tense heartstrings and ended up receiving a long-awaited invitation to have a drink from Fu Ziyu.

After thinking for a while, he still sent a “report” to Luo Lingsheng before heading to his destination.

Although DOLLClub was funded by Shi Yunnan, since the establishment and operation of the nightclub, Shi Yunnan, the “hands-off shopkeeper,”  has been quite lax.

However, his friend Fu Ziyu valued friendship and didnt care about who paid more and who paid less.

Every quarter, the profit share was credited to his account on time.

It was only three oclock in the afternoon, and even the waiters in the store had not yet come to work.

“Yunnan, you go upstairs first.” Fu Ziyu reported a booth number, “Ill go to the counter to get some wine.”

Shi Yunnan nodded, never expecting to catch a glimpse of a familiar figure just as he went upstairs, “Yuan Rui Why are you here Didnt you say you wanted to rest at home”

After half a month, his friends complexion finally had some color.

“I just!”

Yuan Rui opened his mouth to shout but stopped abruptly.

He got up and approached Shi Yunnan, quickly wrapping his arms around his shoulder and whispering, “Yunnan, what are you doing”


“I-I asked you to hire an assistant to take over my job temporarily…” Yuan Rui hesitated, looking a little complicated, “How did you get Lu Zhaoan back”

“It wasnt me who brought him back; it was he who successfully got the job through his own abilities.” Shi Yunan answered as a matter of course and asked, “He has been on the job for almost half a month, and you are just now coming to me to express your dissatisfaction”

“Are you really dissatisfied Or did he do something to you that made you embarrassed”

Facing his friend, whose being a tsundere was as important as eating, Shi Yunnan wouldnt stop teasing him.


Yuan Rui didnt speak, but his ears and neck were faintly stained red.

Shi Yunnan felt a little bit gossipy and asked sharply, “Has the misunderstanding between the two of you been explained clearly or not”

“T-there was no misunderstanding.” Yuan Rui sat back in his seat and took a sip of water with a guilty conscience.

“Yeah Then let me put it another way.” Shi Yunan sat across from him and continued to press the issue, “Are you two dating”


Yuan Rui was caught off guard and spat out a mouthful of water.

He choked and coughed until his whole face turned red.


Shi Yunnan, who was about to be baptized with saliva, moved away to the other side in disgust, “Just one sentence caused you to be this panicky It looks like it hasnt happened yet, but its about to happen.”

Yuan Rui wiped the water stain with a tissue, but did not speak.

Shi Yunnan stopped teasing him and said seriously, “Yuan Rui, so much time has passed; you should see clearly what you are thinking in your heart, hmm”

“Those closely involved cannot see as clearly as bystanders.

I can see clearly what you think of Lu Zhaoan.”


Shi Yunnan was afraid that his friend would be embarrassed, and added, “Even if I guessed your thoughts wrong, then you wanted to work side by side with Lu Zhaoan since the beginning, am I right”

“Lu Zhaoan was afraid of you feeling pressured and reluctant, so he gave up everything and hid in Dehua County for so long.

Now that hes willing to come back and help, I cant just leave him out because of you.”

“I just havent made up my mind yet.” Yuan Rui squeezed the cup unconsciously, “…I dont think Im qualified yet.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly understood.

His friend grew up suppressed and lacking self-confidence.

His timidity cannot be changed overnight in front of the senior brother who thought highly of him.

“Dont always doubt yourself; in my eyes, the current Yuan Rui isnt the Yuan Rui of a year ago.”

Shi Yunnans tone was so calm that it wasnt even comforting, but to Yuan Rui, it meant his effort was recognized.

His eyes reddened, and he looked away again in embarrassment.

“Are you going to cry again Little crybaby.”

“Stop it.”

Yuan Rui adjusted his mood and held back his tears.

As soon as he finished speaking, Fu Ziyu came up with a bottle of wine and said, “Yunnan, I finally got a chance to drink with you.

Yuan Rui is a kid who doesnt know how to drink.

“Every time I drink with him, I lose energy.”

“You two like making fun of me that much”

In order to prove himself, Yuan Rui took the initiative to pour strong wine into the glass, and before he could drink, he was stopped by Fu Ziyu, who said, “Good son, dont make trouble, drink this.”

With that said, Fu Ziyu handed him the beer that he had specially brought over.

Yuan Rui gritted his teeth reluctantly.

Seeing this scene, Shi Yunnan laughed, “You guys often drink together When did your relationship become so good”

Shi Yunnan met Fu Ziyus gaze, and the later deliberately joked, “Why not Ive already become Yuan Ruis “boyfriend,” right”


Yuan Rui choked on the beer again.

Shi Yunnans eyes changed, “Boyfriend”

“Wasnt it you who entrusted me to make soup and take care of him some time ago I was just taking care of my son with good intentions.”

Fu Ziyu then complained, “But a certain kid, in order to avoid his senior brother, forced this kind of messy relationship on me.”

“Cough cough!”

Yuan Rui gave him a warning.

Fu Ziyu ignored him, saying, “Yunnan, dont you know that I have somehow become someones love rival and almost couldnt see the sun the next day.”

Yuan Rui retorted with flushed cheeks, “How can you make it sound so exaggerated! The situation was urgent, I consider you a brother, so cant you do me a favor”

“I cant.

I treat you as my son.”

Shi Yunnan heard the bickering between the two, suddenly remembered something, and burst out laughing.

Fu Ziyu asked, “Whats wrong”

Shi Yunnan said with a smile, “I just remembered that Luo Lingsheng also misunderstood my relationship with you before.”


Fu Ziyu, who suddenly became a professional “love rival,” got stuck for a few seconds, then he asked meaningfully, “How are you and Luo Lingsheng”

He still remembered what his friend had mentioned at the beginning: “Luo Lingsheng and I are only married by contract.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and then raised his hand very deliberately and said, “Thank you for your concern.

Our feelings are heating up every day.”

“Stop showing off.”

“Please take back your overly ostentatious hand.”

Yuan Rui and Fu Ziyu felt that they were blind at the same time, so they raised their glasses and clinked with each other.

Shi Yunnan stopped before the two could no longer stand him.

He took the opportunity to raise his glass and change the subject with a smile.

The three chatted while drinking.

When it was time for the regular business hours of the nightclub, guests kept pouring in.

Shi Yunnan looked at the time on his phone and said, “Ill leave first; the two of you continue by yourselves.”

“Why are you leaving”

“Its only six oclock.”

The two friends stopped him one after another.

Shi Yunnan picked up his phone, on which displayed a WeChat sent five minutes ago, “No, I agreed with Luo Lingsheng that I would only drink til this hour.

Now Im ready to go home.”

The seemingly lighthearted phrase was covered with layers of dog food.

Fu Ziyu shook his head, extremely distressed, and said, “Son, you have changed.”

Yuan Rui, who was a little drunk, echoed, “…Son, youve changed.”

Shi Yunnan lightly dropped a sentence, “Im sorry.

Although Im at the nightclub, my heart is at home.

You guys dont understand the joy of being married.”

“Yuan Rui, do you want to hit someone”

“I want to, but I cant beat him.”

Shi Yunan didnt pay any more attention to his friends comic relief and said he would leave.

It wasnt completely dark outside.

Shi Yunnan exited the nightclub, spotted the familiar license plate, approached quickly, and got into the car.

As soon as the car door closed, Shi Yunnan leaned over to Luo Lingshengs side and kissed the corner of his lovers slightly cool lips, saying, “Have you been waiting for a long time”

“No, its only been a while.”

After Luo Lingsheng instructed Yuan Meng in the front row to drive home, he pulled down the partition used to block the front and back rows.

He turned to help Shi Yunnan fasten his seat belt, caught the faint drunkenness in his eyes, and reached out to stroke his neck, asking, “How much alcohol have you drunk Your neck is a little red and hot.”

“I promised you, so I restrained myself from getting drunk.”

Shi Yunnan leaned over to chat with Luo Lingsheng.

A smile was evident on his face, “Im not eighteen years old.

I wont get drunk with such little alcohol.”


Luo Lingshengs hand came to his lips and fondly caressed them.

Shi Yunnan suddenly had some bad thoughts and bit those fingers with his teeth.

Luo Lingshengs eyes sank instantly.

His voice was also driven by desire, “Dont make trouble.”

Shi Yunnan let go of his finger and relentlessly came closer to claim a kiss, “Husband, I remember what were going to do tonight.”


They began to kiss while surrounded by a light alcohol fragrance.

There was a hint of sweetness between their lips and teeth.

It was the taste of the fruit candy that Shi Yunnan always had on hand.

The two separated slightly, but their breaths were still intertwined.

“Now Im feeling a little drunk…” Shi Yunnan said with tantalizingly seductive red eyes, “It adds to the fun tonight.”

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