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The atmosphere in the office immediately solidified.

The five people around unanimously cast their surprised gazes on the male colleague, the latter realized his own slip of tongue, and was a little embarrassed and at a loss for a moment.

In the next second, a cold look completely froze him in place.

Turning back, Shi Yunnan narrowed down their distance step by step.

His gaze moved down to the other party’s work ID, and he casually read his name out loud, “Chen Hui”

“Could you please explain what it means to sell ass to the top”

There was no anger, no stern questioning, or even avoidance of this sensitive topic.

Shi Yunnan’s words were particularly clear, but the coercion hiding under the calmness was even more frightening.

The crowd looked at each other, their breathing slowed down a bit.

Chen Hui was named on the spot by him, the awkwardness increased, and there was also some embarrassment, “Mr.

Shi, I am very sorry! I didn’t mean that…”

“Then what do you mean” Shi Yunnan asked again.

He carelessly hooked Chen Hui’s work ID and got a clear view at his job description, “After eight years of service, you are only a team member Tsk tsk…”

“So you can’t get to the top because you’re incompetent, or is it becuase there’s no place for you to sell your ass”

Shi Yunnan’s reverse questioning was completely unrelenting, and even the degree of ridicule was stronger than that of Chen Hui just now.

Chen Hui’s complexion rapidly reddened, “Mr.

Shi! I am willing to apologize for what I just said, but, but you should not take things too far by relying on your status.”

Chen Hui verbally conceded, but he did not think so in his heart.

Didn’t he just forget his sense of propriety for a moment, and said what was in his heart Then he was unfortunately heard by the person in question

But this didn’t mean that what he said was wrong!

Shi Yunnan, an outsider, became the core leader of their investment team as soon as he entered the company.

Wasn’t it obvious that he went through the back door

Besides, the gossip between him and Chairman Luo was not spread by him alone.

It was said that the new official took office with three fires1.

Did this person maliciously target him

The more Chen Hui thought about it, the more he felt aggrieved, and even the disdain in his heart deepened a bit.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrow, he seemed to have discovered a big joke, “Interesting, so only you are allowed to chew your tongue2 in private, but I’m not allowed to confront you openly and honestly”

He suddenly flung the work card in his hand at Chen Hui’s face.

His sneering expression was wild and crazy, “Where did you get this courage from”

Shi Yunnan was the type that ‘never admit defeat when anything crops up’.

The remarks he heard at the door were just private chats, he could pretend that nothing had happened, but people had a bottom line, and he couldn’t condone this fabricated slander again and again.

The sharp corner of the work card brushed against Chen Hui’s chin, causing a slight tingling sensation.

Chen Hui felt that his self-esteem had been completely hurt, his face blushed on the spot, and he raised his fist with the intention to hurt the other.

The intern at the side saw that the situation wasn’t right, and quickly used all his strength to stop him, “Brother Chen, calm down!”

“Chen Hui!” Yuan Hong shouted anxiously, his forehead covered with cold sweat, “Quickly apologize to Mr.


“Apologize Why should I apologize!” Chen Hui retorted in dissatisfaction.

He had already apologized at the beginning, but it was Shi Yunnan who was unforgiving!

Can he become the chief designer of the company’s products at such a young age Does he have the ability Perhap he spent a lot of money in private to find someone to design for him!

Isn’t it all because of his shameless relationship with the company’s top management!

Chen Hui thought about it and threw out a sentence, “Kick me out of this group if you have the ability.

Lao Zi3 doesn’t want to be here either!”

His cousin was the deputy head of the investment department, and he was also an old employee with a backer.

He might even be promoted to a team leader next month!

What’s more, his seven or eight years of work experience was not fake.

Compared with Shi Yunnan, who purely relied on his background, who was inseparable from this project

Shi Yunnan retreated slightly, not wanting to be tainted by his stinking tone.

He unhurriedly turned his wristwatch and asked, “Director Yuan, according to Jiaolong’s work rules and regulations, how should we deal with negative attitudes during working hours”

Yuan Hong looked at Chen Hui, as if to give the other party a warning, and stepped forward, “Write a self-criticism, if the circumstances are serious, he shall be suspended for one week.”

Shi Yunnan shook his head with dissatisfaction, and asked, “What about openly insulting and slandering co-workers during working hours, destroying collective relations, or even attempting to maliciously injure someone with your hands”

“Seriously affecting the work rules and regulations, according to the labor contract…” Yuan Hong hesitated for a moment, “The employer has the right to unilaterally terminate the labor contract.”

“Very good.”

The corner of Shi Yunnan’s mouth hooked upwards and said to Chen Hui, “Don’t you want to leave this team That’s not enough, it’s only when you leave this company that I’m happy.”

Chen Hui choked, his clenched fists loosened in a moment of discouragement.

“Don’t believe it Then I’ll put it this way.

I will find a lawyer to sue you in my own name.

You deliberately fabricated the truth to slander and blatantly insult me, which seriously affected my right to reputation.”

Shi Yunnan’s every word was beautifully phrased, “The surveillance in the office lobby has all been captured.

Guess what will happen to you”

“I will make you pay a large amount of compensation and spread this matter, so you can roll out of this company.”

Chen Hui saw the surveillance camera at the corner, and his face instantly turned blue.

He moved his lips to refute, but couldn’t find a word.

Shi Yunnan was too lazy to look at him again.

His sharp gaze scanned the other five employees one by one, “Just to make things clear in advance, I don’t like to be nosy, I don’t bother showing up for things that can be skipped.”

“I don’t want to bother proving my strength to you, and there is no need for you strangers to accept me.”

“We are all adults, and you should have a scale in your heart.

If you really want to provoke me, Chen Hui is an example.”

“Now, those who don’t want to stay in this team should leave as soon as possible.

If you think you can stay and work, the meeting will be held in ten minutes.”

Shi Yunnan neatly threw down this warning and leisurely walked to his office.

It was until his back disappeared behind the glass door of the office that the crowd withdrew from the silent and powerful air pressure.

Without his suppression, Chen Hui was ready to make up a few words in front of his colleagues.

In the next second, Yuan Hong, the always good-tempered veteran, admonished him, “Chen Hui! Take your things and leave with me right away!”

Chen Hui was startled, “What”

Yuan Hong took a tissue to wipe away the fine sweat on his forehead, “You still don’t have a clue People like Mr.

Shi prefers to keep a low-profile, it’s you who’s sticking your nose in the air4!”

“How dare you say he’s not capable Our investment project team has just been established, but he has already finished the design long ago.

He’s much better than all of you who are sitting around and not doing your job!”

“What sells ass What lover He’s chairman Luo’s legal partner!”

“Do you think he didn’t hear those messy words outside the door just now He just doesn’t care about people like you!”


The whole office was stunned as soon as the words were spoken.

Except Chen Hui, everyone else secretly rejoiced in their hearts——

Fortunately, they didn’t follow Chen Hui to maliciously slander Shi Yunnan, and fortunately, Shi Yunnan was magnanimous enough to spare them.

“Don’t blame me for not telling you, you’d better write your resignation letter yourself, or else this matter will reach Chairman Luo’s ears.

Think about it for yourself!”

“Do you think your cousin who is the deputy head can protect you I’m afraid after a serious investigation, you will seriously implicate him as well!”

Yuan Hong hadn’t finished all his words, but Chen Hui’s expression turned from blue to white when he heard it.

He felt like he had been severely slapped by an invisible hand, and the late panic almost swallowed him whole.

How did an unintentional mistake end up like this

He subconsciously wanted to apologize to Shi Yunnan, but he was eventually dissuaded by Yuan Hong’s ‘looking at a fool’ gaze, and left the office with fear in his heart.

The rest of the team members saw Chen Hui’s embarrassed back, but there was not the slightest pity on their faces.

They even felt that ‘it should have been this way’ long time ago——

Chen Hui’s mouth was usually loaded with **.

Because he had been working here for a long time and his relative was the deputy head of the department, he dared to bring up this matter and shoot his mouth.

Now he had kicked an iron plate!

If he was fired from the company and sued by Shi Yunnan, that wouldn’t be too much! He asked for it!

Shi Yunnan sat inside his office.

Yuan Hong knocked on the door and walked in after getting permission, “Mr.

Shi, please don’t take what just happened to heart.”

He glanced at Shi Yunnan’s computer screen and quickly moved his gaze back, “Will you preside over the meeting later The product design’s outward appearance is…”

“Director Yuan, what do you think of this investment project” Shi Yunnan asked suddenly.

Yuan Hong heard the question, and his face was piled with flattery, “Of course I hope it will do well!”

“Don’t worry, I will further communicate with the team members.

Everyone is capable, and the final result will definitely not let…”

“Okay, I just asked casually, whether the investment project can be profitable, it’s not up to your mouth to make the final decision, and the so-called investment prospect valuation may not be accurate.”

Shi Yunnan interrupted by hooking his lips.

He clicked on his own design cloud storage and opened the folder numbered 01 after a little thought.

“You are the person in charge of the project, the design has been determined, and the physical proofing will be handed over to you and Lou’s side to contact and discuss.”

While talking, Shi Yunnan quickly moved his design draft and other important documents to the mobile disk.

“Later I will explain to you the details of the materials.

When the actual sample is made, contact the person in charge of Lou’s to take a look at it with me.”

Yuan Hong’s nervous heart relaxed for a moment, “Mr.

Shi doesn’t personally supervise the team”

“No, they are professionals in that field, and I find it troublesome for things other than design.”

The bottom of Shi Yunnan’s eyes flickered with a faint light as he handed the mobile disk with the files over, “Tell everyone that since they have chosen to stay, they should not have ill intention.”

Yuan Hong slowed down half a beat and answered, “Of course.”

Shi Yunnan had his calculation in his heart, “After work, arrange a dinner party for everyone.

I won’t go, but I’ll reimburse the cost.”

“Understood, thank you Mr.


Yuan Hong secretly breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I will go down to prepare for the meeting.”


The office door was gently closed by Yuan Hong.

Shi Yunnan’s fingertips leisurely tapped on the solid wooden table for a while.

After thinking over and over again, he finally made a call.

Fifteen days later.

Luo Lingsheng steered his wheelchair out of the VIP passage of Imperial Capital International Airport.

Over there, he saw Shi Yunnan leisurely leaning on the side of the car door, holding a bouquet of roses in his hand.

Soon, their eyes collided with each other tacitly.

Shi Yunnan whistled, walked closer and handed the flowers to Luo Lingsheng, “Long time no see, Mister~Luo~”

His voice fluttered like a feather gently scraping across people’s hearts.

Luo Lingsheng looked at the rose that was forcibly stuffed in his hand.

An uncontainable surprise appeared between his eyebrows, “…Why did you give me flowers”

“I saw it when passing by the flower shop, so I want to buy it for you.”

Shi Yunnan leaned closer and asked with a smile, “Besides, who says that men cannot receive flowers”

Qin Jian, Yuan Meng, and the airport staff who saw this scene moved away automatically, but they couldn’t help observing the two in secret.

In full view of the crowd, Luo Lingsheng had to restrain his expression.

“… Then there’s no need for you to come here by yourself, aren’t you tired”

Shi Yunnan inclined his head with a teasing smile, “You’ve been out of the country for almost a month this time.

I kind of miss you, so I personally drove to pick up my husband, can’t I”


Luo Lingsheng’s hands on the flowers unconsciously exerted a little force, and the outer paper wrapping immediately made a slight sound.

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a while and could only think of one sentence, “Who bullied you again”

In the past, when the term ‘husband’ was used, the little fox must have come up with some kind of drama and deliberately played with people who had no eyesight.

“Can’t I just call you sincerely We are legal husbands.” Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and replied jokingly.

Since that momentary impulse happened in the corridor that day, Shi Yunnan had carefully contemplated——

He did have a certain amount of goodwill for Luo Lingsheng, but he didn’t want to say the word ‘pursue’ hastily.

If Luo Lingsheng refused by any chance, or guessed that he had ulterior motives, it would only cause embarrassment.

Shi Yunnan pondered over and over again.

He planned to do some not-so-excessive intimate behaviors in the name of the ‘fake marriage’.

In the process, he would test Luo Lingsheng’s attitude, and likewise give himself time to confirm——

Is this existing goodwill an impulse Or will it turn into genuine love through the course of time

Shi Yunnan pulled away from his thoughts and smiled more wantonly.

He took the initiative to push Luo Lingsheng to the side of the car, “Let’s go.”

As a personal bodyguard, Yuan Meng was just about to follow, when he was pulled by Qin Jian, “Meng Meng, do you have any eyesight Don’t go.”

Yuan Meng was puzzled, “Aren’t we going with the Patriarch”

Qin Jian replied, “We will drive by ourselves.”

“That won’t do, what if the patriarch is in danger on the road”

“We’re following from behind, what danger can there be”

Qin Jian couldn’t do anything about this hardworking blockhead.

He came closer and teased him, “If you follow the Patriarch closely like this, how can he and second young master Shi do that kind of thing later…”

Yuan Meng immediately blushed, he held his breath and walked to the other car with his luggage.

Qin Jian hurriedly followed with a smile, “Meng Meng, don’t be shy, I’m just teasing you.”

Luo Lingsheng closed the car door and fastened his seat belt.

He looked at the excited Shi Yunnan, who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

A quick smile flashing across his face and was concealed again as he watched Shi Yunnan navigate to an unfamiliar address.

“Where are we going”

Shi Yunnan asked him back, “Are you tired It’s no fun to eat at home every day, so I found a restaurant.”

Luo Lingsheng shook his head slightly, “I’m fine.”

Upon hearing this, Shi Yunnan blinked at Luo Lingsheng, “Luo Lingsheng, you’ve already received the flowers, and the person is sitting in my car.”


“Then asking you to have a candlelight dinner with me isn’t too much right”

The author has something to say:

#Little Fox Nan: [Where is the candlelight dinner I want to eat]

#Patriarch: [The surface is stable, but the inside was in a frenzy.]


Newly appointed officials always do several influential things to show their talents and abilities.


gossip, slandering etc


I, your father, used in an angry or arrogant manner.


The basic meaning of this saying is: A gives face to B, and doesn’t mind B’s outrageous behavior.

But B didn’t appreciate A’s kindness and became even more arrogant.


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