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As he looked at Wen Wanyou, who appeared out of nowhere, a smidgeon of disgust flashed across his eyes.He didn’t answer, but instead gave Yuan Meng a sideways glance.

Yuan Meng understood his intention and reached out to block her, “Miss Wen, please respect yourself.”

Wen Wanyou did not follow Song Zhiqiu and others to the hospital, but slipped back to the corner of the corridor while everyone was not paying attention.

It wasn’t until old man Wen left the room that she rushed up at the right time.

Looking at Luo Lingsheng’s indifferent appearance, Wen Wanyou showed a tearful look and said, “I only need five minutes.

Five minutes is enough! Otherwise…”

“If I can’t hold back, I’ll tell my cousin.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes changed slightly, and he examined her, “Miss Wen, don’t you know how much Yunnan hates you, your brother, and your mother, who can’t distinguish between right and wrong”

And she still wanted to go to Shi Yunnan

Luo Lingsheng warned her, “Since he is determined to leave the Wen family, please behave yourself and don’t disturb him.”

Wen Wanyou saw that she could only make the person in front of her reluctantly speak up when mentioning “hi Yunnan”.

A burst of disappointment filled her heart, but the more this happened, the more unwilling she became.



Wen Wanyou tried to take a half step forward, but was pushed back by the stern-faced Yuan Meng.

Yuan Meng’s hand was always heavy, and Wen Wanyou almost lost her footing.

She took a deep breath and asked, “Mr.

Luo, can you ask your bodyguard to step aside first I-I want to tell you something in private.

“He doesn’t have to, but it’s you who should step aside if there’s nothing.”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed the dial of the watch with his fingertips, thinking of Shi Yunnan, who was waiting outside.

The little fox had a strong temper.

If Yuan Meng wasn’t present now, he would feel jealous when he found out later.

“For the sake of old Mr.

Wen, I’ve already tolerated you and Wen Chenglang long enough.” Luo Lingsheng was really annoyed, and even his aura was chilled, “You, your mother, and your brother really refused a toast only to drink punishment wine1Basically, it means you refused to do something when others asked you nicely.

Only when others used force or coercion did you listen..“

“I know my brother is wrong! He has been spoiled by my mother since he was a child!” Wen Wanyou hurriedly whitewashed herself, “My brother’s inconsiderate remarks are not my thoughts! I never felt that Mr.


Wen Wanyou paused for a moment.

She looked at Yuan Meng, who was as steady as an immovable rock, and clenched her hands involuntarily, as if she had made a great resolution.

Anyway, in the private room before, she was already caught by Shi Yunnan.

There was nothing to cover up now!


Luo, I have liked you since eight years ago! All my efforts and endeavors over the years are to become a better version of myself to meet you! “

When Luo Lingsheng heard these words, his heart did not fluctuate much.

Eight years ago

The only encounter he had with the Wen family was at the birthday party.

At that time, Luo Lingsheng received an invitation from his own mother and came to represent the Luo family.

“I always thought that you wouldn’t easily marry others with your temperament, but why do you choose Shi Yunnan now “

When Wen Wanyou said this, there was a trace of unwillingness.

Luo Lingsheng looked at her coldly and said, “Miss Wen, I don’t care how you define my relationship with Yunnan.”

“I, I‘m not trying to break you guys up.” Wen Wanyou tried to make amends for herself, and suddenly turned into a teary-eyed look, “It’s just that he’s my cousin, and I know him better than Mr.


“Shi Yunnan’s nature is not bad, but he has always wanted the best since he was a child! “

“I heard that between the Luo second house and the current Luo family, he chose you.

See, he’s this kind of person who only wants good things, not bad ones.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t want to bother with Wen Wanyou anymore.

He just controlled the wheelchair to turn away.

Wen Wanyou took a half step forward and fell to the ground as if she had been suddenly knocked down by his wheelchair, “Luo Lingsheng! Believe me, Shi Yunnan will leave you one day, sooner or later.

He can’t accept your legs like this! “


Luo Lingsheng’s eyes suddenly darkened, and the hand controlling the wheelchair stopped unconsciously.

Yuan Meng, who was following by his side, also stopped.

He turned to see Wen Wanyou’s broken jar2Refers to a person who did something wrong, but instead of correcting it, that person let it develop in an even worse direction. appearance, and the disgust in his heart soared upwards.


It’s shameful enough to want to be a mistress and steal your cousin’s partner, but now she dared to mention these kinds of fearless words.

She really lost her mind over selfish desires.

It’s simply another level of stupidity!

Not to mention that the patriarch is in a good relationship with Mr.

Shi now.

Even if the two of them were only contractually married, why would the patriarch take a fancy to someone like her

Wen Wanyou sat on the ground and straightened herself up, “He chose you only because he wanted to use your name as the Luo family head to fight the Shi family! He saw your appearance, your power, and your status.

That’s why he temporarily ignored the inconvenience of your legs! “

“After he relies on you to stabilize his career and financial resources, he will leave you! Shi Yunnan has always been competitive since he was a child, and what he wants is perfection! There is no way he will accept… “

“Miss Wen!” Yuan Meng warned.

Wen Wanyou breathed tremblingly, got up and shook her head, “But I’m different! I’ve liked you for eight years.

Whether before, or now, or in the future, I can always accept you! “

“I love you as a person, Luo Lingsheng. Shi Yunnan just loves your power and influence! The person who is more unworthy than me is him! “

Wen Wanyou wiped away her tears and decided, “I know, I have no chance in this life and have no intention of forcing my way into your relationship.”

In any case, she can’t stand seeing other people get what she can’t get! Shi Yunnan doesn’t deserve Luo Lingsheng!


Luo, I just want to tell you that you’ll regret being with Shi Yunnan sooner or later! I don’t want you to…“

Before she could finish speaking, Luo Lingsheng’s wheelchair slowly turned back.

His dark pupils were full of hostility, making people tremble at the sight.

“Wen Wanyou, who the hell do you think you are”

“What makes you think you could criticize me and my lover”

These words were completely disrespectful, not only Wen Wanyou herself, but even Yuan Meng, who had always been by Luo Lingsheng’s side, was a little surprised—

Although the patriarch’s temperament had changed greatly after his leg injury, he still maintained a certain degree of verbal restraint and gentlemanly discretion towards women.

The fact that Wen Wanyou fabricating lies to accuse Mr.

Shi had really angered him.

“I, I’m not…” Wen Wanyou wanted to defend herself, but fear made her choke back the words at the tip of her tongue.

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes were still terrifyingly heavy, “I’ll ask my assistant to make a copy of the surveillance camera in the corridor.

If you dare to talk nonsense in front of Yunnan, I don’t mind showing the whole Imperial Capital your disgusting moral conduct.


Wen Wanyou felt cold from her feet to her head, freezing her with a burst of shivers.

Coveting her own cousin’s partner; taking the opportunity to confess but didn’t succeed; forgetting herself and screaming without any dignity; making a series of lies to provoke their relationship; if this goes out, any one of these behaviors could make her lose face!

Wen Wanyou didn’t come back to her senses until then.

She was trapped in her own fantasy, having had a crush on Luo Lingsheng for eight years.

But in fact, this was the first time she had had real contact with Luo Lingsheng.

The other party was not the gentle and considerate gentleman she imagined at all.

He only coldly looked at her like a piece of “garbage” and disregarded her prestige as a wealthy young lady.

Wen Wanyou murmured in disbelief, “I just like you.

What’s wrong with that”

“Unfortunately, I’m not even half interested in you.” Luo Lingsheng’s refusal tone didn’t contain a trace of ups and downs, as if he didn’t even bother sharing his disgust with her.

Wen Wanyou still didn’t give up, “Luo Lingsheng, my feelings for the past eight years are not fake, even if it’s just one-sided, but I…”

Yuan Meng couldn’t stand it anymore.

He even used Qin Jian’s usual thorny tone to stab her, saying, “Since you know it’s one-sided, don’t take it out to ask for sympathy.

The more you say it, the cheaper it becomes.


Seeing the wooden bodyguard make comments about herself, Wen Wangyu felt like she had been shamefully humiliated.

Her face gradually turned red, as if she had been forcibly slapped several times.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t care about Wen Wanyou’s current mood at all.

He remembered something and deliberately added, “There’s one thing, you’re right.”

This is the first time that Luo Lingsheng has taken the initiative to open up the topic, and Wen Wanyou’s heart rekindled, “What”

“With my temperament, it is indeed impossible to get married casually.”

When Luo Lingsheng mentioned this, his stern expression finally eased, “He is the one I have been waiting for eight years.

He is an exception.”


Wen Wanyou stared at Luo Lingsheng’s leaving back in disbelief, her blank mind still digesting the meaning of the sentence just now—

What does he mean by waiting for eight years

Luo Lingsheng has liked Shi Yunnan for eight years How is this possible!

Wen Wanyou fell back to the ground weakly.

The last glimmer of hope in her heart was finally extinguished.


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