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Shi Yunnan frowned slightly when he heard the words, “Mrs.

Fang, you guys talk first.”

After he finished speaking, he took Yuan Rui and stepped outside.

Luo Yanchuan obviously didnt expect to meet Shi Yunnan here, and the word “coincidence” floated in his heart until Mo Xuanqis voice brought him back to attention.

“Hello, Mr.

and Mrs.

Mo, Im Luo Yanchuan.“

When Fang Ya heard herself being addressed like this, her slender eyebrows furrowed slightly, but Luo Yanchuans outpouring of help for her daughter was enough for her to ignore this little awkwardness.

“Ive long heard Qiqi mention Young Master Luo.

Thank you for…”

Yuan Rui, who was brought to the side, noticed something was wrong with his friend and asked in a low voice, “Yunnan, what happened to you just now”

While asking, he turned his eyes back to Fang Ya and the others, “Why does the name Luo Yanchuan sound so familiar Does he have anything to do with patriarch Luo“

Shi Yunnan clinked his glass with him and said, “You really dont know anything at all about these wealthy families in the Imperial Capital, do you”

Yuan Rui shook his head, “I have nothing to do with them.

Why should I know Its not like Im from the Census Bureau1A bureau that provides data about the nations people and economy..“

Shi Yunnan helplessly laughed and simply explained, “Luo Yanchuan is the young master of Luos side branch.

In terms of relationship, he is Luo Lingshengs cousin.”


Shi Yunnan continued, “Didnt Xie Keyue tell you before The Shi family has encountered some liquidity problems, and they plan to marry me into the Luo family.“

Yuan Rui remembered such a thing had happened, then he heard his friend say, “Luo Yanchuan was originally the marriage partner arranged by old man Shi for me.”


The champagne that Yuan Rui had just drank was spurted out on the spot.

There were several guests around who heard Yuan Ruis movements and cast funny glances at them.

Seeing that he had the exact same reaction as Fu Ziyu at the beginning, Shi Yunnans eyes showed disgust, “Are you alright”

Yuan Rui was choking until his face turned red, and his suit was also stained with some wine, “Ill go to the bathroom first.

Ill come back to eat melon later.“

He dropped such a sentence and swiftly ran away.

Shi Yunnan ignored his friend who hurriedly ran to the bathroom.

Once again, he looked at Fang Ya and the others who were talking and laughing not far away.

His gaze gradually deepened.

Since Xie Keyue and Luo Yanchuans behind-the-scenes investment in the cosmetics industry went wrong, Shi Yunnan has not heard from Luo Yanchuan for a long time.

How come, after not seeing him for a long time, he has gotten involved with Miss Mo Xuanqi

Shi Yunnan took a sip of champagne and used a wine glass to hide his observation.

Mo Xuanqi, a girl in her early twenties, should have grown up loved and spoiled by Mo Baian and Fang Ya.

From the moment she entered the venue, her eyes were firmly fixed on Luo Yanchuan.

It wasnt difficult to see the throbbing that belonged to a young girls heart.

When Shi Yunnan thought of this, he felt more and more incredulous.

According to the timeline of the plot in his dream, Luo Yanchuan and Xie Keyue were already in love with each other at this time.

Could it be that because he had clashed with Xie Keyue a few times in the past investments and changed the established results, he had indirectly caused the entire world trajectory to follow suit and change

Just as Shi Yunnan was thinking, Luo Yanchuan walked over.

“Second Young Master Shi, I didnt expect to meet you here today.

Since entering the Luo family, you should have a pretty smooth life.”

Luo Yanchuan had learned the identity of the manipulator behind the scenes after losing a lot of money in the cosmetics industry last time.

Since then, his heart still had a trace of stifled anger that had not been eliminated.

“Its a coincidence.

I didnt expect to meet Young Master Luo here either.“

Shi Yunnan heard the hidden thorn in the second half of his sentence and laughed instead of getting angry, “Should I help you put in some good words with your cousin”


Luo Yanchuans hand holding the wine glass suddenly tightened.

Seeing his uncontrollable subconscious reaction, his eyes flashed with a teasing smile.

He knew that Luo Yanchuan hated being overpowered by Luo Lingsheng, so he deliberately mentioned Luo Lingsheng just to make the other party upset.

Luo Yanchuan quickly stabilized his heart, “Of course, but why did Second Young Master Shi appear at Mr.

Mo and Mrs.

Fangs wedding anniversary party”

Shi Yunnan continued to enrage the other party and said, “If you really want to talk about relationships and seniority, I can still count as your elder, no So I dont need to explain to you, right“


Luo Yanchuans expression froze.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Mo Xuanqi in the distance.

His sharp eyes seemed to be able to see through everything, “Miss Mo can give you the career boost you want, cant she”

He took two steps forward, trying to capture any trace of Luo Yanchuans emotional changes.

“Luo Yanchuan, if you want to use Miss Mo to build a relationship with her family and develop the network you want, I can understand it as common sense.”

“But if you want to use this relationship to do something against Luo Lingsheng,”

Shi Yunan paused and warned him word for word, “Ill make sure you bear all the consequences of your actions.”

Shi Yunnan still remembers what happened to Luo Lingsheng in the original dream book—not only was he forced to give up the position of family head to Luo Yanchuan, but he was also framed by Xie Keyue and sent to prison, completely ruining his legs.

If at the beginning, Shi Yunnans sympathy for Luo Lingsheng belonged to the “victim alliance”, then now it was out of absolute protection for his lover.

The silent confrontation continued for three seconds.

Luo Yanchuan suddenly smiled and raised his glass.

“Second Young Master Shi worries too much.”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of wine and ignored him.

Not far away came Mo Xuanqis call.

Luo Yanchuan didnt want to let himself be humiliated any longer, so he simply took the opportunity to walk over.

Mo Xuanqi met Luo Yanchuans incomparably handsome face, and her heart rippled again.

However, her sideways glance at Shi Yunnan already had a trace of dissatisfaction.

“Brother Yanchuan, stop chatting with that Shi Yunnan.”

Mo Xuanqi only learned of Shi Yunnans true identity from her mother, Fang Ya, not long ago.

Even though Fang Ya admired Shi Yunnans personality and design, she still couldnt hold back her declining impression of him.

Because she liked Luo Yanchuan, Mo Xuanqi has secretly investigated many things, including the marriage between Luo Yanchuan and Shi Yunnan that ended before it started.

On top of that, Wen Wangyu was her best friend, whom she had known since her high school days.

As Shi Yunnans cousin, Wen Wanyou also criticized him when chatting privately, which shows that Shi Yunnans character wasnt very good.

Of course, she wouldnt mention these words in front of Luo Yanchuan.

After all, the two had not yet reached the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, and she didnt want Luo Yanchuan to feel that she was too controlling.

“Why did Shi Yunnan come to attend uncle and aunties anniversary”

“My mom said that the design studio under Shi Yunnan and Fang had signed a cooperation contract in jade jewelry.” Mo Xuanqi casually mentioned this matter.

Luo Yanchuans eyes narrowed when he heard this.

Mo Xuanqi then asked him about another matter, “Brother Yanchuan, didnt you say you wanted to talk to my mom about cooperation How about I help you build a bridge right now“


Luo Yanchuan chose to come here today for the purpose of cooperation.

But as soon as he heard that Shi Yunnan had reached an agreement on jade jewelry with Fang, he immediately hesitated—

Luo Yanchuan didnt want to face Shi Yunnan directly, let alone make Luo Lingsheng behind Shi Yunnan suspicious.

“Brother Yanchuan, why did you stop talking”

“Its okay, the cooperation is not urgent at this moment.

Today is uncle and aunties wedding anniversary.

Dont disturb their mood because of these things.“

Luo Yanchuan stabilized his mind and felt that this matter should not be rushed.

He glanced at Mo Xuanqi, who was still immersed in joy, and his heart contained some calculations.

A simple girl like Mo Xuanqi, who grew up surrounded by love, wasnt attractive to him.

The reason why he was willing to take off his “playboy” mask for her and “return to the righteous path” was to control Mo Xuanqi with a pinch.

The Mo Fang couple only had one precious daughter.

Whether it was in the past, now, or in the future, they should be very willing to make various concessions for their daughter.

Yuan Rui, who had dealt with the wine stains, walked back, “Yunnan, what are you looking at”

Shi Yunnan stared at the distant backs of the two.

He remembered Mo Xuanqis hurried glance but discontented eyes and dispelled the bit of thought in his heart.

For the sake of Fang Yas face, he originally intended to remind Miss Mo to be on guard against Luo Yanchuan, so as not to be deceived and hurt in the future.

But now he doesnt have to because each persons emotional development is their own choice.

In the other partys eyes, he was an “unpleasant” person, so why should he give such a thankless warning

“Its nothing.” Shi Yunnan put down his glass, “Yuan Rui, Ill go first.

You will stay here for a while on behalf of our design studio.”

“Youre leaving now You havent told me what happened to your marriage with Luo Yanchuan“

“Its nothing but stale sesame seeds and rotten grains2Outdated or irrelevant matter..

If youre really interested, Ill tell you later.” Shi Yunnan pointed to the couples watch on his wrist and said, “But now, I really have to go home and find my husband.”


Yuan Rui almost choked on the dog food.

He laughed and scolded him, “F*ck off!”

Shi Yunnan patted his friend on the shoulder and left the banquet hall quickly while no one was paying attention.

Shi Yunnan drank some wine in the banquet hall, so he called a chauffeur to drive him home.

There have been several heavy snowfalls in the Imperial Capital these past few days, and the snow on the ground was so thick that even Luos Manor has only managed to clear a pathway for the car.

When the car was parked at the fountain in front of the main house, Shi Yunnan discovered that there were several figures in the snow in front of the house.

“Little Young Master, look whos back“

It was the voice of the butler, Uncle Qin.

Wearing a white down jacket and a white knitted hat, Little Goldfish stuck his head out of the snowman pile and rushed to Shi Yunnans thigh.

“Little uncle! I missed you so much!“

“Didnt we just see each other this morning”

Little Goldfish raised his head, revealing his cute small face and nose tip that were red from the cold, “But I still miss you very much.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and caught a glimpse of the tall and short snowmen, “Youre building snowmen outside”


“This snowman with the glasses frames is uncle,” Little Goldfish boasted as he dragged Shi Yunnan to the front of the snowmen.

“The one with long hair is little uncle, and this little snowman is me!”

“I still have to pile up Grandpa Qin and the others.

Little uncle, help me pile them up!”

Shi Yunnan barely saw any difference between the three snowmen, and hugged Little Goldfish with a smile, “Arent you cold”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Lingsheng, who was sitting firmly at the door, said disapprovingly, “Jin Yu, if you keep playing, you will catch a cold.”

It was already completely dark.

Shi Yunnan was also a person who was afraid of the cold.

Luo Lingsheng didnt want the big and little ones to suffer.

Uncle Qin also persuaded, “Little Young Master, this snow wont melt.

Shall we come out and pile it at noon tomorrow Its the patriarchs birthday today.

Dont you still want to eat cake“


Thinking of this, Little Goldfish was a little greedy for the sweet cake in the house.

Shi Yunnan motioned for Luo Lingsheng to enter the house with his eyes.

The latter understood his intention and turned the wheelchair into the house, “Uncle Qin, close the door in ten seconds.

Whoever doesnt come in will have no food or sleep tonight.“

Sure enough, Little Goldfish panicked when he heard this, “Little uncle, lets hurry up!”


Shi Yunnan only took a few steps inside when he heard Little Goldfish grunt like a know-it-all, “Uncle lied, he was reluctant to close the door!”


Little Goldfish tightly hugged Shi Yunnan and quietly said, “You havent even entered the house, but Uncle has already thought about holding you to sleep tonight.”


Shi Yunnan was stunned for half a second.

He couldnt help pinching the tip of his cold nose.

“How did you know”

Little Goldfish laughed heartily twice and asked again, close to Shi Yunnans ear, “Little Uncle, did you buy a present for uncle Grandpa Qin said that he hasnt had a birthday for a long time.”

Shi Yunnan heard the words and thought of Luo Lingshengs pressure and experience in recent years, and a touch of pain appeared in his heart.

“Little Uncle”

Shi Yunnan regained his senses and showed a meaningful smile, “Dont worry, my gift has long been prepared.

It has to be secretly given to your uncle behind closed doors.”

Youre a little kid; you can neither listen nor watch.

1A bureau that provides data about the nations people and economy.2Outdated or irrelevant matter.


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