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TL: Hua

In less than half an hour, Shi Yunnan and others arrived at the Central Hospital.

Fu Ziyu learned the news and waited for them at the door in advance.

“Ziyu, whats going on”

Because it wasnt clear over the phone, when they met in person, Fu Zixian took the initiative to explain without waiting for Shi Yunnan to speak.

“Yunnan, dont worry, nothing serious happened to your brother.”

“I heard from the waiter that your brother came to our nightclub just before the opening time this afternoon.”

There was no reason to push the guests out, so the waiter arranged a remote booth corner for him according to Wen Yibeis wishes.

“Your brother shouldnt know much about alcohol, so he just pointed to the strongest whisky on the wine list, and added two or three more bottles midway.”

“Hes not someone who can handle alcohol.” Shi Yunnans brows did not relax.

Fu Ziyu nodded slightly.

As the owner, he routinely went to the nightclub for an hour or two every day.

Today he had just arrived when he heard the waiter say that a guest on the second floor was drunk and vomited to death.

Fu Ziyu was afraid that a guest would have an accident in his nightclub, so he went upstairs to check the situation, but found out that the other party was actually Wen Yibei.

Wen Yibeis neck was flushed red because of the alcohol, but his face was pale and his hands were covering his stomach.

Fu Ziyu said, “If something happened to your brother in our nightclub, you would have flayed and swallowed me alive, so I quickly brought him to the hospital.”

Because of the urgency of the matter, he could only send a WeChat to Shi Yunnan first, but the other party didnt see nor reply.

“Your brother just drank too much alcohol and hurt his stomach.

Everything else is fine.

Id already opened a separate VIP ward for him.

The doctor said that he should avoid spicy food for around half a month, and he would be fine after recuperating for a while.“

Shi Yunnan was puzzled.

“He doesnt know how to drink, so how could he go to the nightclub where he usually hates the most”

Fu Ziyu shook his head and continued to pick out the key points and said, “Your brother woke up for a short while halfway and still had some clarity left.

He remembered that I was your friend, so he asked me to keep it a secret from you.“

However, Fu Ziyu still called and informed Shi Yunnan.


Shi Yunnan was angry and anxious when he heard this word.

Luo Lingsheng stroked the back of his hand with his finges.

Knowing that the relationship between the two brothers had always been good, he said, “With Mr.

Wens nature, he should be afraid of you worrying.”

Shi Yunnans eyebrows still didnt relax, “If he was really afraid of me worrying, he shouldnt have run to the nightclub to drink without telling me.”

The elevator stopped on the twenty-fourth floor.

The group was led out by Fu Ziyu.

In the ward, Wen Yibei was still asleep, but his face was still pale, and occasionally he showed a very painful and unsettled look.

As Shi Yunnan was here, the big stone in Fu Ziyus heart quietly fell to the ground.

He said, “Sit down first.

Ill go to the restaurant near the hospital to buy some stomach-nourishing white porridge, and Ill have a meal myself as well.”

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly, “Ziyu, Ive troubled you this time.”

“What trouble Were friends.” Fu Ziyu glanced at Wen Yibei again, and then quickly left the ward.

Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair to get closer to the hospital bed.

His eyebrows twisted when he saw Wen Yibeis comatose state.

“I guess Mr.

Wen wont be able to wake up for a while.”

“Im going to stay here with my brother tonight.” Shi Yunnan had made up his mind and said, “Dont waste your time here with me.

Why dont you go back first”

“Im not tired.

Ill wait with you.”

Luo Lingsheng knew what his lover was worrying about and said, “Dont worry.

Lets wait until Mr.

Wen wakes up to ask for clarification.“


Time passed minute by minute.

Before dawn, when Shi Yunnan was flooded with sleepiness, the person on the hospital bed suddenly moved, “Mom…”

A very light and distressing cry instantly sobered Shi Yunnan up.

He leaned over to check Wen Yibeis state, “Brother”

Wen Yibei kept on murmuring in his sleep.

His eyelids struggled for a long time before they suddenly lifted up.

His eyes were red and bloodshot as he stared at the person who appeared beside the bed.

“Brother, Im Yunnan.

How are you doing Is your stomach still uncomfortable“

Seeing this situation, Luo Lingsheng silently pressed the bell on the bedside to call for a doctor.

Five minutes later,

The medical staff confirmed that Wen Yibei was okay.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng simply followed them out of the ward, leaving a separate space for the two brothers.

Wen Yibei had already recovered from the dazed state at the beginning and said apologetically, “I knew I couldnt hide it from you.”

“Dont even think about it.

That nightclub is invested in by me.” Shi Yunnan felt a little angry and laughable, “Are you hungry Fu Ziyu just brought you porridge.

The thermos should still be warm at this moment.“

Wen Yibei weakly said,”… No.”

“Brother, what happened to you”

Shi Yunnan understood his brothers temperament.

He can usually endure anything, but this time he definitely met with a big event that he couldnt handle.

He thought about it for a while and said cautiously, “I just heard you calling… mom.”


As soon as the word was mentioned, Wen Yibeis eyes quickly filled with water.

He took a deep breath that he could hardly restrain, and the hand with the needle tube almost crushed and tore the quilt.

Shi Yunnan quickly stroked the back of his hand, and his mind became nervous.

“Brother, what happened Did you hear any strange rumors“

It had been almost twenty years since their mother passed away, and the only thing that could make Wen Yibei have such big emotional ups and downs was probably the past.

Wen Yibei braced himself to get up and opened his mouth, “The fact that old man Shi is biased toward Xie Keyue isnt anything new.

You should know how Xie Keyues identity is spread to the outsiders, right”

“I know.

What rumor could there be“

Shi Yunnan calmly replied while pouring him a glass of water, “Its nothing more than the rumor that Xie Keyue is Shi Shengs illegitimate son.

Thats why old man Shi is so partial to this little grandson.”

Until now, Shi Yunnan has been reluctant to call themDad andGrandpa.

Wen Yibei took the water glass, laughing while shaking his head, “I never wanted to believe it before.”

For one thing, old man Shi had never publicly acknowledged this matter.

Second, although they had a bad relationship with Shi Sheng over the years, the latter only married Xie Wei after the death of their mother, Wen Min.

He did what a “good father” should do.

“Its a fact, even if you dont want to believe it.” Shi Yunnan stated.

He had completely confirmed the authenticity of this matter since the **ty breakfast game that day—Shi Sheng was the one who cheated on his wife and had Xie Keyue with Xie Wei after they had rekindled their old love affair!

Old man Shi was reluctant to admit it because he was stereotypical and selfish to the bone.

Something like his son cheating in marriage was a disgraceful matter, and he didnt want to lose face.

Although this disingenuous approach was ridiculous, its better to subtly let everyone accept this fact rather than directly admitting it and letting the Shi family become a laughing stock.

“I think the old man really didnt take Xie Keyue seriously at first, but at that time you were brought back to Wens house by grandpa, and he didnt like me very much, so he was willing to take Xie Keyue, this stray bloodline, back.”

Shi Yunnan sighed and continued, “Do you still not know what kind of people those mother and son, Xie Wei and Xie Keyue, are They can turn black into white.“

Old man Shi was someone who liked to hear pleasant words, which is exactly what those two are good at.

Shi Yunnan said, “Mom has been gone for so long, as long as she…”

“Mom knew about Shi Sheng and Xie Wei before she died, and she also knew about Xie Keyues existence.” Wen Yibei interrupted.

His words were uttered through gritted teeth, “This matter was also used by Xie Wei as a badge of honor to show off and even flaunted in front of Mom back then.”

Shi Yunnans eyes suddenly sank: “Brother, are you sure”

“I went to the restaurant with my band friends yesterday afternoon, and I accidentally met Xie Wei and her friend, who were also there for dinner.

They mentioned this in a few words.“

Wen Yibei recognized Xie Wei, so he listened attentively for a while.

Even though the conversation between Xie Wei and her friend never involved names, Wen Yibei can connect some details together.

“Did you go up and argue with Xie Wei” Shi Yunnan asked in a deep voice.

Wen Yibei nodded and shook his head again, “No, before I rushed up, I heard one more thing.”

Perhaps twins can really sense each other, because Shi Yunnan already felt a burst of suppressed and unexplained anger before Wen Yibei could say anything.

“What was it”

“Moms last phone call before her death was to Shi Sheng…”

Shi Yunnan nodded silently.

Wen Min, who suffered a heart attack, fell to the ground and couldnt call for help.

She made a phone call when her life was at stake.

If Shi Sheng had answered and notified his subordinates, she might have had some chance of survival.

Because of this, the Shi and Wen families had a quarrel.

Wen Yibei was holding back the tears in his eyes.

Each and every word that was accompanied by his suppressed cry was like a needle stabbing his heart.

“Shi Sheng didnt tell anyone that he was with Xie Wei at the time.

Xie Wei was the one who hung up the phone.“


Shi Yunnans face instantly sank.

The anger and hatred in his heart swept over him, almost devouring him completely.

This matter involved his deceased mother, so how could Wen Yibei as the son tolerate it He immediately rushed up to confront Xie Wei.

Xie Wei didnt expect him to be here, and she didnt expect the other party to hear the casual private conversation between her and her friend, but after a moment of panic, she denied it, and on the contrary, she kept yelling—

“Wen Yibei, dont sling mud at people.”

“Your mother died of a heart attack for so long, and you still want to blame me”

“You two brothers are more wasteful than one another! Even if Wen Min was still alive now, she would still have to die from anger!“

“The old man likes our family Keyue.

Thats because he has the ability! By the way, after the new year, our Keyue will officially start managing the Shi company.

By then, there will be even less for you and your brother… “

“You guys yourselves are useless, and you blame others for being brilliant.

What kind of reasoning is that”

Wen Yibeis temperament was more like Wen Mins, and he rarely argued with others.

In public, how could he be a match for Xie Weis explicit mockery

Wen Yibei originally wanted to hold on to his dignity as an older brother and hide it from Shi Yunnan, but unfortunately, his mind was too sensitive, and after he suppressed it to a certain level, he still couldnt conceal it.

Wen Yibei tightly clutched the water glass in his hand and took a deep, trembling breath.

“Yunnan, I cant take this anger lying down.”

Shi Shengs infidelity has become an established fact, and no one can change it.

At first, Wen Yibei originally thought that it would be fine as long as his mother didnt know this before she died; at least she passed away under the impression that “her husband and her two children loved her dearly,” but now everything has changed.

“I cant swallow the thought that our mom knew her marriage had been betrayed before she died, and Xie Wei hung up on her last phone call!”

“On what basis can Xie Wei and Xie Keyue, mother and son, still enjoy everything in peace and quiet”

As Wen Yibei said this, there was another earth-shaking throbbing pain in his stomach, and his complexion, which finally had some color, immediately turned as white as paper again.

“Brother, I know.”

Shi Yunnan hurriedly helped him to smooth his breath, but the bottom of his eyes were full of a rare maliciousness, “Trust me, theyre not going to have a good time.”

“The more that mother and son want something, the less I will let them get it!”

Shi Yunnan didnt care about the Shi familys scrapped inheritance and assets, nor did Wen Yibei, but even so, they must not let Xie Wei and Xie Keyue, the mother and son, get away for nothing!

Whether it was old man Shi or Shi Sheng, the so-called blood relationship no longer mattered.

Shi Yunnan didnt clear things up because the time had not yet come.

Now it was time to settle accounts.

Everyone in that stinking ditch of the Shi family will have to pay the corresponding price for what they have done!

This chapter went from fluffy to depressing real quick.  T_T


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