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Mo Beichens descent abruptly came to a dead halt.

It was because Cang Shitian was unleashing a sea of bluish divine light and pushing him toward Yun Che.

The boulder formation stopping the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword immediately let out a series of high-pitched shrills that tore at everyones soul sea.


Crack after crack appeared on the yellowish brown profound light.

The boulder formation that represented infinite despair just a few breaths ago now looked as cracked as a spiders web.


The snap sounded as if it resonated in everyones heart.

The noise became even shriller as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword finally pierced through the boulder formation.

When it stopped again, it was only two inches away from Mo Beichens solar plexus.


A hoarse growl escaped Mo Beichens throat, and his eyes stretched so wide it looked like they might tear themselves apart.

Realizing it was already too late to break free from Cang Shitians hold, he instead focused on releasing all of his stone profound energy and pushing his abyssal profound artifact beyond its maximum capacity.

Thanks to his decisive action, he was just barely able to maintain the cracked, nearly penetrated boulder formation.

Most of the flesh and blood on Yun Ches arms had been stripped away.

His exposed bones were covered in thin cracks as well.

His willpower was fully centered within his eyes.

They shone with a deeper gleam than even the Devil Flame of Eternal Calamity.

Cang Shitian had sacrificed his very own existence and the future of the Deep Sea Realm to buy him one final hope.

No matter what, he would not lose control of his body and his power a second time.

“Cang Shitian…” Mo Beichen uttered in a voice that sounded just as distorted as his facial features.

“You foolish… mad… dog!”

Mo Beichen wasnt holding back any longer.

He was investing every ounce of power into the boulder formation to keep the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword from advancing.

He succeeded, but he wasnt able to repel the sword one bit.

Mo Beichen could not understand Cang Shitian.

The man had chosen to submit, and he had accepted his surrender.

An Abyssal Knights promise was heavier than ten thousand mountains.

The former Deep Sea God Emperor and his lineage would have enjoyed eternal peace and greater status in this side of the world.

So why did he suddenly betray him and sacrifice not just himself, but the lifeline of the Deep Sea Realm for just a chance to kill him!

“Heh… heh… thats right… I am a mad dog!”

Cang Shitians crazed screams stabbed into his ears once more.

By now, Mo Beichen fully understood that this guy was a mad dog who would not loosen his hold until they had gone to hell together.

He was a man who carried enough madness and ruthlessness to ruin himself and his clans future just to achieve his objective.

He might cling to his throat even after they had descended to hell.

“Yun… Che! I swear, if you fail… to impale this **er…”

“I will **ing murder you… in the afterlife myself!”

Every time Cang Shitian spoke, his voice sounded more and more distorted than before.

His deep blue body was falling apart every second as well.

However, the power locking Mo Beichen in place never wavered for even an instant.

“Bro… ther…” Cang Shuhes cheeks were completely drenched in tears long ago.

As if responding to Cang Shitians scream, Yun Ches eyes suddenly flashed purple.

Behind the light was the image of an ancient dragon.


A mighty cry resounded across the sky, and the Golden Crows Manifest God descended upon this world!

At the same time, the proud image of the Dragon God soared into the sky!

It taxed him greatly to use Profound Handle: God Manifestation in his current state as a matter of course.

Chiang! Chiang!

Two Southern Sea divine origins crumbled at the same time.

The dragon let out a roar that stunned all who lived.


The roar of a dragon and the screech of a golden crow reverberated throughout the God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

God Ash amplified Yun Ches profound energy beyond anything the current universe had ever witnessed, but its effects on his soul energy were paltry at best.

He was close to the brink of collapse, and Mo Beichen was a Half-God.

There was no chance the Dragon God Domain could shatter the Abyssal Knights soul sea, much less stun him for long.

That said, it was still the soul of the Dragon God!

Even if their levels were worlds apart, it would never be completely ineffective!

Meanwhile, Chi Wuyao had finally found her opportunity.

When the Dragon Gods roar resonated across the world, she immediately unleashed her Nirvana Devil Emperor Soul.

The draconic roar had blurred Mo Beichens vision and caused him to lose focus for an instant.

A pair of azure blue dots were clearly reflected in his eyes.

There would be no better opportunity than this.

The Nirvana Devil Emperor Soul pierced all the way into Mo Beichens soul sea during the instant his guard was lowered, and went on a rampage like the ancient devil it was.


Not even the Abyssal Knight could withhold a bloodcurdling scream when his soul was brutally rent.

His consciousness was scattered, and pieces of his soul were torn away from him.

Naturally, he was unable to maintain his output of stone profound energy or his control over his profound abyssal artifact.

In fact, nearly sixty percent of his strength fell apart just like that.

It was at this moment the Golden Crow Manifested God his profound handle had transformed into unleashed its flames of annihilation and buried both Mo Beichen and Cang Shitian in a sea of golden flames.

Not only that, the black flames burning from Yun Ches gody grew another three hundred meters, and he let out a throat-breaking shout that caused the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword to break through its limits yet again.



There was a noise that sounded like the world itself had been sundered in two halves, and the boulder formation that brought them infinite despair finally crumbled into pieces and scattered a shower of yellowish brown light.

Everyones heart came to a stop when the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword finally made contact with Mo Beichens solar plexus.


Blood and flesh scattered all over the place, but the sound that reached everyones ears was wrong.

They shouldve heard the sound of Mo Beichens flesh being sundered apart like ripping cloth, not that accursed sound of metal clashing against metal!

They looked… and discovered in horror that a third boulder formation had stopped Yun Ches attack! It was part of the chest armor Mo Beichen was wearing!

A fully intact boulder formation!

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword was literally millimeters away from Mo Beichens chest, but it couldnt move any further no matter what.

“… !!” Yun Che gritted his teeth so hard that blood literally jetted out of his gums.

“Ugh… ughhh… heh… hehahahahaha!”

Mo Beichen slowly raised his head.

His soul was still convulsing in pain, but his eyes had already regained their clarity.

The corners of his lips were tugged into a painful but malicious smile.

“Hows that… for despair!” He yelled hoarsely before slowly circulating his scattered profound energy once more.

He was a guardian knight among the Abyssal Knights.

To protect was his sworn duty.

A guardian could not protect others without protecting themselves first.

The “Eternal Boulder” was, in fact, a full-bodied soft armor.

The arm shields covering his arms were just a part of it.

If the arm shields were meant to protect others, then the silver armor was meant to protect himself.

Of course, they both possessed an insane amount of resistance.

Not only that, a boulder formation that would trigger automatically when its wearer was in danger was sealed within the soft armor.

This was the first time that boulder formation came active since he put on the Eternal Boulder though.

He never imagined that his first time triggering it would happen in this lowly world instead of the Abyss or the Misty Sea.[1]

To say that it was shameful would be the understatement of the century!

Yun Ches pupils dilated more and more.

His teeth were literally shattering from the sheer amount of pressure he was putting on them.

However, no matter how much the Golden Crow flames burned and the Devil Flame of Eternal Calamity devoured, the tip of his sword refused to progress even a millimeter forward.

The new boulder formation was starting to crack bit by bit… but with only four Southern Sea divine origins left in his body, the chances he would tear it apart before they all disintegrated was next to none.

“You lowly reptiles… do not… deserve… this!!”


With a roar of rage, shame, and release, he dispelled the Dragon God Souls intimidation effect and Chi Wuyaos Nirvana Devil Emperor Soul at the same time.

As his eyes finally regained their normal focus, his profound energy began circulating in earnest once more.

The final boulder formation glowed even brighter, and the rate at which the cracks were growing slowed to a crawl.

At the distance, Chi Wuyao swayed violently on her feet as her soul sea fell into a state of uproar.

Thankfully, Jie Xin and Jie Ling were there to catch her immediately.

In the end, nine inches of refined steel wasnt enough to penetrate thirty thousand meters of dead wood.

Chi Wuyaos devil soul had suffered an unprecedented amount of damage after Mo Beichen had expelled it with his own soul.


Cang Shitian was screaming at the top of his lungs.

He only wished he could transform every inch of his crumbling body into energy that could devour Mo Beichen right here and now.

However, no matter how hard he pushed, he could not feel with his remaining spiritual perception the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword and Mo Beichens heart getting any closer.


The fifteenth Southern Sea divine origin crumbled.

The last three Southern Sea divine origins began flashing desperately.

“Its over… its all over.”

Murmurs as powerless as the autumn wind escaped many a mouth.

Despite having chosen to submit to fate and surrender to the Abyss a while ago, they could not help the deep sorrow welling inside their souls.

Cang Shitians howl had pierced through their bent knees and cowering souls like infinite blades.

The man himself had lit a blue star of hope in everyones eyes.

Suddenly, they didnt want to submit to fate anymore.

They desperately wished that Emperor Yun and Cang Shitian could exterminate the abyssal invader.

Even if they knew it would only earn them a temporary peace.

Even if they knew they were destined to be devoured by the Abyss.

At least someone from their world would have resisted and even defied the odds.

At least it would prove that they hadnt surrendered to the inevitable without any pride whatsoever.

Unfortunately, it seemed like even that brilliant star of the Deep Sea… still wasnt enough to earn them a victory.


At the edge of the battlefield, a corner where no one had any attention to spare right now.

“I guess its not enough.”

A man muttered to himself while looking at the sky.

He was clad in a robe of fiery red and golden lines.

Golden flames that looked like two suns shone behind his eyes, and he looked so young an ignorant person would not recognize him as the realm king of the Flame God Realm.

Huo Poyun.

He turned around and faced Yan Wancang, Yan Juehai, and Huo Rulie.

All three sect masters sensed something and looked at him as well.

“It appears that there is something in this world even he cannot do after all.”

“In that case… its my turn now,” Huo Poyun declared with a smile.

He might be the only one who knew how complicated the emotions that lay behind his own smile were.

And here I thought I was going to miss this “opportunity”.

“Poyun, you…” Huo Rulie stuttered while raising a hand.

Huo Poyun slowly swept his gaze across the three sect masters before turning back toward the front.

He said slowly, “Master and sect masters, Im going.

I entrust the Flame God Realm into your hands.”

“The gift of education and the sin of betraying my responsibilities… I am sorry, but I will have to repay my debt during my next life.”



Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai cried out and grabbed Huo Poyuns shoulders at the same time.

“Youre different from them, Poyun.

Youre different from all of us!” Yan Wancang shook his head repeatedly while tightening his grip.

“The world may be consigned to eternal damnation, but you… he will take you to the Abyss and transform you into a powerful Abyssal Knight! You may even reach a higher realm and future that no one could even dream of!”

“This may be a calamity for us, but it is a chance of a lifetime for you!”

“Anyone can sacrifice their lives to protect this world, but not you! You have absolutely no reason to do such a thing!”


Another Southern Sea divine origin vanished from Yun Ches body.

The last two Southern Sea divine lights flashed dimmer and dimmer, but still it wasnt able to shatter that yellowish brown boulder formation.

“…” Huo Poyun did not move or look back at them.

His gaze was fully affixed to that man in black flames.

“Many times I have experienced confusion, uncertainty, disorientation, loss, impulsiveness, regret, apprehension, fear, trepidation, reluctance, resentment, and more in this life…”

His voice was so gentle and peaceful that you could almost miss the emotion behind it.

“But just this once, I can declare with certainty that I feel not a shred of fear or regret in my body.”

“In fact, I can almost hear a voice telling me that I had lived all my life… for this very moment.”

“…” Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai froze, unable to say another word in response.

It was at this moment a pair of hands grabbed the sect masters wrists and, tremblingly but firmly, removed them from Huo Poyuns shoulders.

“Go, Poyun.” Huo Rulie said with a voice like sand, “I have watched your growth since you were a child.

There were countless times I was pleased, and several times I was furious and disappointed in you.”

“There is one thing that has never changed since the beginning, however.”

Huo Rulies eternally burning eyes somehow became misted.

“You are, and will always be… my greatest pride.”

“…” Huo Poyun thrust his palm behind himself.


A heat wave pushed the three sect masters and all nearby profound practitioners far, far away from him.

Flames beneath his feet, he rose to the sky and dashed straight toward Yun Che.

Golden flames came alive on his body.

It wasnt big, but it was incredibly rich and dazzling.

The golden light dispelled the darkness, pierced through the battlefield of Half Gods, and illuminated both heaven and earth.

Soon, there wasnt an inch of the world that wasnt golden bright.

Everyone turned to look toward the east.

They were Divine Sovereigns and Divine Masters, and yet they almost couldnt withstand the golden light shining against their eyes.

“What… is that”

The golden flames continued to burn brightly.

It wasnt Huo Poyuns profound energy that was fueling it however.

It was his body, his bloodline, his soul, his faith… everything.

He looked down at his hands.

His fingers had already transformed into pure flames.

The rest of his body was growing blurrier and blurrier as well.

Remember this… Yun Che!

In the end, you still owe me one.

And this time…

You will never…


Be able to repay this debt!!

The origin blood and origin soul the Golden Crows Soul had gifted him and his lifetime of pride… were all burning to their fullest.

His final soul might have wrapped itself around Mo Beichen.

But his gaze… never left Yun Ches back.

What sounded like the final judgment of the ancient True God, the Golden Crow resounded in everyones ears:

“Nine… Heavens… Cry… of… Dead… Crow… and… Shattered… Jade—”



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