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Chapter 1374: Love Triangle (2)Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Inside the Long Residence, as soon as Long Yuetians father heard that his daughter was injured, he hurriedly came down from upstairs.

“Yuetian, what happened to you Are you injured How badly injured are you”

Long Yuetians father, Long Xiao, had a particularly powerful and domineering appearance.

He also had a mustache and a particularly tall figure.

When someone looked at him, they would easily be able to understand why Long Yuetian was a tall woman.

After all, her father was more than 1.9 meters tall.

As she didnt reach 1.8 meters in height, in her fathers eyes, she was considered a failure.

In the early days, before he retired, people called Long Yuetians father, Boss Long.


Apparently, all the decisions he made in the corporate environment were cold and ruthless.

However, as he anxiously ran over to his daughter, it made it seem like the rumors were not true.

“Father, Im alright.

Its just a small cut,” Long Yuetian explained.

“What do you mean by a small cut Its such a big injury! You also bled a lot!”

Then, Long Xiao angrily looked at the two men who came in with Long Yuetian and asked: “Did you two cause my daughter to get hurt”

“No, we didnt,” Cheng Yi replied.

“Father, dont make those assumptions! I accidentally injured myself when I was rock climbing.

It has nothing to do with them,” Long Yuetian exclaimed helplessly.

“Is that so” Long Xiao replied.

His expression eased up a bit when he heard this.

However, after a moment of thought, he exclaimed: “Why were you so careless Does it hurt Ill ask our family doctor to come over to perform a checkup on you.”

“Father, Im actually alright.

Yiling treated the wound for me.”

At times, her father was really a bit too much.

“Yiling treated your wounds Thats good,” Long Xiao commented.

He was reassured by that.

After all, he trusted Jian Yiling as she previously saved his daughters life.

“So have you eaten anything Are you hungry” Long Xiao asked.

Without waiting for Long Yuetian to answer, he shouted: “Aunt Qian, go and cook some bone soup and pigeon soup for Miss Long! Actually, maybe cook some pigs trotter soup!”

“Father, I came back after eating… Im not hungry.”

“Then you should rest up! Youve lost so much blood today,” Long Xiao said.

His heart ached as he looked at his daughters wounds.

Despite raising Long Yuetian as a boy, Long Xiao taught her all kinds of life skills to make sure she would not get hurt.

However, whenever his daughter got injured, he would feel a lot of pain.

Even though he acted tough in front of outsiders, whenever his daughter got injured, he would cry when he was alone.

Sometimes, his wife had to comfort him.

However, Long Xiao still insisted on raising his daughter as a boy, because he did not want her to be bullied in the future.

When Long Xiao looked at the two men standing behind his daughter, he suddenly asked: “Are you guys single”

This was potentially his chance to finally get a son-in-law.

His only daughter who was in her thirties was not yet married.

Therefore, whenever he saw a man with good looks and a decent economic situation, he wanted that person to become his son-in-law.

“Father, this is the Second Master of the Zhai family,” Long Yuetian said helplessly.

“Youre the Second Master of the Zhai family” Long Xiao repeated excitedly.

He grasped Zhai Zhongshens hand with both hands and exclaimed: “I didnt expect you to be so young!”

As Zhai Zhongshen rarely appeared in front of the public, Long Xiao had only heard of his name but never had the opportunity to meet him.

Zhai Zhongshen nodded and shook Long Xiaos hand: “Mr.


“But… Why are you sending Yuetian home”

Before Zhai Zhongshen got the chance to respond, Long Yuetian hurriedly explained, “Father, he is Yilings uncle!”

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