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Chapter 1376: Love Triangle (4)Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

When Long Yuetian looked at Zhai Zhongshen, she suddenly no longer knew what to say.

Was she going to go back on her words Was she going to state that they were merely planning to marry for a mutually beneficial relationship Saying such a thing did not appear appropriate for the occasion.

Pain flashed through Cheng Yis heart.

“Yuetian, are you together… With the Second Master of the Zhai family” Cheng Yi asked.

His face appeared to be in pain.

The bitter taste of loss flooded his heart.


If they were dating, he couldnt do anything.

After all, he had no intentions to ruin someone elses relationship.

However, if this was just wishful thinking on Zhai Zhongshens part, then he wouldnt give up easily.

Even if his love rival was Zhai Zhongshen, he was still willing to compete against him for Long Yuetians love.

Everyone looked at Long Yuetian and waited for her response.

Long Yuetian took a deep breath and said: “I indeed have intentions to marry the Second Master of the Zhai family.

I think this way because its beneficial for both families if we get married.

On top of this, I also believe we should be able to get along harmoniously if we get married.”

Long Yuetian decided to tell the truth.

Cheng Yi was relieved to hear that Long Yuetian did not like Zhai Zhongshen romantically.

However, at the same time, he was presented with a more serious problem.

If Long Yuetian decided to be with Zhai Zhongshen because he was suitable, what could he do

When Long Xiao heard his daughters response, he did not look happy.

Instead, a solemn expression appeared on his face.

He said to his daughter sincerely: “Yuetian, even though I constantly urge you to get into a relationship or get married, and even though I asked you to consider the other persons family background and status, everything is based on the premise that you like the other person.

You need to like them romantically.

Just because theyre suitable, doesnt mean theyre the best match for you.

You dont need to pick someone to support the Long family or the Long Heng Group.”

Then, Long Xiao turned to apologize to Zhai Zhongshen: “Second Master of the Zhai family, I apologize for my daughter.

She was young and ignorant to make such a deal with you.

However, I do not approve of such a deal.

After all, I only have one daughter.

I want her to live a happy life in the future.

I hope you can forgive my daughters impulsiveness.”

Even though his words were spoken firmly, Long Xiao still felt incredibly nervous.

After all, this was the Second Master of the Zhai family.

He was no ordinary individual.

If they made him mad, the Long family and the Long Heng Group could potentially suffer terrible consequences.

However, Zhai Zhongshen was not angry.

Instead, he merely answered: “Its alright.

Its my problem that I failed to make Yuetian fall in love with me.”

Long Xiao was massively relieved to hear this response from the Second Master of the Zhai family.

At the same time, he gained a better impression of this man.

Long Yuetian did not dare to look into Zhai Zhongshens eyes.

She felt quite annoyed with herself.

Why did she agree to his suggestion just to go back on her words afterward

Long Yuetian wanted to slap herself in the face to wake herself up.

Upon sensing Long Yuetians nervousness and discomfort, Zhai Zhongshen said: “Mr.

Long, Yuetian appears tired today.

I will take my leave and let her rest up.”

“Okay, okay,” Long Xiao said as he hurriedly got up to send Zhai Zhongshen off.

“Rest well,” Zhai Zhongshen said to Long Yuetian before he left.

“Okay,” Long Yuetian answered.

However, she still did not dare to look into his eyes.

Cheng Yi also believed it was not appropriate for him to stay any longer so he left with Zhai Zhongshen.

Despite realizing he had such a scary rival, Cheng Yi was not giving up.

After all, he truly liked Long Yuetian.

He wouldnt give up until the very last moment.

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