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Chapter 1377: KarmaTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Jian Yiling visited the Qin Residence.

Even though she did not want to cross paths with Qin Chuan, she knew she had to make this trip.

As soon as Jian Yiling arrived, Qin Yufan opened the door.

When she saw her friend, Qin Yufan smiled bitterly: “I didnt expect you to still be willing to come.”

After all that had happened, Qin Yufan assumed that Jian Yiling would no longer be willing to set foot in the Qin Residence.


“This is also your home,” Jian Yiling replied.

The conflict between her and Qin Chuan did not affect her friendship with Qin Yufan.

Qin Yufan smiled more warmly as she came forward to hug Jian Yiling: “Thank you.”

“You dont need to thank me.”

Then, Qin Yufan gestured for Jian Yiling to walk in: “Qin Chuan is no longer staying here.

He moved in with his mother.”

“I know,” Jian Yiling replied.

This was why she came to visit.

Qin Yufan added: “He also transferred his shareholding in Qins Group to my name.”

When she spoke about her brother, the expression on Qin Yufans face was rather complicated.

She couldnt understand what he was thinking.

When Qin Chuan started doing things against Jian Yiling, Qin Yufan knew that she hated him.

She was angry and annoyed with him.

However, when he transferred his shareholdings to her, Qin Yufan became confused again.

Why were his actions so incomprehensible

In addition, when she looked into Qin Chuans eyes that day, she sensed a lot of pain hidden in those eyes.

He was like a lonely soul, wandering aimlessly by himself in this world.

At that moment, Qin Yufan began to feel sorry for him.

In the end, despite his actions, he was still her brother.

She really couldnt bear to see him become like this even though she knew that this was the consequence of his actions.

It was as though Jian Yiling sensed Qin Yufans emotions.

She said: “I dont hate him.”

Jian Yiling did not know what kind of feelings she had towards Qin Chuan.

However, she knew she didnt hold hatred towards him.

Perhaps, she used to have a deep hatred for him before she died in her previous life.

But that was because she loved him deeply.

“By the way, Mo Shiyun actually went crazy,” Qin Yufan told Jian Yiling.

“I didnt know whether she was actually mentally ill in the first place.

However, when she was diagnosed by the doctor, they actually said she was ill.

Maybe Qin Chuan not helping her in times of need was the last straw that completely broke her mentally.

My father wasnt wrong.

Qin Chuan is really a cold and calculating businessman…”

As she said this, Qin Yufan actually felt a little pity for Mo Shiyun.

But this was probably karma.

Jian Yiling did not comment on this.

After Qin Yufan chatted with Jian Yiling for a while, they decided to go to a beauty spa together.

Before leaving the house, Qin Yufan received a call from Qin Chuans mother.

After answering the call, Qin Yufans face turned ugly.

She said to Jian Yiling in a daze: “Qin Chuan is sick.”

“What kind of sickness” Jian Yiling asked.

“Lung cancer.”

Lung cancer But why

In the original novel, Qin Chuan never had lung cancer.

“Which hospital is he staying at” Jian Yiling asked.

“The affiliated hospital of Beijing University.”

“Take me there.”


Qin Yufan immediately drove Jian Yiling to the hospital where Qin Chuan was staying.

In the VIP ward of the hospital, Jian Yiling and Qin Yufan met Qin Chuan who was lying on the hospital bed.

He was wearing a hospital gown and had an IV drip attached to his arm.

It was obvious that he had lost some substantial weight.

Qin Chuans mother was excited and apprehensive when she saw Jian Yiling.

Obviously, she knew what her son had done.

And thus, she could not beg Jian Yiling to save her son.

However, as his mother, she still wanted her son to be saved.

And out of every doctor in the country, Jian Yiling was the most likely person to save her son.

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