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Chapter 1430: Descendant of the Xie Family (2)Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Some were female whilst the others were male and some were old whilst others were young.

However, without exception, all of them either came from powerful families or were individuals which held a lot of power in society.

Decisions made by any one of them could cause a ripple effect in Country M.

But why were they appearing here at the same time Was something major happening


Hall was also surprised.

He asked Zhai Yunsheng: “Mr.

Zhai,does the arrival of these people have anything to do with you”


His surprise made him lose his aura of nobility.

“Probably,” Zhai Yunsheng answered.

As his answer was rather vague, he didnt seem quite sure either.

However, Zhai Yunsheng somewhat knew the reason.

Zhang Xin hurriedly asked Situ Zhong: “What now”

Even though they brought hundreds of people, they still had fewer numbers compared to the people in front of them.

Furthermore, Country M was these peoples territory and not theirs.

“How should I know” Situ Zhong retorted.

He did not know what to do.

Compared to these people, Zhai Yunsheng and the others were mere specks of dust.

And thus, Situ Zhong decided to completely ignore Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling.

He instead focused all this attention on the big shots in front of him.

Situ Zhong put on a flattering smile and greeted them: “Hello, are you here for…”

“Its alright.

Were here for the Xie family,” one of them responded.

This man who spoke up was an old gentleman with a kind face.

The old gentleman spoke in English.

And thus, the young man in a suit beside him had to help with the translation.

The old man was roughly eighty years old and held a cane in his right hand.

As he did not walk steadily by himself, one of his subordinates had to carefully escort him.

Although the old man appeared amiable, his real identity was the Head of the largest corporation in Country M.

The Xie family

“Are you acquainted with the Xie family” Situ Zhong asked hastily.

“The Head of the Xie family was once a dear friend of mine,” the old man replied.

Upon hearing this, Situ Zhong immediately relaxed.

He hurriedly identified himself with the old man: “What a coincidence.

Im from the same Nine Dragons Association as the Xie Family.

Did the Head of the Xie family speak about us”

“Yep,” the old man replied.

As soon as he heard this, Situ Zhong was completely at ease.

Since they were both related to the Xie family, the old man would more or less help them.

Situ Zhong also smilingly asked the others present and quickly discovered that these people were all related to the Xie family in some form or another.

Some received help from the Xie family in the past, whereas others were old friends of the Xie family.

It seemed as though the Xie family had a lot of influence in Country M.

So much so that after so many years of the Xie family disappearing, there were still so many people who came for the Xie family.

“Did you all come to the Xie family manor for some reason today Is today some special occasion” Situ Zhong asked again cautiously.

“You shouldnt be asking us this question.

Were here to see the descendant of the Xie family.

As youre not the owner here, you have no right to greet us,” the old man said to Situ Zhong.

Then, he turned to look at Jian Yiling.

“Are you Jian Yiling” the old man asked.

In response to this question, Jian Yiling nodded her head.

Then, everyone began to size up Jian Yiling.

It was as if they were weighing something.

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