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CHapter 452 - Dao Requires Destiny

“Creating such a massive natural disaster is a real waste.”

In the Western Mountains of China, there was a wonderful place for recuperation that was mostly used by the top brass of China for relaxation.

It had a beautiful environment and was heavily guarded, and its clientele mostly consisted of prominent but elderly individuals with serious illnesses.

In the most scenic compound, the old man from the Ming Dynasty played by Louie was sitting on an old-fashioned wooden armchair.

He sipped on a cup of tea in his hand and relaxed while looking at the blue sky and white clouds.

The old man had always been amiable, so his face always wore a smile as if he was far away from reality, but only the deep eyes reveal a warlike majesty.

Today, Louie was multitasking.

He was playing all kinds of identities in China, Japan, the United States, England, Scotland, and Rome.

He was the merciful Christ, the ancient practitioners of the East, the legendary magicians, and the terrible monster named Typhon.

Although he was not one of the gods who relied on disaster to create fear to make people believe in him, he was a true god with divine power and could imitate these natural disasters fairly easily.

“If I wasted divine power like this in San Soliel, the gods would definitely laugh at me, but in order to obtain more faith from Earth, the consumption of divine power is worth it.

This time, I will take away faith from Japan.”

Louie whisted with some expectation.

Compared to faith from China, Louie was more eager to obtain faith from Japan.

In the past few decades, the people of China had lost their heart of faith, so even if Louie wanted to gather their faith through God Taiyi, he would have to wait until the Chinese people fully reconstituted their religion.

On the other hand, Japan was different.

Shinto had always been its religion.

Even if people were not particularly devout, Japan’s large and small shrines had deep roots that were not broken.

Now, Louie only needed a little push to pull this source of faith.

“Sir, here is your snack.”

A sweet voice came from beside Louie, pulling his attention back.

He looked sideways at the young girl who was standing respectfully beside him.

The young girl was Qin Yaxi who was ‘saved’ by Louie.

At first, Louie had just randomly chosen a suitable target to accomplish his objective and Qin Yaxi was at the right place at the right time.

However, he did not expect this girl to come to Beijing from Shanghai, but Louie could guess the motive behind it.

It wasn’t wrong to call it a honeytrap.

The old man played by Louie was like a lofty immortal that did not seem to lust after women.

Perhaps the Qin family had ordered Qin Yaxi to use this method to show up more in front of Louie to bring more benefits to their family.

The government also probably thought that since Louie had given some gifts to Qin Yaxi, then it was better for her to serve the old man rather than go looking for unknown people that might bring him displeasure.

In the Qin family’s opinion, it was also better for Louie to take care of this young lady.

Naturally, their main goal was still to gain some benefits from him.

Louie also understood this well, but he would not point it out.

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“Little girl, why do you need to waste time on me, an old man Youth is short, you should follow your aspirations.”

Louie picked up a piece of traditional pastry with two fingers and threw it in his mouth.

He smiled at the lady from the Qin family while chewing slowly.

“It’s Yaxi’s luck to be able to take care of you.”

As the lady of the Qin family, she was able to remain neither servile nor overbearing towards this old man who possessed supernatural powers.

Naturally, this was also thanks to the old man always acting as if he had a good temper.

If she had met Louie’s Japanese persona, she would probably be too frightened to even breathe.

“Hehe, little girl, you have something you want to ask, right”

Louie suddenly stared at Qin Yaxi, his eyes seemed to be able to pierce through and see her thoughts.

Qin Yaxi panicked and her heart rate sped up, “......I…I…”

She stumbled over her words because the old man’s aura seemed to have changed.

Even the air was filled with huge pressure.

“No need to say more, I know what the government wants you to ask me…”

Louie did not make things too difficult for the girl.

Although she was the young lady of the Qin daily, she could only go with the flow once the government was involved.


The so-called Dao is not for everyone.

Only those who have a destiny with it can learn it.

To achieve transcendence, determination, perseverance, talent, and qualification are all indispensable.

Western people might seem to accept a large number of disciples, but in fact, the vast majority of those people would not be able to achieve much.

The real method will only be passed on to a few people who can achieve true greatness.

Among the billions of people, there may necessarily not be one.”

Louie naturally understood the thoughts of those in the higher-ups as he was someone who grasped authority in San Soliel.

Looking at the magic school in the west, the eastern countries were also quite anxious.

The higher-ups also wanted to use Qin Yaxi to obtain some information from the old man.

Louie’s answer was also within the expectations of the brains of the government.

China had always had the prevalence of ‘hidden heritage’ which was the so-called oral teaching, where a teacher would only teach the disciple directly.

Although this way of inheritance caused many skills to disappear, it ensured the mystery of the inheritors and prevented important information from proliferating.


“As expected, this is really the typical Chinese way of inheriting skills… the real mastery is only passed on to a small number of personal disciples, and only those with true talent could be accepted as one.”

After obtaining the old immortal's personal explanation, the government finally put down its doubts.

“Those western magicians may seem incredible, but their power seems measurable.

They are not strong enough to shake a nation’s foundations.

It should be as the old immortal said, those magicians are not ‘genuine’.

The magic that they learned is just ordinary.

It might give them supernatural abilities, but they would not be able to escape the shackles of mortality.”

Saying this, the experts shook their heads.

They had hoped that the old immortal would take in some disciples, but it seemed impossible now.

“Huh There is urgent news.

It’s information from Japan.

Send it to the old immortal!”

A member got first-hand news and said in a hurry.


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