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Chapter 5 : Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (2) 



"What! You–!"

Pulling out the dagger and twisting her body, she swung her arms as much as she could.

The wizard, who was trying to grab her back, pulled his body behind to avoid the dagger.


As she escaped from his grasp, her clothes was torn at the chest and a long scar was formed on the skin underneath.

But she felt something was caught and cut by the dagger she held.

Her chest was sting, but she thought it would get better anyway, so she had no hesitation in moving.


As the wizard cut by Regina's dagger faltered, Iz quickly approached, wrapped her around, and stepped back.

The escorts who approached in an instant past those who were facing each other surrounded her.

The wizard was bleeding seriously with a deep cut in his arm.

It was such a big wound that red flesh was revealed.

Regina looked down at the dagger she held with trembling eyes at the thought that she had made that wound.

There was another's blood on the dagger.

"My Lady, where did you get hurt"

Iz, who was looking at the torn part of the dress, closed her mouth. 

Obviously, the wound that would have shed red blood just now was already healed. Only blood stains were staining the cloth.

It wasn't just her eyes.

The assailant exchanged glances at each other when they saw that her wounds from the sword had healed in an instant.

And the next moment they fled as quickly as they appeared.


Some escorts went after them.

The rest still protected Regina.

"Lady, let's go back to the mansion for now."

Regina nodded her head and quickly got into the carriage.

Iz, who was guarding the outside, left it to other escorts and followed her inside.

When the door was closed, the carriage started roughly.

Regina looked down at the dagger, which was still held in her own hand. 

"It's not the Lady fault." 

Iz must have thought Regina was shocked that the wizard had his arm cut off with the force of her dagger. 

She looked down at the dagger and shook her head.

Putting it back into her sheath, Regina raised her pink eyes and looked straight at Iz.

"I need to learn the sword."

She was threatened twice, so she had no choice but to make up her mind.

She need to protect herself.

The carriage quickly reached the mansion.

The escort in black clothes who were guarding the carriage disappeared again when they reached the mansion.

The butler and Sally, who were out to meet her, seemed a little surprised to see the ferocious carriage.

The door opened and Regina got off with Iz help.

The first things they saw were torn dresses and bloodstains. 



It was already the second time in a short period.

That she came back with her blood on it.

Sally rushed over and tried to support her.

But she refused, as her injuries had already healed, and she had no problems walking.


Arsene, who was coming down the stairs as she entered the mansion, called her name.

Raising her head at the low voice, Arsene's purple eyes scanned her.

His eyes were colder than usual.

As he strode down, he approached her and grabbed her shoulder as if wrapped around the area where the wizard stabbed her.

Seeing the extent to which the clothes were cut and the bloodstains, he sighed as he could see the size of the wound. 


Hearing his sigh, Regina shrugged her shoulders.

He grabbed her by the shoulder and hugged her tightly.

He looked as if he was very upset and worried, but reassured to see his unharmed lover. 

He lowered his head and his lips touched her ear.

"I know you like cases, but I hope you take care of yourself."

His soft voice tickled her fur and pierced her ears.

Regina, buried in his arms, nodded slightly because she had nothing to say.

It certainly seemed that she had a slight tendency to act recklessly.

His fingers ran through her hair.

As his straight fingers brushed her scalp, a strange sensation ran down the back of her neck, giving her goosebumps.

"Just because you have the ability to heal doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.”

All the escorts Arsene gave her were highly skilled.

So if she had waited a little, they could have gotten her out safely.

Of course, it was true that she handled it a little easier and faster thanks to her actions.

However, he was not at ease to see her coming in with blood on her chest.

Although the wound healed without a trace, the fact that the cut did not disappear.

"You should go upstairs and wash yourself, You must have been tired."

When Arsene released her, Sally led her to the bathroom.

Soaking her body in the warm water she had received beforehand, she wiped away the clotted blood and relaxed tense body.

Sally and several other maids massaged her contracted muscles.

Being messaged by them made her feel drowsy.

Regina, who was closing her eyes, suddenly opened as if she had thought of something.

"Oh, come to think of it, Sally.  I hope you don't tell my parents again this time."

The Countess would occasionally ask after Regina through Sally. The last time she came covered in blood, she forgot to stop Sally, so they knew she had been kidnapped.

"Is it really okay if I don't tell the Countess"


It wasn't a big deal, but I don't want to make them worry."

"It's not a big deal....."

If it's not a big deal to get a lot of your own blood, what's the big deal

Sally wanted to refute what she said, but she kept her mouth shut.

"I see."

"Thank you."

Closing her eyes again, she stayed in the bathtub until her body became limp.

When she returned to her room, she dried her hair and all the maids retreated.

Alone in the darkened room with the lights off, silence was suddenly approaching in a big way.

Perhaps because of what happened today, the room, which was normally nothing, suddenly felt empty.

There was only the sound of her moving feet in the silence.

Suddenly, she got goosebumps and quickly approached the bed, and she dug into the blanket.

She wrapped her body in a blanket and sticking her eyes out.

It seemed a little less frightening.

Regina looked at the ceiling of the bed, which was black and hard to see.

Knock knock.

Then someone knocked on the door.

"Come in."

All the maids had left earlier, but she wondered if anyone had anything left, so she answered while pulling up the blanket a little.

The door opened and the light outside made a way.

It was hard to see the face of the person coming in because of the backlight, but there was no problem in recognizing who it was.


Arsene was the only person in the Duke of Greroy's house with a slender and strong physique and brightly shining platinum blonde hair.

As he walked into the room, she raised her upper body to get up.

"Just lying down."

Coming close, he laid her down again as she tried to get up.

At the touch of lightly pressing her shoulder, she accidentally lay down again and even covered her with a blanket.

"What's wrong"

Eventually she lay down and asked him what he was doing, and he pulled out a chair nearby and sat down at her bedside.

"I'm here to put you to sleep in case you can't sleep alone.



"Now, Close your eyes."

Not understanding what he was talking about, she stared at him with her eyes wide open.

Dark purple eyes met her.

Seeing her not listening, he reached out and swept her eyelids. Her eyes closed with the touch.

After that, she felt good that his big hand was pleasantly cool.

Regina felt something loosened up when she thought that he was next to her.

If she made Arsene an enemy, he was the worst enemy, but when he was an ally, he was the strongest ally.

His company gave her a subtle sense of security.

It's funny, too.

Obviously he was the one who could have killed her, but feeling secure.

He lifted his hand and looked down at her with her eyes closed.

"Good night."

Hearing his soft whispering voice, it really felt like sleep was overtaking her.

Her body became heavier.



"It was true that the wound healed instantly."

The shadow hanging in front of Empress Dowager bowed deeply.

She grabbed the sword, wave it and receive their report.

As she heard the story, she tilted her head and looked at the red bloodstains on the tip. 

"This is her blood, right"

"Yes, that's right.

She cut herself in the chest, shaking off the Wizard."

Alicia held her nose close to see if Regina blood smelled anything special.

After smelling it for a while, she took her face off again at the smell of fishy blood that had nothing to earn. 

As she pushed the sword aside, one of the waiting men carefully took the sword and took it somewhere with him.

"What about the Wizard"

"It's ......

Maybe she also had a dagger, and she swung her dagger away and the Wizard got a big cut, and he's being treated." 


Hearing his words, Alicia's eyes widened and suddenly burst into laughter.

"Ahahaha! Hahaha!" 

After laughing for a while, she acted as if she was going to shed her tears and then smiled broadly.

"She's more fun than I thought."


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