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“Deputy…… L-Leeha-hyung-!”

“Ho, hooo, I can’t! This – What the hell is this…”

“Kiskiskis, he really isn’t an ordinary person!”

Uwaaaaah-! As expected of Ha Leeha-nim!!

This is amazing! It’s over! One side of the war is over!!

Kijeong, Tale, and Biyemi could not hide their surprise, and the members of Byeolcho cheered.

“……What do you mean truce How the hell did he do it……”

Kidd shook his head and pressed his hat tightly.

The thought that Leeha had taken another step made him a little impatient.

“Hmm, but I also checked the Crimson Geckos’ performance I will take off the skin of the gold dragon.”

His pride was so strong that he grumbled at the man who couldn’t hear him.

It wasn’t just the people near Alexander.

This ‘notification’ window appeared to everyone to the extent that it was also seen by Alexander and Lee Jiwon.

Of course, all users around the world saw it.

They read the message.

They also understood what it meant.

However, it was not easy to accept.

It was only natural for everyone to speculate.

“Truce Fibiel-Kraven isn’t going to war anymore”

“What does it mean 30 days No, if Kraven ran away, does that mean we’re the only ones left”

Fibiel users were overwhelmed with joy, but Minis users were really confused.

Alexander, who seemed likely to win, suddenly retreated.

In addition, wasn’t it at the same timing of the truce between Fibiel and Kraven Could Minis be at a disadvantage

“Hey, then, will the rankers from Dike Beach come here”

“That’s great! Isn’t Ram Hwajeong there right now”

“If Ram Hwajeong joins…… if we hold out here, then won’t our odds of winning increase Wow, it came out of nowhere.

What happened”

Fibiel users were excited.

Is the war situation that had been worsening since the Marching Plains going to be overturned again Was is possible to occupy Minis’ capital like this

However, the expectations of the users and the judgment of NPCs were different.

Granville also heard the news through Ram Hwayeon, but he wasn’t in a hurry.

He ordered the entire army to retreat.

Boom- boom- boom-.

Drums sounded from both sides.

Minis panicked as expected, and Fibiel got impatient as expected.

However, Ewin and Granville’s first order was to retreat and reorganize.

“Guild master-nim! Retreat! Let’s get back to the main camp!”

“Oh, ah, yes.

Let’s go…… Let’s go.” 

Kijeong was stunned.

What did Leeha do in Dike beach alone Seeing that the quest was completed, it was certain that Leeha had succeeded in the quest.

‘Wasn’t it 20 days Or maybe other conditions were met Did he kill 4 admirals’

A man who had never been on a boat, on the first day he arrived at Dike Beach, went and killed four admirals who were hiding.

‘In one day’

It had already been done, so he had no choice but to believe it, but it was natural to have questions.

Not just Leeha, but everyone else.

“Anyway…… That person really makes people worry.”

“What did you say, Hwahong’s guild master”

“Ah, n-nothing, commander-in-chief-nim.”

“You looked relieved even though our army needs to retreat.”

“No way.

No way.”

Ram Hwayeon waved her hands at Granville’s question.

“I see.

Hurry up, gather the people.”

“Yes, understood.”

Granville turned to the front again.

Everyone was doubtful of Leeha, but Ram Hwayeon quietly clenched her fist and rejoiced.

If Lee Ha-ha knew that there were two more women who were surprised and happy at the same time in addition to Ram Hwayeon, his mouth would have stuck in his ears.

“What happened! Kraven made a truce with Fibiel!”


“Didn’t you say you were confident, Chiyoooooo-!”

“Drake- I am sure Drake-”

“Are you telling me it’s Drake! Yes, Drake.

But what is this That Drake himself made a truce with Fibiel! Didn’t you say that Fibiel’s navy is overwhelmingly inferior Say something!”

Ewyn was enraged.

In front of Minis’ commander-in-chief, who shouted as if all of the things he had been putting up with will explode, Chiyou could not say anything.

Although Ewin gave instructions himself, it was Chiyou who provided information and advice.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“Musketeer Ha Leeha! I knew it, I knew it! Didn’t I tell you W-we should have been careful of that damned bastard.

Whatever the case, we should have dealt with him and then proceeded with the plan!”

“It is my fault.”

“It was our carelessness! We can no longer be careless! Ha! It’s not even funny.

I knew it since he reminded me of the great war 20 years ago, didn’t I tell you Let’s deal with him first!”

“I’m sorry.”

Chiyou couldn’t help but bow her head.

In fact, Ewin once told her. 

‘He reminds me of the Three Musketeers 20 years ago.

Be careful.

He should never be underestimated.’ 

Of course, Chiyou never underestimated Leeha.

Even though she did not underestimate him, Leeha, who signed the truce agreement with Kraven in one day, was just too good.

“What does that matter”



“I asked what it had to do with the truce between Fibiel and Kraven.

We can end this war alone.”

“Hmm, as soon as Bailephus’ magic is sealed, you tucked your tail and ran away-”


Alexander’s spear, which was over 6m tall, shortened in an instant and changed to regular length.

The point of spear was pointed at Chiyou’s neck.

“The moment you open your mouth, you will lose your head.”

“Haa! Why do the people in Fibiel have the right to leave and I don’t Don’t you belong to Minis”

Even Alexander’s threat did not work on Chiyou.

It was because she also heard Alexander talk to Fibiel’s elite users and Granville.

At this point, Chiyou barely noticed.

‘This man is trying to rally the people now.

Only the best of the best.’

Then he couldn’t ignore her.

He couldn’t touch the NPCs that can’t be revived once they died.

He actually opened her mouth in protest to Alexander’s warning, and she could tell by looking at the spear.

“……We must end the war.”

“I agree with that, but, then, why did you not cut Granville’s neck”

Ewin raised his eyebrows and Alexander shut his mouth again.

“Damn it, the hammer had arrived and he refuses to hit the enemy’s neck, so that’s a problem too.

Chiyou! How about the anvil!”

“We started encamping at Fibiel army’s rear.

About 5 hours away.”

“Good, Granville was able to get out, and the flanks couldn’t even move, so let’s proceed slowly.”

Ewin nodded and looked at the battle map.

According to the original strategy, and because of the nature of Granville, Alexander should have come in more straightforwardly.

The flank forces aimed at that gap, and Ewin made the lion-shaped cover he had originally envisioned, and in that state, Faust and Crowley would arrive, complete the encirclement and Alexander would finish it.

Everything went awry when Granville pulled out Fibiel’s forces.

If the Fibiel army unites and reorganizes, it would be meaningless for Minis’ flank to join the main army.

Therefore, Ewin immediately halted the advance of the flank forces.

In other words, it meant that Minis’ main forces currently are in O-shape, and Fibiel forces are gradually reversing their U-shape and are reorganizing it to a vibration-proofing close to □-shape.

And Minis’ detachment from both ends of Fibiel’s army kept them in check, and Crowley and Faust were forming their camp 5 hours away behind Fibiel.

“Hey, Alexander-kung.”

“ Hmm”

Alexander’s eyes raged at the unpleasant way he was called.

The Fox of the Prairie did not care.

“I don’t know what you want, but you’ll have to cooperate with my plans to get what you want.

You want to end this war as quickly as possible.

Don’t you Besides, because the gold dragon is temporarily incapacitated, you won’t be able to communicate…”

Ho, you have to use force at times like this.

It would be difficult to hold back.”


Alexander knew.

Because his closest friend told him.

He has warned the whole flight about the dangers of the soul link Lee Jiwon’s used, and the dangers of his soul mate.

‘If there was no notification window-’ 

Lee Jiwon’s strongest skill would have hit him directly.

He was at max level, but he didn’t know how much health he would lose if he got hit with that skill.

Considering even Hwangryong floated in the air, if that skill had hit him, there would surely be a follow-up.

“Are you saying that we have to prepare for war for peace”

“That’s right.

Human history tells us that it is rather the fastest way.”

Because of the advice of the gold dragon, Fibiel’s elites have been spared.

‘Because I need their strength.

However, when the gold dragon and his life were in danger, Alexander could no longer compromise.

“I will cooperate.”

“Okay, so then…… Chiyou”

“Shall we prepare right away”

Although Ewin did not say much, she already understood the strategy.

Even Ewin, who had been gloomy all the time, softened his expression a little at those words.

“Haha, as expected, your fox-like head is as good as mine.

You can’t fail this time.”

“I will make sure of it.

I don’t think they’re expecting it yet.

Even that person you are wary of……he would not be able to come back immediately.”

Minis’ final strategy was being prepared to break through Fibiel’s army.

And even Chiyou did not know.

It was also outside of Ewin’s expectations.

The existence of a skill that surpassed the mana barrier.


“Yes, sir.”

“Check the damage and number of remaining troops immediately.”


When the advisor NPC called the division commander NPCs and formed a line, Granville looked elsewhere.

“Byeolcho Special force.”


“Can you explain what happened”

Granville’s voice was bright but calm.

The truce with Kraven was certainly good news for him.

The only problem was that he couldn’t understand what happened.

“T-That- oh…”

The sad thing was that even Kijeong did not know.

When Granville called him, he hesitated, but I couldn’t figure out how it happened.

The eyes of all the elites gathered in Granville’s tent focused.

Of course, Byeolcho members also paid attention to each and every move of Kijeong, Lee Jiwon, Ram Hwayeon, Pei Wu, and Ron.

“Come to think of it, your captain is nowhere to be seen.”

“That’s…… right.



Then suddenly, light flashed inside the tent.

Everyone drew their weapons at the sudden activation of magic.

In this critical situation, magic was activated!

“Uh, hmm”

“Who are you!”

“It’s dangerous, commander! Guardian Seal-”

Even Kijeong, who was in front of Granville, raised his shield and cast a skill as the silhouette beyond the light floundered, revealing a familiar figure.

“Haa, haa, Alexander! What about Alexander!”

The light sound pulling the bolt with a click spread through the tent.

In the place where the light slowly disappeared, a person restlessly moved his eyes and touched the curiosity of the people gathered.

“Kidd! Where did Alexander go-”

“Of course, he retreated.

I remember you telling me that you will come as soon as you saw the skill activate…”

As Kidd spoke in a sarcastic tone, the vicious momentum that had gone up until now had gone, and the man revealed his foolish appearance.

“T-That- I came here from Dike beach as soon as I saw it- no, but…… What are you all doing here Didn’t Alexander show up Did he go back How about our forces”

Leeha looked around and tilted his head.


“Ha Leeha!”

Before Kijeong could speak, there was another person who showed her feelings.

Red hair ran across Granville’s tent.

Her hair, which sparkled and twinkled under the light magic, went into Leeha’s arms without hesitation. 

“Kuuooook-! R-Ram Hwayeon Why-”

“Leeha hyuuuuung!“

“Ha Leeha-kun!”

“Kiskis, showing up late and pretending to be the host!”

“That’s right! The truce agreement with Kraven, what have you done, Ha Leeha-nim!”

And after Ram Hwayeon, the Byeolcho members rushed out.

Seeing the people expressing pure joy by embracing Leeha as they literally crushed him, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I-It’s suffocating!”

Leeha had returned to Minis.

It was a situation that Chiyou and the Minis army did not expect.

(To be continued…)


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