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Chapter 1255 A King Cobra!!!

“Clap, clap, clap…”

Sounds of the fierce fighting rang continuously in Fang Qius ears.

He took a closer look.

These people around the pool with the Seven-storey Tower fought frantically and ferociously as they struck out at each other.

Even though many people were injured, they would continue to rush toward the Seven-storey Tower as if they were possessed.

The longer they fought, the more exhausted the people became.

The strong desire in their hearts braced them up as they repeatedly flew at the Seven-storey Tower, regardless of their injuries.

To them, as long as they could get the Seven-storey Tower and eat it, their conditions would take a favorable turn, and their strength would significantly increase.

Hope was right in front of everyone.

For this hope, they were willing to risk their lives!

A few minutes later…

A crowd of injured people pounced on the Seven-storey Tower together.

The few people who still had some strength quickly stopped fighting with each other and turned to stop those people who constantly rushed over.

Unfortunately, there were too many people.

They could defend against ten but not twenty!

The time was right.


Rahman, the Egyptt guru, who had remained stationary, suddenly shot forward with an electrifying burst of speed, which left only his shadow behind.

The terrifying momentum of a guru erupted from his body and sent all the people next to the pool flying back into the air.

Then he reached out to grab the Seven-storey Tower in the pool!

The moment Rahman moved to get it…


With a flick of his wrist, Luoyun unsheathed his sword.

Like a sharp sword, he charged forward, bringing with him a stream of peerlessly sharp Sword Qi as he flashed aside Rahman to thrust the sword at him!


The gurus from Murica, Rashk, Anglan, and Lhexagone attacked simultaneously.

It seemed that the four countries were on the same side, but their gurus would directly strike their allies without hesitation when it came to the critical moment of fighting for benefits.

They all wanted to take the Seven-storey Tower for themselves!

Not only the gurus from the four countries…

It was the same for Francis and Mousolini, who had joined forces.

In a twinkling…

Eight gurus rushed to the pool at the same time and collided fiercely with each other.

Aside, those people who had been sent flying still wanted to rush forward to grab it.

However, after they ventured a few steps ahead, they were sent flying again by the powerful energy Qi emitted by the eight gurus during their fight with each other!

Many people vomited blood under the impact.

The excruciating pain finally brought them to their senses.

These eight people were all gurus.

How could they snatch the Heaven Treasure from these eight gurus


These eight gurus were serious about this.

They were practically going all out to get the Seven-storey Tower.

Given these circumstances, they were headed for their doom if they rushed up again.

As the collisions among the eight gurus became increasingly intense, all kinds of energy Qi spread in all directions, which forced the people around to retreat repeatedly.



Fang Qiu, who hid at the edge, had been observing his surroundings with painstaking care.

Also, he had covered the entire space with his Divine Consciousness, but he didnt notice any unusual movements.

Generally speaking…

There should be Guardian beasts around the Heaven Treasures.

Moreover, this one before them was a super Heaven Treasure which ranked seventh!

Most importantly, in the past two or three thousand years, the mature Heaven Treasures were nowhere to be found, which meant that there must be something in this space.

However, his Divine Consciousness didnt detect anything.

This was truly weird.

“Is there really nothing else”

Fang Qius eyes swept around the place thoroughly.

After making sure there was nothing particular around, he looked up at the magnificent palace.

The palace was like a castle, with three triangle towers like Egyptt pyramids on top.

Right now…

Everyone was inside the patio of the palace.

On both sides were pillars engraved with many pictographic murals.

They were fatter in the middle and thinner at the end.

At the top of each stone pillar was a stone basin that one could just get ones arms around it.

Fang Qiu had no idea what they were used for.

Before the pond where the Seven-storey Tower grew were only four steps.

Up these steps was a wide path paved with stones used to construct the pyramid.

It led directly into the palace.

The palace had no gate.

Fang Qiu could see the situation inside at a glance.

Because Fang Qiu had been looking around, he didnt carefully study the palaces interior.

With this chance…

Fang Qiu looked up.


Other than a few luminous pearls, there wasnt anything else in the palace.

Like the outside, there were many stone pillars on both sides of the palace hall.

Among those stone pillars on the right side lay a stone sculpture that looked like a coiled dragon.


The floor of the palace hall was thickly covered with many broken pieces of what seemed to be rocks.


Fang Qiu frowned.

He didnt detect any energy aura there — there was nothing in the palaces hall either.

At this time…

At the edge of the pool…

The eight gurus were locked in a tangled fight.

Among the fierce collisions, a huge explosion was heard.

Then the seven of them were instantly pushed far away by this powerful force.

There was only one person near the pool!

Fang Qiu took a closer look.

Surprisingly, that person was none other than the Murica guru, a descendant of Vampires!


Everyones eyes narrowed sharply!

Fang Qius heart was instantly filled with anxiety.

He mobilized his internal Qi and decided not to hide his strength anymore.

He had to get the Seven-storey Tower first.

Over there…

The Murica guru was stunned for a moment.

Then, with a look of ecstasy on his face, he reached out to seize the Seven-storey Tower.

Everyone felt a prickle of disquiet.

Right at this moment…



A deafening howl rang out.

A stream of powerful energy Qi, which was as thick as a bucket, suddenly rushed over from afar.

Like a bolt of lightning, the unparalleled powerful energy Qi flashed before the Murica guru in a second.

It slashed at his back, which sent him flying instantly.

This sudden scene stunned everyone present.

Fang Qiu quickly turned to look.


A huge, triangular-shaped head with a wide-open mouth appeared at the palace entrance before the pool.

There was a sharp horn growing above its head!

Everyone turned to look at it.

When the giant snake closed its mouth, the incomparably powerful energy Qi that had sent the Murica guru flying dissipated in an instant.

Upon closer inspection, Fang Qiu found that below its head, the snake was golden in color, the same color as the floor.

It was that stone sculpture in the palace!

Right now…

The enormous snake, with its long, statue-like body, slithered outside.

With every movement it took, cracks appeared on its statue-like body.

Through those cracks, one could see that the giant snake was pulling rapidly away from its cracked skin.

By the time it stripped off the skin, the enormous snake had already wound its way out of the palace.

At present, it coiled itself up on the large open space in front of the palace entrance.

Slowly, it raised its head.

When it abruptly hissed, the place near its head where its heart was suddenly became hollow.

Seeing this…

Many people paled with fear.

Some weaker ones freaked out completely and even wet themselves!

“A cobra, a king cobra!”

“Im a dead man.

Were done.

How could there be such an enormous cobra”

“I dont want to die.

I want to live.”

Some people even howled in fear.

This king cobra was excessively huge.

Not to mention them…

Even Fang Qiu and the eight gurus were petrified.


There was a difference between them.

The eight gurus and other people were astonished at its enormous size, but Fang Qiu was attracted by something else.

That was the king cobras abdomen.

Above its abdomen, Fang Qiu spotted four protruding bumps that looked like claws that hadnt been fully formed!

“Is it still a snake”

Fang Qiu was secretly shocked.

At this moment, he finally understood why pieces of broken stones were strewn all over the palace.

He had thoroughly searched around with his Divine Consciousness but perceived no aura.

Why did it only appear when the Seven-storey Tower was about to be taken away

All of this was because it was a snake!

Judging from how the king cobra slid out of the palace, he knew it wasnt sealed in the stone sculpture.

Instead, the thing that looked like a piece of carved stone was actually its snake slough!

Why couldnt his Divine Consciousness detect any aura at all It was because this king cobra evolved by using this form of hibernation!

Snakes were cold-blooded animals.

Once they entered into a hibernation phase, they would become cold without any heat.

In addition, the Qi of Heaven and Earth in its body would completely be suppressed, unlike the Qi of Heaven and Earth that floated about.

Thus, Fang Qiu failed to discern it in the beginning.



This king cobra must have been evolving for a long time.

It was aware when everyone came in.

Yet, it didnt show up because it was waiting for the evolution to be complete.

Just now…

When the Murica guru was about to pick up the Seven-storey Tower, it had to arouse itself from its hibernation.

After blasting the Murica guru into the air, it forcibly removed its snake slough and completed this evolution!

“If this Seven-storey Tower ripens once in a hundred years, this king cobra must have taken in at least dozens of them.

If it had not forced the closure of the evolution and evolved for a longer period, the bulges on its abdomen would turn into more apparent claws.

If it evolved again, Im afraid it will turn into a flood dragon!”

Fang Qiu was secretly shocked.

Over there…

The king cobra was entrenched on the open ground as it raised its head high and cast an indifferent glance at the crowd.

In its eyes, these people were no different from ants.

It looked down upon all of them, including these gurus!

They saw the king cobras disdainful look.

Everyone on the scene was even more shocked.

The eight gurus looked at each other and nodded secretly, ready to fight at any time.

But the king cobra…

After it glanced at everyone in a casual and disdainful manner, it fixed its eyes on the Seven-storey Tower in the pool that shone with such a colorful light.

The king cobras tongue flicked out quickly a few times.

Its eyes glittered with greed — it wanted to eat the Seven-storey Tower!

“If it devours this Seven-storey Tower, it might instantly transform into a flood dragon!”

Fang Qiu was secretly taken aback.

Over there…

Luo Yun hurriedly warned everyone loudly.

“We cant let it eat the Seven-storey Tower; otherwise, all of us will die here!”

The other gurus also understood what he meant.

They didnt dare to hesitate and exerted every ounce of their energy to attack it.

Over there…


The king cobra suddenly opened its mouth and roared at everyone.

Then, it tilted its huge head forward and slithered rapidly toward the Seven-storey Tower!

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