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MEIWITA Chapter 589: Preparations and Support

The temporary high- level alliance of Tian’ling Continent.

The superiors of the Six Sects sat together with the superiors of the Array Alliance, Pill Tower, Smithing Pavilion, and Tamers Pagoda to view the projection from the crystal ball.

Seeing Lou Mu Yan and Ming Xiu work together to repair the array and arrange the Four Symbols Killing Array, they were extremely surprised.

“Lou Mu Yan and Chi Xiu’s array talents are so strong.” The Grand Ancestor of the Sword Sect sighed with emotions.

“Yeah! Especially Lou Mu Yan, just how long has it been only, yet she’s already advanced to grade 7 array master.

It truly makes the old fellows of our Array Alliance ashamed!” The Grand Ancestor of the Array Alliance gave a bitter smile.

The Grand Ancestor of the Tamers Pagoda watched the swarms of Scarlet Bees fly out and said excitedly: “Look! Lou Mu Yan’s raised such a high-level Scarlet Bee colony, is she still a human”

Ancestor Tian Xuan originally wore a gentle smile, but when he heard his words, he blew his beard, “You old thing isn’t a human, my precious disciple has good talent for taming, what’s the fuss about, you truly don’t have experience!”


The others twitched the corners of their lips.

It was already amazing to be able to control so many Scarlet Bees, so how could they not make a fuss Would this old thing die if he didn’t show off!

When seeing Lou Mu Yan control the Scarlet Bee colony and Ming Xiu control the array to destroy such a powerful devil army without any delay, all the superiors present were utterly shocked.

“Lou Mu Yan and Ming Xiu can fight one against a thousand!”

They were not only shocked by the annihilation of the devil race legion, but also by the fact that even they, themselves, could probably only meet the fate of defeat facing the two of them.

Just how long had it been, yet the two young people had surpassed them old fellows who had been cultivating for hundreds of years.

Before they could calm, the four applications fell on their desk.

“The four lines of defence have simultaneously sent applications requesting for support from Lou Mu Yan and Chi Xiu.

What do you all think” The Grand Ancestor of the Heavenly Secret Palace knocked on the table with the applications and asked.

“They sure are smart.

With those two joining, why would there be anymore worry about the instability of the defence lines.” The Sword Sect’s Grand Ancestor said.

Ancestor Tian Xuan furrowed his brows, “The power of the arrays arranged by the two of them is stronger than an individual arrangement, and it’s level could even be promoted, so they can’t be separated.

The four locations can’t receive support at the same time.”

“How about I send them a message to reinforce the nearest eastern defence line.

This line of defence is also the weakest to begin with.

If the two of them can jointly arrange a defence-type killing array, the line of defence can be protected at least.”

The Elder of the Array Alliance continued to suggest: “Then ask them to build a great array for the other three lines of defence so that it’d at least be very difficult for the devil army to conquer the four lines of defence and could delay a lot of time for us to counterattack.”

The other superiors also thought that his words were very reasonable.

With the serial killing arrays that Lou Mu Yan and Ming Xiu had just set up outside Yan’zhou Kingdom, if they combined a large defensive array with it, the devil race definitely wouldn’t be able to break through the four lines of defence at all.

Ancestor Tian Xuan stood at the highest peak of this continent and naturally wouldn’t object to such a decision.

Not to mention Lou Mu Yan and Ming Xiu, even these superior officials would immediately participate in the plan to attack the headquarters of the devil race of the Hidden city.

After a moments silence, he said, “I can send a message to the stinky girl about this matter, but you’ve also seen that the arrangement of the two’s arrays not only requires high-level materials for refining array compasses, but also requires exhausting a lot of spiritual stones.

You can’t possibly have them both be burdened with it right”

“Of course.

Defending against the devil race’s capture is a matter for the entire Tian’ling continent.

If they act, we naturally should provide resources.” The Heavenly Secret Palace’s Grand Ancestor nodded.

Although his Highness was the Hall Master of the Ming Chamber of Commerce Alliance, but it was impossible for him to pay the consumption of the entire continent’s four lines of defence arrays.

Even if he could provide that many resources, it was impossible to let him pay it alone.

If it weren’t for Lou Mu Yan, he was certain that his Highness would never agree to do such a thing.

After all, his Highness wasn’t a person from Tian’ling Continent and he was not obliged to take responsibility of preventing the Continent from being invaded.

All the other superiors agreed, “It’s only appropriate to provide resources.

As long as the two of then act, all the materials and spiritual stones they need will be a shared responsibility between the Sects, forces, Kingdoms, and distinguished clans on the four defence lines.

“Then this matter will trouble you Tian Xuan.”

Ancestor Tian Xuan was more suitable than any of them.

After all, Lou Mu Yan was not only a pupil of the Eight Extremes Sect, but also his precious disciple.

“Alright! You can all go prepare some resources first.”

Not long after resting in the border town, Lou Mu Yan took out a large amount of grade 4 to 6 pills and tossed them to Yun Tian Chen for him to distribute to the people who stood on the Lou Clan’s side before, making the entire Yan’zhou Kingdom’s superiors feel like they had been given a stimulant.

In particular, the people from the clans who had to be taken out of Yan’zhou Kingdom because they drew the line with the Lou Clan all felt much bitterness, but couldn’t voice it.

Many pupils secretly complained that the elders of their clans didn’t act reasonably and instead harmed an entire Clan.

The clans who benefited were all surprised and excited, and from then on, decided to follow in the footsteps of the Lou Clan.

The royal family not only obtained a lot of grade 5 and 6 pills, but also a batch of resources provided by Lou Mu Yan.

Yun Tian Chen and Ancestor Yun were extremely excited.

With this batch of pills and resources, after the devils were driven out of Tian’ling Continent, they’d definitely be able to train many high-level powerhouses and become a superpower Kingdom.

The Lou Clan of the Imperial Capital of Yan’zhou Kingdom.

For some reason, Lou Mu Yan felt that she might not be able to return for a very long time after leaving the Lou Clan this time, so she first went into seclusion and refined a large amount of pills and talismans for the Lou Clan.

After preparing resources for Lou Zhan Tian to reach Peak-Phase Sword Deity, she also left resources for Lou Mo Yu and the two Lou Clan brothers, and only then did Lou Mu Yan leave her room.

“Yan’er, your Master sent a message.” Ming Xiu knew what Lou Mu Yan had done in the past days.

Although he was a little puzzled why she had prepared so many resources for the Lou Clan, but didn’t ask much.

Lou Mu Yan always had her reasons for what she did and he’d just support her silently.

Lou Mu Yan took the Communication Talisman in Ming Xiu’s hand and read it, then said: “Master sent a message saying that the people from the four lines of defence sent an application request at the same time, hoping that the two of us would go support them.”

“Did he tell us what to do” Ming Xiu had already guessed the request for support from the four lines of defence.

“He asked us to jointly arrange four combined offensive and defensive arrays for the four defence lines that can delay the invasion time for at least three months so that they can prepare for counterattack.”

Lou Mu Yan played with the Communication Talisman, then said with a smile after a pause: “The resources we need will be provided by the temporary high-level alliance on this continent, so we don’t need to worry.”

“Should we go to the Eastern Front to support first” Ming Xiu asked.

“Mm, the Eastern Front is the weakest of the four fronts.

After all, the Eastern Region is the weakest of the four main regions.

Plus were the closest to there.” Lou Mu Yan nodded.

Ming Xiu said with a smile: “Yan’er can decide!”

Lou Mu Yan’s eyes were dyed with warmth.

She knew that if it wasn’t for her, Ming Xiu wouldn’t interfere too much with the internal affairs of Tian’ling Continent.

He would only destroy the plan to obtain the lost Devil Race War Ruins of the devils.

“Then let’s set off in a bit.”


Random Note: Thanks guys, I just found some time for an update! I am having a lot of fun in Korea hehe.

Made full use of my time.

I love learning about another culture, its language and customs.

And here’s me wearing a beautiful hanbok I chose for myself.

Isn’t it pretty!!!!

I really want to travel to other countries, experience their culture, and try on their traditional clothes.

My next goal is (hopefully) a Europe tour or at least somewhere in Europe.

I’ll see where my wallet takes me XD

Anywho, I’ll be leaving for Japan soon, woo!


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