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Chapter 10: You Were Right to Remind Me

Before Su Yun had the chance to reply to Shen Yuanye’s words, she looked back reflectively before being rendered stunned.

Lin Huixin was seen lying on the edge of the swimming pool, in an attempt to lug a man up with a long towel.

Both their faces contorted with fear and panic.

Meanwhile, the complexions of the others in the pool began to turn ugly, and even their bodies started to twitch.

Hearing some faint sounds, Shen Yuanye asked, “Something happened”

At this juncture, she could be certain that this Weibo prediction would never go wrong.

So far, there had been two consecutive predictions and not once had it made a single mistake.

However, she was not sure whether things would turn out alright this time.

Coming back to her senses, Su Yun did not even reply to Shen Yuanye, but instead, she threw her phone and grabbed a pole next to her.

Immediately right after, she extended it towards the nearest man in the pool and shouted, “Grab onto it!”

The movements of those in the pool seemed to have been affected.

For some reason, the man was struggling with an easy action, like grabbing onto something.

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How did something like this happen

As for the last person in the pool, he was nearly submerged in the water.

Yet, under this sort of situation, they could not jump into the pool.

Hence, all they could do was pray that he was able to survive.

Su Yun once again grabbed the pole and moved it towards that man.

This indoor swimming pool was not very big, but the actual massive one was situated on the other side.

Coincidentally, it happened to be the one the group was initially intending to go to.

Once he was nearing the edge, Lin Huixin and the man next to her threw towels onto the other party’s arms and pulled that person out of the pool.

However, their hearts sank as soon as they caught sight of his appearance.

Everyone was here for a vacation, yet something like this occurred.

If the man were to lose his life just like that, how were they going to come to terms with it

Noticing how the lastly rescued man’s complexion had begun to turn pale, Su Yun could not be bothered with anything else and rushed over to his side and started to give him emergency medical treatment.

Watching from the sidelines, Lin Huixin was beginning to feel alarmed.

“What do I do What do I do Su Yun, what do we do now”

While giving pressure, Su Yun instructed calmly, “When will the ambulance be here You should go look for the person-in-charge of this hotel!”

Having never encountered this sort of situation, Lin Huixin was so frightened that she was on the verge of tears.

Upon hearing Su Yun’s instructions, she forced herself to search for the hotel’s hotline in a wobbly fashion.

Since she was the one who booked the hotel, now that an accident occurred, she was partly at fault.

On top of that, she was also the reason why everyone was out swimming on this night.

As soon as the person-in-charge was informed of the accident, he arrived shortly.

Seeing the ground was laid with unconscious people, he was scared out of his wits, hurriedly stating that he had already called for an ambulance and the police. 

Sweeping her gaze over the unconscious people, Su Yun discovered that apart from the lastly rescued one who had stopped breathing, the others were still alright.

Apart from the person-in-charge, numerous hotel staff also came up, giving them emergency medical treatment skillfully.

It was just that the man’s complexion did not recover until the ambulance arrived.

On the sidelines, the person-in-charge kept running his mouth about how they would be compensated in the future, so long as they kept their mouths sealed about this accident. 

If news of this accident were exposed, the hotel’s reputation would plummet and it would be bound to affect their business in the future.

It was such a massive loss that the person-in-charge could not afford to let it happen.

Upon hearing this, Lin Huixin jolted awake in horror and exclaimed, “Shouldn’t you be concerned about their safety All this time, you have only been concerned about this hotel’s reputation.

A person-in-charge, like you, should go screw yourself!”

She had always been audacious, but now, she had lost her temper.

Seeing how things had panned out, it would seem that she had booked the wrong hotel!

Watching the doctors and nurses carried these people away, Su Yun’s lips turned pale.

Making her way back to the lounger that she sat on before, she picked up her phone, which indicated that she was still on a call.

The name shown on it could not be any clearer.

The person-in-charge was still talking to Lin Huixin as portions of their conversation resounded into her ears, making her already agitated heart become all the more chaotic.

Taking a deep breath, Su Yun admitted, “You are right.”

The sound reverberated to the other end of the line.


In the space of a few moments, the other line went silent as soon as Shen Yuanye asked whether something had happened.

During that lapse of time, she could hear the occasional shoutings of “Grab this.”

In her heart, Shen Yuanye knew very well that something must have happened. 

Su Yun obviously knew something seemed to be going on here.

In the picture, Shen Yuanye saw there were six other people, except for Su Yun, but she was unsure whether they would be alright.

It was only after the intermittent noises was Su Yun’s voice transmitted through the line.

Upon hearing her words, Shen Yuanye was rendered stunned, not responding at all.

Shallow breathing could be heard through the line, yet it was entirely mixed up, to the point where she was not able to differentiate whether it was hers or Su Yun’s.

Taking a seat, Su Yun stared at the swimming pool whose calmness had once again been restored.

If someone were to enter the hotel now, no one would have known that something so thrilling had occurred at that swimming pool earlier.

“Yuanye, it was I who didn’t take your words seriously,” Su Yun whispered.

Upon hearing this, no traces of anger washed over Shen Yuanye.

When Su Yun reckoned Shen Yuanye spewed false words before, she even went as far as to address her as ‘Miss Shen.’ Even so, Shen Yuanye knew the reason behind it. 

Hence, she said softly, “It’s great to hear that everything is alright.”

It took Shen Yuanye a while before she was able to ask thoughtfully, “Sister Yun, are you alright Are the others in the pool alright”

Su Yun replied, “I’m fine since I didn’t get into the pool.

Only one person’s condition is critically serious, but I’m still unsure what’s going on with the pool.

It seems like everything occurred at the same time.” 

Even for Shen Yuanye, she was also unsure of the reason, as she only knew that something would happen after seeing the picture.

Hence, all she could do was comfort Su Yun.

After all, there was not much else she could do.

It was only after getting off the phone did Su Yun have time to head over to Lin Huixin’s side.

Finally, the police had arrived.

On the one hand, a group of them went on to investigate the swimming pool issue, while on the other hand, another group was questioning both Su Yun and Lin Huixin, as well as the only man who was safe and sound.

A total of seven people traveled here for a vacation——four had been sent to the hospital while the remaining three went downstairs.

When Lin Huixin left the room requisitioned temporarily by the police, it seemed as if she had wilted and practically threw herself onto Su Yun.

“Su Yun…”

Calm and collected, Su Yun patted Lin Huixin on her back comfortingly.

“It’ll be alright.

Let’s wait for the news from the police and hospital.

I think that man is just in shock, so he should be alright.”

“This has really scared me out of my skin…” Lin Huixin was still haunted by the experience.

At that time, she was just about to enter the water, or rather, she was at the edge of the pool, halfway into the water.

Feeling sensations of numbness and discomfort, she immediately pulled herself out of the pool.

Noticing her friend next to her was also feeling uncomfortable in the pool, she began to call for help.

Without any hesitation, she pulled him out of the pool almost immediately. 

Fortunately, she was able to pull him up in time.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Immediately right after, the police, who were investigating at the pool, returned.

As such, Su Yun pulled Lin Huixin along as she made her way to the police.

Since she was fluent in English, she had no issues with this conversation.

Shortly after, she got to know the reason for the accident.

She repeated the sentence in a low voice, “There’s an electrical leakage from the light at the bottom of the pool……”

The conversation between the police and the person-in-charge of the hotel was soon relayed to them.

With a stern face, Su Yun’s gaze swept over that direction from time to time.

According to their investigation, the hotel had installed lights at the bottom of this pool.

However, they were not diligent in the maintenance of their facilities, so something like this occurred after a prolonged time.

It was still alright in the beginning, but then it broke out.

The person-in-charge of the hotel immediately tracked down some maintenance workers.

Trembling with fear, the maintenance workers explained, “……I thought nothing would go wrong, so I didn’t take this seriously……”

Even with that said, but in actual fact, that was never the case.

With the police around, there was no way for this worker to conceal his lies.

As such, he soon revealed the truth, and it turned out that they had taken the money that was for the maintenance.

Without proper maintenance, there would definitely be danger lurking around.

It just so happened that Su Yun and her group ran into it.

It was not until the next day did Su Yun, who was up all night, finally receive an update from the hospital.

Apparently, that man was out of danger.

Like what she had speculated, he had indeed been in shock at that time.

Luckily, they gave him emergency medical treatment in a nick of time.

However, he was in a critical condition and had yet to wake up.

Hence, he was required to be hospitalized for observation.

Upon hearing this result, Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

Kneading her tired eyes, she entered the washroom to wash her face.

It was only then did she feel more refreshed.

Looking into the mirror, it seemed her complexion looked absolutely horrendous.

However, it was no time for her to worry about this, so she took care of it casually.

After unlocking her phone, she discovered that her phone interface remained the same as yesterday.

Yet, that row of Shen Yuanye was still particularly conspicuous. 

Recalling how she was still telling Lin Huixin that Shen Yuanye was only a girl who wanted her attention and had intentions to move up in her career, Su Yun had now changed her mind entirely. 

So, call her practical, but ever since she had undergone that terrifying coincidence yesterday, she could no longer regard Shen Yuanye as an ordinary model.

Even now, Shen Yuanye’s appearance when she told Su Yun this still lingered in her mind.

Although she did appear somewhat hesitant, not once did Su Yun pick up any traces of guilt on her.

In just those few and short contacts that they had, not only did she know that Su Yun would be going for a swim in the future, but she also knew that something would go wrong when she did so. 

Even those so-called great masters, whom some celebrities in the entertainment industry befriended privately, did not have access to this sort of ability.

On second thought, Su Yun dialed her number and stated straightforwardly, “Yuanye, I’m really grateful to you this time.

I was really arrogant and careless before.

If you need anything in the future, feel free to approach me.”

Whether it was a coincidence or whether she indeed had this ability, it was beneficial for her to befriend Shen Yuanye.

The author has something to say:

Embarking on the road of a swindler!

The best supporting role in this novel: Weibo


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