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Chapter 103: The murderer is so ruthless.

But after she came around, it was normal to have a cold sweat on her back.

Shen Yuanye had seen a lot of situations like this in the past six months, and the images provided on Weibo were rather scary.

Those that died of a normal death were not as terrifying, but those who were murdered were generally very terrifying.

Feng Ying could not have committed suicide like this.

She was a girl who showed off her wealth and beauty; how could she die in the sewer like that Someone definitely threw her corpse in there.

Shen Yuanye opened her eyes to watch the video.


One more minute.

The time to look at Weibo predictions had not yet ended, so she could watch the video again.

After clicking to play, the cover of the video disappeared immediately, and another scene appeared immediately, with Feng Ying in the center of the screen.

Feng Ying’s facial expression seemed to show that she could not believe what was happening.

Then Shen Yuanye noticed that her hand was on her lower abdomen, and there was a silver glint in the darkness.

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When Shen Yuanye heard this sentence, she knew that the murderer opposite Feng Ying should be someone she knew, and they might even have a good relationship.


This sentence obviously showed that she was not able to believe it.

Just when she was thinking, the murderer stabbed the knife in again.

Feng Ying cried out in pain.

Her face was pale, and she fell to the ground, staring blankly.

Fifteen seconds had passed since the video showed this series of events.

Soon, Shen Yuanye saw a hand appear.

That hand took out the knife and stabbed another wound into her body.

Now, Feng Ying couldn’t even make a sound, and she passed out.

The murderer was still not satisfied and stabbed her a few more times.

The reason why she knew she had fainted, not died, was because the last moment of the death video was the last second before death.

The video had not yet ended, so she couldn’t have been dead.

A scene that surprised Shen Yuanye appeared.

The murderer suddenly blocked the screen.

She didn’t know what they were doing.

She could only see a black figure moving.

After more than ten seconds, the black moved away.

The video had been frozen, focusing on Feng Ying’s side, and more than ten seconds had passed.

Shen Yuanye finally heard the sound from inside; the sound of the manhole cover being removed, and then the footsteps approaching again.

The owner of that hand pushed and rolled Feng Ying until she appeared at the entrance of the sewer, with the manhole cover beside it.

So the place where the murderer dumped the body was originally here.


Feng Ying was pushed into the sewer, but her body got stuck at the entrance.

The murderer couldn’t push the body for a long time and finally decided to be ruthless and cut off one leg with a knife.

Then Feng Ying fell straight into it, covered by sewage, only showing her face.

The murderer probably didn’t expect that she was still breathing.

After all, it was not impossible to be in a period of shock and then die.

The video had reached the last few seconds.

At that moment, the manhole cover was pushed and closed again.

Everything was calm, and the footsteps were getting farther away.

Here, the video ended.

Shen Yuanye had an idea in her heart.

In the sewer, there must be sewage circulating.

Feng Ying’s body and the leg that was cut off were separated like this, so they were found in two places.

The murderer was really ruthless.

Shen Yuanye wanted to frown when she saw the scene just now, and the sounds were still ringing in her ear, which was disturbing and unbearable.

The killer’s hand…

This was the only thing exposed in the scene.

Shen Yuanye frowned and thought about it again.


She chose to follow Feng Ying anonymously again and watched the death video again.

The answer in her heart became clearer.


Feng Ying’s boyfriend was quickly brought to the bureau.

His name was Zhu Xianming, and he was twenty-five years old this year.

He had an honest appearance, and it would be hard to tell that he would do something like spray paint on other people’s homes.

Of course, a book can’t be judged by its cover.

In the murder cases from previous years, there were many murderers who were ordinary in appearance and ordinary in character, but ended up committing perverted murders.

Zhu Xianming was very happy to learn of Feng Ying’s death.

When Liu Heyang arrived at the interrogation room, he said, “I know you suspect that I am the murderer, but I am not.

However, Feng Ying is dead.

That’s really heartwarming.

I wished for her to die in my dreams!”

There was hatred burning in his eyes.

He, a person with a bright future, was infected with AIDS like this.

Even if he knew that there was a medicine to suppress it, so what He was always worried.

His family was afraid, his friends were afraid, and everything had changed.

Liu Heyang understood his thoughts and asked, “How did you get AIDS”


Referring to this, Zhu Xianming gritted his teeth: “Feng Ying, that b*tch, was infected by someone in the club, and gave it to me when she came back!”

When he first met Feng Ying, he knew that she worked at the Tulip Club, but the club had a good reputation, so he thought it was a normal job.

Moreover, he and Feng Ying hadn’t been dating for a long time, and he had no right to restrict her private life.

He had never been to where she lived.

Most of the time, when the two were out on a date, they had s*x in a hotel or where he lived.

Two weeks ago, the company organized them to donate blood.

Because each company had certain requirements, although Zhu Xianming did not sign up, he was also signed up by the company, so he had to follow.

Before donating blood, the company prepared a full-body physical examination for everyone.

It was during this physical examination that Zhu Xianming was told that he had AIDS.

At that time, he was completely stunned.

This news also leaked out for some unknown reason, and people in the company looked at him strangely.

Some people even gave him a euphemistic reminder to resign.

It was not easy to find a job like this in Beijing, especially since his education was not very high.

If he missed it, there would be no chance.

The manager had also spoken out, and if he did not resign, he would find a reason to fire him.

Zhu Xianming could only leave the company.

He usually didn’t come into contact with strangers.

After re-examination in the hospital, he felt that the disease should have been transmitted by someone else, and the most likely one was Feng Ying.

“…I followed Feng Ying for a few days and found that not only did she have me as a boyfriend, but she was also intimate with another old man, kissing in the car.” Zhu Xianming showed disgust.

He took a photo to find someone to check with, and quickly found the man’s information.

Feng Ying was his sugar baby.

Zhu Xianming was really angry, and after a big fight with her, Feng Ying also knew that she had AIDS.

She cried that she was infected by that old man.

He ignored her cries and sprayed paint on the door of her apartment.

Unexpectedly, Feng Ying was now dead.

Zhu Xianming said: “I loathe her, but I don’t want to murder people.

I want to live a little longer.

I don’t have much time left.”

When it was first determined that he was infected, he really hated her so much that he wanted to kill her, but in the end, he held back.

This disease worried him every day about when he would die.

Sometimes he thought that he might just commit suicide.

But for Feng Ying, he really had no intention of killing people.

Liu Heyang sighed a few times in his heart, feeling that even death would not expiate Feng Ying’s sins, but he still asked, “Where were you four days ago”

“I was at home.

You can find surveillance if you don’t believe me!” Zhu Xianming said, “Since I got sick, I haven’t gone out much, and I’ve bought everything online.”

Because if he went out, he was afraid of seeing other people’s strange expressions.

Liu Heyang asked several other questions, and the answers he got were nothing special.

The picture given in the surveillance over there was the same as in his transcript.

Although Zhu Xianming seemed to have sufficient motivation, he still had an alibi, and he was not suspected of murder for the time being.

He sorted out the transcripts and Cao Yan’s, and prepared them for Jiang Pan.

Jiang Pan and Li Chen had just returned from Feng Ying’s apartment.

They were looking for the man in the photo and Feng Ying’s possible sugar daddy.

Liu Heyang’s transcript gave the answer.

The photo in her bedroom was of her and her ex-boyfriend, Zhu Xianming.

Jiang Pan stated aloud: “Cao Yan found out that there was no contact two days ago.”

Liu Heyang was taken aback, “Ah, is there anything special here”

Jiang Pan frowned at him and said, “You are in charge of inquiring about Cao Yan.

Feng Ying died four days ago.

Does her transcript match this”

Only then did Liu Heyang realize that he had left out this information and immediately took it out to read it again, “Could there be a problem with Cao Yan”

Feng Ying died four days ago.

Cao Yan’s transcript said that Feng Ying was always on time, but she also said that she could not be contacted two days ago.

This problem is indeed a bit obvious.

Either she remembered it wrongly or she lied.

“Re-examine her.”

Liu Heyang felt guilty, “Yes!”

Jiang Pan’s phone suddenly vibrated.

“Captain, do you have any new clues The forensic doctor has already dissected Feng Ying’s body.” Liu Heyang added, “The suspected assault was disguised.

Feng Ying was not assaulted, but her lower body was put through other things.”

It wasn’t like they hadn’t had these kinds of cases before.

Liu Heyang continued: “Feng Ying’s boyfriend, Zhu Xianming, is not suspected for the time being, but it is possible that his alibi is fabricated.

I’ll go check on Cao Yan again first.”

Because she was the reporter of the case, they subconsciously paid less attention to her, which was indeed a serious mistake.

Liu Heyang felt relieved that his captain found out.

Otherwise, if Cao Yan really had a problem, and he didn’t find it, there would be another delay.

Jiang Pan took out his phone, saw the WeChat notification on the screen, and guessed a little.

Sure enough, after unlocking, Shen Yuanye’s message jumped out.

Seeing that the captain was not listening to his report, Liu Heyang leaned over to look at it without fear of death, and the line of words appeared clearly in his sight.

Shen Yuanye: “The murderer may be a woman Feng Ying knows.”


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