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Chapter 104: How could there be human blood.

Liu Heyang glanced at the captain in surprise.

When did the two of them secretly meet She had refused to be the consultant in the open, but then sent the captain a private WeChat message.

And the captain’s WeChat account was not the regular type of difficulty to obtain.

There was once a girl who died, the final result they determined after investigating was suicide.

The friend of the deceased girl had tried her best to flirt with the captain when he was making a record of her information and transcript.    

At the end, she left without getting anything.


Liu Heyang hurriedly took a step back, lowered his head and looked down.

Then he said, “Captain, I’ll go and bring Cao Yan over now.”

Jiang Pan replied a few words, looked up, and said, “No, go directly to where she lives.”

Liu Heyang gave a sigh, “Then let’s go now, I’m afraid that if she runs away, then we will be in the situation where we draw water with a bamboo basket.” (TLN: Means that all their hard work will be in vain)

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Cao Yan had her back turned to them and held a laundry tub, “What are you doing with this”


The woman sighed, “I asked someone from outside to help me bring this over to make a table, but it was too heavy.

It took him more than an hour to move it here, and he refuses to move it any more.”

After listening to her words, Cao Yan put down the laundry tub.

“Among us, you have the strongest power, so I asked you for help.” The woman added quickly, “I’ll invite you to dinner at noon, so you don’t have to cook.”

Cao Yan smiled: “Okay.”

She could use her power that was pretty much useless otherwise in exchange for a meal, it could save a lot of money for grocery shopping.

Liu Heyang and the others were standing not far away, blocked by the sheets floating from the clothes drying line.

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but comment, “No matter how great her power is, she can’t move it.”

Let alone a woman, this slate might not even budge if it was given to him.

But as soon as he finished speaking, Cao Yan rubbed her hands together, bent down and picked the slate straight up, and walked directly in.


“Just next to the door! Cao Yan, it’s so amazing that you are this strong!”

“My power is really just useful for this.”

“Next time I ask you for help, I’ll give you money!”


The two went back and forth, and the three slates were moved from the open space to the public rental housing, and was well placed next to the door on the ground.

The party involved, Cao Yan, was just sitting on the steps below, gasping for breath.

Her face had only turned a bit red, it wasn’t too much work for her.

Liu Heyang was dumbfounded: “She has too much strength…”

Ren Lulu felt it even deeper as a woman, “Her strength is not just the regular large power.

I can only move that thing a little distance.

I believe it a little bit now…”

Cao Yan’s record had flaws, indicating that there was a possibility that she was a suspect.

Now that they have seen such a scene with their own eyes, it seemed that the dismemberment of a body was not a problem for her.

Jiang Pan said, “Okay.”

The group stepped forward, the woman was facing them, and when she saw the police appear here, she was stunned and asked, “Officer, what happened”

Cao Yan turned back quickly, and when she saw the group of people, her eyes were obviously panicked.

She wiped her hand behind her clothes, and then said, “Is there any news about Feng Ying Have you guys confirmed the murderer”

Liu Heyang glanced at Jiang Pan who was observing the surroundings and said, “We need to ask you some questions, is there a suitable place”

Jiang Pan looked around the whole place.


This area was not monitored, and it was very chaotic, so if Cao Yan really was the murderer, her actions would not be restricted.

Cao Yan paused for a moment, “Yes, let’s go to where I live.”

She turned her head and said to the woman: “The colleague I mentioned before, they came to ask questions, Sister, head back first.”

The woman nodded and left quickly.

Ordinary people were still reluctant to spend more time with the police.

Besides, they are all out of order here, and their hearts were very weak.

Cao Yan led the way and led them to her room.

Including herself, with five people standing in the room, there was not much space in the room, but she still dragged out a few plastic stools, “Sit, sit.”

The room was cramped and small, and because there were only doors and no windows, the whole room looked very gloomy.

If it was winter, there would probably be no light at this time.

Jiang Pan asked, “Miss Cao, what were you doing on August 7th”

“August 7th” Cao Yan thought for a while, “I seem to be at home, I felt uncomfortable the day before, and then I took a leave, so I didn’t go to work.”

Liu Heyang added on the side: “Can you tell me more about what you found wrong”

Cao Yan naturally replied.


It’s the same as what she said before, except that it was a little strange.

Jiang Pan stared at her and asked bluntly, “Feng Ying died on August 7th.

You found out that she had no news on August 10.

You said she was on time usually.

There was no news the first two days she died.

Why didn’t you have any doubts”

When this question came down, Cao Yan was aghast.

After a long while, she said, “Feng Ying and I had an unpleasant argument, so I didn’t contact her for two days.

Later, I took the initiative to apologize, only to find out that I couldn’t contact her anymore.”

Cao Yan lowered her head and put her hands under the table, fidgeting with them together uneasily.

Liu Heyang asked, “Unpleasant What was the unpleasant argument”

Cao Yan hesitated for a moment before explaining the matter: “…Feng Ying was entertaining a man at the club that day, I brought wine in, she wanted to introduce me to the man, and I ran away, so …”

The man was an old man, old enough to be her father, bald and ugly, with a big beer belly.

Of course she knew what Feng Ying’s introduction meant, however Cao Yan was  very unwilling.

So she ran away, but Feng Ying was very angry, and she had to coax the old man for a long time before he was satisfied.

Afterwards, she and Cao Yan quarreled.

Liu Heyang paused, “Apart from this, nothing else”

This motive was not too big, it should be said that it had not reached the point of murder.

“No.” Cao Yan whispered, “I’m also surprised that this happened to her.

I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t have a chance to restore my previous relationship with her…”

It was very sincere, and those who heard it may cry.

However, Liu Heyang felt that something was wrong.

After all, he had a preconceived notion, and it was difficult to remove it for a while.

But everything needed evidence, just feeling was useless.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that the captain over there was walking around the room, observing here and there.

So he prolonged the time and asked more questions.

Jiang Pan stopped at the chopping board.

The public rental housing facilities were very poor.

Cao Yan’s room, the kitchen, and the bed were only separated by a curtain.

The chopping board and gas stove here were very old.

On the cutting board was a kitchen knife, next to it was chopped garlic.

There were pots and pans under the table.

Jiang Pan had sharp eyes, he drew out a knife from the side, the blade was already a little curled, showing that it should be used often.

He suddenly had an idea.

Jiang Pan photographed this knife and the kitchen knife with his phone, and then sent it to Shen Yuanye.


The death video that Shen Yuanye saw had more than ten seconds covered by the murderer in the center.

She didn’t know what the murderer did during this time, but it was obviously not a good thing.

Thinking about it, she basically loathed Feng Ying to a certain extent.

She sat on the ground, pressed her legs, and the phone on the sofa rang.

Shen Yuanye got up, unlocked it, and two pictures were sent.

What did Jiang Pan mean, recommending her to buy a knife

Shen Yuanye didn’t understand his behavior, so she enlarged the picture, and when she was about to exit, she suddenly stared at the blade and handle of the knife.

Jiang Pan: “Is it the murder weapon”

Shen Yuanye’s heart pounded and replied, “Yes.”

Indeed, she had watched the video repeatedly.

In the video, the knife was not too blurry because of the reflection in the moonlight and the shooting of Weibo itself.

And at that time, because cutting a leg was hard work and required stenngth, the murderer also used a lot of strength, so she could see it more clearly.

Jiang Pan was very satisfied with this answer.

He didn’t touch any other parts of the knife, put it on the cutting board, turned his face, and said, “Li Chen, take this back.”

Li Chen heard the captain suddenly call him, he said “Huh”, turned his head to look, and found that it was a knife, “What’s wrong with this”

Jiang Pan said, “Pack it up.”

Li Chen hurriedly packed it in an evidence bag, because he was afraid of it being mistaken, so carefully made a few more wraps, “Is this the murder weapon”

Jiang Pan said succinctly: “I don’t know for now, take it back to check.”

His eyes fell on Cao Yan, and he found that her gaze was on the item in front of him, and her eyes were staring straight at it.

Cao Yan saw him looking at herself, and quickly said, “Is there a problem with that…”

Jiang Pan simply asked: “What do you usually use this for”

Cao Yan was nudged by Ren Lulu and then regained her senses.

She said in a hoarse voice, “I occasionally buy some spare ribs, this is for making spare ribs.”

This was the first time that Ren Lulu saw someone using this kind of knife to cut ribs.

When she went to buy groceries , she directly asked the butcher in the vegetable market to chop the ribs before buying it.

It was because she was not strong enough, and it was very troublesome.

However, Cao Yan was very strong, and it was not surprising that she could handle it by herself.

Jiang Pan said casually: “So, there should be no human blood on it.”

As soon as these words came out, several people in the room were stunned.

Although Li Chen guessed the meaning just now, it was still a bit scary to hear it, especially with the casual look of the captain.

He looked at Cao Yan.

Cao Yan’s entire face had turned pale, and she opened her mouth to speak, her words were incomplete: “How…how could there be…human blood…”


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