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Chapter 105: Cao Yan is about to run away!

When Cao Yan finished speaking, she almost threw up.

Seeing her like this, they didn’t ask any more questions and left the public rental housing.

Once they got out of her sight and after returning to the car, Jiang Pan suddenly commanded: “Have people watch her.”

Liu Heyang answered, “Okay.”

“Captain, do you suspect her” Li Chen asked, “I don’t think she could use that knife.

After all, that action would require a lot of power.”


He couldn’t imagine such a scene.

“You can test it.” Jiang Pan stared straight ahead.

Li Chen stopped talking.

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Cao Yan replied, “It just so happens that I’m going to visit a friend.

It’s more convenient to take his car.

The fare is much cheaper compared to a passenger car.

Please ask him for me.”


The woman asked in surprise, “Meeting someone from the internet”

Cao Yan paused for a few seconds before nodding.

Hearing this, the woman thought about it and persuaded her: “It’s not good for girls to meet someone from the internet.

It’s not safe, you can see that there are a lot of incidents published on the news…”

She gradually stopped talking after she tried to persuade her.

She considered where Cao Yan worked, and her power and strength.

How was she not more capable than an ordinary man Her worries were a bit unnecessary.

She changed her mind and said, “I’ll go back and ask him.

Then I’ll tell you, okay”

Cao Yan relaxed a little, “Okay, thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for It’s just a ride, not too much trouble.

I bought meat today.

Remember to come to me for dinner tonight. 

After returning to the bureau, Li Chen handed over the evidence bag to others for inspection.

The results would take time to come out.

What they had to do now was to judge and analyze the new autopsy report, transcript, and some information from Feng Ying.

“The autopsy report said that it was not r*pe; something was put into her lower body.” When Ren Lulu mentioned this, her expression was not very good.

“We noticed this before.”


Jiang Pan suddenly called them all into the conference room.

He projected a photo onto the screen, “It’s the medicine found in Cao Yan’s house.”

In the photo, the medicine was in the corner, and they were covered.

If they didn’t pay attention, they wouldn’t see them at all.

Li Chen and Ren Lulu did not notice it.

Ren Lulu suddenly asked, “This medicine…is it for AIDS”

Because of Zhu Xianming’s record, she went to get more information about the AIDS-related situations.

Included were some drugs that could be used to block and suppress it.

Seeing that everyone was focusing on her, Ren Lulu clarified, “I only researched it recently.

If I remember correctly, this is a blocking drug.

It can block AIDS within a certain period of time, basically to prevent someone from getting the disease.

Zhu Xianming didn’t realize that he was infected at all.

When he found out, he already had it, and his whole world fell upon him.

Later, after taking revenge on Feng Ying, he became more stable and began to take medicine to suppress it.

Of course, such a disease was a problem that loomed in his heart.

Even if he knew that he would not die for a certain amount of time, his heart would be dark.

After all, it leaked out, and no one was willing to be around him.

Liu Heyang said, “There is such medicine I have never heard of it before.”

If it weren’t for Ren Lulu, he wouldn’t have known about it.

Ren Lulu immediately replied, “These drugs aren’t part of popular science, and they aren’t very common.

Most people don’t know about it.

They are only available in specific places.

Even the CDC or infectious disease hospitals may not even have it.”


Liu Heyang said: “In this way, there should be records of purchases in general.”

What was the reason for Cao Yan’s buying of this blocking drug She must’ve been afraid that she would get AIDS.

The reason was, naturally, that Feng Ying had AIDS.

Jiang Pan immediately took the time to get in touch with several CDCs in Beijing.

The CDC and the infectious disease hospital in Jianghai District responded quickly.

No one named Cao Yan had ever bought medicine, and the last person who bought medicine recently was from three months ago.

Fortunately, in the afternoon, a CDC in Chengshan District replied.

Their records show that Cao Yan bought the blocking medicine on August 6th.

The person in charge of the reception was bombarded with many questions from Cao Yan, so she had sustained a memory of her.

Liu Heyang and the others immediately went there to take notes.

Then they got a shocking message.

The nurse recalled the situation at that time, “Because there are only a few people who buy blocking drugs a year, basically no one in the country knows that there is such a drug to prevent AIDS in the first place.

We’ve actually held popular science activities for it, but there was not much effect.”

“What did Cao Yan say when she came”

The nurse said: “She seemed very panicked at the time, which should be seen in the surveillance.

I calmed her down and then asked about the specific situation.

After all, we can’t sell medicine randomly, and this medicine has a certain portion.”

“She just told me that she was r*ped by a person with AIDS and asked me if she would definitely get AIDS.

She read on the news that some college students took blocking drugs to avoid it and asked if she could avoid it.”


Following her words, that scene could also be seen on the surveillance.

Cao Yan almost ran into the CDC, and it could be seen that she almost went the wrong way in a panic.

She was also very flustered in front of the nurse during the surveillance.

“I said that as long as it is within a certain period of time, it is very likely to be blocked.

For example, within one to two hours, the probability of blocking is as high as 95%, and it is basically impossible after 72 hours.”

The nurse said: “She told me that six hours had passed since the rape, and that amount of time was fine.

After some examinations, she took the medicine and left.”

They were all terrified just hearing it.

When she was researching this matter, Ren Lulu had been utterly unaware of the existence of blocking drugs.

After listening to the nurse’s explanation, she only felt confused about why no one knew about it at all.

If people had known about it earlier, why would they be willing to die of AIDS

Even domestic blocking drugs were currently only provided to special personnel, such as pregnant women, doctors, and police officers like them.

However, it was very troublesome for ordinary people to buy them.

Cao Yan got the medicine after some inspections.

Ordinary hospitals would have no such thing as blocking drugs.

Liu Heyang suddenly reacted, “Cao Yan had told us that Feng Ying introduced her to a man around August 7th.

So the man Feng Ying introduced actually succeeded”

According to Zhu Xianming, Feng Ying was infected by an old man.

The old man had the disease, and he had r*ped Cao Yan, so she also had a chance of getting sick.

That was why she went to buy the medicine.

“Then her motivation is sufficient!” Liu Heyang murmured, “Let’s go to Cao Yan’s house quickly.

Although the captain had people watching her, I’m afraid of an accident.”

Not to mention being r*ped because of Feng Ying’s actions, but she might have also been infected with AIDS.

There was indeed a great possibility of Cao Yan getting revenge.

Ren Lulu said, “We have to wait for the results and information from the knife the captain found.”

If Feng Ying’s DNA or tissue was on it, then there was real evidence and the arrest could be carried out directly.

With only this amount of evidence, they could only bring her back for interrogation.

It was past four o’clock.

Cao Yan sorted out some clothes, took out the money hidden in the pillow, put it in her bag, and waited for the woman to reply to her.

At five o’clock, the woman pushed open the door, “Cao Yan, he told me that he’s already waiting outside.

Why don’t you go to the road and wait The truck can’t drive in.”

Cao Yan stood up immediately, “Okay.”

She was carrying a bag, bulging and looking like it was full of things.

However, it didn’t seem to be heavy in her hand, and it was carried away lightly and skillfully.

Not far from the public rental housing was the road.

It was because the environment here was not good that the rent here was very cheap.

Otherwise, with Beijing’s high cost of land, where could they afford to live

Cao Yan was now glad that she lived in such a place.

A few policemen were keeping watch a bit away in a car.

When they saw her with the bulging bag, they knew she was going to run away without thinking more about it.

They had experienced a lot more than this, and there were various strange ways of running.

Cao Yan’s way was quite ordinary.

“Get up! Cao Yan is going to run!”

“She really ran at this time.

There are no 300 taels of silver here.

(TLN: she is giving herself away) Isn’t this telling people that she is the murderer”

They opened the door and got out of the car, followed behind Cao Yan, and watched her carry her bag to the side of a truck.

Cao Yan breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the driver of the truck.

The truck driver asked, “Cao Yan, right”

“Yes, it’s me.” Cao Yan replied, and then asked, “Mister, are you leaving right now Or are you waiting a while”

“Now, I was just waiting for you!”

Hearing this sentence, Cao Yan was delighted, put her bag in the passenger seat, and was about to get into the car when she heard someone shouting from behind: “Cao Yan!”

She missed a step all of a sudden and wanted to run elsewhere.

But in the end, she got on the truck with a racing heartbeat and asked, “Driver, let’s go.”

When the truck driver saw the police calling her, he knew that something must have happened.

Maybe she had committed a crime.

How would he dare to drive, for fear that he would be involved, “Wait.”

After calling out for her, the police came to her side, “Cao Yan, where are you going”

Cao Yan said calmly, “I’m going to see my friends, officer.

Haven’t I said everything I should say Can you stop me from seeing my friends”

A policeman smiled, “Cao Yan, please come with us.”

Cao Yan’s heart was like dead ashes, and she finally left with them.

The truck driver was still holding a cigarette in his mouth.

He was frightened by this incident.

As he exhaled the smoke, he decided that he would never randomly give people a ride in the future.

Maybe next time, he would be taking another person that was going to be taken away by the police.


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