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Chapter 106: Murder process.

“She wanted to run, but we caught her.”

“Cao Yan should know that her deeds were exposed.

When we caught her, she didn’t struggle, and we brought her back.”

The police officers handcuffed and took Cao Yan back to the bureau, and soon reported that she wanted to leave Chengshan District in a truck.

Knowing the reason, Ren Lulu, who was also a woman, had some sympathy for Cao Yan.

But even sympathy can’t erase the fact that she directly killed a person.

She killed a person, so she will have to pay a corresponding price, and no one can avoid that consequence.


This interrogation was led by Ren Lulu.

When Cao Yan was taken into the interrogation room, her face was very calm.

She was not afraid, and she did not cry, as if she had expected such a scene.

A table separated them.

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“Tyhl usw bye pwnb y zyatl pvaldtvb pkdnl usw olal y nbkze, ps xwnb vbyv usw nyd lypkzu nwv sqq y bwxyd zlt”

Cao Yan lowered her head and lowered her voice a lot, “I didn’t have that much power when I was young.

Although I was very strong, it wasn’t as strong as it is now.

Because my family was poor, I had to go out early to work and train myself.

And then later, the things I carried became heavier and heavier.”


When she was a teenager, she worked with a butcher, and she was able to cut the legs of  pigs and cows very neatly.

She was very skilled.

Ren Lulu listened and looked at the person next to her.

No wonder it was so easy for her, a woman, to cut off a person’s leg.

She asked in a deep voice, “Why did you kill Feng Ying”

As soon as this question came out, Cao Yan’s breathing became heavier, and it took a few minutes for her to recover.

“I hate her! I wish I could slash her into pieces!”

After scolding, she began to talk about the reason for her murder.

Cao Yan and Feng Ying have known each other for a long time, and in the Tulip Club, the two count as two people who have a good relationship.

They had also rented a house together before.

Later, Feng Ying was not satisfied with her ordinary life.

Although the Tulip Club was not the kind of place to pimp, there were also women who volunteered to do that kind of thing.

However, these things were relatively secretive.

Their job was to sell some wine, and then get some commission from it.

This depended on the service quality and the generosity of the guests, so the monthly salary was not fixed.

At most, Cao Yan would receive a salary of tens of thousands of yen.

But usually, it was only four or five thousand a month.


If it were in some small cities, four or five thousand would be enough to live a superior life, but in Beijing, it was completely different.

It was better when Cao Yan and Feng Ying rented a house together.

When they shared it evenly, their rent plus various expenses will only be around 2,000.

There were many people in the Tulip Club, with dragons and fishes jumbled together.

(TLN: good and bad mixed together)

Feng Ying and she had been in a situation once.

A woman followed an old man, and the woman they met was very famous in the club, wearing gold and silver.

All the clothes she wore were famous brands, and they had envied her before.

The old man was the deputy general manager of a company.

He was very wealthy and generous to women.

They heard that he told women to just swipe his cards however they wanted.

From then on, Feng Ying began to deal with the man.

At that time, the two of them were still living together.

After Cao Yan got off of work, she could see Feng Ying coming back from outside after midnight, smelling of alcohol.

At first, she didn’t think too much, thinking she was dating.

Later, she saw with her own eyes that she was holding the hand of an old man, and the old man even leaned up to kiss her, smiling very broadly.

Feng Ying also saw her but said nothing.

Later, it was as if there was a tacit understanding; both of them avoided talking about this matter, and Cao Yan also buried this matter in her heart.

As a result, she bumped into it again.


This time, she really couldn’t look directly.

The scene made her feel unacceptable.

The two had a fight because of it, and Feng Ying moved out.

Cao Yan later reconciled with her, only to find out that she lives in a high-end community, and the man bought it for her, although it was not in her name.

Later, Feng Ying started dating, and she introduced her boyfriend to her.

Cao Yan didn’t say anything about Feng Ying to him, as she still hoped that her good sister could finally have a good end result.

Later, Zhu Xianming went to the place where Feng Ying lived and sprayed paint, and Feng Ying went to the place where Cao Yan lived for a while in fear, without saying the reason.

It was not until later that she felt that it was all right and wanted to go back to live again, and she told Cao Yan that she had AIDS.

Cao Yan was completely stunned at that time.

However, she recalled their habits while living together and found that she had not had any real contact with her.

Even so, she went to the hospital for a check-up, but the doctor said at that time that the check-up could not be done, so she had to give up.

Later, she didn’t have any adverse reactions, and she didn’t take it seriously.

But she still remembered to go back for a check-up after a few weeks.

At this point, Ren Lulu listened quietly, and she really felt like she was watching a dog-blood drama.

The screenwriters might not even dare to write the plot like that.


“And then What happened to make you decide to kill her”

Cao Yan looked up at Ren Lulu and told the surprising truth: “She told me that the man wanted to try someone new, so she asked me to try with him.

She clearly knew that the man had AIDS…”

Ren Lulu was dumbfounded.

Feng Ying herself was in the fire pit, and she even pulled her good sister into it.

To say the most unpleasant words, she really deserved to die.

There was a bit of pain in Cao Yan’s voice, “That day, I didn’t go to work.

Feng Ying called me and said that she seemed to have a fever and had no energy, so I went over to prepare to see and take care of her.

If the matter was serious, I could call an ambulance.”

It was a decision that had become her nightmare.

“When I arrived at her apartment, I found that she looked fine.

Feng Ying said that her feelings were wrong, and then poured me a glass of water.

I didn’t think too much about it, so I just drank it.

After drinking, we chatted for a long time, and also made an appointment to go out shopping together next time.”

“More than half an hour later, I was about to go home.

At that moment, I felt that I had no strength.

When I stood up, I fell on the sofa.

I realized that Feng Ying might have put medicine in that cup of water.”

In the Tulip Club, there are many people who have this kind of medicine.

They can buy it if they have money.

Feng Ying has used this kind of medicine before, and Cao Yan has seen it before.

The two also studied it together, but then just forgot about it.

She didn’t expect to be used on her.

Feng Ying said innocently at the time: “Cao Yan, I’m doing it for your own good too.

Look at the place where you live It’s broken down like that.

Your clothes have been worn countless times, and your cosmetics are also of poor quality.

There’s no happiness in living such a life.

It’s better to enjoy life like me.”

“So what if I have AIDS” Feng Ying sat there with a smile, “The medical science is so advanced, you can live for a long time just by taking medicine.

Maybe I can live to seventy or eighty years old, and now I just need to enjoy life more.”

She made a phone call and called someone over coquettishly.

Cao Yan knew that she was doomed.

The last time Feng Ying mentioned this matter, she had rejected her, and the two of them had a big fight because of it.

She didn’t expect Feng Ying to still think about this matter.

“The next thing is like a nightmare.” Cao Yan took a deep breath and said to Ren Lulu, “I was r*ped by that man… Feng Ying left that community and didn’t return until the incident was over, telling me that my days of prosperity were coming soon.”

But she didn’t want such a life at all.

Cao Yan’s thoughts at the time were all about whether she was going to be infected with AIDS  and whether she was hopeless.

After she regained her strength, she searched for information about blocking drugs.

There seemed to be a light in front of her.

After regaining her strength, she took a taxi directly to the CDC.

Fortunately, there was medicine there.

As said on the Internet, it was very difficult to buy, but she still managed to buy it.

Although she felt a little calmer after taking the medicine, she trembled and gritted her teeth when she thought of that matter.

Cao Yan covered her face with her hands.

Her voice was blurred: “The side effects of my medication were so great that I thought I might as well die from AIDS… But then I changed my mind.

I wanted to take revenge on Feng Ying.

Ren Lulu asked, “So you decided to kill Feng Ying”

Cao Yan said: “Yes! I hated her so much that I killed her!”

She suddenly laughed, “Feng Ying treats me like this.

I’ve always been so kind to her.

I was worried that day that she might have a fever and something would go wrong.

I didn’t expect that she would treat me like this.”

Cao Yanyu spoke very quickly: “I pretended that nothing happened; I was as degenerate as her.

Then I asked Feng Ying out.

I already thought about it.

As long as I threw her body into the sewers, any information left behind and would be contaminated.”

Ren Lulu was silent for a while and asked, “Tell me about your murder process.”


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