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Chapter 107: I got you Jiang Pan’s Weibo.

Anon HuLi [Translator]11-13 minutes 20.07.2022

“Feng Ying was not wary of me, just like the way I used to not be wary of her.

I deceived her, and she believed that I would do what she recommended me to.”

Cao Yan has understood her situation.

She was caught anyways, and the punishment was just death penalty.

What she regretted most was not being able to kill the old man, if she had accomplished so, then there would be no loss.

“I invited Feng Ying to my house and talked to her for a long time until it got dark at night.

She didn’t want to stay and sleep over in my dilapidated house, so I sent her back and proposed to walk back.

Feng Ying had originally disagreed, but after seeing that I was going to get angry, she agreed.”

Cao Yan put the knife behind her back.

Feng Ying didn’t notice at all due to the fact that Cao Yan’s clothes and bag was covering it, not to mention it was dark outside.

She has walked this road countless times, but Feng Ying has only walked it once or twice.

Cao Yan directly took her to another road.

There were no street lights on that road because it was broken and there was no one living on that road.

There she stabbed Feng Ying to death.

She had decided on this plan after deliberating about it.

She also checked the sewers in that area in advance.

After stabbing a few times, she was going to throw Feng Ying down.

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Cao Yan felt at ease.

She went to check it the next day and found that the body in the sewer was gone.

After panicking, she checked and found that the sewer water could flow to other places.

It’s safer for her this way.

In order to prevent herself from being suspected, she simply acted as a good person and reported the case.

It was just that she didn’t expect the body to be found so early, and after she was suspected, they had found the murder weapon.

Cao Yan didn’t know where to dispose of the knife.

After panicking, she decided to leave it at home.

After washing it, no one would know that it was used to murder someone.

She thought a lot about how the police would come to ask and how she should answer.

However she didn’t expect that it would be her answers that made her a suspect.

Cao Yan raised her head: “I don’t regret at all that I killed someone.”

Ren Lulu didn’t know what to say.

She had seen a lot of such cases, but she had never seen a case where the murderer was treated like this before.

It was true that the murderer’s transcript after the murder would be very prone to mistakes.

It was often because of this that they ended up discovered and then arrested.

Standing outside the interrogation room, Jiang Pan turned around and asked, “What’s the result from Li Chen”

Liu Heyang was about to say something when he saw Li Chen stroding over with a report in hand at the end of the corridor.

Li Chen handed the report to Jiang Pan, “Feng Ying’s DNA is on the knife, and there is blood.”

Cao Yan thought it was good enough to just clean it, but it was not that simple at all.

Today’s modern technology was very advanced, and the detection methods were even more diverse.

Jiang Pan flipped to the end, “Okay, let her identify the scene.”

Li Chen nodded.

Ren Lulu had also finished the interrogation and left the interrogation room with the confession.

“Captain, I feel like my values are going to be broken.” She exhaled, “If it were me, I might also want to kill Feng Ying.”

Jiang Pan’s expression did not change, “But you are not her, you are the police.”

Ren Lulu pouted, “Yes, I know.

Captain, your way of comforting people is really strange.

No wonder Miss Shen wants to ignore you.”

“What did you say” Jiang Pan turned his head.

Ren Lulu laughed, “It’s nothing, I’m going back to sort out the confession.”

Jiang Pan thought about it and stopped her, “Call Shen Yuanye over.”

Ren Lulu turned around and asked curiously, “What’s the reason She made it clear that she didn’t want to be the consultant, and she definitely won’t want to come.”

Jiang Pan did not speak.

Ren Lulu raised her hand, “Okay, I know.”

She turned around and rolled her eyes, what if the captain was good-looking, with such a temper, he would never find a girlfriend.

Liu Heyang happened to pass by, and she called out, “Liu Heyang!”

“What’s up”

Ren Lulu took a peek back and made sure Jiang Pan was not there before asking: “You said that the captain had a Weibo account, do you know what his Weibo account is”

Liu Heyang said, “Then you have to wait for me to check my phone.”

In this team, he joined relatively early, and naturally, he knew more about some things, including Jiang Pan’s Weibo account.

Although he followed it a long time ago, Jiang Pan never posted on Weibo.

After he followed it, he put him in the corner where dust could be accumulated, and he couldn’t even remember his name on the account.

“Okay, this one.”

Liu Heyang put the phone screen in front of her, “What do you want this for”

Ren Lulu hurriedly took a picture and saved it, “It’s not that I want it, it’s for the person our captain is thinking all day about, consultant Shen.

Maybe she wants to be a secret admirer.

Liu Heyang stared at her, “Then I’m afraid she will be disappointed, the captain never posts on Weibo.”

Ren Lulu shrugged.

She wrote down Shen Yuanye’s contact information last time, and just now Jiang Pan asked her to call her to tell her to come.

She could use this chance to give her the Weibo account.

After dialing the phone, the other side’s voice was soft: “Hello”

Ren Lulu said with a smile: “Miss Shen, ehm… the captain wants to invite you to the bureau.

Is it convenient for you”

Shen Yuanye was eating apples and almost choked, “I have no reason to go.”

“I don’t know about the reason.

The captain asked me to call.

He might want to tell you some specifics personally.” Ren Lulu said.

Shen Yuanye frowned, thought for a moment and then agreed to go.

Could it be that he has found the man that had stabbed her before

There have been no clues about this case.

They had found the back of the man on surveillance before, but no one had been caught so far, and she was anxious.

Thinking of this, Shen Yuanye immediately regained her spirits.

After changing her clothes, she took a taxi to the police station wearing a mask.


Liu Heyang and Li Chen took Cao Yan to identify the scene, and Ren Lulu followed behind without speaking.

There were bloodstains next to the sewer.

However because it was very far from where Cao Yan lived, and there was no one around, no one noticed it at all.

“I killed Feng Ying here that night.”

“This is the bloodstain.”

They collected the bloodstains and took her back after taking pictures.

Ren Lulu also received a call from Shen Yuanye saying that she arrived.

After returning to the bureau, she saw that her captain was talking to Shen Yuanye.

Getting closer, she could hear what they’re saying.

Jiang Pan asked, “What do you think of a career being a consultant”

Shen Yuanye said, “I don’t like it.”

Maybe because Jiang Pan didn’t expect this answer, or maybe he didn’t expect her to say it so directly, he was paralyzed for a moment.

“Officer Jiang, I don’t think you need to waste your time.” Shen Yuanye said bluntly: “Unless I want to, it’s impossible.”

Jiang Pan asked, “What will make you willing”

When Ren Lulu heard this, she felt very strange in her heart.

Shen Yuanye thought for a while, “I reported a case a long time ago, it’s been almost ten months, and you police haven’t given me the result yet.”

Jiang Pan frowned slightly but did not speak.

Shen Yuanye said: “You called me here just to ask this Can’t you ask this on WeChat I thought you guys had caught someone.”

Jiang Pan was silent again.

Ren Lulu almost laughed when she saw it.

It was the first time she saw her captain’s shriveled appearance, and she felt almost aggrieved for him.

Shen Yuanye’s eyebrows moved, and she said, “Solve the case, and I can be a consultant.

Otherwise, one fortune-telling will cost tens of thousands of dollars.”

A consultant role in exchange for them to solve the case as soon as possible.

She completely accepted this exchange.

Because she really wanted to know who the other party was and why they wanted to kill her.

Whether it was someone she really didn’t know, or it was someone else that wanted to kill her.

The danger was always there, and she was never at ease.

When Jiang Pan lowered his head, he could see the bridge of her pretty nose, and with those eyes… He answered in a deep voice, “Okay.”

Shen Yuanye nodded and was about to leave when she saw Ren Lulu waving to her out of the corner of her eye.

Her movement was very secretive, and no one around her saw it, not even Jiang Pan, who had just turned around.

Shen Yuanye glanced around, walked over and turned the corner, out of Jiang Pan’s sight, and met up with Ren Lulu, “What’s wrong”

Ren Lulu blinked and whispered, “Didn’t you ask for my captain’s Weibo account last time, I got it for you, do you still want it”

Shen Yuanye was surprised, “He actually does have Weibo.”

She had also asked casually before, because she wanted to see when he died… But what she thought in her heart was that Jiang Pan probably didn’t even use Weibo.

Ren Lulu said last time that she would help her pay attention, but she didn’t take it to heart.

“Of course he does.” Ren Lulu opened her phone, “Captain also browses Weibo, although I have never seen it before.

He has been registered on Weibo for a long time.”

Hearing this, Shen Yuanye’s facial expression paused.

In reality, many people have very normal personalities, and there are even people that are “very kind.” However on the Internet, they were keyboard warriors who have to talk negatively about everything.

Jiang Pan shouldn’t have such a strange temperament on the Internet.


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