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Chapter 110: He was so affectionate to her?

According to what Shen Yuanye knew, it would take at least a few days after a person died to take care of matters, such as cremation, and then tomb, etc.

Not to mention the fact that funeral homes nowadays require reservations in advance.

Yet, he was buried within one day, which was not quite right.

While Shen Yuanye was in a trance, the video had already finished playing.

She refocused on it with mixed feelings, wanting to see what happened in the remaining twenty seconds and how Jiang Pan died.

When she came to the scene of her tombstone again, Shen Yuanye was very energetic.


There was no emotion on the elderly Jiang Pan’s face.

He placed the flowers in front of the tombstone and then sat down beside it.

He didn’t move his mouth until the last ten seconds.

The sound was too low for her to hear.

When he finished speaking, he took out a small box from his pocket and opened it.

There was a ring inside.

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Fbl oyp hlau nzlya ycswv pwnb lxsvksdp.

In the future, she would fall in love with Jiang Pan, then get married, and finally… die


Shen Yuanye felt that her brain was not capable enough to understand this.

It didn’t seem like she would be in love with Jiang Pan… Obviously, the two of them were people from two different worlds.

However, the result was such an emotional scene…

If it weren’t for the fact that the protagonist was herself, she would probably cry from being touched.

This Weibo video was better than some movies.

Shen Yuanye felt that she needed time to recover.

She opened WeChat.

She did not want to receive messages from Jiang Pan.

She was also afraid of how she would face him, so she blacklisted him.

But thinking about it, this matter had nothing to do with Jiang Pan.

At any rate, he seemed to love her a great deal…

Shen Yuanye thought of this reason and found it strange, but she still removed Jiang Pan from the blacklist.

She looked at the content of the chat box.

Her mood was very complicated.

She felt like whenever she saw him again in the future, she would subconsciously think of what he’d look like when he grew old and of the scene of him dying next to her own grave.

Shen Yuanye felt like she was going to brainwash herself.


She swiped up to the calendar line diagram, ready to see what he would be doing in the coming week and whether she would have a chance to meet him.

If so, she would need to quickly change the future.

The week ahead was displayed on the calendar line.

There were no gray sections.

She started from the first date, looking through the pictures and explanations one by one.

The content for the previous three days was simple and almost the same; they were about handling a case.

Only the angle of the pictures was different.

The next day, Jiang Pan was sitting in a conference room.

Weibo showed his face directly.

It was exquisite and beautiful, as always.

However, his expression was light, compared to his usual coldness and sternness.

The text explanation is very simple: [Jiang Pan went to the General Administration for a meeting and was praised]

Shen Yuanye guessed that it was because he solved the case very quickly.

In fact, she didn’t help much at all; the police often solved the case themselves.

Like this time, Jiang Pan found the murder weapon by himself.

She still had to see the specifics from the video before she knew it was the murder weapon.

If she was asked to look for it, she might not be able to find it.

On the third day, Jiang Pan bent over behind Liu Heyang, with his hands on the table.

His posture was very lazy, but he had a very serious expression.

[The man in the surveillance.

Jiang Pan is looking for him]

The text explanation did not reveal anything important, but Shen Yuanye vaguely felt that the person he was looking for was the person she asked him to look for last time.


Since this person did not successfully kill her this time, it did not constitute murder.

However, as long as he was caught and identified, she would feel safer.

She was very happy that Jiang Pan actually cared.

But after the initial happiness, when she thought back to the fact that she would be with him in the future and the things that would happen, Shen Yuanye wanted to close Weibo again.

But in the end, she suppressed her emotions.

In any case, at least he was sincere.

Her impression of him from before has changed a bit.

And he had helped her many times.

For the sake of her becoming a consultant, he seemed to really hope that this would come true.

Until the fourth day, the text explanation next to the picture finally changed.

The photo was of Jiang Pan standing by a lake.

It was a picturesque photo with the landscape in the background.

His back looked very tall and handsome.

But Shen Yuanye looked down at the text and couldn’t help twitching the corners of her mouth.

[A body was found in the lake of a park, and Jiang Pan was observing the environment].

She thought Jiang Pan went out for a trip, but he turned out to be a career madman.

Weibo’s shooting skills could be praised.

The photos for the fifth and sixth days were all focused on the corpse found in the lake.


On the seventh day, the photo changed again.

This time, Jiang Pan was standing downstairs in a building.

His hand had just rung the doorbell, and the house number was already displayed on it.

Shen Yuanye almost trembled.

That was the apartment number she lived in…


A few days later, a body was found in Qinghe Park.

When Liu Heyang got out of the car, he found that the surroundings were crowded with people, and the police car could not drive in.

“Why are there so many people Hurry up and evacuate.”

The barricade tape was just ahead, but there was a large circle of people blocking it.

Liu Heyang asked, “Where’s the captain”

“Captain Jiang came first and is now inside the scene.”

“Are there any special circumstances”


His voice was quiet, but as soon as Liu Heyang finished speaking, he heard the onlookers discussing.

He directly covered his ears to block out their discussions.

“Oh, why did they die here I won’t dare to dance here in the future!”

“I thought it was a plastic bag at first, but I didn’t know there was a human inside!! I was scared to death.”

“I saw this so early in the morning.

I’m going to have bad luck all day today.

Oh, why did I suddenly think of coming to the park this morning!”

“Whoever did this has no public morality.

If they want to commit suicide, they should choose a place that is private.

Don’t come out and harm the park or scare people.

People have such bad hearts nowadays.”

Hearing this sentence, Liu Heyang shook his head.

It was not necessarily suicide.

It was only half-past six in the morning, and the sun had already come out.

However, the hot weather couldn’t stop the crowd from watching.

Qinghe Park had a history of more than ten years.

Because it covered a large area and its construction was close to some wetland parks, many people came here to play.

“Captain, the reporter is an old man.

He exercised here in the morning, found something wrong, and reported it.

There is nothing suspicious about him.”

There were a lot of old people who came to do their morning exercises in the park.

This old man came here often.

Today, he came here because a group of aunties who danced square dance took up the place where he usually exercised, so he walked some distance and came here.

As a result, he could see something floating in the river from a distance.

Because of his poor eyesight, he especially went back and called a few square dance aunts to check it, only to find that it was a corpse.

The forensic doctor was examining the body in the barricaded area, and Liu Heyang had a few words with him and got the latest information.

“The deceased male, whose age is initially estimated to be between 25 and 30 years old.

The cause of death was drowning, but there seems to have been a heavy blow on the back of the head.

The time of death was between one and two in the morning.”

Jiang Pan is squatting on the ground to observe this area.

“Find out who the deceased is first,” he said.

Since it was a heavy blow, the possibility of homicide was much higher.

They needed to first figure out the identity of the victim and their social relations.

By then, the chance of catching the murderer would be very likely.

Liu Heyang nodded, “I’ll check right away.”

Jiang Pan took a look at the entire surroundings.

Half of the area was occupied by a public lake, and the other half was a forest.

The trees on the opposite side were directly planted on the river side.

The weeping willows by the river should have been a very beautiful and pleasant scene, but now the opposite bank seemed to be a place that could eat people.

If the killer emerged from there, there was a good chance that there would be no clues.

As the time approached noon, the weather gradually became hotter, and the heatwave was rolling in.

The surrounding onlookers couldn’t take it anymore and dispersed in twos and threes.

This area was finally quite quiet.

The patrol officer of the park was also brought here.

Faced with the questioning, he also sighed: “Alas, the woods on the opposite side of the river are not open to the public, so there is usually no one in it.”

Jiang Pan glanced at him, “That is, under unusual circumstances, there is someone inside”

The patrolman smiled awkwardly and did not refute his words.

Because in summer, the woods were very dense and looked lush, one next to the other, with little distance between them.

Jiang Pan asked, “Is there any surveillance”

“There used to be one, but it disappeared because of an accident.” The patrol officer’s voice was a little quieter, “Some can’t be used anymore.”

In fact, the leaves covered those monitors, and then they needed to be replaced, but the administration didn’t pay for it.

They couldn’t pay for it themselves, so they kept it there.

He took the police over there.

There were fences around the woods, and there were small gates for cleaners and patrols to enter.

In fact, it was not too troublesome to directly climb over the fence.

“There used to be naughty boys going inside, and we were often taken by parents to find them, but it was better after we put up a sign.”

The patrolman said and opened the door.

It was originally intended to be made public, but the project did not end, so it was not completely developed.

However, the path inside was repaired.

The path was along the river; the breeze was blowing; and the sun was left behind.

It was very cool.

They walked along the road for a few minutes because Jiang Pan and the police needed to find clues.

Their speed was much slower.

Right across from the location where the corpse was salvaged, Jiang Pan suddenly stared, “The grass here has signs of being stepped on.”

Liu Heyang stepped forward immediately, “I’ll see if I can collect footprints.”

It made him a little disappointed, because there were no footprints at all here, only the appearance of some grass being trampled.

Even so, it was still a small clue.

It was very likely that the murderer threw the corpse into the river from here, and then the corpse floated to a slightly faraway location and was discovered by the old man who was doing morning exercises.

On the other side, the forensic doctor had brought the body back.

Jiang Pan half squatted on the ground and reached out to touch the soil.

At this moment, the phone in the uniform suddenly vibrated.

He pulled back his hand, twisted his fingertips, took out his phone, and raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw Shen Yuanye’s name on the screen.

It was not easy for her to take the initiative to call.

He walked to one side, away from the patrol officers and Liu Heyang, and then answered the phone: “Hello”

The voice was low, and it sounded pleasant.

Shen Yuanye felt that way before, and still feels that way now.

However, she hadn’t forgotten about her own matters, so she coughed softly: “Officer Jiang, I will consider the affairs of that consultant role.”

Before Jiang Pan could speak, the other side hung up.


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