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Chapter 113: Metaphysics solved the case.

Shen Yuanye anonymously followed him.

Her position was perfect right now, behind the wall, no one could watch her secretly.

Even if someone secretly watched, they would only see Lu Wanjie’s Weibo page.

She could claim that she was looking at the victim’s information, which was not inappropriate at all.

The information came up quickly.

The deceased portrait was a photo of Lu Wanjie.

It was indeed him.

The death information on the right also stated his real name.


Name: Lu Wanjie

Date of Birth: September 4, 1990

Date of death: August 13, 2018

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Fbld Zwydul nzknjle rzyu.

Rd saela dsv vs cl dsvknle, pbl eke dsv olya lyacwep, yde pbl elnkele vs fwpv vyjl y zssj.

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At the beginning of the video, Lu Wanjie was lying on the ground.


Because it was too dark, Shen Yuanye was not sure what state he was in now, she only knew that his eyes were shut.

But the report given by the forensic doctor showed that his cause of death was drowning, so he should still be alive and may be in a coma or unconscious.

After more than ten seconds, there was finally movement.

A figure suddenly appeared in the darkness, and it could only be vaguely seen that it was a person.

Nothing else could be clearly seen.

Half of the figure was exposed in the camera, and the shadow reached out and touched Lu Wanjie’s face, then withdrew their hand.

Shen Yuanye guessed that they were testing whether Lu Wanjie was still alive or not.

After another ten seconds, the dark figure seemed to have made up their mind, and finally made a decision.

The figure pushed Lu Wanjie’s body to the edge of the lake, and then pushed it down.

The whole process was very fast.

The video also came to be more than forty seconds long.

At this time, the camera had moved away from the dark figure and placed it on Lu Wanjie.

As he fell into the water, water splashed.

Then, in the last few seconds, Lu Wanjie slowly sank into the water.

The video ended here.

“How is it, did you notice anything”


Shen Yuanye was startled by Ren Lulu’s sudden question.

Fortunately, her psychological state was strong enough and she had a mask to block her face.

She shook her head without changing her facial expression.

There was no detailed information about the murderer in the video.

She didn’t even know if they were male or female because it was too dark to see clearly.

Under normal circumstances, the first time she watched the video, she paid attention to everything, so she would not find any details.

However the second time she would subconsciously pay attention to some details that she had not seen before.

Shen Yuanye felt that she could take a closer look, but now there were not enough opportunities.

“Not yet.” She was about to continue when there was movement from the door.

Ren Lulu’s eyes widened, “Jin Yuxuan was found!”

Of course it was Jin Yuxuan who followed Liu Heyang.

She was also wearing a delicate dress, and there was no sadness on her face even though her boyfriend had died.

But thinking about it, she was already two-timing, so she probably didn’t have any feelings for Lu Wanjie at all.

“Interrogate first.”

Before Jiang Pan appeared, his voice was heard.

This was the first time Shen Yuanye had seen him since following him on Weibo.


In an instant, she recalled the appearance of the elderly Jiang Pan, and then there was the weird and terrifying deceased portrait and death video…

She looked away uncomfortably.

When she thought of that scene, she couldn’t accept it.

Jiang Pan’s eyes paused on her for a moment, then moved away and he said, “Wait for a while, we will have a meeting held in the conference room in five minutes.”

Ren Lulu whispered, “Maybe he wants to introduce you.”

Although as the consultant, Shen Yuanye did not often work with them, it was necessary to know them, and it would be easier to work together in the future.

Five minutes later, the entire bureau was in the conference room.

Shen Yuanye sat in a seat on the side, Ren Lulu was afraid of her being alone, and sat next to her.

Anyways, the males all went to the other side subconsciously.

However, there was a beautiful woman in the bureau, and the group of guys were quite happy.

Jiang Pan gave a brief introduction: “Temporary consultant, Ms.


In fact, everyone in the team knew of her and had met her a few times, but few of them spoke to her.

It was Liu Heyang and the others who were in charge of her case before.

Shen Yuanye stood up and waved to everyone.


Jiang Pan said lightly: “Because of her special identity, we will make some disguises and identities for her.

Do not disclose any information, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.”

Shen Yuanye never took off her mask.

She was also a public figure now.

She suddenly became a consultant of the police station, and she still appeared here.

If she was photographed by people who had followed her before, her reputation would be ruined again.

She didn’t mention this to Jiang Pan, and she didn’t expect him to think to this level.

Shen Yuanye’s mood was a bit complicated.

The people in the conference room naturally knew what he meant by ‘responsible for the consequences,’ and their eyes couldn’t help but set on Shen Yuanye.

After the introduction, Jiang Pan announced the end of the meeting.

He stopped Shen Yuanye: “If you need anything in the future, you can find them, or you can find me.”

“I know.” Shen Yuanye nodded.

It was hard to explain how she felt when she saw his face.

She waited for him to finish speaking, then went to Ren Lulu’s side.

Although Jiang Pan thought that her attitude was a little strange, he didn’t think much about it.


Since Jin Yuxuan was brought to the bureau, she was taken to the interrogation room, and two policemen were observing from outside.

Because of her own restlessness, there may still be accidents.

Although the interrogation room would not let her run away, in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as suicide, it would not be a good thing for their criminal investigation team.

As soon as she heard someone push open the door, Jin Yuxuan weeped bitterly, “You guys are torturing people, I must expose you to those Weibo VIPs when I get released!”

Ren Lulu retorted quietly, “We haven’t even said a word until now.

We just came in and we tortured you You are so fragile.”

Jin Yuxuan snorted a few times.

She was originally quite pretty, but now, she looked a bit mean.

Shen Yuanye sat next to Ren Lulu and didn’t say a word, but kept observing Jin Yuxuan to see if she was the one who appeared in the video.

The murderer in the video showed a hand, although it was not high-definition, it could still be compared.

Ren Lulu glanced at Liu Heyang next to her, “Okay, let’s make a record.

Jin Yuxuan, did you know that your boyfriend Lu Wanjie drowned and died”

When she heard that Lu Wanjie was dead, Shen Yuanye obviously saw that Jin Yuxuan’s facial expression flashed with little unnaturalness.

It seemed that this matter may have something to do with her.

Ren Lulu naturally saw it too, “Lu Wanjie was found in the lake in Qinghe Park in the early hours yesterday.

Where were you then”

Jin Yuxuan said, “Of course I was sleeping at home.”

Ren Lulu said, “You are lying.”

As soon as she said these words, Jin Yuxuan panicked a little, “What lying, where would I go other than stay at home to sleep, don’t torture me, or I’ll expose you!”

Just this could threaten people.

Ren Lulu pouted, “We checked the surveillance of where you live, you didn’t return to the community until the next morning.”

“If I don’t stay in the community, I can’t live somewhere else” Jin Yuxuan rolled her eyes.

Ren Lulu said “oh”, “Where did you stay for the night”

Jin Yuxuan didn’t answer, she suddenly brushed away a strand of hair falling from her temples with her hand, and Shen Yuanye stared at her hand.

Dyed bright with red nail polish, and adorned sequins, it was very delicate.

Shen Yuanye patted Ren Lulu on the shoulder, gave her a look, and asked, “When did you get your nail polish done”

Hearing this, Jin Yuxuan shook her hand, “Since you mentioned this, isn’t it good-looking I got it done last week, and it cost hundreds of dollars.”

Shen Yuanye nodded, “It’s pretty.”

Ren Lulu was wondering why she suddenly asked this, but she did not interrupt her.

Ren Lulu only observed quietly.

Shen Yuanye thought about it for a while and asked, “Did you do something bad yesterday”

Jin Yuxuan’s expression rapidly changed, “Are you crazy”

She looked at Shen Yuanye’s appearance and saw that she was wearing a mask.

The half that was exposed was very beautiful, she said in a rather peculiar tone, “Is the other half of your face so ugly that it can’t be seen”

Ren Lulu rapped the table.

Shen Yuanye was unmoved, and stated: “You already have nasolabial lines on your face, extending to your mouth, and the nasolabial lines are also called the entrance of the snake.

This kind of face is generally old and lonely, and when it comes to the mouth, it means you did something bad.”(TLN: Nasolabial lines are also more commonly known as smile lines or laugh lines.)

Speaking of this metaphysical knowledge, both Ren Lulu and Jin Yuxuan were dumbfounded.

“There is also a hanging needle pattern on your ophryon, which means it is a bad sign for your children and your parents.

There are various signs that you have done something bad.

Lu Wanjie’s death has something to do with you.”(TLN: Ophryon is an area on your forehead.

It’s about right between the eyebrows.)

Shen Yuanye gazed at her fixedly.

Jin Yuxuan was angry at first when she heard this, but she became flustered after hearing the end, “What nonsense are you talking about, where did this charlatan come from Does the public security bureau also hire this kind of person Are you guys going to shut down”

What facial signs, what bad signs of children and parents, this was the first time she has heard such a statement.

It was fine to say it somewhere else normally, but she heard it at the police station.

These days, the police have kept pace with the times and have begun to solve cases with metaphysics

Although Ren Lulu also thought it was incredulous, the previous clues showed that Shen Yuanye had real skills.

She asked Jin Yuxuan: “It’s none of your business, answer my question first, where were you that night Did you meet Lu Wanjie “

Shen Yuanye added, “You were in Qinghe Park that night, and that wound on the back of Lu Wanjie’s head, you were the one that hit him, right”

Jin Yuxuan turned pale immediately.

Ren Lulu looked at Shen Yuanye in surprise, and then looked at Jin Yuxuan’s expression.

She thought that the case would be solved immediately, but unexpectedly heard another turning point.

“You know in your heart whether you are the murderer or not, just look at your own records.” Shen Yuanye said, “I advise you to confess it sooner, and don’t let yourself go to jail for the murderer.”



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