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Chapter 118: Words on the note.

This was a really awkward scene.

Shen Yuanye no longer wanted to speak, she turned her head and continued to read the post, pretending she didn’t see or hear anything just now.

Ren Lulu brought a portion from Liu Heyang and put it on her table, “Yuanye, here, this is for you.”

Shen Yuanye smiled and accepted, “Thank you.”

“I just asked someone to check.

I think they can figure out the sender’s address later.

Let’s check this again.

There are no locations mentioned in the post.”


Ren Lulu continued to look down.

There wasn’t much actual useful content in the post.

The person that posted it seemed to be looking at it from a bystander’s point of view.

It stated that this was the horrific picture he received this morning, and how he thought there may be more in the future.

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Mbl alrzklp qasx vbl rlsrzl clzso kd vbl nsxxldvp yzz qlzv vbyv bl oyp zukdt.

“Gwvbsa, obu esd’v usw ts vs Twuy (MNL: G zkhl pvalyxkdt rzyvqsax) yde vau vs oakvl psxl tbspv pvsaklp R vbkdj kv’p hlau rasxkpkdt.”

“Rq usw oydv vblpl jkdep sq kxytlp, R nyd tkhl usw xydu, cwv esd’v vyjl kv swv vs qssz rlsrzl, sjyu”

“Gzvbswtb vbl rknvwalp yal hlau alyzkpvkn, vbl ywvbsa rascyczu prldv y zsv sq xsdlu vs cwu rasrp.

R ralqla vs clzklhl vbyv vblu pbsv vbkp vblxplzhlp.”

“Mbl ywvbsa kp rascyczu zukdt qsa alrzklp, esd’v ryu yvvldvksd vs bkx.”

Mblal oyp dsvbkdt pvaydtl kd vbl rspv, bsolhla vblal oyp y rasczlx okvb vbl ywvbsa yde vbl rknvwal, obknb nywple Fbld Zwydul yde Sld Nwzw vs cl y zkvvzl nsdqwple.

Mbl rszknl pvyvksd oyp qkzzle okvb vbl pxlzz sq pxyzz pvlyxle xlyv cwdp yde rsaaketl.

Fbld Zwydul oyp yzps y zkvvzl bwdtau, ps pbl iwknjzu ekpxydvzle obyv Sld Nwzw bye fwpv caswtbv, alyeu vs lyv, yde qswde vbl zkpv sq vbl elzkhlau rspvle sd kv.

The bag she received was a big bag that contained all the servings, so the delivery list was in it.


Shen Yuanye felt the doings of ghosts and gods and gave it a look.

The person who ordered the order was surnamed Jiang.

She turned her head and asked Ren Lulu, “Is there a second person with the surname Jiang here”

Ren Lulu was still focused on reading the post, and when she heard this, she replied, “Isn’t the captain the only one”

Shen Yuanye: “…Oh.”

He already knew, she suddenly felt that the awkwardness from just now was nothing.

Perhaps Jiang Pan will know everything in the future, after all, he died next to her tombstone…

Shen Yuanye sped up and drank a little porridge, and left part of it embarrassedly.

After cleaning up, she followed Ren Lulu and examined the content of the post as well.

At this moment, a chat box popped up on the computer: “I found it.

The author lives in 302, Building 45, Shuxiang Community, and his name is Shen Wei.”

He had the same surname as her.

Shen Yuanye thought subconsciously, “Let’s tell Jiang Pan.”

Ren Lulu nodded, “You eat first, I’ll go talk to the captain.”

In just one minute, Jiang Pan appeared in the hall.

Shen Yuanye had already stepped aside, and looked at him calmly and then turned away, “The post is here.”


“What suspicions did you notice” Jiang Pan asked, quickly browsing the entire post and returning to the picture on the first page.

Ren Lulu shook her head, “I don’t know if the author is telling the truth.

This photo needs to be authenticated first.

Fortunately, Yuanye reminded me, otherwise I wouldn’t know if the photo was legitimate or not.”

“The photos of the deceased were compared with those in the system.

It should be him.”

Ren Lulu pointed to a man’s identity information on the computer, “I have matched it, we just need to go to his house to double-check.”

The man listed on the information was Liu Hui, who was 22 years old this year.

He had just graduated from school this year.

He was now working as a salesman in an insurance company.

He had good speaking skills.

Jiang Pan looked at it and determined that the photo was real.

His Adam’s apple moved, his eyes moved away from Shen Yuanye, and he clapped his hands.

Soon, he divided the group into two parts.

Liu Heyang took people to Liu Hui’s house, while he and Ren Lulu went to Shen Wei’s house to investigate.

Because Liu Hui lived far away, it took Liu Heyang nearly two hours to arrive.

As soon as they got there, several people couldn’t help but frown.

It was because the environment was really poor and dilapidated, it didn’t look like the environment where Liu Hui died in the cash pile in the photo.

It was an old woman who opened the door.

She squinted and looked for a long time before she recognized that the people in front of her were police officers: “…Is something wrong I didn’t do anything wrong”


Liu Heyang intervened quickly: “It’s okay, we want to ask Liu Hui about his company.

Is he at home”

The wrinkles on the old woman’s face were pushed together, “He hasn’t gone out all day, and doesn’t answer when I knock.

I guessed that he stayed up all night again, you guys can go in.”

Hearing this, the group of people felt that he was fraught with grim possibilities.

Sure enough, when Liu Heyang and the others knocked on the door of Liu Hui’s room for a few minutes, there was no response, no sound at all.

“Knock down the door.”

The moment the door was knocked open, the scene inside the house blinded several of them, followed by dignified expressions.

The curtains in the room were drawn, the lights were turned on, and there was a pile of RMB in various denominations on the bed.

Liu Hui was lying in the middle, already dead.

The old woman’s eyes were not good, and she was blocked by them so she could not see the disturbing scene.

Liu Heyang shifted the curtains, glanced at it and commented, “The window is open here, the murderer should have escaped from here.”

The officer beside him said with emotion: “It will be difficult to apprehend the suspect after this…”

The place where Liu Hui’s family lived was a relatively run-down place in Beijing, and behind it was an old masonry yard.

It was now in a mess, so there must be no surveillance.

They recorded the scene and muttered among themselves: “The money must have a lot of fingerprints on it.

The clues are too extensive and the usability is not very large.”


Liu Heyang frowned and commanded, “Inform the forensic doctor to come here.”


On the other side, Jiang Pan and the others went to the address of Shen Wei’s house.

Shen Wei was only in his twenties, he looked like an ordinary young man.

His hair was dyed gray, and he looked like a trouble maker.

Although the community he lived in was not very high-end, it was quite high-level, and the rent was definitely not cheap.

For a young man, being able to live here so easily meant that his family was pretty wealthy.

After ringing the doorbell for a long time, someone came to open the door.

Seeing Jiang Pan in front, Shen Wei took a step back and stared vigilantly: “Police I didn’t break the law, so don’t try to be make me confess to false charges under torture!”

Jiang Pan asked directly, “Did you post this”

The screen of his phone was turned towards Shen Wei, and the name of the post was very clear.

Shen Wei nodded, “Yes, yes, what’s wrong”

Jiang Pan raised his eyebrows and continued, “In this case, we need to ask you a few questions.”

Ren Lulu and Shen Yuanye were behind Jiang Pan.

Ren Lulu was small and completely blocked, but Shen Yuanye could see Shen Wei’s face over his shoulder.

Face could reveal a person’s character.

Shen Yuanye could basically conclude that Shen Wei was a pervert, although she hadn’t dealt with him yet, at least this was certain.

And from an attitude point of view, he was probably a troublemaker.

“Ask what” Shen Wei asked assiduously, “I don’t know anything.”

Jiang Pan’s voice was a little colder, “I hope you can cooperate and explain the source of that photo.”

Shen Wei rolled his eyes and replied with a rude attitude, “I don’t know, I just received this picture.

It scared me to death in the morning.”

But with that said, he took them into the house anyway.

He didn’t realize the authenticity of the photo at all, and when he saw Ren Lulu and Shen Yuanye following closely behind Jiang Pan, his eyes lit up.

He said, “These two police officers are so beautiful, are they here to care about me”

Shen Yuanye still wore a mask, but it was difficult to conceal her beauty.

Shen Wei glanced between the two of them, and was about to speak when he saw the man at the door of his room staring at him coldly.

He immediately stepped back a little, grinning.

Jiang Pan’s eyebrows tensed and his voice became even colder: “Shen Wei, I hope you can maintain a proper attitude, otherwise you will be detained for obstructing official business.”

Shen Wei’s heart trembled, and he gazed at the two people sadly.

He curled his lips and muttered: “I’m just looking, why are you so fierce, beautiful women are there to look at…”

The following words stayed unsaid when his eyes came in contact with Jiang Pan’s cold gaze, he didn’t dare to say it.

It wasn’t until half a minute later that Jiang Pan asked lightly, “How did you get the photo”

Shen Wei answered, “I received it by courier.”

“Courier” Ren Lulu repeated curiously.

Shen Wei gave her a frivolous smile, “Yes, it was a courier.

I don’t know who sent it to me.

After all, there are so many people who have a crush on me.”

He was sleeping at home this morning when someone rang the doorbell, it was a courier.

Shen Wei remembered that he didn’t buy anything, but the courier was not paid on delivery, just let him sign for it and it was over.

As soon as he opened the small box, he saw the white envelope, and when he opened it, he saw the photo inside, and was shocked.

Shen Wei rushed to Jiang Pan and said, “Someone must be playing a prank! They’re jealous of my wealth!”

He shook the watch on his wrist, and looked at Ren Lulu and Shen Yuanye who were observing the photo next to him, “Maybe he is envious of all my girlfriends too.”

Jiang Pan ignored him.

When they actually saw the photo, it was a little different from the one on the post.

The real photo appeared more like a dead person.

There was a bloody hole in the man’s chest, and there was a pile of coins in the puncture.

Ren Lulu commented: “This method of death feels like it was intentional.”

That’s why she thought it was a performance at the beginning.

After all, this death in a pile of money didn’t seem like a normal way to die.

If it was suicide, who was the person who took the photo

He sent this photo to Shen Wei, then what kind of mentality did the murder have

If it was a homicide, was it the one who took the photo What did it mean to kill in such an environment, and what did it mean for it to be sent to Shen Wei

This case was suspicious from beginning to end.

After being a police officer for so long, this was the first time Ren Lulu has seen this method of death.

It was still not considered uncommon to die in a pile of money, but she has never seen a pile of coins in the wound.

Shen Wei was still answering the questions from Jiang Pan, when he suddenly thought of something and added, “The box contains not only the envelope but also a note, which I threw away.”

Jiang Pan’s intuition told him that the note contained a problem, “What was on the note”

Shen Wei contemplated for a while, “It seemed to have written two words, something about lust (TLN: In kanji, the word “lust” has two characters: **).

I know that they must be jealous of my girlfriends, and I have seen many such people.”

Jiang Pan loosened his brows.


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