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Chapter 120: Is the murderer a man or a woman

Shen Yuanye first looked up Shen Wei’s Weibo.

One click into the homepage, the latest Weibo came into her eyes, which was a rather dirty foreign video repost.

Looking further down, many of the posts were from a homeboy, but most of Shen Wei’s were more radical and erotic.

Shen Yuanye had already anticipated such content, and directly clicked on ‘anonymously follow.’

The deceased portrait on the left was a very irritating photo of Shen Wei.

It looked like it was taken when he was still alive, and it was of him flaunting.


On the right was the death information.

Name: Shen Wei

Date of Birth: January 17, 1996

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Jlzso oyp yd vlmv nsxxldv: [Fbld Elk oyp kdhkvle vs ts vs y dktbvnzwc qsa alhlzau, pwaaswdele cu clywvklp]

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Mbyv oyp vs pyu, vbkp dktbvnzwc alhlzau oyp zkjlzu vs byhl psxlvbkdt vs es okvb bkp elyvb.

She quickly clicked to the death video below.


The cover of the video depicted Shen Wei sitting on the toilet.

Even with the lights on, his face was very pale, and his pants were half down.

Shen Yuanye’s face froze.

Ren Lulu noticed it out of the corner of her eye and asked with concern, “What’s wrong”

Shen Yuanye replied quickly, “Just a little car sick.”

As soon as her voice fell, the car window was rolled down, and the outside air came in.

They happened to have just passed a flower bed, and there was a scent of flowers lingering.

Needless to say, Shen Yuanye knew that it was Jiang Pan.

She lowered her head silently and continued to look at her phone.

Ren Lulu, who was beside her, held back her laughter.

For the first time, she felt that her captain’s usual straightforward behavior was quite acceptable.

Shen Yuanye naturally didn’t know about Ren Lulu’s thoughts.

She clicked to play the video.

After the darkness, a lively nightclub appeared, and there was a lot of noises and singing, all kinds of voices, but Shen Wei was at ease.

Shen Yuanye looked around from the corner of her eye, and found that Jiang Pan and Ren Lulu didn’t react at all.

She was relieved and continued to look down.


After a few seconds, Shen Wei pushed away the women around him, walked to a less crowded place, and walked through a corridor to the restroom.

Shen Yuanye noticed that he entered the women’s restroom.

Maybe it was because he drank too much, so it was not surprising that Shen Wei entered the wrong restroom.

Everything was normal until 20 seconds into the video, after 20 seconds, the sound of high heels clicking against the floor suddenly appeared in the video.

Shen Yuanye’s spirit was instantly tense.

This kind of sound was like the sound that would appear in a horror movie, pounding on people’s hearts, making the scalp tingle.

Perhaps Shen Wei sensed something was wrong and opened the stall door to take a look.

When he saw a woman, he realized that he had gone into the wrong bathroom and was about to lift his pants and leave, but the woman suddenly pushed open the door of the stall.

Immediately after, the woman entered.

 Shen Yuanye only saw two people twisting together, and Shen Wei said, “Don’t worry, beauty, I’m still using the restroom, wait…”

Before he could finish speaking, his eyes widened in disbelief.

Shen Wei was paralyzed on the toilet lid, gasping for breath, unable to speak at all.


Shen Yuanye couldn’t see the woman’s face, only the appearance of her long hair in the camera and the flashing red dress.

Shen Wei quickly lost consciousness.

The woman hadn’t let him go.

After more than ten seconds, she made another move towards Shen Wei.

Because the screen was blocked, Shen Yuanye couldn’t see it.

It was not until a moment before the end of the video that she saw Shen Wei’s open mouth and bloody pants.

Shen Yuanye almost cried out.

She covered her mouth, didn’t let herself vomit, and locked her phone directly.

Ren Lulu thought her car sickness was too severe, so she came over and patted her on the back.

Shen Yuanye blinked, “It’s okay, I just got nauseated.”

Ren Lulu didn’t believe it, and persuaded: “Don’t force yourself.

If you feel uncomfortable, just say it directly and ask the captain to stop by the roadside for a while.

Let’s rest for a bit.”

Shen Yuanye replied quickly, “It’s really okay.”

Seeing this, Ren Lulu didn’t say much.

Seeing that her facial condition improved a lot, she finally felt relieved and urged the captain to drive faster.

They were close to the police station anyway, so Jiang Pan accelerated the speed of the car.



After returning to the familiar place, Shen Yuanye finally regained her vitality.

Liu Heyang and the others had already returned earlier, and Jiang Pan directly held a meeting.

He immediately pressed Ren Lulu directly: “Did you get any useful information Is there a possibility that Shen Wei is the murderer”

Ren Lulu rolled her eyes, “It’s not that simple, if it was, we will bring Shen Wei back directly, and we won’t have to wait til now.”

Liu Heyang scratched his head, “I’m just curious.

You don’t know how tragically Liu Hui died.”

Ren Lulu held the evidence bag with the photos in her hand, “I think it should have been like this, it should have been taken directly on the spot, so it doesn’t make any difference.”

Liu Heyang nodded.

Ren Lulu lowered her voice a little: “The captain suspects that this case may be a serial case, and it’s just that only the first dead person has appeared.”

Hearing this, Liu Heyang suddenly became anxious, “So troublesome”

The murderers of serial cases were generally premeditated, and the first deceased person and post at present absolutely seemed not simple.

The two entered the conference room one after the other.

Liu Heyang digested the clues he got from Ren Lulu, sighed in his heart, and put the photo of the crime scene he found on the projector first.

“The deceased Liu Hui, male, 22 years old this year, works in sales at an insurance company and lives with his grandmother, but his grandmother is old and her eyes and ears are not very good.”

Liu Heyang has obtained the preliminary judgment result from the forensic doctor: “The time of death was between eleven and twelve in the night.

The fatal wound was a fist-sized wound on the chest.

He died from excessive blood loss, and then coins were placed in his wound.

The surrounding coins are also scattered around him.”

When they arrived, the coins were already stained with blood.

Although the weather was hot, the blood had solidified, and so were the coins, mixed with blood.

“Liu Hui’s grandma was sleeping in her room when the incident happened and didn’t hear anything.”

Liu Heyang felt that this information was useless when he said it.

With his grandmother’s body, even if she was awake, she probably wouldn’t hear anything anyway.

The murderer probably knew this before they attacked Liu Hui at his house.

Jiang Pan frowned as he listened, but so far there were no favorable clues.

“Liu Hui’s room was locked, and the window was open.” Liu Heyang quickly listed the most important clue, “We investigated the window and collected half of the footprints, and the preliminary judgment should be a man’s foot.”

The reason why “should” was used was because some girls also had quite large feet that would be comparable to a male’s.

There was a case in the past, where the police suffered this loss, and it was not until later that they found out that the murderer was a man through other clues.

They took a long detour in the middle and wasted their time.

They couldn’t make the same mistakes, that would be unfortunate.

Jiang Pan rubbed his forehead: “First investigate whether Liu Hui and Shen Wei know each other.”

This case looked like a serial case.

If the murderer was not found quickly, more and more victims will die in the end.

Although Shen Wei was preliminarily judged by them to be the victim, he may not necessarily be the second death.

Because this incident had already caught their attention, it was not ruled out that the murderer would suddenly changed candidates, after all, second deadly sins, there were a total of seven.

Shen Wei said he didn’t know him, but maybe there were other connections between them.

Jiang Pan put this on the projector, “Seven sins, there are currently two exposed: greed and lust, only one victim has appeared, now keep an eye on Shen Wei, Ren Lulu, you and Li Chen are responsible for the team.”

Ren Lulu was the person who discovered this case from the beginning, so naturally it was the most suitable for her to be in charge of this case, but as a girl, it was safer to pair up a boy.

After all, the murderer must have a lot of strength to cause a wound like Liu Hui’s.

The terrifying strength of Cao Yan last time was clearly remembered by everyone in the police station.

If it weren’t that she was drugged, how would she have been assaulted.

Liu Heyang enlarged the footprints again, “Based on the footprints, we can infer that the murderer is about 1.76 to 1.8 meters tall and weighs between 120 and 150 jin.”

Judging the height of the murderer based on the footprints was a method that was often used in criminal investigations, and this had the simplest calculation formula.

Just through the footprints, it was possible to judge the age, body shape, and the mental state of the murderer at that time.

There was also a professional term called “footwork tracking”.

“Male or female, we have to investigate before we know.” Jiang Pan said lightly: “The photo, envelops, and note, take it all to check for fingerprints.”

Shen Yuanye sat at the back, her mind already running away from this.

Was the murderer a woman

Shen Yuanye felt that there was still a possibility.

For Shen Wei’s death video, the last action was superfluous, and it should be that they hated men completely.

But looking at it this way, the footprints seem to be too big again.

Shen Yuanye recalled again, the woman seems to be taller than Shen Wei, Shen Wei was 1.74 meters tall, and the murderer was tall and big, so it was not surprising to have such large footprints.

But she was afraid that she had made a mistake.

In case the murderer was pretending to be a woman approached Shen Wei, if she provided this clue, it would push the case into a completely different path.

Shen Yuanye felt that she should not say anything about it.

Or she could persuade Jiang Pan to go to the nightclub and keep watch.

Since the predicted future was like this, it meant that Shen Wei would definitely receive an invitation.

This method seem to be able to catch the murderer directly without any other effort.


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