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Chapter 123: Ms.

Shen’s orders.

According to the boss’s wife, Zhang Yang was still delivering takeout today and had lunch at the restaurant at about twelve o’clock.

However, his last bowl of food was not finished yet when he received a call.

When he answered the phone, he found out that the customer complained about him.

As for the reason for the complaint, the boss’s wife didn’t ask, and Zhang Yang left in a hurry, almost forgetting to take the takeaway with him.

Zhang Yang was never seen alive again after that.

Although their fast food restaurant also had a lot of takeaways, they were all delivered by other deliverymen this afternoon, and the boss’s wife didn’t feel that something was wrong.


Until her husband found the body when he was dumping leftover food.

The boss’s wife waved her hand: “I really don’t know the rest.

He doesn’t usually interact with us much.

This is all I know.”

After securing the scene, the group of people left.

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“I’m going to the airport in two hours,” she muttered.


Ren Lulu turned her head and asked, “Are you going to travel”

“…” Shen Yuanye was amused by her thought, “How can I have such leisure, it is for work, I have a fashion show to attend.”

“Fashion show” Ren Lulu widened her eyes and became even more excited when she heard this.

She asked curiously, “So it is possible to see you on TV”

Shen Yuanye shook her head, “No, unless you watch it on the Internet, these fashion shows won’t be broadcasted on TV.”

Even the top fashion shows have never had such an opportunity.

“That’s good too, I’ve heard of this fashion show before.” Ren Lulu sighed, “I’ll watch the live broadcast on the Internet at that time, do you know what clothes you will wear”

Shen Yuanye said: “I will not know until then.”

“You have such a good figure, you must look good in anything.” Ren Lulu smiled and said: “Since you are going to leave later, don’t worry about the case.

By the way, I will keep an eye on Lu Long.”

This was what Shen Yuanye cared most about, “I’m afraid an accident would happen to Lu Long.”

Since the person behind him decided to burn him directly, it meant that Lu Long definitely knew something, but he wouldn’t cry until he saw the coffin (TLN: Won’t say anything until he has to).

Ren Lulu comforted: “It’s okay, even if I can’t do it, the captain is still here, and he will definitely make him speak, don’t worry.”

Shen Yuanye didn’t speak anymore.

No one knew the future better than her.

What she was worried most about was that Lu Long was going to be killed by someone else.


By then there would be no evidence at all.

When the two of them were silent, Li Chen came back from outside and waved his hand, “I asked for information about the buyer that complained from the store.”

Shen Yuanye diverted her attention, totaled matters with Ren Lulu and the others, and decided to call the buyer to ask about the situation.

After all, he complained about Zhang Yang, and then Zhang Yang left.

Maybe something unknown happened later.

The caller was naturally Li Chen.

Fortunately, the other party quickly answered the phone: “Hello”

“Hello, may I ask at twelve o’clock, you complained about…”

Before Li Chen’s words were finished, the other party cut in directly: “What are you doing Is it take-out You reduced the amount of the food yourself, shouldn’t I complain”

Then the phone just hung up.

Calling again, no one picked up.

This phone number was probably blacklisted.

Ren Lulu said, “Let’s change the phone number.”

After getting through again, the person was changed to Liu Heyang.

Before the other party could speak, he said: “This is the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Jianghai District.

We need to ask you something.”


The other party finally didn’t immediately hang up, “I didn’t break the law!”

“It’s not that.” Liu Heyang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “We want to know about your complaint about the deliveryman today, can you be more specific”

The other party responded quickly.

He was busy with his colleagues until noon today.

He bought a few servings of stir-fried vegetables and fried rice.

After they were delivered, he opened them and found that the amount of each dish was smaller than before.

He often ate here, of course he knew how much the portion was.

There were many posts on Weibo about deliverymen eating customers’ takeaways.

He also read a lot of these news, and complained about the deliveryman in anger.

“The store owner apologized to me, so I didn’t pursue it.”

Liu Heyang and Ren Lulu looked at each other, “Are you sure that’s the case”

The other party got even more furious, and he was already very angry, “Of course! I eat their takeaway five days a week.

Don’t I know the size of each serving Of course the delivery man was the one that ate it!”

It would be strange if the people who often order takeout from the same place didn’t know.

“Since you are the police, I won’t hide it.

Zhang Yang used to be an intern here.

When he was getting food and eating in the cafeteria, he liked to get more, but he didn’t pay.

I know this.

Today it was him that delivered the takeaway, he must be the only one secretly eating it, he can eat a lot!”

When the group of people heard this sentence, they suddenly became spirited.


Liu Heyang hurriedly asked, “When was he an intern at your company”

“Just a few months ago, when he hadn’t graduated yet, he was famous for being able to eat a lot and taking small advantages.

You can ask anyone.”

After hanging up the phone, Liu Heyang still sighed.

He originally thought that because Zhang Yang had interned there, he could get new clues, but he still didn’t get much information from the customer, and the only information was that Zhang Yang ate a lot.

Ren Lulu scratched her hair, “I originally thought that it was too reluctant to say that the cause of death was because he ate too much, but it may also be because the murderer wanted to create an atmosphere of the seven deadly sins.”

Eating too much was the cause of death, this cause was really strange.

Now that they have found the owner of the complaint, she felt that secretly eating food and then being killed was a more normal cause of death.

Of course this was all her own guess.

Shen Yuanye asked, “Have you found any connection between Liu Hui and Shen Wei”

Liu Hui had a connection with Zhang Yang, so these two may also be related to Shen Wei somehow.

At this moment, a policeman came in from outside at this time, “The connection with Shen Wei was not found, but the new victim Zhang Yang was classmates with Liu Hui before, and the company the takeout was delivered to today was the company Liu Hui and Zhang Yang interned at before.

This coincides with the clues just obtained.

It was just that few people did not expect that Liu Hui had also interned there.

In this way, there was a deep connection between the two deceased.

But there seemed to be no connection between these two and Shen Wei.

At present Shen Wei had not had an accident, and there was no rush to find this connection.

Liu Heyang went directly to that company and interrogated many people.

More than an hour later, he came back with a smile on his face: “I asked around, Liu Hui was indeed an intern a few months ago, but he was finally fired because he often took advantage of people.

He once took an item he thought the boss didn’t want, and then he took it to sell.

He was finally fired after that.”

The group of people looked at each other.

Shen Yuanye said: “Then these two people have one thing in common.

The murderer must have known them both, maybe it is an employee of the company.”

Liu Heyang’s expression froze, “There are hundreds of people in this company.”

“Even if it is hundreds of people, they also need to be investigated.” Jiang Pan was still in the autopsy center before, and when he came back, he just heard what they said, and said solemnly.

Liu Heyang responded, “Yes!”

As for Shen Wei, who was currently at ease, there had been no accidents so far. 

Except for the person keeping watch of him, no one was paying attention to him.

Jiang Pan put the report on the table: “This is the autopsy report of Liu Hui and Zhang Yang.”

The clock hanging in the police station rang suddenly.

Shen Yuanye checked the time.

If she didn’t go to the airport, she would not be able to catch this flight.

Shen Yuanye stood up: “I have to go to the airport.”

Jiang Pan glanced at his wrist, “It’s getting late, I’ll take you there.”

“No thank you, my assistant will come to pick me up.” Shen Yuanye quickly refused, “Officer Jiang, about Lu Long, I hope you will moniter him on the 20th.”

Her whole heart was on this matter.

Jiang Pan replied solemnly, “Okay.”

Even if she didn’t mention it, they would pay attention to this matter.

After all, it was the reason he used to make her a consultant before, and it would be too insincere without a follow-up.

Lu Yue’s driving skills were good, and fortunately, she made it to the airport, with more than ten minutes left.

Shen Yuanye followed Shen Wei on Weibo again before boarding the plane.

The death video still hadn’t changed, even the date of death hadn’t changed.

She still felt that Shen Wei was more likely to have an accident tonight.

So she sent a WeChat message to Jiang Pan.

Whether the woman in the red dress seen in the video was a woman or a man was unclear to her, but the only certainty was that the other party hated Shen Wei.

To the point of being castrated, the other party would definitely not let Shen Wei go easily.

Therefore, the murderer should still be looking for an opportunity to attack Shen Wei.

Perhaps it was the most convenient time to take advantage of the fact that the police are currently paying attention to Zhang Yang’s death.

Tonight’s nightclub, maybe they could really get the answer.

For this perverted murderer, she really wanted to know who the other party was, and why did they use such a high-sounding reason to kill.

Anyway, it was originally to protect Shen Wei.

Tonight, he received an invitation to go to a nightclub, and Jiang Pan and them were going too, so just have them keep a careful eye.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Ren Lulu followed Liu Heyang into the nightclub in casual clothing.

This nightclub was well-known in the Jianghai District.

Although she had never been there, she had heard of its reputation.

There were quite a few young men from wealthy families inside.

This time Shen Wei was here for an appointment with a rich second-generation person.

The nightclub was very noisy.

Ren Lulu adjusted the headset in her hair and complained, “Brother Jiang asked us to be in the front, what about himself”

For fear of being heard, they had code names.

They were now acting as boyfriend and girlfriend, while Li Chen arrived an hour earlier, kept watch in a corner.

Liu Heyang whispered in her ear, “He went straight to the bathroom.”

Ren Lulu blinked: “Really went to the women’s bathroom”

Before Liu Heyang could answer, she said excitedly, “So he is wearing women’s clothes Oh, I should take a picture and show Yuanye when she comes back.”

“Then I’m afraid you won’t be able to see him like that.” Liu Heyang spread his hands, “I haven’t seen him since I was assigned the task, and I don’t know if he’s wearing a dress or not.”

The two of them found a location with a better view to sit.

There were people coming and going in the nightclub.

Before Shen Wei arrived, they had to watch carefully.

Liu Heyang answered her first question smoothly, “It’s not that you don’t know, when it is Ms.

Shen’s orders, he is always the first to respond.

It is the regulation.”

Ren Lulu thought about it and found that what he said was really right.


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