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Chapter 124: Is that really the reason

Originally, Ren Lulu volunteered to go to the women’s bathroom, but she was directly rejected by Jiang Pan.

Ren Lulu guessed that Jiang Pan felt that she could not deal with it, and he would be more confident dealing with it himself.

After all, no one knew who the murderer was.

As time went by, the number of people in the nightclub gradually increased.

She wanted to know what was the relationship between Shen Wei and the first two deceased.

He was a rich second generation, and Liu Hui and Zhang Yang were both interns in the same company and were also classmates.

But they investigated Shen Wei’s social relationships and found that he had no such classmates at all, and Shen Wei’s university was not the same as the two.


It could be said that they had no connection at all.

Ren Lulu didn’t think that there was no connection, after all, the murderer would take the initiative to create a connection, unless they hadn’t found it yet.

The two pretended to have just met, laughed and drank together.

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Because of the structure of this nightclub, from this location, one could see the corridor, and once any room was opened, they could also see it.


Naturally, Shen Wei, whose clothes were not cheap and looked good, was surrounded by several women in the lobby.

Shen Wei was complacent for a while, and finally remembered that he was going to the bathroom.

He pushed away a few women, and then walked in the direction of the bathroom.

Ren Lulu nudged Liu Heyang: “Let’s go.”

One of them immediately pretended to be drunk and was helped by the other to go to the bathroom and followed behind Shen Wei.

Shen Wei was not very vigilant, so he didn’t notice them at all.

Moreover, the two also had a makeover, so it is difficult to recognize them in the dim light.

Ren Lulu actually wanted to know why Shen Wei went to the women’s bathroom.

When the captain mentioned it to them this afternoon, she felt very curious, but Shen Yuanye’s fortune-telling was never wrong.

Ren Lulu squinted and stared at Shen Wei.

Then she watched helplessly as he staggered to the women’s bathroom.

This was really the highest realm of blindness.

Ren Lulu didn’t go over immediately, but pushed Liu Heyang and spit out some water in front of the sink.

Liu Heyang was pretending to play with his phone, but he had actually sent a message to Jiang Pan.


After being confirmed, Ren Lulu was helped away by him.

They just determined that Shen Wei went in.

They wouldn’t go in, because there was a high possibility that the murderer would go in later.

There was a chance they might not go in if they saw them.

The two sat down in the lobby outside.

Soon, a woman in a red dress came out of the room next door.

She was still wobbling, and she seemed to be about 1.7 meters tall.(TLN: Approximately 5’7” feet)

Ren Lulu was instantly refreshed.

Through Liu Hui’s clue of half of a footprint, they finally determined the height of the murderer.

This woman in red who was mentioned by Shen Yuanye indeed fit this description of height.

She just walked around here.

There were naturally a lot of women in red dresses, but there was really no one who was as tall and also wore a red dress.

There was no one else that fitted this condition.

Because the bathroom was in front, the woman in the red dress kept her back to them.

Ren Lulu and Liu Heyang watched for a while, then went to the bathroom again.

When the two of them pretended to rush to the outside of the bathroom, they heard movement from inside, and it was not small.

Afraid of an accident, Liu Heyang ignored the fact that it was the women’s bathroom, slammed into the locked door with Ren Lulu and went in directly, holding a gun on guard.


Then the scene in front of them made both of them stunned.

The woman in the red dress was being held against the wall with her backhand, and her turned face was facing them.

Jiang Pan behind was much taller, so he could see it clearly.

Jiang Pan directed, “Handcuffs.”

Liu Heyang hurriedly stepped forward and handcuffed the woman in the red dress, then looked at her and looked at Ren Lulu.

What woman, it was obviously a man in a red dress.

Ren Lulu hurriedly walked to a stall with the door open, and dragged out Shen Wei, who was too scared to speak.

“Fortunately…fortunately you guys were here…” Shen Wei was so frightened that he urinated in his pants.

Now that the person was caught, they would naturally withdraw the team and head back.

The group of officers who kept watch all over the nightclub also left one after another.

Soon, Li Chen joined them and pushed the person into the car.

Ren Lulu asked in a low voice, “Captain, you just entered the women’s bathroom like this”

Jiang Pan stretched his wrist, there was a small wound on it, and a little blood oozing out.

He wiped it off with his hands, and asked casually: “What do you think”

Of course she thought he was fully armed!


Of course, Ren Lulu didn’t dare to say these words, after all, the captain was still the captain, although he usually didn’t have any airs around them.

She took out a Band-Aid from her bag, “I have a Band-Aid here.”

While Jiang Pan waved his hands to wash his hands outside, Ren Lulu secretly took a picture, and then walked behind him with emotion.

The lights in the nightclub tended to be ambiguous.

Today, Jiang Pan was wearing more neutral clothes, bowing his head, and bending over to wash his hands.

He looked like a noble in a five-star hotel.

Although she always knew that the captain’s background was not simple, she still didn’t know what kind of family could raise a person like Jiang Pan.

Ren Lulu had always been self-aware.

She was just an ordinary girl.

Even if she was in the same team as Jiang Pan, under his subordinates, she never believed that she had anything special that could make people especially like her.

Besides, these families were not as comfortable as her own.

During this period, a girl came to the bathroom and saw the two people in the women’s bathroom in front of the sink.

She went back and looked again, and her eyes became strange.

Ren Lulu felt embarrassed, but she washed her hands and dried herself seriously with Jiang Pan, and then left.


A woman in a red dress should be correctly addressed as a man in a red dress.

Back at the police station, a police officer who went to the company to investigate immediately recognized him: “Isn’t this the buyer’s colleague”

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, he quickly confessed what happened.

Liu Heyang didn’t see this man in the red dress when he went to inquire later, but he remembered it clearly.

The policeman listed what happened: “The buyer was sitting opposite him.

I also asked him about Liu Hui and Zhang Yang, and he also provided a record.

Later, when I left, he seemed to ask for a leave and left too.”

Records were listed down and could be found directly.

Soon, the record was found, and the true identity of the man in the red dress was revealed: “His name is Lin Jin.”

Shen Wei was still trembling in the other room.

At that time, when he entered the women’s restroom, he didn’t realize that he had gone to the wrong toilet.

He was in a hurry, so he just found a cubicle randomly.

As a result, he didn’t expect that the door of his cubicle wasn’t closed properly.

When a woman squeezed in, he was still confused for a while before he realized it.

It’s just that he drank too much, he could not see clearly and did not see what the woman looked like.

He only noticed that she had a good figure and said a few flirting words.

Before he could finish speaking, he was taken aback by the object in the woman’s hand.

Such a large pair of scissors, really… He only saw these kinds of scissors being used when he saw other people use it specially for roughening iron.

His brain, which was full of wine, woke up all of a sudden.

While Shen Wei was still trembling, the cubicle door was reopened, and the woman in the red dress was thrown out at once.

He breathed out and quickly pulled up his pants.

It was only a few moments later that his legs became weak and he fell over.

Liu Heyang patted the table in front of Shen Wei, “Back to your senses now”

Shen Wei smiled awkwardly.

Although Liu Heyang felt that Shen Wei was unlucky and might have trauma in the future, he still asked in a business-like manner: “Have you seen him before What is your connection with him”

Shen Wei was puzzled by this: “I haven’t seen him before, and I don’t have any impression at all.

I don’t know why he is treating me like this, I didn’t do anything to him.”

He pouted, “No matter how hungry I am, I won’t choose him.”

Although Lin Jin looked completely beautiful from the back and was a secret killer, when he turned to the front, he could easily tell that “the woman” was a man.

Liu Heyang was taken aback at the time.

Lin Jin even put on makeup in order to pretend to be a woman.

Although his skills were not particularly advanced, people would actually see him as a woman when he was some distance away.  

Looking at the back figure at that time, he and Ren Lulu really thought the murderer was a woman.

Her heart was skipping beats because this serial case was really bad in nature, and it also involved extrajudicial trials, which was completely unforgivable.

Both sides were inquiring, and the policeman went to the company to make a new record for the employees in the company, and came back with the latest news.

After listening to his words, Ren Lulu couldn’t help but wonder: “Is it really because his food was secretly eaten”

She originally thought that it couldn’t just be the reason for someone eating too much.

After all, no one was that insane to kill someone just because they thought another person ate too much.

When contacting the buyer who complained, Liu Hui and Zhang Yang had one thing in common.

One took too much advantage of others, and the other was a deliveryman who ate other people’s food.

According to what he said, Lin Jin worked in the same company as the buyer who complained about Zhang Yang.

He was also the one that ate with the buyer at noon that day.

It was Lin Jin who encouraged him to complain that day.

Later, the buyer casually mentioned the rider deliveryman, and the few colleagues who didn’t go to get the delivery then knew that it was Zhang Yang.

Lin Jin was involved with it from start to finish.


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