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Chapter 13: The Shoe That Was Captured in the Picture

It was due to the song “Regret” that Shen Yuanye was able to remember this singer.

That was because this song had gone viral as of late.

Since the day it was released one month ago, it has been constantly played on various major platforms.

Whenever she headed out, Shen Yuanye had noticed countless people using this song as their ringtone.

On top of that, she often saw numerous stores playing this song as well.

As its singer, Huang Ni had also shot to fame.

In the past, Shen Yuanye had only listened to it on and off.

It was not until she was at the hot pot restaurant did she listen to the song in its entirety in one seating.

Not only were the lyrics simple, but the tune was also pretty good.

Together with Huang Ni’s lovely singing voice, the song was bound to be popular. 

However, it had never occurred to her that the next time she saw Huang Ni would be today after catching a glimpse of the MV.

“The one in front, will you please hurry up” Someone at the back of the line asked aloud as he was getting tired of waiting.

It was only then Shen Yuanye was shaken out of her reverie.

Hurriedly, she averted her gaze from the magazine and took two quick strides to the cashier before making a prompt payment.

As soon as it was done, she apologized to the person in the queue.

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Eyhkdt bkp bydep, bl pvyvle, “Rv’p nssz.”

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Kwpv yp pbl oyp ycswv vs vyjl y pvlr, pbl oyp, sdnl ytykd, pvsrrle.

“Eswze kv cl nsdhldkldv qsa usw vs pbyal uswa ElUbyv”

Ebs oswze byhl vbswtbv bl oyp yczl vs awd kdvs pwnb y clywvkqwz tkaz obld bl oyp swv cwukdt y cssj Rv oyp kdelle bkp zwnju eyu!

Fbld Zwydul pbssj bla blye yde alrzkle, “R’x psaau, cwv R esd’v wpl ElUbyv.”

Ekvb vbl xytygkdl kd byde, pbl rwpble vbl cssjpvsal’p essa srld yde vssj vos vs vball pvlrp clqsal ekpyrrlyakdt qasx vbl xyd’p hklo obld pbl xyel bla oyu ynaspp vbl pvallv, zlyhkdt bkx okvb y altalvqwz lmralppksd sd bkp qynl.

Ju vbl vkxl pbl alvwadle vs bla yryavxldv, kv oyp yzalyeu eyaj.

Xdzu vbld eke Fbld Zwydul zyu vbl xytygkdl swv yde qzkr vs vbl rytl okvb Twydt Lk’p dlop bypvkzu.

At the end of the day, the primary purpose of an entertainment magazine was to attract people’s attention.

As such, the articles would have been written in great detail.

Not only were there words, but they had also included pictures.

Skimming through the article, Shen Yuanye eventually could not refrain from gasping.

Apparently, Huang Ni had been murdered in her home yesterday.

It appeared that the person who called the police was her agent.

She informed them that both of them agreed to meet up at the office in the morning before heading to an event together.

Who would have thought they were not able to contact her all morning

She initially assumed Huang Ni had overslept, so she made her way to Huang Ni’s apartment to look for her.

Since Huang Ni purchased the apartment herself, she had provided her agent a set of keys.

She opened the door, and in that split second, she found Huang Ni lying on the floor.

The house was so cold that the blood on the floor congealed in thick dark brown clots.

Under a surge of hysteria and alarm, she called the police.

Several minutes later, the police arrived at the apartment and confirmed that the first scene of the crime was in the living room.

On top of that, there were no signs of Huang Ni being shifted by anyone. 

They had determined that the victim’s time of death was between 2 to 3 in the wee hours of the morning yesterday.

Based on their examination, the victim’s cause of death was the injury on her neck area, where the murderer had severed her artery.

With the addition of countless wounds on the other parts of her body, it had accelerated her death.

As for the murderer, the police were not able to find any clues on the person.

In the beginning, they suspected the murder weapon was one of the knives in the kitchen.

However, it was only after making a comparison did they realize that their hypothesis was incorrect.

Up to the point where they departed from the apartment, the police found not even the murder weapon.

In regards to all this, the magazine ended off the article with its speculation.

After all, Huang Ni had debuted for two years, and thanks to her song, “Regret,” she had shot to fame recently.

It might have been the handiworks of someone who begrudged her success.

Of course, this was merely speculation.

Upon gazing at a picture of Huang Ni adorned with an exquisite makeup look, faint senses of pity and sympathy welled up in Shen Yuanye’s heart.

She could not help but recall how she had been stabbed to death in her apartment the same way on that fateful night.

Even so, she was not as popular as Huang Ni.

As such, she would probably not have appeared on the news, let alone magazines which were in it for money.

After looking at it for a while, Shen Yuanye went on to flip through the magazine.

When it came to an entertainment magazine, it covered an extensive range of content.

Even so, they were mainly surmising online news that other media had already released. 

If the paparazzi were to publish a magazine themselves, it would be pretty different.

That was because the majority of the content covered would be on the exposure of exceptionally sensational scoops.

It was just like that piece of news on an extramarital affair on the front cover.

The entertainment marketing account, which had first exposed the news, published this article concurrently in its very own magazine.

Amid their readers, not only were there readers who read the news, but also those who purchased magazines, engendering a surge in its sales volume.

With that in mind, Shen Yuanye, once again, could not refrain from thinking about the magazine with her front cover.

Who knew what the sales volume would be like for this month

That would be……exceptionally horrifying if it surpassed Fei Shang magazine’s lowest record. 


Before the year ended, the sales record for almost half a month was released.

Even though it was New Year’s Eve, everyone in the editorial team for Fei Shang magazine worked overtime and was entitled to payment at double their wage rate. 

At this juncture, Su Yun was waiting for her subordinate’s report.

“Sister Yun!” Someone exclaimed as he pushed the doors to enter, “The latest statistics have been compiled! The sales volume this time has indeed shot through the roof!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yun nodded her head.

Taking the report from her subordinate, she took a glimpse at the document.

The order quantity was indicated right at the top, followed by the number of online orders.

Sure enough, physical purchase of the magazine at the bookstore far exceeded the others.

The person standing before her continued, “As compared to the previous month, the current sales volume has increased by 1.2 percent.

On top of that, several stores that we have partnered with had placed a second purchase order.

The online orders, in particular, had shown the greatest increase.”

As soon as she had noted down the figures, Su Yun stated, “Alright, I got it.

Why don’t you head back to work”

After the person left the room, she gave Shen Yuanye a call and sent her a picture online at the same time.

At this time, Shen Yuanye was still snuggled up warmly under the covers.

On a wintry day like this, she would tend to wake up over 2 hours later than usual.

Hence, she had only switched on her phone a little while ago.

“We have attained a high sales volume.” Su Yun laughed, “Henceforth, I reckon countless people will be approaching you constantly, so please remember to be more cautious.” 

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye’s grogginess cleared up significantly.


“Of course.” Flipping through the records, Su Yun highlighted, “Previously, we published an issue with the most promising newcomer, yet the record was far beneath yours.”

As print media was gradually replaced by digitalization, it was already pretty good to have attained such a sales volume.

Even though this was the sales volume in 2018, it was still the end of 2017 if you were to base it on the lunar calendar.

Back then, they had just stepped into the new year, causing everyone to be totally psyched.

Sure enough, she had not chosen the wrong person.

At an instant, Shen Yuanye sat up and scratched her head.

“Thanks, Sister Yun.”

Su Yun replied, “What for It is the credit that you deserved.

Even so, this is all the magazine is able to provide you with, so the rest is up to you.”

Shen Yuanye replied softly, “I got it.”

No matter how popular a magazine would become, it could only go so far in the fame spectrum.

She would have to rely on herself to tread on this path from now on.

In this modeling profession, endorsements and runways were the best methods to make one’s mark.

As for the others, they were significantly ordinary.

As soon as she ended the call, Shen Yuanye could not help but begin bouncing on her bed.

It seemed that her life was indeed a far cry from what it used to be.

Logging into her Weibo account, Shen Yuanye discovered that the number of notifications she received had decreased exponentially as compared to that day when the magazine issue was released.

Even so, she had received thousands of likes within 24 hours.

For a model with only one magazine front cover under her belt, this was already good enough.

At the very least, it was better than nothing. 

It was merely just after 12 when she received a call from Liu Li.

“I have seen your results, and you’ve gotten off a good start.” The first thing out of her mouth was nothing but praises.

“Let’s get the contract signed tomorrow.

Not only that, but we have also settled your agent.”

Shen Yuanye had been in contact pretty frequently as of late.

“So, I will be heading to work at Hua Yi tomorrow”

Upon hearing her question, Liu Li laughed, “Of course.

We do not have any day offs all year round unless you take one out of your own accord.

However, these situations are rare.

I have recently recommended a newcomer, but I believe you will have a much better future ahead of you.

I am sure you will not let me down, right”

Of course, Shen Yuanye was able to pick up on the underlying meaning in her words.

As the corner of her lips quirked up, she answered, “Of course.”

At this juncture, she was already treading on a different path from before.

With her Weibo that was able to predict, her future looked brighter than ever.

“Please remember to think of your career positioning.

I’ll also be giving some to you tomorrow, and we can proceed to discuss afterward.

As of right now, I won’t say much on the phone.”

There was a short pause before Liu Li asked, “Are you living alone right now”

Upon hearing the question, Shen Yuanye made a sound of agreement.

“I have just rented a new apartment for a single individual.”

“You have probably seen the news about Huang Ni from West Entertainment.

Something happened to her recently, and the murderer has yet to be apprehended, so you have to stay safe when you are living alone.” Liu Li instructed, “After signing the contract, you can choose to live in the apartment that the company has arranged for you.

In terms of privacy and safety, it is definitely much better.”

Not if you had the money to live in a better location.

“Even now, the murderer has yet to be found” Shen Yuanye was so stunned that she could not help but question, “I have not seen any related hashtags listed in Weibo’s trending searches lately.

Hasn’t it been half a month since the accident occurred” 

Were the police indeed this slow

Liu Li responded, “Up till this point, they have not even found the murder weapon yet.

According to the police, it was a premeditated murder case as the other party was well-prepared.

However, they are unsure whether it was someone Huang Ni knew or this was the work of a serial killer.

In any case, you have to be cautious since you are living alone.”

Of course, Shen Yuanye had given her a response.

The moment she hung up the phone, she began searching for Huang Ni on Weibo.

The most recent post that mentioned her was one posted by Beijing Police’s official page this morning.

It noted that the murderer was adept in avoiding detection and hoped that the public would provide any relevant information on the murder weapon should they know of anything.

It appeared that the murder weapon was a fruit knife.

Once again, Shen Yuanye went to Huang Ni’s Weibo page.

When it came to the updates on her Weibo page, it had stopped at the end of last month and she had not appeared since then.

As for the comments section on her Weibo page, it had been bombarded entirely by crying fans and passers-by.

Scrolling through her Weibo page, Shen Yuanye found that Huang Ni was a girl of candor.

The remarks she posted on Weibo were pretty hilarious, and she had never quarreled with anyone.

Shen Yuanye averted her gaze to the “Follow” button at the bottom left-hand corner before pursing her lips.

She was not sure whether anything would occur should she follow a deceased person’s Weibo page.

Since she had never tested it out before, there was no way for her to know whether she would receive any reaction or notification.

Hence, she took a deep breath and tapped on the button.

Immediately right after, her phone screen had gone dark.

Without batting an eye, Shen Yuanye stared at her phone screen as it was lighting up before a familiar interface made its presence before her.

On the left side, it was where a Portrait of the Deceased was placed.

The picture displayed a black and white version of Huang Ni’s Weibo profile picture, causing her to appear exceptionally lonely.

On the other hand, the data on the right were clearly displayed.

Name: Huang Ni

Date of Birth: 4th June 1993

Date of Death: 31st January 2018

Shen Yuanye was very clear about the dates, so she continued to scroll downwards.

At this juncture, she had placed all her attention on the Picture of the Death Scene situated at the bottom of the interface.

She discovered that the background of the picture was of white ceramic tiles.

As she laid on the ground, an ordinary fruit knife was lodged in Huang Ni’s neck as blood gushed out in a constant flow, dying the white floor crimson.

It turned out that the murder weapon was indeed a fruit knife.

Gradually, the picture began to turn transparent and was on the verge of disappearing before her eyes.

In the next moment, Shen Yuanye’s eyes widened abruptly at the sight of a tiny spot in the utmost corner.

It was a white sneaker that was stained with blood.

Not only that, but the trouser leg was also captured in the picture as its owner was standing there.

At the last moment of Huang Ni’s death, who else would be there besides the murderer himself

The author has something to say:

The Picture of the Death Scene in the novel works this way——The picture is taken at the moment the subject takes its last breath.

Hence, anything in the immediate vicinity may be captured in the picture when the subject passes away.

This feature of Weibo is a black technology that is exceptionally accurate.

The male lead will be making his appearance in the next chapter.

Hence, everyone, please remember to strew flowers for him (●’’●)


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