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Chapter 15: Just Be Safe These Days

Upon hearing his introduction, Shen Yuanye’s breathing gradually relaxed.

Now that she was standing at a close distance from him, she was able to pick up on his furrowed brows, hard lines, slightly taut chiseled jaw, and a pair of pitch-black eyes that were fixed on her.

Shen Yuanye could even vaguely see that they were bloodshot.

Once again, the person outside returned to his original spot.

As she lowered her gaze, the image of a tall and straight figure shrouded in a snow-white background standing as though it was a monument entered her sight.

Without further ado, Shen Yuanye stated, “Your ID.”

“I have it,” responded Jiang Pan.

In the shadowy darkness, the man standing outside pulled open his clothes, revealing a thin tank top and lean muscles inside.

With his slender fingers, Jiang Pan retrieved his ID from his pocket and placed it before her earnestly.

“Make sure you take a good look at it.”

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Sykpkdt bkp lulcaso, Kkydt Vyd’p nswdvldydnl clnyxl plakswp yzz sq y pweeld yp bl dlyale vbl tzypp.

Ekvb y ellr hsknl, bl alnkvle, “Gv 13:54 ulpvlaeyu yqvladssd, usw zsttle kdvs vbl 56vb nsxrwvla kd yd kdvladlv nyql 3.4 jx yoyu qasx uswa yryavxldv.

Gv 14:25, usw pldv vbl qszzsokdt xlppytl vs vbl sqqknkyz Elkcs rytl sq Kkydt Tyk Vszknl Fvyvksd……”

Right at this moment, his words made Shen Yuanye’s heart somersault.

“Hi, Officer.

I saw the news of Huang Ni’s murder online and recalled that I had once seen a flustered man at the apartment building’s ground floor that day…….”

Like a broadcaster, Jiang Pan’s tone remains monotonic.

As her head began to pound, Shen Yuanye exclaimed, “Stop reciting!”

Despite his serious countenance, Jiang Pan chuckled, “Alright, alright.

I’ll stop reciting.” 

As a result of his tone of voice, Shen Yuanye’s thoughts were in turmoil.

“I have never sent anyone a message like that.” After much contemplation, she decided to deny everything.

“You’ve got the wrong person.

Since I’m not the one, Officer Jiang, you can leave now.”

As for her Weibo page being able to tell fortunes, it was something that would be kept as a secret all throughout her lifetime.

Regardless of whether it was her closest friend, Sun Ai, or the police, she would never spill the beans. 

Whatever she had done was already the best that she could ever do within her power.

Upon hearing that, Jiang Pan’s countenance became solemn.

“Miss Shen, Huang Ni’s murderer is still at large.

Perhaps, someone else is currently facing threats to their lives.

As such, whatever clues of the murderer that you provide are of great help to our investigation.”

Shen Yuanye shook her head and continued to deny, “This matter has nothing to do with me.”

Now that she was reborn with much difficulty, she did not want to be dragged into this sort of matter.

At this juncture, she was already regretting sending a private message to the official Weibo page, let alone making an appearance.

Besides, she was not even a witness.

No matter how she phrased it, she would still give herself away.

By the end of it, she would be the one who would land herself in big trouble.

“Officer Jiang, give me my phone.” As she said so, Shen Yuanye opened the door and held out her hand.

Jiang Pan stood up slowly, as his eyes were trained on her indifferently.

They lingered over her pale, slender hands for several seconds before he placed the phone in her palm.

All of a sudden, he said aloud, “135…….”

With the phone in her hand, Shen Yuanye stared at him blankly at the mention of a string of numbers.

Hastily, she withdrew her hand and closed the door again.

“This is my phone number.

If you ever change your mind, you can always call me.” 

Afraid that she might forget, Jiang Pan took out a pen and a piece of paper.

Under Shen Yuanye’s watchful eye, he had written his number on the paper before stooping over to place it on the ground outside the security door.

After he arose, Jiang Pan cautioned, “Please be careful these days.”

Once he had adjusted his clothes, Jiang Pan turned around and left the apartment building, vanishing from sight.

Subconsciously, Shen Yuanye tightened her grip on her phone.

Moments later, she blinked her eyes before regaining her composure.

She entered the lift and watched the doors closed slowly before proceeding upstairs.


At eight in the evening, it had, once again, begun snowing pretty heavily outside.

Soon, a blanket of snow lay over the windows so much so that the lights were no longer in sight.

Leaning against her bed, Shen Yuanye retrieved the note from her pocket.

Much unlike a girl’s garish style, it was merely a simple white slip of paper.

In the middle, it lay a row of numbers written in a natural and flowing style, but each scribbled digit was still easily distinguishable.

Her short-term memory had always been pretty good, especially when it came to numbers.

Hence, there was no need for Officer Jiang to write it down since she was able to remember them as soon as the other party recited it.

Jiang Pan.

After entering this name, Shen Yuanye exited the interface in an instant before logging into Weibo.

Looking through the fans’ comments, she stopped to reply to several trending ones.

Subsequently, she went on to the most searched topics on Weibo and read through the recent news.

As for today, there was not much breaking news on Weibo.

As she scrolled down, she noticed the news was either on current affairs or criticizing the paparazzi on their incessant stalking and invasion of privacy.

It was only after clicking into several of them did Shen Yuanye, once again, find the account that posted exposé within the industry.

Often one would find that countless marketing accounts were fake and would often tap on others’ news to deceive the fans.

Otherwise, they were accounts that were created specially to create hype or increase a celebrity’s popularity by spreading falsified news.

Whereas accounts that posted exposé, they were relatively unique.

She happened to know two of them, but the identities of these bloggers remained unknown.

Even so, not once were their exposé inaccurate and used to fool anyone.

This time, both of them posted an exposé concerning the same thing.

Even though it had nothing to do with Shen Yuanye, she still decided to read it.

Now that she was well aware of the situation, she exited Weibo.

Who would have thought that Sun Ai would give her a call the moment when she exited the app

“Oh, right.

I bet you have no clue about this, right The hot pot restaurant owner doesn’t dare to play songs in his restaurant anymore.” Sun Ai’s voice continued to resonate through the line clearly, “When he played Li Mengran’s song, she got married.

Now that he played Huang Ni’s songs, she was murdered.”

Upon hearing that, Shen Yuanye pressed her fingers to her temple and began rubbing it.

As of late, it seemed that she could not escape from the name ‘Huang Ni.’ Regardless of whether it was Weibo or people around her, they were somehow pretty concerned about Huang Ni.

Noticing that she remained silent, Sun Ai did not take it too seriously and continued, “Huang Ni sure was pitiful.

Who knows who her murderer is Her parents must be devastated to see the exposé on Weibo.

I heard that they are pretty old and to think that they have lost their old daughter…….” 

“Since you are living alone, you have to make sure to be careful.

I suspect that the murderer will definitely make his move again.

A defenseless beauty, like you, is the easiest……” Sun Ai paused.

“Forget it.

I shalt not speak of any more inauspicious words.

In any case, you need to be careful!”

Shen Yuanye replied, “I got it.”

It was only after hearing that was Sun Ai satisfied.

“Alright, I won’t be bothering you any further.

For your beauty’s sake, don’t stay up too late and rest early.”

“Wait a minute!” Shen Yuanye questioned hastily, “Let me ask you something.

If you happen to witness a certain trait of the murderer, would you report it to the police”

Sun Ai answered, “Of course, I would.

Otherwise, there is no telling that I might just be the next victim.

For safety’s sake, it is best to report it as soon as possible.

Why do you ask that Did you happen to see something of the murderer”

Feigning ignorance, Shen Yuanye responded, “I just happened to catch a film earlier, and it mentioned something similar.

So, that’s why I asked.”

Sun Ai laughed, “It’s just a film, so don’t overthink about it.” 

As soon as she got off the phone, Shen Yuanye heaved a sigh.


“Captain Jiang, any results yet”

As soon as Jiang Pan opened the doors after returning to the team, a group of people gathered around clamorously and stared at him with glistening eyes.

With a grim face, Jiang Pan answered, “No.”

“Sigh.” With that, the group of people had, once again, dispersed.

This Huang Ni case was such a hassle.

Not only were all traces removed, but the murder weapon had also been taken away.

It was evident that the other party came well prepared and whatever they have found at the crime scene was of little use.

Since the victim was a famous celebrity, the media and public were concerned about the progress of this matter.

As the investigators, they had to bear the brunt.

On top of that, the higher-ups had pressured them as well.

At first, everyone had expected yesterday to be just like the days before.

However, the girl, who was responsible for the official page, came running excitedly all of a sudden and recited a passage.

Upon hearing the message, the group of people with bloodshot eyes got all fired up and immediately began to analyze the message.

It went without saying that the witness’ identity was of utmost importance, and the ideal scenario was for them to find the actual person to inquire in person.

After much investigation and checking of the surveillance footage, they were able to find out who had sent that private message.

The person behind the account was pretty cautious and knew how to disguise oneself.

It was a shame the only area that was lacking was the person’s inept skills.

As such, the team managed to discover the IP address very easily.

With the surveillance footage, they were able to pinpoint the person.

Upon seeing that half of a face in the surveillance footage, the refined girl just happened to look at Captain Jiang, who had just returned, straight in the eye.

It was only then did she send him off.

Who would have thought that he would return empty-handed

Casting a glance at his motionless phone, Jiang Pan raised his head and instructed, “First, investigate in accordance with the direction of the white sneaker and pull up the surveillance footage.

As for Shen Yuanye, I’ll follow up on it.”

“Yes, sir!”

Without any complaints, everyone went on to work overtime.

All of a sudden, Xiao Liu came running over with a document in his hands.

“Captain Jiang, I went through the list of people whom Huang Ni knew again, as well as those in her company.

None of them wore white sneakers that day, but there are a total of 5 people who own such sneakers in their home.”

“However, all five of them have an alibi.” He swallowed before continuing, “Do you think there is something wrong with this private message Could it be someone playing a prank or……”

Jiang Pan uttered the latter part of the question for Xiao Liu.

“The murderer was trying to disrupt our thoughts”

Xiao Liu nodded his head.

“That’s right…….”

Jiang Pan declared, “Of course, that is definitely possible.”

As he thought of his meeting with Shen Yuanye earlier, her palm-sized face that was all wrapped up in her scarf, her meticulous thoughts, and that cautious gaze of hers had imprinted deeply on his mind.

Taking that document into his hands, Jiang Pan informed, “I am waiting for her to come looking for me.”

Xiao Liu asked doubtfully, “Who Also, why would the murderer come to look for you”


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