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Chapter 16: She Discovered Something New


“Will this witness really come here” No matter how he thought of it, Xiao Liu found it hard to believe.

The other party had not only gone to a private Internet cafe, but she had also used a fake Weibo account.

For someone to have even chosen such a place, the person must have harbored the intention of not allowing the police to figure out their real identity.

What’s more, the authenticity of the clue seemed somewhat questionable.

Be that as it may, the police had yet to find anything new as of late, so they had no other choice but to look into this.

After giving it some thought, Jiang Pan replied, “I believe so.”  

“Captain Jiang……you aren’t even sure anymore.” At this juncture, Xiao Liu could no longer complain even if he wanted to.

“We will be conducting a more detailed investigation on our 5 suspects who own white sneakers thoroughly as soon as possible, as well as expanding our search range for the murder weapon by 3 kilometers.

Through this, I hope there will be results soon.”

It was effortless for anyone to hide a fruit knife within a massive area like Beijing.

As for them, the search was far too troublesome.

“Step up your efforts.” As he said so, Jiang Pan pat Xiao Liu on his shoulders.

“You’ve worked hard.”

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Ever since Weibo became viral several years back, local celebrities nowadays utilized Weibo as a platform to shorten the distance with their fans.

As such, the most popular celebrity had a fanbase of over 60 million fans, while the celebrity at the other end of the spectrum only had several hundred of them. 

At present, Shen Yuanye has 10,000 fans, for which a large number of them were ghost followers1.

As for the active ones, there were only several hundred of them, and they had gotten to know her through “Fei Shang” magazine.

Without any hesitation, Shen Yuanye responded, “Alright, I will take note of it.”

“Well, I’m glad that you know.” Liu Li continued, “I’m unsure whether you know of the Zhang Xuehua issue from before.

Since marketing accounts and anti-fans had kept an eye on her, she now acquired the title of an illiterate after making a typo on Weibo.

Even deleting the post within seconds of posting was proven useless.”

Of course, Shen Yuanye knew Zhang Xuehua.

She was in her thirties and had received the Best Actress Award several years ago.

Subsequently, she began dabbling in TV series one after another.

For all the series she had starred in, they were of certain standards as their ratings would always be in the top 3.

On top of that, all her roles were also well-received. 

Most importantly, Zhang Xuehua had graduated from the university that was ranked 3rd across the entire country.

For her to be known as an illiterate, she was pretty sure that Zhang Xuehua herself was not happy about it.

The typo on Weibo might have been brought about when she was not paying attention to what she was typing, yet things turned out to be completely different.

Liu Li’s voice jerked Shen Yuanye back from her thoughts.

“Have you thought about it Will you be  entering show business”

The show business. 

Thinking over her words, Shen Yuanye subconsciously knocked her finger against the table before whispering, “Sister Li, I have no such intentions for the time being.”

Since she had not undergone any professional training, acting would be an issue.

She was unwilling to listen to anyone labeling her as a pretty face or worse, if nothing else.

It was evident that Liu Li was able to guess where her concerns lay.

“Since you are a newcomer, the company will arrange acting courses, and it will be beneficial for you to join the other trainees in the lessons.

I’ll be sending you the timetable later, and you can choose whichever course you’d like to attend.”

As for this newcomer under her, Liu Li was not very strict with her.

In the beginning, she wanted to turn it down when Li Xue entrusted her with this as she had never seen Shen Yuanye before.

Eventually, she had only agreed to it because of Zhang Wentao.

At present, however, she seemed to be pretty pleased with everything.

First and foremost, Shen Yuanye had no shameful past.

Apart from her magazine posters not being up to standard, they were technically not that unpleasant to the eyes.

Her most recent starting point in Fei Shang magazine was still considered as reasonably good.

As long as she did not engage in tomfoolery, her future would remain ever promising.

What mattered most was that she liked Shen Yuanye’s personality——Obedient, had a mind of her own, knew what she wanted, and was not deliberately provocative.

She was definitely much better than those sweet, naive young women who had their hearts set on attaining fame.

“Will do.

I will attend the courses,” replied Shen Yuanye. 

As soon as she had amended her introduction, she sent Liu Li a message.

Several minutes later, she found a yellow ‘V’ badge beneath her profile picture.

From here on out, she was someone who belonged to a company.

With that in mind, Shen Yuanye could not resist looking at it a couple more times before her gaze landed on the number of fans.

Eventually, she steeled her heart to switch on the computer in her room and remove her fans.

After a while, only over 600 fans remained on her fan interface.

Come to think of it, the effects that the magazine had brought about were pretty good.

At the very least, it was not a mere 1 or 2 fans, and even an increase of several hundred fans were justifiable. 

Taking this chance, Shen Yuanye discovered that there were a few more people on her following list.

If she had to take a guess, she’d say that Weibo had, once again, used her account to follow several accounts.

After clicking into it, she unfollowed several accounts, leaving only Zhang Wentao and Li Mengran.

Just as she was about to exit, Shen Yuanye suddenly recalled those words Jiang Pan told her last night.

Pursing her lips, she returned to the page that people regularly visited as of late and spotted Huang Ni’s name.

The most recent post on her Weibo page was still the same one from ages ago.

After clicking into it, Shen Yuanye followed her page promptly and waited for those pictures and dates to make their appearances after her phone screen turned black.

Soon after, the content emerged before her eyes.

This time, she focused on any information of the murderer as she stared at that white sneaker for a full minute.

Thereafter, she followed and unfollowed the account repeatedly for the entirety of half an hour, so much so that she could almost conjure up all the contents in that picture with her eyes closed.

At this juncture, Shen Yuanye’s eyes were sore.

Rubbing her eyes, she decided to do it one last time.

If it had, once again, turned out to be fruitless, she would simply give up.

If it turned out to be fruitful, that would, of course, be the best.

After her phone screen had yet again turned black, Shen Yuanye’s eyes widened.

In the picture, the fruit knife on Huang Ni’s neck reflected light as before, and that white sneaker that was dyed crimson, along with black trousers leg, was seen at the bottom right-hand corner.

Before she knew it, 1 minute was up.

As the picture gradually faded away, Shen Yuanye heaved a sigh, feeling as though she had, once again, gone through it for naught.

Just as she was about to relax, she fixed her gaze at one place all of a sudden.

That white sneaker…… It seemed that she had discovered something new.


At 4 in the afternoon, everyone in the Criminal Investigation Team was still busy.

“I can’t find it! Nothing in the surveillance footage indicates that someone had worn a pair of white sneakers.

There’s a dead corner nearby in that direction, so the murderer can avoid it entirely if he is very familiar with that area.”

Standing before an array of information, several people delved deep into their discussion.

“Now that it is already late winter, why would anyone wear white sneakers to kill someone Could it be possible that it is some form of an obsession Ugh, Xiao Liu.

What sort of deep relationship did Huang Ni have with these 5 people”

“Since the blood test results indicated it was only Huang Ni’s, the other party appears to be very cautious.

Hence, he must have long since done his research.

Otherwise, something would have given him away by now.”

When it came to this document, Xiao Liu knew it by heart, so he answered immediately, “The relationship Huang Ni had with these three was limited to that of a colleague, while the other two merely attended the same program with Huang Ni.

As such, their relationships were only so-so.”

After investigating all 5 of them, he ruled out two, leaving the last three he considered suspicious. 

Of course, it was determined on the basis of a murderer wearing a pair of white sneakers.

Another police officer stated, “Huang Ni’s ex-boyfriend was a regular folk.

I’ve also checked that he was on a date with his current girlfriend at the time of the murder.

With the surveillance footage and witness, we can rule him out as a suspect.”

Upon hearing that, Xiao Liu surmised, “In that case, we are left with three suspects.

First and foremost, Liu Zijie had contacted Huang Ni privately, albeit not many times.

According to the people in West Entertainment, he seemed to have the intention of pursuing Huang Ni.

With the computer records as evidence, he had been in his apartment at the time the incident took place.

Also, the surveillance footage showed that not once had he left his apartment.”

He continued, “The second person is Wang Zhi, who had been working under West Entertainment for 2 years.

Even so, he remains unpopular to this day.

He had once attended a singing program with Huang Ni in early 2017, and Huang Ni was not famous at that time either.

He was in his apartment when it happened, and the surveillance footage from his apartment building showed that he had not taken a single step out of his apartment ever since he entered it.”

Xiao Liu added, “The third person is Zhang Zhiyuan, but he had only just entered West Entertainment this year.

Last month, he attended a talk show with Huang Ni and maintained a personal connection.

From what his roommate had said, Zhang Zhiyuan had once reprimanded Huang Ni crudely afterward.

At her time of death, he was still in the company lounge, as evidenced by the surveillance.”

All three of them had more than one pair of white sneakers in their apartments.

Even Liu Zijie, who owned the least number of white sneakers, had three pairs.

Yet, every single one of them had an alibi.

Scratching his head, Xiao Liu read the private message that was sent to their official Weibo page again.

“We are still searching for the fruit knife.

Since the other party had given us the white sneaker clue, we’d still have to investigate it thoroughly again.”

“This witness is indeed…… Captain Jiang not only forbade us from contacting this person ourselves, but we aren’t even permitted to speak of the name as well.

He is indeed quite intimidating, but this is driving me nuts!” 

Although he might be complaining, he was aware to avoid mentioning Shen Yuanye’s name as much as possible.

That way, they could prevent it from leaking out and bringing any harm to her.

“Where’s Captain Jiang” asked Xiao Liu.

The other party answered, “He’s currently inside, staring at those white sneakers.

No matter how I look at it, they all look the same to me.

So, I am not sure what else he can spot from this.”

With that, Xiao Liu entered the office with the document in his hand, only to find Jiang Pan bent over the table.

“Captain Jiang, we seriously have to investigate these three people more thoroughly.

As for that witness…… Has the person provided any crucial clues”

Taking the document from Xiao Liu, Jiang Pan remained silent as he looked through it a couple of times. 

Xiao Liu continued to ask, “You mentioned yesterday that the witness would come over themselves…… The day is almost over, so when will the other party be here”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Jiang Pan answered in a deep voice, “The person will be here soon.”

Just as Xiao Liu was about to say something, a series of rings reverberated across the room all of a sudden.

Only then did he see Captain Jiang, who was before him, picking up his phone rapidly.

Jiang Pan merely took one look at it before grabbing his coat on the chair and went straight out of the door.

At that very moment, the tall figure disappeared from the office.

One of his colleagues entered and asked curiously, “Where’s Captain Jiang going in such haste Could it be that the murderer is found”

After pondering for a moment, Xiao Liu answered, “Probably to look for that witness, I guess”

Upon hearing that, the other party was rendered stunned.

Soon after, he recalled the words he had heard yesterday and questioned, “Huh Didn’t he state that he was going to wait for the other party to come here themselves”

“Perhaps……he couldn’t wait any longer”

The author has something to say:

There can only be one truth, and the murderer is one of the three!


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