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Chapter 17: Murder Weapon and White Sneaker

Staring at her phone, Shen Yuanye watched the screen as it had, once again, turned black.

At this moment, she could hardly wait to scroll to the end, for which a familiar picture came into view again.

Yes, that’s right.

The white sneaker had been stained with blood.

However, there was something else on the bottommost edge.

Before the picture disappeared earlier, Shen Yuanye felt that there was something not right there.

Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that there was indeed some mud on it.


The development in this urban area was pretty good.

From one were to stand at the main road outside, the person would only see this sort of mud in the green belt1 and flowerbeds.

Shen Yuanye, nevertheless, had never seen any prominent traces of mud along the main road.

And now, snow has fallen.

When the cleaners swept the snow away, traces of mud would often be found in the snow.

In other words, the murderer had once been somewhere with mud.

However, that discovery had now posed another question——was the mud from a place like that, or did the murderer accidentally sullied his sneaker when he was on his way there

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Yet, it was the orphanage director who put an end to her intention.

Without giving her any reasons, the orphanage director had requested intensely for her not to change her name.

However, she remained taciturn when Shen Yuanye tried to ask her why she had done so.

Thus, she was not sure of the reason.

Eventually, it was for the sake of avoiding disputes that her name remained as it was.

That orphanage was situated on the outskirts.

These days, the orphanage’s annual income only consists of donations from several people.

It had reached the point where the orphanage director herself had invested everything she had in this place, so that was why it was located in a relatively remote area.

Whenever Shen Yuanye received her wages for modeling previously, she would always transfer some money to the orphanage director.

More often than not, she would purchase some daily necessities and clothes for the orphanage as well.

Through her years of growing up, she found that she only had a parental figure in the orphanage director alone.

If anything were to happen to her now, the orphanage director…… 

With that in mind, Shen Yuanye sniffed and exited from the image before following Huang Ni again.

As soon as the tick appeared, both the Portrait of the Deceased and dates soon appeared before her eyes.

She had, yet again, fixated her eyes on the entire picture, only to find that the mud on the white sneaker was already there.

Could it be that there was other information that she had missed out on previously

Even so, it was a shame that she could only look at this picture for 1 minute.

In search of the murder weapon, Shen Yuanye scrutinized the picture closely this time.

Even though the greater part of the murder weapon was lodged in Huang Ni’s neck, it was covered in the blood pouring out from the wound in a bloody awful fashion.

Snapping her brows together, Shen Yuanye tried her best to curb her nauseousness as she looked directly at the picture.

There was no doubt that the murder weapon was a fruit knife.

That was because this sort of knife was very commonly seen, so much so that Shen Yuanye had a similar one in her home as well.

Although it might have been of a different brand, it was indeed a fruit knife.

White light seemed to be shining upon the upper portion of the fruit knife exposed in the air.

Through the slight reflection, something appeared on the blade.

Casting a glance at it, Shen Yuanye seemed to have spotted the murderer’s trousers.

Since Shen Yuanye could not see the details clearly, she had no choice but to give up.

Even so, it was already sufficient for her to find the mud-on-shoe clue.

If the police were to step it up, they could probably find the murderer.

Just as she was mulling over this matter, her phone began to ring.

Shen Yuanye initially thought it was from Sun Ai, but who would have thought it was actually the orphanage director who gave her a call As such, she hastily accepted the call, for which a benevolent and melodious voice resounded from the other end of the line.

At this moment, her heart, which had been tense during this period, had gradually begun to relax.

“Yuanye, I heard from Xiao Ai that you are on the cover of a magazine, right”

The orphanage director was currently in her sixties, but she still looked somewhat younger than her age since she exercised regularly and her only worries were the children.

Shen Yuanye asked, “You know about that magazine too, Mum”

“Of course, I’d know about it since you are the one who is on the cover!” Seemingly elated, the orphanage director raised the tone of her voice.

“Hahaha! As soon as Xiao Mie and the others knew it was you, they were determined to talk to you.”

Xiao Mie was an exceptionally adorable little boy, but the only downside was his ears.

It was not that he was deaf, but rather, he had some issues with his hearing.

With the pair of hearing aids Shen Yuanye got him last year, it finally allowed the somewhat closed-off Xiao Mie to open up gradually.

“Why don’t you put it on speaker, Mum I’ll speak with them for a moment.”


After a series of faint noises, a cacophony of children’s clamor assaulted Shen Yuanye’s ears through the phone. 

“I want to be the first!”

“Me first!”

“Let Xiao Mie say something first! His face is all flushed with anxiety!”

Upon hearing the crisp sounds of the children, Shen Yuanye could not refrain from bursting out in laughter.

“Alright, all of you stop shouting! You’ll all be taking turns to speak later.

Where’s Xiao Mie”

“Sister Yuanye.” A boyish voice reverberated through the line.

Xiao Mie was only 5 years old this year.

Since he was both quiet and polite, all the kids in the orphanage and the orphanage director simply adored him so much.

Softening her voice, Shen Yuanye asked, “How have you been recently, Xiao Mie Do you like the fairytale book that I got you the last time” When it came to dealing with Xiao Mie, she would always have the patience for him.

It took Xiao Mie a good long while before a phrase emitted from his mouth.

“It’s good.”

Having guessed that he must have turned a shade of scarlet on the other end of the line, a smile graced Shen Yuanye’s face.

“I will bring you something else next time.”

Seeing how things had panned out, the other children in the premises could not help but lean over to report in succession.

“The fairytale book is excellent! Xiao Mie has to read it every night before bed! He’d even read it out loud too!”

In response to that, Shen Yuanye declared, “In that case, I’ll have to reward Xiao Mie.”

After kicking up a row, the phone was finally back in the orphanage director’s hands.

It seemed that the children had been locked out, as the sounds had died down.

“Please pay more attention to your safety, Yuanye.

The news reported that a girl was killed, but her murderer has yet to be found.

So, you have to be more careful.”

“Alright, I got it.”

Little did Shen Yuanye know that the conversation topic would, once again, circle back to Huang Ni.

Apart from her, who else could help in this matter of Huang Ni being killed and her elusive murderer is still on the loose

After hanging up the phone call, she tapped on her phone lightly, and the contacts interface soon emerged.

Scrolling down the list gradually, the name, ‘Jiang Pan,’ could be seen clearly. 

Drawing a deep breath, Shen Yuanye tapped on it.


Half an hour later, Jiang Pan rang the doorbell of the apartment.

Jumping up from the sofa, Shen Yuanye opened the door after identifying the person through the peephole. 

Shen Yuanye greeted politely, “Officer Jiang.” 

Since the heating in the apartment was switched on, it was not chilly for her when she wore pretty thinly.

Jiang Pan had only surveyed her apartment, yet he was somewhat surprised at the room’s simplicity.

Through this, he had pretty much acquired some basic understanding of Shen Yuanye.

Without beating around the bush, he asked, “You mentioned in your message that you have some clues.

What is it”

Despite hearing his question, Shen Yuanye poured a glass of water for him.

Seated before the coffee table, Jiang Pan could see that beautiful chin of hers as soon as he raised his head.

Without makeup, her skin was so supple that even the fine hairs could be seen.

As expected, those in the entertainment industry were all beautiful.

If he had the rest of his team here, they would probably have fallen for this beautiful visage of hers and forget what they were supposed to be questioning.

Be that as it may, Shen Yuanye had absolutely no clue about this. 

After taking a sip of water, she responded, “I happened to recall something.

That white sneaker was coated with mud.”

“Mud” retorted Jiang Pan.

“Yes.” Recalling the content in the picture, Shen Yuanye added, “I guess the murderer might have stepped on something since there are loads of mud around the upper portion of the shoe.”

After jotting it down, Jiang Pan questioned calmly, “Anything else”

In response, Shen Yuanye could even hear her ruthless voice.

“……There is a chip near the hilt of the murder weapon.

Have you guys not found the murder weapon yet”

“The murderer has taken it away.” As he answered her questions, Jiang Pan kept jotting down notes.

“You’ve got to know that it is an easy feat to hide an ordinary fruit knife.”

As soon as it had been washed clean, the knife could be used as an ordinary one again.

Hence, even if a squad of police officers were to pass by the knife now, it would not have crossed their minds that this was a murder weapon.

With that in mind, Shen Yuanye commented, “Oh.”

Immediately right after, her gaze swept over Jiang Pan, who was constantly jotting down notes.

In all fairness, this police officer had a visage that could have allowed him to enter the entertainment industry with much ease, so much so that it even ranked far above others.

However, everyone had their own ambitions.

For him to become the captain, Jiang Pan was not so ordinary after all. 

As she was drinking water, Jiang Pan raised his head all of a sudden and asked straightforwardly, “Why do you know so much about the murder weapon”

Curling his slender fingers slightly, he clasped them on the coffee table with a sound that was very much rhythmical.

On the other hand, it seemed to stir up one’s heart.

With that, Jiang Pan’s dark eyes seemed to pierce right into Shen Yuanye.

“Although the surveillance footage showed no signs of you, what were you doing in the vicinity Also, why do you know the murderer so well”

At this juncture, Shen Yuanye knew that he was definitely going to raise this question.

By this point, the police had already turned Huang Ni’s place inside out and were exceptionally familiar with the surveillance footage.

Yet, she was able to provide information about the murderer without making an appearance there.

Regardless of how one mulled over this, something just did not seem right.

Even so, there was no way for her to speak of her Weibo page.

“Instead of asking me so many questions, you might as well use this time more productively by searching for the murderer.” Without a smidgen of guilt, Shen Yuanye watched him with an intent gaze and added, “Officer Jiang.”

Neither quickly nor slowly, Jiang Pan fiddled with the pen in his hand.

In an instant, the tension in the living room intensified.

As a plethora of thoughts flashed across her mind, Shen Yuanye could not help but ponder whether the police officer seated before her would have her arrested or report her to the country She heard that those with special powers would all be contained…… 

Noticing that she was in a trance, Jiang Pan questioned, “What’s on your mind, Miss Shen”

“Nothing much.” As she came back from this reverie, she declared, “You may go now, Officer Jiang.

I have already told you all that I know.”

Noticing her absentminded appearance that was both laidback and alluring, he could not help furrowing his brows.

Just as he was about to say something, the phone in his pocket vibrated all of a sudden.

As he turned around, he took it out before asking in a deep voice, “What is it”

“Captain Jiang! When we were investigating the white sneakers earlier, we suddenly found a new clue!” The hastened sound of Xiao Liu’s raucous voice assailed Jiang Pan’s ear from the phone.


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