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Chapter 21: You shouldn’t speak it out either.

Liu Heyang stared at Liu Zijie closely.

After they found Huang Ni’s body, they first investigated her friends and relatives.

Their suspicion was quickly eliminated, however, as only people who hated her would do such cruel things. 

There were a few people around Huang Ni who disliked her, but they didn’t have such deep motives.

In addition, there were no traces at the scene.

The murderer was well hidden, which caused the difficulty of their final investigation to rise sharply.

Liu Zijie’s eyes flickered away from the fruit knife, and he moved his hand that was being clasped tightly by Liu Heyang, “Isn’t this just a knife Is there anyone who doesn’t know what it is “


“Just a knife that killed someone” Jiang Pan handed the bag back to Li Chen.

Liu Zijie smiled, “How would I know This is what you policemen do.

“You’re right,” Jiang Pan nodded his head, very much agreeing with his words, “Except your fingerprint was shown on it.”

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Liu Zijie’s expression still looked unseemly, but he asked, “What do you mean Zhang Zhiyuan’s shoes It’s not like I don’t have shoes myself.

Why would I steal from him “


“Of course it was because you wanted to frame him.” Li Chen stated calmly.

The method used to cut the throat was obviously due to a vendetta.

Liu Zijie had already been prepared to kill Huang Ni, so he stole Zhang Zhiyuan’s shoes ahead of time to frame him.

Zhang Zhiyuan had disliked Huang Ni anyway.

In the end, the shoes that were supposed to frame Zhang Zhiyuan did not leave any traces in Huang Ni’s apartment, but the clue still pointed to Zhang Zhiyuan.

If it weren’t for the traces on the murder weapon, Liu Zijie would still be quibbling over Jiang Pan’s inferences.

The police spread throughout the room stared intently at Liu Zijie.

Under such immense pressure, he finally couldn’t bear it.

He lowered his head and said, “I killed Huang Ni.”

Jiang Pan was waiting for this to happen, “Take him away.”

Liu Heyang and Li Chen immediately handcuffed Liu Zijie and moved him to the police car.

After being taken to the Public Security Bureau, Liu Zijie admitted his crimes in the interrogation room, including why he had wanted to kill Huang Ni.

The reason was simple: hate.

Huang Ni became well-known throughout the country as a result of the song “Regrets,” and her popularity had skyrocketed in West Entertainment.

Although she was not as good as the first-tier and second-tier stars, she still had significant status.

Liu Zijie and Huang Ni’s agents were not the same, but their relationship was good.


Liu Zijie had always been well-known, but not particularly popular.

There were no other artists under his agent except for him, so his agent thought of a solution to make Liu Zijie more popular: to form a couple with Huang Ni.

The two of them were young, and falling in love was normal in the entertainment industry.

Nowadays, it is popular for couples to show their sweet love, and it has allowed them to earn more fans.

Liu Zijie was very moved by this proposal.

Anyway, it was just a fake girlfriend for public appearances that could bring him fame, so why not do it

Who knew Huang Ni would have rejected this proposal

Liu Zijie happened to return to the company that day and overheard Huang Ni’s conversation with her agent.

She belittled Liu Zijie and clearly thought nothing of him.

The next day, the two people ran into each other in the elevator, and he took the initiative to say hello, but Huang Ni didn’t respond, leaving Liu Zijie embarrassed in front of a few other newcomers in the elevator.

It wasn’t until late January that he heard that he was belittled yet again.

His anger soared, and he thought of killing her.

It just so happened that he overheard Zhang Zhiyuan’s roommate telling others that Zhang Zhiyuan was very disdainful of Huang Ni and scolded her in private.

An excellent idea was born.

Liu Zijie took advantage of the opportunity to steal Zhang Zhiyuan’s shoes and brought an old fruit knife that he had never used since moving into the apartment.

He was ready to kill.

The Internet record of the computer could be disguised.

He prepared the illusion of himself in the apartment in advance, then slid down from the window and entered Huang Ni’s apartment.

The two hadn’t even spoken a few words when he cut her throat, killing her in the living room.


Afterward, he cleaned up the traces and realized that he had left mud on the floor.

It was only then that he realized he had stepped into mud when he came out of the house.

If the police found that this was not the soil from around Zhang Zhiyuan’s apartment, it would be bad for him, so instead Liu Zijie had to throw away his shoes and return to his apartment with the fruit knife.

Sure enough, everything was as he expected.

The police did not find him.

Standing outside the interrogation room, Jiang Pan heard his words clearly, and there was no turbulence in his heart.

He had seen too many things like this.

“Captain Jiang, should I write Shen Yuanye on this record” Ren Lulu turned from the corridor and asked, “Her clues are very important.”

Jiang Pan said solemnly, “No.”

Ren Lulu wanted to refute him, but she stopped talking when she saw his expression.


The result of Huang Ni’s case was quickly spread on Weibo.

Shen Yuanye was lying on her bed, and she was relieved to see this was one of the most searched topics on Weibo.

It seemed that that person was a real policeman, not a fake one.

It was a bit unbelievable since he was born so handsome. 

She shook her head and left the matter behind.


Shen Yuanye quit Weibo and clicked on WeChat again to open the class schedule Liu Li had sent her before.

It starts tomorrow.

The schedule last week had quite a lot of arrangements.

It was rich in content too, covering several aspects, including singing and acting.

Shen Yuanye circled a few she would need.

These courses are for trainees.

They are either going to be future actors or singers.

There are no models in them, and she doesn’t need much.

The last five remaining courses are the ones she is going to take.

She sent the form to Liu Li, saying, “Sister Li, I decided to go with these courses.”

Liu Li quickly replied, “Okay, you can come to the company next Monday, and I will take you there.”

Shen Yuanye smiled faintly and stretched.

There were a few days left until next Monday, so she could relax for these few days.

She had just put the phone on her bedstand when it started vibrating.

The name “Jiang Pan” was right in the center.

Shen Yuanye frowned, thinking about it, and then answered: “Officer Jiang”

“Miss Shen,” Jiang Pan stood at the window while saying, “Thank you for the clues you provided this time.” 

Shen Yuanye let out an “Oh” and said calmly, “It’s not necessary to thank me; this is what we citizens should do.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

Jiang Pan said, surprised, “Although I am very grateful, I would still like to know how you knew about the clues as a stranger in the community.”

I already said it.” Shen Yuanye was a little impatient.

“The reason being fortune-telling is too unbelievable.”

“I don’t think so, so don’t blame me if you still don’t believe me.”

Shen Yuanye didn’t want to discuss this topic.

At first, she didn’t tell the truth, and it was easy to be called out by the police for saying such things.

She said casually, “I’m going to bed.


“Miss Shen, it is nine o’clock in the morning.”

Jiang Pan glanced at the clock when he finished saying this.

The other end of the call had, however, already hung up, and he could only hear a busy tone.

Ren Lulu happened to pass by and said, “Captain Jiang, you may not know this.”

She has had a very rich experience, so she eagerly taught him: “When a woman says she is going to bed, she usually doesn’t want to talk to people anymore.

She can sleep for countless days without contact.

Jiang Pan was silent.

Ren Lulu looked over curiously, “Captain Jiang, there are people that don’t want to talk to you Have you offended others “

Jiang Pan clasped his eyebrows.


It seems that the offense was quite thorough.

On Monday, the sun was shining brightly.

Shen Yuanye was in a good mood and went to the company early in the morning.

Liu Li took her to a room, turned her head, and said, “You can listen to one lesson first, and you can continue to listen if you feel good about it.

If you don’t want to, then forget it.

Shen Yuanye nodded, “Okay.”

She was not a professional student.

Hua Yi prepares these courses for the trainees to perform better and be able to debut with the best posture.

These courses are profitable and relatively harmless to her.

“Okay, you can go in.

I have already told the teacher, ” Liu Li stepped away a little, “Remember to tell me when you leave at noon.”

She turned around, entered the elevator, and then disappeared into it.

Shen Yuanye opened the door.

When the noisy group saw a new face, they suddenly quieted down, and all of them stared directly at her.

The atmosphere was a bit weird.

She walked in slowly and politely said, “Hello.”

Fortunately, the people here were silly and sweet, and they immediately smiled and greeted her excitedly.

A few minutes later, the teacher opened the door and entered.

This time, the class was about body shape.

Hua Yi is rich, so their classrooms are beautiful and bright, with all kinds of props and tools readily available.

There are even mirrors lining both walls.

The teacher of the class has a very good body shape.

Shen Yuanye chose this course to exercise her figure.

One class lasted less than an hour, and it passed quickly.

She changed her shoes and went to the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

After entering the door, she heard quiet voices.

“I don’t want to mention this matter again, and you shouldn’t talk about it either.”

 “I don’t want to talk about it, but I think the police should know about it.

If you don’t say anything, then…”

“Quit talking!”

As this reprimand fell, the innermost compartment door suddenly opened, making a loud noise.

Shen Yuanye pretended to have just come in, washing her hands quietly in front of the sink.

The two girls washed their hands next to her, looked at her, and left the bathroom.

Only then did Shen Yuanye retract her hand.


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