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Chapter 23: She blacklisted Jiang Pan.

The numbers in the elevator gradually dropped to one, signaling that they had reached the first floor.

Shen Yuanye asked, “Do you know what happened to the trainee Is it serious “

Lu Yue replied, “Fortunately, nothing too serious occurred.”

She said what she knew.

The trainee had run into a pervert on the way back from the company that night and was molested.

Soon after, someone passed by and scared off the pervert.

But this is already scary enough.

The trainees in the company are a group of young women who have just reached the age of adulthood.

They are very much terrified when they encounter such terrible things that affect their lives.


The police went directly to the trainee’s home to inquire.

If it hadn’t been revealed by the agent and high-level administration in charge of the trainee, she wouldn’t have known.

Since a small number of people knew, Shen Yuanye just pretended that she hadn’t heard anything.

Shen Yuanye didn’t know if it was simply her illusion, but she always felt that after being reborn, the types of scandals and news happening around her had increased.

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This was related to the reputation of a girl.

Even if it is not r*pe, rumors of being molested are enough to destroy a person, let alone become a star.


Lu Yue changed the subject: “I have taken magazines of the “GRACE” from the past year and I’ll deliver them to your apartment tonight.”

Shen Yuanye nodded absently, “Okay.”


It’s standard procedure in the company.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Yuanye went to the practice room.

A lot of people had already arrived, gathering in twos and threes to chat, or sitting in chairs and playing with their phones.

She was not familiar with these people, so she simply went onto Weibo.

After the last time, she blacklisted Jiang Pan and decided not to have anything to do with the police again.

Moreover, she reported that someone was following her, but the Public Security Bureau had not given an answer, presumably because they felt that her case was insignificant.

When Wang Huiwen came, no one in the practice room responded.

Shen Yuanye guessed that either the whole classroom knew about it, or someone knew about it but didn’t show it.

Wang Huiwen’s expression is much better than before.


Perhaps it was because the company’s administration and her agent had comforted her.

Finally, there was a little bit of life in her eyes, and she seemed to be more energetic.

Shen Yuanye looked away.

After class, she decided to go to the bathroom to wash her hands and do her make-up as usual.

She did not expect to encounter the situation like last time but she heard the familiar voices.

“Please don’t force me to do it.

I just want to forget about it now.

I hope you don’t mention it to the police.

I don’t want to say it.”

Wang Huiwen vigorously opened the door of the toilet cubicle, went straight to the sink, and was stunned when she saw Shen Yuanye there.

Shen Yuanye looked up and saw a girl catching up behind her.

Wang Huiwen saw it too and walked straight out.

“Huiwen, wait for me!”

Wang Huiwen was probably uneasy and had been shaken up by something.

When she hurried forward, she stumbled on her feet, and she almost fell when she reached the sink.

Shen Yuanye quickly grabbed her arm.

If she really fell, she would probably have bumped into the marble countertop.

If she bumped into the countertop, she would probably be half-alive.

It would have been worse if she had bounced her forehead.


The girl that was following Wang Huiwen saw her movements and her expression and tone of voice immediately changed: “What are you doing, let go of Huiwen!”

Wang Huiwen stood up and quickly thanked her: “Thank you.”

The girl realized that she had seen it wrong, and her face became a little red, “Sorry, I thought you tripped Huiwen.”

Shen Yuanye’s expression was light, “It’s okay.”

“You are really tall.” Wang Huiwen looked at her and couldn’t help saying, “My agent said that I was a bit tall and it was not good for my debut.”

The girl in front of her is at least 1.7 meters or more, maybe more than 1.75… it’s scary to think about it.

Shen Yuanye glanced at her calmly.

Both girls had heights that only reached up to her chin and looked quite petite.

“I am a model, so I have the required height.”

“Oh, that’s the case.”

Seeing that she was not angry, the two girls left the bathroom after saying a few more words, forgetting that they might have been overheard.

Shen Yuanye patted her face and left.



For several days, perhaps because Shen Yuanye helped Wang Huiwen last time, both girls were very interested in her.

They would always say hello when meeting and goodbye when leaving.

Shen Yuanye would also politely reply.

The girl with Wang Huiwen was Su Ying.

She was only 18 years old.

She had signed a contract with Hua Yi only two months ago, three months later than Wang Huiwen.

Friday afternoon was the last class of the week.

The end of the month was only a few days away, and the cover of “GRACE” would be filmed next month.

Time truly didn’t wait for anyone, and Shen Yuanye was very nervous.

During the break, Su Ying sat next to her and couldn’t help but praise: “You take the class more seriously than anyone else in the class.”

Although she was behind Shen Yuanye, she could still see that every time she swirled around, it was like a swan dance, incredibly delicate.

It could be said that more than twenty people in the classroom were not as good as Shen Yuanye.

Of course, she wouldn’t speak out like that, as that would be pulling hatred.

Shen Yuanye took a sip of water and said, “Thank you.

Huiwen didn’t come today “

Su Ying shook her head, “Huiwen seems to be in a bad mood.

She didn’t answer the phone yesterday, so she should be home.

Shen Yuanye didn’t ask anymore.

The teacher clapped her hands and said, “Alright, continue.”

She moved her leg, “Practice this movement later; it is very helpful for shaping.

You can do it when you are not busy in the future.”

As soon as her voice fell, someone pushed the teacher’s door open.

They poked their head in and said loudly, “Is Teacher Fang there”

“I’m here.” Teacher Fang stopped and nodded to the other side: “I’ll go out for now.

You should practice by yourself first.

As the teacher went out, discussions suddenly began in the classroom.

Shen Yuanye had been focused on her actions, so she hadn’t seen the person at the door.

When she heard the discussions, she casually asked the person next to her: “What’s the matter”

After several days of class, the girl had gotten quite familiar with her and whispered: “There was a policeman outside just now.”

She covered her mouth with her hand, and her voice became even quieter: “I suspect it is Wang Huiwen’s business.”

Wang Huiwen… Shen Yuanye looked around at her surroundings.

She had just asked Su Ying if Wang Huiwen had come to class today.

It was only now that she realized that Huiwen hadn’t come to class yesterday either.

She asked calmly, “Do you have to take every single class”

“Of course,” she said, shrugging, “the company will arrange an attendance table, which is related to our debut later, and the class will also help in the future.”

Shen Yuanye thought about it.

Everyone in the classroom had opened the door and gone out.

It was boring to stay inside, so she was going to go to Liu Li to ask what happened.

She ran into her as she went out.

“Come along with me.

Liu Li’s face was solemn, and she only started speaking when the two were alone: “The company’s trainee, Wang Huiwen, you are in the same class together.

Do you know her She ran into a pervert last night when she went home.

Someone found a female body in an alley.

Shen Yuanye’s heart jumped.

Her voice was a little weak: “I had just asked a classmate.

She didn’t come to class yesterday.

Maybe something went wrong yesterday.”

Liu Li patted her shoulder and said, “It was not Wang Huiwen who had the accident, it was a white-collar worker.”

She paused for a while and continued, “The police found that she had been assaulted before her death.

It is suspected that the pervert who assaulted her a few days ago was the murderer.

You should not go to class these two days to avoid getting in trouble.

Shen Yuanye nodded.

Liu Li let out a sigh of relief: “You will be picked up by car when you go back.

Don’t be alone.”

“All right.”

Shen Yuanye went straight downstairs after coming out of Liu Li’s office.

When passing a room on the first floor, there was a small piece of glass on the door, and several police officers were inside making inquiries.

There was someone passing by, and a small voice of discussion came into her ears.

“I just heard the conversation from the police.

The victim seems to be Hu Shuang.

She is 26 years old and works at an investment bank about one kilometer away.

The apartment she lives in is near here.

It seems that the time of the accident was midnight yesterday.”

“I heard that the death was miserable… I dare not go out these days.

If it weren’t for attending classes at the company, I would definitely stay home.

“I don’t know why they came to our company for inquiries.

What does this have to do with Hua Yi “

Several people drifted away.

That alley is very small.

There are no cameras either, and it is surrounded by old houses.

Hua Yi is still quite a long way from that alley, and it will take more than ten minutes to walk there.

It has been said that it will be demolished, but it has been vacant because the compensation payment had not been negotiated.

Although Shen Yuanye has never been there, she still knows where it is.

They came to the company for inquiries, naturally, because of Wang Huiwen.

Maybe there were people who had had the same encounters as she.

Moreover, Shen Yuanye felt that they must not have gotten information from Wang Huiwen.

Wang Huiwen hadn’t said anything to Su Ying before, and she was emotionally unstable when she mentioned it.

Another important thing is that if she had seen the face of the pervert, she would have called the police long ago.

Shen Yuanye felt that since Wang Huiwen didn’t see the face, she had thought it would be useless to say anything when she couldn’t find anyone.

There were a total of five people in the room.

Shen Yuanye glanced inside.

She didn’t know anyone except Jiang Pan.

The corner of her mouth twitched, and she was about to lift her foot to leave but met the gaze of Jiang Pan from the inside.

The two of them looked at each other.

After a while, she looked away and left blankly.


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