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Chapter 26: The blood disaster.

Seeing Jiang Pan appear at the top of the stairs, Shen Yuanye’s face suddenly became pale.

Why did she run into him every time This time, she was talking to Wang Huiwen and she happened to be caught by him.

If she had known, she would have taken Wang Huiwen to the women’s restroom.

He couldn’t enter the women’s restroom.

She tugged at the corner of her lips, “Officer Jiang.”

Wang Huiwen also recovered from the shock just now.

She moved her lips without speech for a long time before she finally said, “If there is nothing wrong, I will go back first.”

Jiang Pan said, “Miss Wang, I have something to ask you.”


When he said this, Wang Huiwen knew that it must be the incident that happened before.

She looked at Shen Yuanye in front of her.

Why were they both looking for her on this matter

And Shen Yuanye still said such strange things.

Shen Yuanye didn’t want to talk any more nonsense.

She looked down at Wang Huiwen and said calmly, “I hope you take what I just said seriously.”

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Jiang Pan didn’t continue to argue with her, and looked at Wang Huiwen, saying, “You are the only witness and the victim at the moment, so many clues are with you.”


Wang Huiwen opened her mouth to speak.

Jiang Pan continued, “You have to know that if the pervert is always out and is not caught by us, you will be in a state of fear for the rest of your life.

He may even seek the mentality of revenge, and you will be in a dangerous situation at any time.

There is no threat, but a fact is stated.

This sentence obviously stimulated Wang Huiwen.

She had no patience anymore.

When asked about the situation again, she became a little frustrated, “I said, I don’t know who that person is at all.

It was so dark, and it was in the alley.

How would I see what he looked like “

She almost cried out, saying: “I think of that matter every day as soon as it gets dark.

You still want to keep me reminiscing about it, reminiscing about a ghost! I really don’t want to keep remembering this matter.

Can’t I let it go Can’t I have a normal life “

Seeing her mood, Jiang Pan didn’t interrupt.

After noticing her emotional ups and downs after speaking, he slowly said, “Miss Wang, can you please come to the scene with us”

The stairwell suddenly quieted down.

Shen Yuanye hadn’t expected that he would make this request, so she couldn’t help but look at Wang Huiwen to see how she would answer.

Wang Huiwen’s shoulders twitched a few times before nodding without saying anything.

Ren Lulu, who had just arrived next to Jiang Pan, also breathed a sigh of relief that they finally convinced her.

This request was rejected several times before.


Wang Huiwen suddenly raised her head and asked, “Can Sister Yuanye come with me”

Everyone looked at Shen Yuanye in unison.

Jiang Pan frowned.

“Miss Shen has nothing to do with this matter.”

Shen Yuanye ignored him, a little stunned.

She didn’t show any expression and asked, “Do you want me to accompany you”

Wang Huiwen whispered: “I’m afraid.”

She lowered her head.

Shen Yuanye was tall, standing in front of her.

She could still see the whirl of her head and suddenly thought of the photo she saw yesterday.

Wang Huiwen, in the photo, died with grievances.

It was easy to say how desperate she was at that time.

It was because of that feeling that she came up directly to her today.

She hadn’t expected Wang Huiwen to believe it before, but she was now letting her accompany her.

Shen Yuanye’s swarthy eyes glanced at Jiang Pan, and saw the disapproval emanating from him, and said, “Okay.”

Wang Huiwen breathed a sigh of relief.

The victim asked, and it was impossible for their criminal investigation team to force Shen Yuanye not to follow, so they could only let her follow.

The intersection was ten minutes away from Hua Yi.


As they walked along the way, no one made a sound.

Wang Huiwen followed Shen Yuanye closely, perhaps because of what she had said before.

For some reason, she had some inexplicable trust in Shen Yuanye.

In order to divert her attention, she took the initiative to ask: “Sister Yuanye, have you debuted in the company Do you have any pieces of work “

Shen Yuanye replied, “I am a model and I am not going to enter the entertainment industry.”

“No wonder you are so tall.” Wang Huiwen sighed, “With such a good figure, it’s good to be a model.

If you go international in the future…”

Her words stopped in her mouth.

After crossing the road on the opposite side, the entrance to the alley appeared.

Since that incident, Wang Huiwen had never been here again, but now her face was pale even though she was still on the opposite side.

Shen Yuanye soothed her, saying, “Don’t be afraid.”

Wang Huiwen glanced at the few people around her.

There were policemen and passers-by, and the events of that night would never happen again.

She took a step forward and took the initiative to cross the road.

Jiang Pan followed quietly behind, staring at the two women, one tall and one short, in front of him, deep in thought.


At the entrance of the alley, only a few meters away from the inside, Wang Huiwen finally couldn’t help it.

She began feeling emotionally unwell.

When she closed her eyes, it was as if she could feel the disgusting movement of the person touching her body.

It was a lingering feeling that she could not get rid of, though she tried countless times.

Shen Yuanye quickly pinched her wrist, “Wang Huiwen!”

Wang Huiwen stepped back straight, saying: “I want to go back… I don’t want to be here.

I want to go back… “

She struggled in Shen Yuanye’s hand and ran straight across the road.

Although it was less busy in the abandoned urban area to be demolished, there were still many cars.

Wang Huiwen rushed out and headed directly into the road.

“Grab her!” Jiang Pan quickly chased after her.

Who knew what else would happen in this situation

Jiang Pan calmly said, “Go back first.”

He didn’t say much.

Ren Lulu understood what he meant and nodded quickly, “Miss Wang, I will send you back first.”

“I really can’t remember…” Wang Huiwen said.

Far away from the alley, her mood gradually recovered and stabilized, until finally, she didn’t struggle indiscriminately anymore.

However, Shen Yuanye suddenly remembered the picture of the death scene predicted on Weibo.

She wondered if it was the same person both times.

She squeezed Wang Huiwen’s hand, “Did you touch him when you were caught What kind of clothes did you wear Anything unusual “

After several questions, Wang Huiwen was stunned, and it took a long time for her to come back to her senses.

“Touch, touch, I don’t remember…”

Shen Yuanye was also a little disappointed.

If specific clues were given by Wang Huiwen, that would be best.

If not, then they can only rely on the police.

Jiang Pan lifted his chin and said, “Send Miss Wang back.”

Wang Huiwen was quickly calmed by Ren Lulu, and taken away.

When Shen Yuanye saw Jiang Pan had not moved for a long time, she knew he was going to ask her something, so she immediately turned around and left.

“Miss Shen.”

Jiang Pan clasped her wrist accurately, and the delicate and smooth feeling was especially obvious in the palm of his hand, which formed a contrast with his thin figure.

Shen Yuanye pulled her hand back and said, “I’m sorry, I’m going home.”

“Aren’t you going to explain why you were involved in this case again A case that clearly has nothing to do with you.

As far as I know, you have been in frequent contact with the victim since a few days ago, and today it is even more so…” Jiang Pan said slowly.

Shen Yuanye didn’t answer him and walked forward.

Jiang Pan’s steps were bigger than hers, and he caught her in two or three steps and said, “Miss Shen, do you have anything to explain about this matter”

“Explain what” Shen Yuanye turned to look at him. “Wang Huiwen is my classmate in class.

I helped her once in the bathroom, so I am familiar with her.

Do you doubt it “

Jiang Pan was about to talk when the phone rang.

s soon as he turned it on, Ren Lulu’s voice jumped out of her phone, impatient and excited: “Captain Jiang! Just now, Wang Huiwen said that she seemed to remember a little bit.

When she was caught, she bit that person’s hand.

Within time, I guess that trace will not be eliminated!”

The man had attacked Wang Huiwen from behind, and when he reached out to touch her face, he was bitten unexpectedly.

At that time, Wang Huiwen had exhausted all of her strength in that bite.

It had only been a few days; it was bound to leave a mark.

Jiang Pan asked, “What else”

“Another one is that the other party was not wearing a coat that day.

She can’t remember anything else.

Other clues should not be asked for the time being.

The fingertip of Jiang Pan’s index finger tapped on the back of the phone, and after a moment, he said: “Okay, I understand.

Thank you for your hard work.”

A tractor drove past on the road with a roar.

Shen Yuanye was a little unclear while listening, but judging by Jiang Pan’s tone, there should be more clues.

Jiang Pan hung up the phone and looked at the calm-faced woman in front of him.

“Since Master Shen is very good at fortune-telling, can you figure out who the murderer is”

Shen Yuanye felt that she might really have to take advantage of her fortune-telling skills.

It’s okay to encounter this kind of thing once, but after several times, it is impossible for her to not be involved in the future.

And fortune-telling was the best excuse.

Most people in the entertainment industry believe in fate.

Some people’s careers would become successful and popular if they were lucky enough to get just one drama.

Some people have bad luck.

A good drama can be pushed away directly by just a little bit, and then they plummet.

It was not that a person who was popular had never been to a foreign country, such as Southeast Asia, and only a few had been exposed by the paparazzi.

The speculation about raising a kid was not limited to just one or two.

Shen Yuanye stood up straight, raised her head slightly, and said, “Do you believe I can tell fortunes now”

She stared at him with star-studded eyes, “In that case, I can tell you for free that that person will wear a brown coat on the 28th.”

The 28th

Jiang Pan glanced at his phone subconsciously.

The date displayed on it was already the 26th.

In other words, what Shen Yuanye told him was that it’d occur two days later

Shen Yuanye rolled her eyes and said, “Believe it or not.”


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