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Chapter 32: Weibo has downloaded the new version.

The projector showed the recent investigation results.

“The surveillance of the community where Cheng Qiuyi lives is the same as the one in Ping An Square, both of which have been destroyed, leaving no trace of the murderer on them.”

The autopsy report from the forensic doctor had come out long ago.

Based on the information given by the corpse, they preliminarily deduced that the other party was a male, about 1.75 meters tall and weighing between 130-140 catties.

(TLN: a cattie is a form of measurement used in some areas of Asia.

One cattie is about 0.61 kilograms.

So 130-140 catties would equal about 78-84 kg.

Or about 172-185 lbs)

There were no traces of struggle on Cheng Qiuyi’s body, indicating that there was no strong resistance when she was killed.

What must have happened was that the murderer suddenly stabbed her in the abdomen without her realizing it, and then continued to stab her multiple times, until she eventually died of excessive blood loss.

Obviously, the murderer was someone she knew.

The scene of the incident was in Cheng Qiuyi’s home, but they did not collect any fingerprints from the other party.

The most useful piece of evidence, the knife, was also taken away by the murderer.

There was mud and other marks on the ground.

After comparison, it was found that those marks were from Ping An Square.

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Gqvla kdiwkakdt sdl cu sdl, pkm olal qkdyzzu lzkxkdyvle, yde vbl alxykdkdt qswa olal pvkzz wdela kdhlpvktyvksd.

Two of the suspects were people that had been rumored to be having affairs with Cheng Qiuyi.

Another is an actress who had been pushed out of the role by Cheng Qiuyi, and the remaining one is a director of a drama.

These four people did not have a sufficient alibi, and they also owned cars.

Each of them has also had conflicts with Cheng Qiuyi before.

They suspected that the murderer was among these four people.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the people in the team went to the apartment where Cheng Qiuyi had lived.

The security system of this apartment complex was not strong.

They had previously come wearing casual clothing, and they found the security guards sleeping.

Additionally, many surveillance cameras were broken and had never been repaired.

As for the apartment building where Cheng Qiuyi was located, there were a lot of surveillance cameras.

They passed countless individuals back and forth.

The murderer was very good at sabotaging things as well.

He used items to cover up the cameras beforehand.

The police, naturally, could not get any clues from it.

Jiang Pan turned around and stopped when he reached the downstairs of the apartment.

There was a flash of light not far away, and he immediately turned his head and saw a person squatting in the grass.

“What is that person doing”

Liu Heyang hurried over.

The suspicious individual immediately stood up and tried to run away, but Li Chen directly blocked him, “Why are you running”

Liu Heyang caught up behind him and seized him, taking him back.

“I didn’t do anything! What are you doing with me Let me go! ” The man whose hair was dyed yellow and mixed with strands of light green cried.

Liu Heyang’s eyes fell on his hair, and he was amazed, “Huang Mao, (TLN: Huang Mao means blonde hair.)  what were you doing sneakily over there

Huang Mao’s eyes were flickering around erratically: “Nothing.”

Li Chen reached into the grass and found a camera.

Although it was of shoddy quality, it was still working and it was not scrapped.

The picture showed a white-collar worker carrying a bag and going out.

He looked through all the photos and found that they were basically all of this type, either women in professional attire or housewives, and the shooting range was quite large.

There are even a lot of photos taken at night of people that didn’t draw the curtains of their houses.

“Taking photos of others secretly” Li Chen pounded him.

“I’m only taking photos and haven’t done anything illegal,” Huang Mao shrunk his head.

“You can’t use this to arrest me!”

Liu Heyang snorted coldly and dragged him to Jiang Pan, “Captain Jiang, a secret photographer.”

“I’m just taking pictures.

This is art! You can’t interfere with my freedom to take pictures, and I haven’t violated the law or committed any crime! ” Huang Mao immediately yelled crookedly.

Jiang Pan took the camera.

The photos in the camera have time and date, and the most recent one was taken just a few minutes ago, and the furthest one was taken a week ago.

All these photos add up to several hundred.

Jiang Pan played with the camera, asking, “How long have you been taking photos”

“…Just two months! ” Huang Mao didn’t dare not answer.

He continued asking, “Did you take pictures here on the 19th of last month”

“That… I can’t remember.” Huang Mao scratched his head, “I don’t remember.

I saved the photos on my computer after a week of shooting.”

Jiang Pan threw the camera into his arms, and Huang Mao immediately caught it in a hurry.

He flicked his wrist, “Take us to where you live.”

Huang Mao lived in public rental housing, which was really messy.

There were many people in it, most of whom were his age, playing games and cursing people.

Several people followed him, and they entered the small cabin he had rented.

An old computer was placed next to the bed, and there was a layer of dust on the things next to it and on the windowsill, and there was garbage all over the ground.

“It’s all here…” Huang Mao didn’t dare deceive anymore.

No matter how much he messed around outside, he was still afraid of the police.

Liu Heyang stepped forward and turned on the computer.

Li Chen interrogated Huang Mao and soon dug up a lot of information.

Huang Mao does not have a serious job and usually relies on secret photographs and videos uploaded to small stealthy websites, earning low fees from them.

He has been doing this work for the past two months.

Cheng Qiuyi’s community is his focus because the security there is not good.

You can get in without being found out that you don’t live there, and there are many beautiful women inside.

Cheng Qiuyi was photographed several times by him.

Li Chen was speechless when it came to him.

Huang Mao could have done something better with his life, but he chose to do this: “You are already spreading obscenity.”

Huang Mao was very frightened.

At this moment, Liu Heyang, in front of the computer, suddenly shouted, “Captain Jiang, here are some photos of strange things!”

He left his seat and gave way to Jiang Pan.

Jiang Pan didn’t sit, he just moved the mouse, and several high-definition pictures were immediately presented one by one.

The first one was a photo of Cheng Qiuyi and her friends.

The time showed that it was taken on February 18, which was her birthday.

The second one was at night.

Cheng Qiuyi’s curtain opened a gap, and a warm yellow light reflected two figures, one tall and one short, standing in the living room.

Cheng Qiuyi’s height is 1.65 meters.

In comparison, the height of the other figure is about 1.75 meters, which is in line with their analysis of the murderer.(TLN: For y’all muricans like me who use the imperial system, here’s the conversion.

1.65 m = 5’4 ft, 1.75 m = 5’7 ft)

The third photo was even more shocking.

It was pitch black.

It was raining, and the tall man was supporting the woman as she walked.

The woman seemed to be drunk.

She was helped into a car by the tall man.

His face was covered by the car curtain, and the license plate number was covered with something.

Li Chen couldn’t help asking, “Do you also take pictures on rainy days”

Huang Mao immediately denied: “Who knew that it would rain that day I only took photos for a while when I went to the guard room to hide from the rain, so I took a shot.

It was just a random shot…”

“You take photos…” Liu Heyang couldn’t say anything.

Obviously, he wanted to take pornographic photos, but it turned out to be such a weird photo, but it just happened to be useful to them.

Li Chen said, “This car is a Mercedes-Benz.”

Of course, Jiang Pan knew.

This time it was a really big discovery.

He straightened up and said, in a deep voice, “Go arrest the people.”

This car happened to be owned by one of the four suspects, and it looked exactly the same no matter the outside or inside.

The group of people quickly left the public rental housing.

Huang Mao was very happy to see that the police did not pursue him.

He quickly transferred the photos to the USB flash drive and even deleted the files from the computer to be at ease.


Shen Yuanye finished her last stretch and lay on the bed to rest.

The news on Weibo has related to Cheng Qiuyi again.

She frowned, but even after she deleted it, the words on it echoed in her head.

After breathing quietly for a long time, she finally searched for Cheng Qiuyi’s Weibo, and then chose to follow, waiting for changes.

The posthumous photo showed Cheng Qiuyi’s Weibo profile picture, which was the image of a drama she was previously in.

This drama also won her a TV award.

Shen Yuanye looked at other places.

She didn’t pay much attention to the date of birth, and the death date was correct, exactly the same as that announced by the police.

Going down further, photos of the death scene came into view.

This live photo was much brighter than the previous black alley photo with Wang Huiwen, and it could be seen that the lights were on when the accident occurred.

In the center was Cheng Qiuyi lying on the ground, her body covered with blood, and the wounds and the torn clothes on it could be clearly seen.

It looked terrible and bloody.

Shen Yuanye’s eyebrows twitched a few times. She felt a little bit like vomiting, but she kept looking on with her eyes wide open.

It was probably the large number of wounds that caused such a large blood flow.

There was also blood on the ground.

Cheng Qiuyi’s hand contrasted with the red color, which was very obvious…

She intently observed the picture for more than ten seconds and found that there were no clues.

Shen Yuanye was hesitant.

Could it be that Cheng Qiuyi died after the murderer left So there is no murderer in Weibo’s photos

The photo was about to disappear, but she suddenly discovered something.

After paying attention to Cheng Qiuyi’s Weibo again, she looked straight in the direction she was just looking at, and she found something was wrong.

She felt that the hand was in contrast to the scarlet blood, but she suddenly discovered that there was something wrong with the angle of the hand.

Shen Yuanye imitated it while lying on the bed.

In the same posture as Cheng Qiuyi, she found that she couldn’t make such an angle at all, and the placement of her hands couldn’t be in that direction.

Then, this hand cannot be Cheng Qiuyi’s!

It is the murderer’s hand!

Shen Yuanye immediately checked the pictures of Cheng Qiuyi’s previous dramas on the Internet.

Many of them were in modern outfits, and there were many hand photos.

It was instantly distinguished.

That hand really wasn’t Cheng Qiuyi’s, her hands were both smooth and clean, and there had never been anything like a birthmark.

Shen Yuanye really didn’t expect to discover the clues left by the murderer in such a simple way this time.

She checked and the police hadn’t announced who the murderer was.

That being the case, she was already a suspicious person in Jiang Pan’s mind, so adding another time wouldn’t hurt.

She unblocked Jiang Pan, and was prepared to send a text message, but then thought about it, and decided it was better to call directly.

The phone call was quickly connected, “Miss Shen”

Jiang Pan glanced at the time outside.

It was almost ten o’clock.

“Is there something you need me to help you with this late”

This grand-sounding tone made Shen Yuanye pause for a while, and she said straightforwardly, “The murderer has a birthmark on his wrist.”

Jiang Pan was standing outside the interrogation room at this time, and the man brought back by them was sitting in the innermost place at this moment, being interrogated by Liu Heyang.

And on his right hand, on the table, there was an irregular black birthmark, which was very obvious in the center of his wrist.

“Is it black” Jiang Pan retracted his gaze, asking.

Shen Yuanye thought he had guessed it, and gave a soft “mhm”.

“We have caught the suspect and he is currently being interrogated.

I believe the results will come soon.

Thank you, Miss Shen, for providing clues to this case…”

Jiang Pan started talking in a long-winded manner.

Shen Yuanye instantly became annoyed when she heard it, and then thought that since they had already caught the person, it had nothing to do with her anymore, so she simply said, “You’re welcome.”

Then she hung up.

Jiang Pan moved his phone and took a look, pondering the other party’s final tone.

She didn’t seem to be very happy.

Did he say something wrong

He shook his head and set his eyes again toward in the interrogation room.

Shen Yuanye blocked him again, before remembering that she hadn’t unfollowed Cheng Qiuyi yet, so she hurriedly did so.

Fortunately, no one was focusing on her right now, otherwise her actions of following and unfollowing accounts would have been among the most searched topics on Weibo long ago.

Even if she didn’t have any grudges, relationships, or contact with a person, marketing accounts can make anything up.

However, she was quite curious about who this cruel murderer was, but she knew Jiang Pan would definitely not tell her, and there would be no use in asking.

Shen Yuanye snorted and reached out to turn off her phone.

Then she tossed the phone on the bed and went into the bathroom, just missing a line of information in the notification bar at the top of the phone screen.

TLN Note:

Anon: Ahhh, her hand, what happened to it!!

Hu Li: Huh Don’t be so scared; it’s not scary.

Anon: *reads the next few lines* Oh, it’s just the murderer’s hands.

Not scary.


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