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Chapter 33: Upgraded for the first time.

In the interrogation room, Liu Heyang continued to cross-examine the man.

This cross-examination lasted nearly two hours.

After Liu Heyang came out, he couldn’t help stretching his hand and massaging his neck.

He sighed with emotion: “He didn’t expect to fall short here.”

They didn’t expect that the case would be solved because of a secret photographer.

Thinking of the surprises that he had heard of on the Internet before, he hadn’t expected to actually encounter one.

The man in the interrogation room bowed his head, and his worried expression showed his inner anxiety and fear during this period.

“Who would have thought that he looked like this and could do such a frenzied thing” Li Chen asked.

During the interrogation, He Lin’s way of speaking was impeccable.

If it weren’t for the photos and the short surveillance video they found after comparing the car models, he would have continued to deny it.

The case was almost done and could now be closed.

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Cheng Qiuyi’s case was solved, and it soon became known to the media.

In less than half an hour, all the news related to this matter was on the Internet, and Weibo was also covered by the news.

No one thought that the murderer would be He Lin.

He Lin is now thirty-two years old.

He was quite tepid on Weibo.

He had worked with Cheng Qiuyi many times before.

Most of them were in second male lead roles.

If he had been shown as a blind love type of personality, he may have become popular.

After Cheng Qiuyi withdrew from the industry, he didn’t have as many dramas to shoot.

After all, other actresses are not as fond of scandals as she is and they are highly topical.

After two or three dramas, He Lin became unpopular.

He would not have been able to act in idol dramas in around two years due to his lack of popularity, so after learning that Cheng Qiuyi wanted to appear again in the entertainment industry at her birthday party, he was very happy.

After he went back home, he even imagined that after Cheng Qiuyi came back, he could appear on the most searched topics on Weibo, and he would have endless films to shoot.

In the afternoon of the next day, he went to her apartment and had a relationship with her.

He Lin knew that she had a boyfriend, but having a beauty delivered to his door shouldn’t be wasted, and it was also good for him. 

Cheng Qiuyi had regretted it that night.

Not only had she regretted it, but she had also laughed at him.

Cheng Qiuyi just couldn’t bear to be lonely after her birthday and was tired of her boyfriend.

It just so happened that someone, who was looking for a chance to come up, was a little handsome.

It was fine for her to just have a relationship for just one night.

She was drunk on her birthday, and appearing again in the industry was just a joke.

And the most important reason was that Cheng Qiuyi used to be the third party of an actress’s boyfriend.

That actress had a significant background.

Although she said she had said she didn’t know, the other party still didn’t want to see her.

Therefore, she chose to leave the industry.

He Lin hadn’t expected that his dream would shatter so soon.

Looking at Cheng Qiuyi’s lazy attitude when she was cutting fruit, he became angry and stabbed her after taking the fruit knife.

He didn’t return to his senses until Cheng Qiuyi fell to the ground.

Once it was known that he killed someone, he would not have been able to work in the industry for the rest of his life, and he would have to go to jail.

After thinking about it, He Lin decided to hide the accident.

Fearing that the body would be found, he took out the items in Cheng Qiuyi’s fridge and put her corpse in it.

Then, he washed his traces away.

When he went out afterward, he thought of the surveillance, but he didn’t expect that God was helping him, and the surveillance was broken.

He Lin returned home calmly.

After staying at home for two days, he was still worried, so he disguised himself to sneak into the community and opened the door with the key from Cheng Qiuyi’s house.

The corpse in the apartment would eventually raise suspicions, so he turned on the heater.

A few days later, after waiting for the corpse to rot and smell, he finally decided to throw the corpse out.

It rained heavily that day.

He disguised himself, blurred his license plate number, and drove outside.

At first, he thought about the wild, but in many dramas, corpses in the wild were the easiest to find, and he would be found soon.

Later, when he was walking down an unmonitored path, he found a small alley.

This small alley was near the back of Ping An Square, which was regarded as a garbage dump, smelly and messy.

After He Lin stayed there looking around for a while, he found a deep crack.

Although it was not big, the crack became bigger after he smashed it with something.

He put Cheng Qiuyi’s body in it, and then covered the cracks with mud and a lot of rubbish.

The rain was so heavy that it directly removed his traces.

Until the body was found by the workers from the other side of the wall.

It was exposed so easily in this incident.

The murderer of Cheng Qiuyi’s case had attracted significant attention.

No one would have thought that an actor who looked so honest would be upset enough to kill and use such cruel methods.

He Lin usually appeared to be very innocent and honest.

His company and agent both issued statements saying that they had no idea about this.

During the period after the murder, the agent just felt that He Lin had had a bad temper, but he had had these tempers before, so he didn’t think too much about it.

After the accident, everyone wanted to expose things about him, and the paparazzi started causing trouble.

After researching, they actually found some things.

It turned out that He Lin had a tendency toward violence before.

He met his first girlfriend at university, and she broke up with him because of domestic violence issues.

His second girlfriend was a small actor, and she had also shown injury identification.

Thinking about it this way, these actions after the murder were not very unexpected.

The discussion on Weibo was in full swing.

“Cheng Qiuyi is also insane.

Why did she have to provoke others Now that she has been killed, she has nowhere to cry.

“For such a reason, is it necessary to kill It’s just an annoyance.

He Lin is too terrifying.

“You can’t fight the depth of water.”

“Unexpectedly, He Lin did it.

I have watched his dramas before… “

All kinds of marketing accounts have been shared and reposted with all kinds of stories, and the Internet has been full of excitement for a while.


After Shen Yuanye woke up early in the morning, Lu Yue knocked on the door before she turned on her phone.

When she saw the sky full of news, it had already spread to WeChat.

At that time, she was eating breakfast under Lu Yue’s supervision with a small, pitiful amount of food, but fortunately, it provided just enough nutrition.

Lu Yue knew about the last time she had eaten barbecue, and she had become more strict.

She had nagged through a long list of things that Yuanye still remembered.

“Miss Shen, you are a model.

It is the most important job to pay attention to your figure and maintenance at all times.

If you can’t control your diet, I believe you know the consequences.

Shen Yuanye felt that Liu Li didn’t find an assistant, she had found a housekeeper.

Lu Yue looked cold and indifferent and kept up with the rules.

But she did have a lot of skills.

Whether it was eating or drinking, or when something went wrong, it could be solved by her.

She felt that Lu Yue was all-powerful.

Seeing that she had finished eating, Lu Yue said, “There is a class today, 30 minutes long, starting at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and Teacher Chen will be overseeing it.”


Shen Yuanye responded to her statement and took a sip of water.

She usually does exercises at home in the morning, goes to class in the afternoon when there is class, and practices walking (TLN: She means the catwalks in case you get confused on why she is practicing walking.) at home when there is no class.

Shen Yuanye was planning to go online to see the situation.

Unexpectedly, there was no response when she clicked on Weibo.

She tried several times, but there was no difference.

She turned her head and asked, “Can your Weibo load”

Lu Yue lowered her head and operated for a while; everything was normal, and she raised her head blankly and said, “Yes.”

Then there’s a problem with her phone.

Shen Yuanye fiddled with it, and found that the other software was normal, only Weibo didn’t load.

She wondered for a long time and finally found out what went wrong.

It turned out that her Weibo hadn’t been updated yet.

She breathed a sigh of relief: “Lu Yue, you can go back now.”

Lu Yue just nodded and left the apartment.

Shen Yuanye turned on the phone again and stared at the notification above.

Weren’t Weibo upgrades automatic Why did she have to manually update it She only had to open Weibo for it to update before.

Was it because Weibo itself had mutated

Shen Yuanye took a deep breath.

She was afraid that after she updated, the original predictive function would disappear and return to the normal version.

After thinking about it, she clicked to update.

The phone shut down immediately, and a circular progress circle appeared soon, showing the percentage.

1%, 6%, 58%…

A few minutes later, it finally showed 100%, and the phone automatically turned on, returning to normal.

Shen Yuanye looked through the phone and found that the other functions were still intact.

She finally returned to the Weibo icon.

After clicking in, nothing seemed to have changed.

She entered the settings panel, and it showed that it was now the latest version.

She went to Weibo’s official page to search, but there was no news about updating.

The version mentioned on Weibo’s own official page was still the version she used before.

Then did her predictive function upgrade

Shen Yuanye knew in her heart, and she was excited about what would have changed with her prediction function.

Now the first thing was to follow one person and try.

Cheng Qiuyi became the best choice.

She had followed before, and the changes could be clearly compared.

Plus, if she followed other people, she would have to think about more things.

Thinking of this, Shen Yuanye immediately searched for Cheng Qiuyi’s Weibo.

After clicking follow, a black screen appeared.

Soon afterward, the photo and the date of death appeared, which were no different from those seen before, and Shen Yuanye couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

She swiped down and stopped.

Originally, it was supposed to be the location of the death scene photos, but now there is a calendar.

The calendar only has dates for the next week.

It’s strange that the font color of the date on this calendar is gray, and she can click on it.

For example, on the date tomorrow, she entered the new page right after clicking, and it was blank.

There were no messages.

It was a little strange for Shen Yuanye, as it was the first time she saw it.

What does it mean if the date is gray

At this moment, she had a flash of inspiration.

Cheng Qiuyi died last month.

This was the calendar for next week.

Of course, it would be gray.

It would only be bright if she was alive.

She stared for a while and continued to look down.

She was stunned.

After a long while, Shen Yuanye started to drag around.

Cheng Qiuyi was lying on the ground in the front, and dragging a little to the left, she immediately saw the hand exposed by the murderer.

She dragged a little more, and the murderer’s arms were exposed until, in the end, half of his body was revealed.

The photo of the death scene below was no longer a simple plane photo, but a 360° panoramic view.

Shen Yuanye had naturally seen panoramas.

This kind of picture can be dragged up, down, left, and right, and she could see the scene in all directions as if it were three-dimensional.

She could drag at will, and she would be able to see different things.


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