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Chapter 34: The predictive function of the calendar table.

Unexpectedly, the updated Weibo had so many more functions.

Not to mention anything else, with this 360° panoramic view, Shen Yuanye was already quite surprised.

In Cheng Qiuyi’s case, only the hand of the murderer had appeared in the ordinary photos before, and there was no other information.

And in this panoramic picture, when you dragged it around, you could see half of the murderer’s body, exactly the same as He Lin on Weibo.

This effect was really useful.

Shen Yuanye was a little surprised, but she felt that she had picked up a treasure since she was born again and could use Weibo like this.

Maybe she will use this feature next time.

Just thinking about it, the information on the phone interface had gradually disappeared, and she glanced at the electronic watch next to her: five minutes.

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“Okay then, I’m inviting you to a meal.” Su Yun said immediately, “You also know what happened before.

Recently, Huixin finished her work and came back.

The two of us would like to invite you to dinner together.

 Although Shen Yuanye didn’t know who Huixin was, she guessed that it was one of the people who had an accident in the swimming pool the last time, perhaps Su Yun’s best friend.

“Okay.” She didn’t refuse, “When is it”

To be able to make connections like Su Yun is profitable and harmless to her.

Su Yun replied, “At 8 o’clock this evening, I booked room 208 at Cui Yun Restaurant.

You can just report my name.

Shen Yuanye wrote it down and responded.

Lin Huixin was sitting opposite Su Yun.

At this moment, she was a little nervous and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter Did she agree”

Su Yun hung up the phone and looked up: “Okay, she agreed to come.”

Lin Huixin breathed a sigh of relief immediately, “I was afraid she wouldn’t come.”

She was very interested in this Shen Yuanye, but after returning to China, she had to travel internationally again for work.

She didn’t come back until the beginning of this month, and she immediately couldn’t wait to invite her for dinner.

The friend who was injured the most at the time was now back to normal and had not been affected much in all aspects.

“But does she really know fortune-telling Although I think this is amazing, I still think that the possibility of coincidence is relatively high.

” Lin Huixin rarely believed in fortune-telling; it was too superstitious.

Su Yun said, “You can try.”

She thought the same way at the beginning and didn’t take Shen Yuanye’s words to heart.

As a result, something happened.

If it weren’t for her phone call, she would have been dead in the swimming pool.

She couldn’t help but believe it.

Lin Huixin smiled and said, “My attitude will not be bad.”

She would sound her out.

If she really knew fortune-telling, she would make an in-depth friendship.

If she couldn’t, then ordinary friends.

After all, she did save her life.

She just didn’t know what kind of person she would see later.

The two were drinking tea and chatting until, two hours later, the room door was pushed open.

Lin Huixin turned to the door immediately and was surprised when she saw the tall and beautiful girl approaching.

She was really young.

It has been 18 years.

She and Su Yun were now both 40 years old, and there were fine lines on the corners of their eyes.

They usually had to cover it with makeup.

When they saw young girls, they always felt envious.

When Su Yun talked to her with a smile, neither of them took it seriously and felt that the little girl just wanted to attract Su Yun’s attention.

Who thought that they would be slapped in the face (TLN Note: Slap in the face means that their thinking was proved wrong quickly.) the next moment

Lin Huixin hadn’t researched what Shen Yuan Ye looked like, but she had a vague impression from Su Yun’s words.

It was not much different from the real person; she just became more beautiful.

She hadn’t recovered her senses yet, but Su Yun had already stood up and brought her to the seat with a smile, “Yuanye, this is my best friend, Lin Huixin.

I mentioned her to you.”

Shen Yuanye looked at the opposite side.

She had researched Lin Huixin before she came, but she did not expect that she was such a powerful person.

Her family was engaged in the jewelry business, a company named Jing Zhi, also known as JZ in English.

She was the general manager of the company at the time, and there was a lot of news about her.

“Hello.” Shen Yuanye was not familiar with her, so she simply said hello.

Although Lin Huixin was surprised, she had a smile on her face and said, “I’ve heard Su Yun talk about you many times, and finally saw the real person.

Don’t be polite, just call me Huixin.”

Of course, it is impossible for Shen Yuanye to call out her name directly.

She curled her lips and said, “Sister Huixin, just call me Yuanye.”

Su Yun gestured to sit down and lowered her voice: “Thank you for what happened last time.

Sister Yun really wants to thank you.

Lin Huixin also said from the side: “Yes, no one thought of it.”

Shen Yuanye just smiled, didn’t deny it, and didn’t say any nonsense.

As the saying goes, saying more was wrong; it was better to let them guess.

When talking about this matter, the two people talked a lot.

Shen Yuanye listened carefully, answering words from time to time, until Lin Huixin suddenly said, “Yuanye, can you do fortune-telling for me What will happen to me in the future “

She speaks quickly.

Shen Yuanye paused suddenly and looked at her.

Lin Huixin still had a smile on her face, as if she hadn’t taken these words to heart, and she patiently looked at her, waiting for her to respond.

Shen Yuanye just said, softly, “I want to go to the bathroom first.”

Su Yun raised her eyebrows at Lin Huixin immediately and said, “Go ahead.”

Lin Huixin didn’t say any more, echoing Su Yun’s words.

After Shen Yuanye opened the door and went out, she looked at Su Yun annoyedly.

In fact, it was just words.

She didn’t force Shen Yuanye to do fortune-telling.

She didn’t have that big of a face.

The main reason was that Shen Yuanye’s appearance does not look like a fortune teller at all.

She is used to seeing many masters, invited by others, either wearing a robe, or blind with black glasses, or just like in a fairy tale.

This was the first time she had seen one that was this beautiful.

If it weren’t for the pool incident, she really wouldn’t believe that Shen Yuanye could fortune-tell such a coincidence.

“What you just said was bad.” Su Yun blamed.

Lin Huixin patted her face, “I really blurted it out by accident.

I didn’t expect it to come out like this.

Okay, I will apologize to her later, so don’t blame me anymore.

I know you like her a lot.


Shen Yuanye logged onto Weibo when going to the bathroom.

What Lin Huixin said just now was something she hadn’t expected, and she was a little caught off guard.

It would be a little strange if she ignored it.

Besides, it was the two of them who invited her to dinner this time.

As a junior, she did not have dementia, so it was impossible to just ignore this sentence.

Lin Huixin, as the general manager of JZ, was naturally certified on Weibo and had a lot of fans, hundreds of thousands.

Compared to her pitiful few fans, she sighed.

Lin Huixin wanted fortune-telling from her, and it was not impossible for Shen Yuanye to refuse, but at this moment, such a refusal was definitely a bad choice.

And she wanted to try out the new features on Weibo.

If it were before, even though she did not follow Lin Huixin when she warned Su Yun, she wouldn’t have been able to see anything on Weibo as the future had changed.

But now it may be displayed.

Lin Huixin and Su Yun should be chatting at this moment.

If she didn’t notice that she was following and unfollowing, the matter would be resolved easily.

Her guess was correct; the new version of Weibo after the update shows Lin Huixin’s future situation.

The deceased portrait showed an old grandmother.

The date next to it showed that the date of death was decades later.

Shen Yuanye exhaled a sigh of relief and took a quick glance.

Then she continued to look down.

She wanted to know what exactly would be displayed on the calendar.

She swiped down a certain distance, and the calendar appeared on the phone screen.

It showed the dates from tomorrow, the 5th, to the 11th, marked with the days of the week.

This time the font color was not gray.

But the strange thing was that in the 7-day date, 2 days were in red font, and the red font had different transparency, while the other dates were in ordinary white font.

Shen Yuanye was a little confused.

The font color was not gray, which was understandable, but what did it mean when it was divided into two other colors

She entered the dates using the standard white font color.

The background that appears this time is black, so the font is white.

For the 5 days with the white font, to sum up, most of the content displayed is irrelevant.

For example, tomorrow, Lin Huixin will receive a confession.

Three days from today, Lin Huixin will negotiate a business deal.

Four days from today…

They are all everyday things, and they look very ordinary.

Nothing strange there, and most of them were normal, good things.

Shen Yuanye withdrew again and looked at the red dates on the other two days.

She first clicked on the first red date, the 6th, and soon a new interface appeared.

[March 6, 2018 · Level 3 Danger]: Car accident, fracture of the right leg.

Shen Yuanye stared at the line of red words for a long time without recovering her senses.

The “Level 3 Danger” above means that Lin Huixin will be hit by a car when she goes out, and she will fracture her right leg as a result

She clicked on the other red date on the 11th.

[March 11, 2018 · Level 1 Danger]: Slapped and corner of mouth rupture.

Shen Yuanye understood the function of the calendar this time.

She immediately went back and rechecked the date colors of the 6th and the 11th, and found that the color of the 6th was a little darker, so it showed a level 3 hazard, while the 11th was much lighter.

It turned out that the calendar worked like this.

The white dates on the calendar represent normal events or good days.

The red date represents a dangerous event, the color shade of which was different, and the degree of the danger represented by the event was also different.

For example, the fracture on the 6th was two levels higher than the rupture of the corner of the mouth on the 11th.

Thinking about it this way, Weibo’s predictive function was too powerful, and she could predict such things.

From now on, she could prove that she actually does fortune-telling.

Shen Yuanye stared at the interface for a while, and the corners of her lips slightly raised.


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