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Chapter 38: Can you calculate where the person is

The criminal investigation team had taken over the case two days ago.

At that time, Weibo had not shown this level of popularity and had only spread to a small area without attracting much attention.

Originally, the missing persons were checked by the police station, but after two consecutive days with two women disappearing, the police at the police station began to feel as though something was drastically wrong.

It was later transferred to the Criminal Investigation Detachment because the Chief of the Bureau’s wife’s relatives had also gone missing.

According to the initial investigation by the police station, all the women who went missing were seen last in the vicinity of the small building, and while there was surveillance around them, it was only to the side of the road.

Additionally, because the surveillance cameras were very old, the clarity on them was not high.

There were not many clues.

Jiang Pan looked at the people on the team and said, “The chief hopes to find these people as soon as possible.”

This was natural.

Even if the chief didn’t say anything, they would still do their best to find them as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

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The abandoned building was located in a suburban area with a large forest behind it.

There was an asphalt road leading to the suburbs in front of the house.

All three women had taken the initiative to go into the small building on their own.

All three of them left from different locations.

They took cars to a specific destination, and then they walked a distance to reach the place where the small building was located.

From the surveillance video, it was obvious that at around ten o’clock at night, the missing women went into the small building and never came out again.

Because the surveillance was not very clear, in addition to the fact that it was at night, they could only distinguish the women from their backs.

After the three women entered the small building at the same time on different dates, no one else could be seen on the surveillance.

Then it was just the witness that had happened to notice when he had passed by.

Since they had taken over the case, they still couldn’t find anything else from the surveillance video.

In other words, the three of them vanished into thin air after entering this small building.

There was no surveillance in the small building, and they had no way of knowing what happened inside.

They had sent someone to guard outside the small building that night, but no one showed up for the entire night, and no strange things had happened inside.

It was as though no one had gone into the small building at all.

On the first day, they went to the home of the first missing person, Huang Chi, to see if they could find out more about her.

Huang Chi was from a single-parent family.

Her mother had remarried someone else and died two years ago.

She and her father depended on each other since she was a child.

He had been in a trance since knowing that she was gone.

Fortunately, he was still lucid and could answer questions.

After graduating from school, Huang Chi worked in a flower shop not too far from her home.

Except for the busy weekends and holidays, she was usually free and spent a lot of time with the elderly.

Li Chen asked him, “Did Huang Chi behave strangely before she disappeared For example, mentioning a small building or thinking about going out at night “

Huang Chi’s father shook his head and said, “Xiao Chi would go to bed on time, at ten o’clock every night.

She never went out in the middle of the night.

I heard the sound that night and thought it was the neighbor.

Who knew Xiao Chi had actually gone out “

She had gone out and had never come back.

Li Chen frowned when he heard this answer: “Were there any other strange behaviors”

The old man fell into thought and suddenly perceived something.

Sounding a bit puzzled, he said, “She once had a meal with me and told me about a new world, saying that it was much better than the current society.

I didn’t understand what she was talking about, so I scolded her for it.



“New world” Several officers around him were stunned.

Did this phrase have any special meaning It could be said to be a new society now, but what does the new world in Huang Chi’s mouth mean

“She was very unhappy after I scolded her about it, and she said that I would definitely regret it.” Huang Chi’s father sat, recalling what had happened that day.

“Since then, every day after coming back from work, she would sit in front of the computer, crackling and typing, and I don’t know what she was doing, and she wouldn’t tell me either.”

This was a new clue.

“Can we go into the room and look around” Li Chen asked.

Huang Chi’s father said, “Yes.”

After entering Huang Chi’s room, Liu Heyang went straight to the computer and immediately started looking for information about the new world after turning it on.

In the meantime, Jiang Pan searched the room where Huang Chi lived.

The desktop for Huang Chi’s computer was very clean, and there were no miscellaneous items on it.

At first, Liu Heyang found nothing.

After continuing to search, he opened the default browser and found clues in the bookmarks.

A web page popped up after clicking on the bookmark named “New World.”

Liu Heyang immediately jumped up and said, “Captain Jiang, I found a post about the “New World” on Huang Chi’s computer, and there seems to be something wrong with it.”

Jiang Pan walked over.

What was displayed on the computer screen was a post called “Welcome to the New World”.

The content of the main building was very bewitching.

To put it simply, you simply had to follow the host’s words and you would enter a whole new world.

Li Chen also came over, “This is a bit like those deceptive marketing campaigns on the Internet, but this post looks strange.”

There were still many replies from the building host.

In the beginning, the host kept talking about the content of the new world, but after more replies, he began to tell followers to do things, which were all very strange little undertakings.

Jiang Pan stared at it, “Look down.”

The popularity of the post was not low, but it was not in a conspicuous place.

Instead, it slowly fermented by itself, gaining a following.

Until a week ago, the poster had issued a new task.

Seeing the content of the task, the few people in front of the computer were taken aback.

“Please complete this last task during this week, and you will be able to reach the new world after completion.

The specific content of the task is to go to 194 Fuyang Road at 10 o’clock at night…”

Liu Heyang’s eyes widened, “Isn’t this the small building”

Did Huang Chi go there because of this post

Jiang Pan reached out for the mouse and scrolled straight down, and quickly found three people who had responded enthusiastically to the post, though they hadn’t replied for a few days now.

He straightened up, “See if it’s the three of them.”

They hadn’t thought about this aspect before.

They found clues at the other two people’s homes and quickly replied: “Yes, Captain Jiang, they all have this post on their computers, and they also replied affirmatively to the post.

The last reply was from yesterday evening, to go to this place to complete the task.”

The three of them were all the same, but the time difference was a few days.

Huang Chi was the first one to go.

The next day, a person named Zhang Shu went, and on the third day, it was the chief’s wife’s relative.

All three people had replied to this post, expressing their agreement with the building host.

The case seemed to have made progress here due to the clue they had received.

Jiang Pan ordered: “Let the technical department look up the IP and specific location of this host, or his information.”

The technical department was dedicated to doing these things, and the results were available soon.

“This IP address appears to be located in a foreign country.

A proxy may have been used, and the real address cannot be traced.

The other party knows how to hide himself.”

Hiding, and then tempting others to go to such a place…

The three missing women did not know each other and lived in very different places.

Their only relationship at the moment was that they had all replied to this “new world” post.

Both Zhang Shu and Huang Chi liked this new world very much, and they often talked about it.

The relative of the director’s wife, on the other hand, was even more fanatical.

A virtual new world had attracted three people.

Jiang Pan had a headache, “Find the host first, and then find them based on the clues.

Try to shorten the time.”

Who knew what would happen if it was too late

After two days, there was still no result at all.

These three women seemed to have disappeared from this world, and there was no trace of them.

The clue was stuck in the identity of the host.

It was not until later that morning that Liu Heyang discovered that the host had updated the content.

The host, who had been hiding for a few days, had finally appeared.

They updated a paragraph, but with a picture.

The picture was very vague.

The silhouettes of three women could be seen faintly, and the content of the words was that three people had come to the new world, and others were welcome to join.

The dark picture sent shivers down their spines.

Liu Heyang couldn’t help wondering: “What exactly does this host want to do”

He refreshed the post, but he was stunned.

He stared at the screen for a long time without regaining his senses.

It was not until Jiang Pan appeared behind him that he reacted and jumped up: “Caption Jiang! Huang Chi and the others replied in the post!”

The three missing women had all replied, and the content of their replies was very similar.

It was nothing more than praise for the new world and admiration for the host.

Verbally, it could be seen that they enjoyed the new world.

 Such a weird situation caused Jiang Pan to frown.

The technical department could not find their real addresses, and looking at the content of the post, he had a hunch that there would be nothing good next.

 So he thought of Shen Yuanye.

Her answers about the murderer the previous two times were very accurate and accurate to a certain degree.

If he didn’t know that she had had nothing to do with the murderer, he would definitely have recognized her as an accomplice.

He didn’t believe in fortune-telling.

As a policeman, science was the thing to believe in.

Jiang Pan recovered from the complex memories and said, “Ms.

Shen, now three women have disappeared and their lives are still uncertain, so I want to ask you for help.”

He paused for a while before continuing, “Can you calculate where the person is”

Shen Yuanye’s ears received Jiang Pan’s words through the phone receiver.

She stretched out her hand and finally replied, “I need information about the three missing persons.”

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