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Chapter 39: A level five danger has appeared.

Jiang Pan thought about it for a while, and then he responded.

It was impossible for Shen Yuanye to not help.

These were three people, three lives.

No matter how cold-blooded she was, she would not stand by and simply not care.

“What information do you need” Jiang Pan asked again.

Shen Yuanye was taken aback, so she said vaguely, “Naturally, the more specific the better; don’t leave out any information.”

She added, “I’m not sure if I can find it.”

This kind of prediction of the future still depended on the situation.

If the three people’s Weibo predictions did not give information about that place, then she couldn’t help.

“There are things Miss Shen can’t figure out” Jiang Pan asked suddenly.

Shen Yuanye wanted to blacklist him again, and then she thought to herself, he was already on her blacklist and hadn’t come out yet.

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Psd’v tkhl aydesx vkvzlp.

“Xb, Yypvla Fbld…”

Liu Heyang scratched his head.

The sentence asking why Captain Jiang had called Miss Shen was stuck in his mouth.

And what was the situation with Master Shen Why does he feel that Jiang’s sentence sounded so strange Why didn’t it sound right

“Go and organize the personal data of the three women and send them to me,” Jiang Pan said.

When Liu Heyang was leaving the office, he stopped him again.

“Birthdays are also required.”

It was what all fortune-tellers needed, right He thought to himself.

Helping others requires skill.

Shen Yuanye searched for relevant information on the Internet, and then suddenly thought of something, so she quickly pulled Jiang Pan from the blacklist and sent a message “1” over.

A few minutes later, a message flashed on the notification bar.

It was a friend application from WeChat, and the nickname was “Blacklist”.

Shen Yuanye felt as though she might be beaten at her own game.

Jiang Pan looked very mature, so why did he change his WeChat name to insidiously target her It was his fault he was on her blacklist.

She snorted and passed the application.

Jiang Pan didn’t say much and just sent a document.

There were not only pictures but also long paragraphs, which looked very sufficient.

The information about the three people was very complete, but none of them was needed by Shen Yuanye.

They had even given her the three women’s birthday and birthday horoscopes, as if they felt that she needed things fortune-tellers need.

Shen Yuanye had no choice but to go to Weibo and search for all three names.

Naturally, there were multiple people with the same names on Weibo, but when she clicked into the profiles, she saw that none of them were the missing three people’s accounts.

It would be useless for her to follow them.

If she went to Jiangpan and asked for their Weibo accounts, she would definitely arouse suspicion.

Shen Yuanye patted her face.

She had to send a message to Jiang Pan: “Do you have their phones”

Usually, when someone has Weibo, they are automatically logged in on their phones.

“The phones of the three victims were all carried with them and disappeared together, so I can’t provide them.” Jiang Pan responded soon.

In fact, even if he had them, they could not be provided.

Regarding the content of the case, he cannot tell unrelated persons.

If the matter was not urgent, he would not find Shen Yuanye and ask for help from her.

It was inevitable that the case would be solved, but time cannot wait.

Shen Yuanye thought for a long time and asked, “Can I go to Huang Chi’s house”

Jiang Pan didn’t ask anything, “Yes.”

 Looking at the nickname “Blacklist”, Shen Yuanye’s heart felt stifled.

Not knowing what to say, she finally closed WeChat.


Jiang Pan did what he said he would, and took Shen Yuanye to Huang Chi’s house in the afternoon.

He explained, “Huang Chi is from a single-parent family, and the only useful clue her family provided was the content of the post.

The others are basically useless.”

Shen Yuanye listened but thought about Weibo.

Huang Chi’s father was at home.

He was a little wary when he saw an unknown face today, but he relaxed when he saw the policeman next to her.

He kept saying, “Did you find my Xiao Chi Is she okay now “

Since Huang Chi’s disappearance, he had aged quite a bit, and his hair was whiter than it had been before.

Jiang Pan immediately comforted him and said, “We have made progress.

I believe that Huang Chi will be found soon.

Don’t worry, we will speed up.

“You must find Xiao Chi… “

Shen Yuanye felt sad for him.

She did not speak but gently moved her eyes to the bedroom inside, and judging from the decoration style, she concluded that this was Huang Chi’s bedroom.

Huang Chi’s bedroom looked very cozy.

 Shen Yuanye was about to close the door when she went in, but when she saw that Jiang Pan was about to come in as well, she quickly said, “I want to be alone for such things as fortune-telling.

Outsiders can’t disturb Officer Jiang…”

Jiang Pan stopped his footsteps, and interest appeared in his eyes.


 Shen Yuanye nodded and closed the door.

Although she knew that Jiang Pan would probably not come in, just in case there was a sudden accident, she still locked the door.

She then looked around the room with no worries.

Huang Chi and her father had depended on each other for their lives, and they didn’t make a lot of money.

The room was not big, and there was a desk in front of the window with a lot of things on it: books and small potted plants.

A laptop was placed in the center.

Shen Yuanye walked over, opened it gently, and turned it on.

Soon, the screen of the laptop appeared without a password.

This result made her breathe a sigh of relief.

There was a lot of different software on the laptop, as Huang Chi was a designer.

She looked for the related software, but she didn’t find Weibo.

“Does she not use Weibo” Shen Yuanye muttered to herself, not entirely convinced.

Nine out of ten young people have Weibo.

For someone like Huang Chi, who often used their computer, if they used Weibo, it would be impossible for them to log into Weibo only with their phone all day long, right

But it was not that there weren’t people who didn’t use it.

She was really afraid that Huang Chi didn’t use Weibo.

But after searching for a long time without finding relevant information on Weibo, Shen Yuanye was a little discouraged.

After opening a browser, she finally found the word “Weibo” in countless bookmarks in Huang Chi’s collection.

Shen Yuanye was a little nervous and quickly clicked in.

After clicking on the webpage, Huang Chi’s Weibo homepage appeared directly.

Huang Chi’s Weibo was not logged out!

Shen Yuanye’s eyes were bright; she had been thinking about whether Huang Chi used a QR code scanning login or an account password login.

If it was a QR code, then she probably wouldn’t know her account name.

If it was the account password, she wouldn’t know Huang Chi’s Weibo name unless the webpage remembers the password.

But now it was fine.

Weibo was logged in.

The little words “Xiao Chi loves to eat fish” in the upper right corner seemed to light up, which made her very happy.

Shen Yuanye unlocked her phone and quickly logged onto her Weibo.

Soon, she searched for this Weibo account.

Huang Chi was not well-known.

There were only a few dozen fans, and they were ghost followers.

The content posted on Weibo was just some of her daily life, and there were also selfies of her in the photo album.

After confirming that it was her account, Shen Yuanye clicked “follow”.

 Seeing the words “following”, she frowned again.

She didn’t know when an update for the option to follow quietly would come out.

Every time she followed and unfollowed, it was like giving people evidence to use to blackmail her.

Fortunately, the content on the phone diverted her attention.

The black and white photo was a photo Huang Chi had put on the table next to the laptop.

She continued to look down.

Name: Huang Chi

Date of Birth: February 8, 1991

Date of death: March 23, 2018

That was just a few days later, so it seemed that there was no life-threatening situation right now, and Shen Yuanye finally felt the knot in her heart loosen.

When she had originally heard the content of Jiang Pan’s request, she had thought that the new world meant after being killed, but Huang Chi was still alive.

She had seen a lot of websites and posts in novels like this, and many people had been tempted.

Last time, a foreign game that suddenly became popular on the Internet was similar to this, except that the content of the game’s missions made people feel uncomfortable.

Most people on the Internet mocked the game.

Naturally, there are also some people who try it, but only a small number of times.

In fact, she didn’t understand why anyone would believe this.

The country was still very concerned about people with suicidal tendencies.

If you went to search for suicide on the Internet, what appeared was “Although the world is imperfect, we can still heal ourselves,” and a psychological consultation phone number was also provided.

Shen Yuanye shook her head, expressing her inability to understand anything about Huang Chi and the others’ psychology, but she was a person that valued life, and she knew how to cherish the present even more once she was born again.

Conversely, thinking about it, since Huang Chi, who disappeared first, was still alive now, then the other two people are also alive in theory.

The following calendar table was what Shen Yuanye wanted to see the most.

The updated calendar on Weibo had seven days in a week, counting from tomorrow, but the last two days of Huang Chi’s calendar were gray.

That was, starting from the 23rd, which was the death date, the following 24th and 25th were gray, and the 23rd itself was bright red.

This red was even redder than the red she had seen in Lin Huixin’s calendar before, and the car accident and leg fracture already counted as very serious.

There was a clear difference between the date visibility of Lin Huixin’s calendar and Huang Chi’s calendar.

Huang Chi’s calendar had such a brighter shade of red.

Shen Yuanye settled her mind.

She simply clicked on the 23rd, and soon a spacious interface appeared on the screen with a line of bright red characters written on it.

[March 23, 2018 · Level 5 Danger] Death

It matched the date of death, so the following dates were all grayed out because Huang Chi would not go through these two days at all.

Shen Yuanye returned and looked at the previous four days.

For the next four days, tomorrow the 19th is in white font, and the remaining three days are in red font.

The red of the day after tomorrow, the 20th, had a lighter shade, followed by the 21st, the third day, and the color of the 22nd, the fourth day, was somewhat close to the bright red of the 23rd.

Shen Yuanye clicked in one by one.


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